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Having an issue with our PLC system at work. Taking a long shot here.

Not sure if this subreddit frowns on help threads so I apologize in advance if thats the case.
We have a tankfield at work. Each tank has its own pump which can be controlled with a pc that was wonderware software installed in it. We have just one pump that refuses to cooperate. When I go to the MCC and put it on remote, the computer fails to recognize it as remote and its status stays in 'local'. We replaced the MCC bucket but we are still having the same issue. All other pumps respond except that one. We replaced the on\off switch on it as well but no luck. We wont get an electrical instrumentation guy in until next week and we really need this pump running, so as a last ditch measure of desperation I am wondering if anyone here can shed some light on the situation. Any help is appreciated.
submitted by HumbertHumbertHumber to PLC

Plantwide Control System

Background: I have been a Systems Integrator throughout my career, before coming to this plant as their Automation specialist. I am a proficient programmer, with experience in different types of communication networks. For ethernet, I have experience with NAT devices, but not much with subnetting, other than a basic understanding of it.
I have the unique and exciting opportunity to design and implement an entire plant-wide control system over the next few years. I am looking for some feedback on best practices to implement this.
Currently we have:
  • less than half of the PLCs on the plant network
    • the rest are stand-alone, and have to be in front of the panel to connect to them
    • I am working on getting all of them on the network and upgrading old serial comm controllers to ethernet
    • will need to divide plant by subnets to have enough IP addresses
  • almost all AB/Rockwell controllers, HMIs, VFDs, etc.
    • most panels control a single machine, with a single (or max. 2 identical) HMIs to monitocontrol that specific machine
  • Separate SCADAs in the "powerhouse" and "waste facility"
  • Pi software for non-tech people to monitor things in the plant
  • Ability to remote in to plant network for remote troubleshooting/programming purposes

What I am trying to accomplish:
  • Create a "Control Room" with multiple monitors displaying a plant-wide SCADA or similar program
    • SCADA shows a plant floor map, with general plant info, and alarm symbols indicating areas that are in alarm state, with:
      • the ability to navigate to each area of the plant
      • then navigate to each piece of equipment within the area (alarm symbol to indicate which equipment is faulted)
      • then navigate to each “smart” device on the equipment (alarm symbol to indicate which component is faulted)
      • Provides diagnostic information, status information, values, etc.
    • SCADA also provides:
      • predictive maintenance alerts
      • analytics & trending
      • resettable faults & alarms
      • ability to change parameters & control processes
      • displays which list out all of the specific components (display for motors, display for Makeup Air Units, etc.), linked to the equipment in the different areas of the plant
    • Create it in a way that is scalable and easy to add or modify equipment being displayed
    • Create a read-only version of the SCADA program in Pi, so that non-tech people are still able to monitor, but not change or operate the equipment
      • Some people in the plant are committed to Pi and don't want to lose it

The direction I want to take:
  • Build with all AB/Rockwell components and software
    • I have used it in the past, but don't really want to use Wonderware
  • Use E300 on all motors that don't have VFDs in order to get useful information such as amperage, temp, etc.
    • Any other devices that provide that kind of functionality?
  • Use FTV SE to create SCADA that monitors every process and piece of (smart) equipment in the plant
  • Use proven industry-standard formatting for SCADA screens (so displays aren't too busy, and hard to pick out important info - using mostly grey for everything, red for alarms, etc.)
  • Create global objects which can be used repeatedly, and if the source object is changed, all of the items using this object automatically update
  • Create programming standards for UDTs, tag name structure, etc.
  • After the system is up and running, create a program that can run on tablets, that maintenance staff can carry around with them to monitor and receive real-time updates about the plant, processes and machinery
I have been limited to not being able to use managed NAT switches. My options are to use dual NIC PLCs, or a PLC with 2 comm cards, or to use a NATR. < I would love feedback on what people found to be the best for this

Being the only controls person in a plant that previously had none (yep), this is a big undertaking, but one I think that I can accomplish with the right direction and proper implementation. My concern is, having never done something of this magnitude (mostly having dealt with single-cell machinery), I don't know 100% the best, or leading industry way to do this.
I am wondering if anyone has any resources which recommend the best practices for implementing this kind of a system. I don't want to start creating something in the way that I think is best, and learn later in the future that I did not make it scalable, or have to change something major.
object-orienting do's & dont's, tips, tricks, colour schemes, templates, etc. - anything like that would be super helpful.
Have a youtube video or website that shows a system like this running? That would be great :)
submitted by Programmeress to PLC

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