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System 1 questions, please help a noob

Thanks in advance for the help. 2nd hard synth so I'm oozing with joy.
So first off, can I not use it live? Like I open the System 1 synth in FL Studio, and I'm not able to adjust the filter from the synth while playing it, for example. Instead I have to click "get" every time I change a variable..
Second off, I got a used one for christmas.. Does that mean I can't even use it without it being quiet every 10 minutes? I tried to register the code on the card on rolands website but it said product not found (Yes, I quadruple checked it was the right serial)
Was super excited to get this synth but I've been trying to figure out how to work this thing for hours.. Maybe I'm just retarded, but I seriously doubt that the only way to play this thing is through that silly plug-out feature..
I mean whats the point of a hard synth if you cant even twist knobs while playing it :(
Edit: The "Option" button for the plug-out VST won't even open so I can't even register it if I wanted to.. I can't even find a way to send an email to Roland if I live in Canada to ask them what on earth is up.. Merp :(
submitted by infineks to edmproduction

[Discussion] Lilly Orchard’s “SU is Garbage…”, A Rebuttal

Lilly Orchird’s “SU is Garbage…”, A Rebuttal
So, sorting by the top controversial posts of the week I know some of you have posted this or tried to talk about. For those that agree with the video I am not here to insinuate that you are wrong for thinking so, and for those of you that are dismissing it please don’t dismiss what I have to say right off the bat for talking about this. It’s only been a week and the video has damn near 600K views, the points brought up are going to become part of the SU discourse online and I want to air my opinion on it while it’s still fresh and fans haven’t settled into their respective polarizing camps defending or flaming this video.
Normally I hate TLDRs, I feel if I’m taking the time to write something you should take the time to read it. But given how touchy some of the posts about this video have been so far, I think it’s fair to know where I am going before committing to reading 3000 words from some guy on the internet. For those who haven’t see the video, I can’t recommend it to you (for reason’s I will get in to), but please think of it as me watching this two-hour video so you don’t have to.
TLDR:Steven Universe is Garbage and Here’s Why” covers some well founded criticism of the series, but the video essay is presented in bad faith. The video is a crescendo of these well-founded criticisms escalating into ill intended attacks on the series, reaching a conclusion that is neither fair or well-reasoned.
Before I begin I will reveal my basis and viewpoint. I love long YouTube videos. The long form essay takedown has always comprised of 60% of my YT feed. At nearly every chance I get I try to shill for these channels– Joseph Anderson, Lindsay Ellis, Super Eyepatch Wolf, RedLetterMedia, Folding Ideas, and Totalbiscuit (RIP) to name a few. I believe there is no such thing as a “perfect” piece of media. Video games, movies, television and books are all equal parts art and business. Sure, someone is presenting this material with a drive and vision, but that vision is curbed by the need to make the end product marketable and appealing to a consuming audience. Even the most passionate ‘auteur’ is still fallible and with minimal interference are never guaranteed to make great work. Thus, it’s important to be able to look at the product and understand how it came to be. While it is just as easy to sing the praises of your favorite series, it’s also important to understand where it goes wrong. Because by understanding where something misses it also contrast what really allows it to resonate – what you love about the show in spite of its problems. I love long form take-down critiques and the channels that host them.
Three days ago, after watching Mother’s Basement video “Avatar is an Anime. F*** You. Fight Me., I got a recommendation to Lily’s “The Legend of Korra is Gabage and Here’s Why”. And I watched it. And it was, eh? Korra was mess, I was there to witness it firsthand, but a what stuck out to me that it wasn’t a critique of the show’s problems. It was synopsis of the show commentated with criticism – micro arguments made about the show in chronological order of the series. This is important, because there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of thing that went wrong with Korra, but she only covered about half the problems that were genuine problems. Detriments to the show. The slap-dash story arcs, inconsistent character development, and a desperate need to ape off Avatar but make it ‘more adult’ than Avatar was. However, she didn’t talk about switching animation studios mid-season two, reliance on additional content to supplement the script, or that the budget for season four was cut by an episode well after production for the season began – and that it was removed from the air entirely mid-season three. The big problems that Lily covered were consequences of a lot of these behind the scenes issue that, while not wholly responsible for what Korra would become, plays too big of a role to be overlooked. Nearly everything wrong with Korra can be explained or informed by Nick’s handling of the show. Immediately after, I saw the SU video. And I saw the problem. Lily Orchard isn’t trying to critique these shows, but she is trying to be a “tear down” channel. Trying way too hard to rip these things apart. If you have seen her video already, compare and contrast to the channels I shilled up top. Each link is what I think amount to a perfect “tear down” critique. No compare those channels, to her. It’s clear cut. Lily Orchard is trying to “tear down” these shows but has no idea how to actually do it fairly on merits alone.
…covers some well founded criticism of the series,…
Ultimately, there are five points of criticism that are brought up in this video. The slow drip release schedule, sloppy animation, inconstant character development, tonal whiplash, and lack of scrutiny. These are problems that are legitimate faults with the series. And the points themselves aren’t invalid, but the video flies off the deep end towards the end. Firstly lets actually go through them.
The first one is something we all agree on, episode bombs followed by long stretches of hiatus. It’s the worst way to consume a show. There is no stable schedule and there have been many points in where I have completely lost interest in SU completely until I find out 5-10 episodes released 3 weeks ago and I catch up. Then seventy days of nothing. Next is a point I honestly have no opinion of, I don’t care. There are shows where the animation is so broken it is distracting, SU isn’t one of them. Each frame communicates what it needs to, nothing more or less. I don’t think it adds to the stylish design of the show, and since proportions are inconsistent with human characters as well as gems its not “they are shape shifters, so it doesn’t matter”, but I literally don’t care. It’s a non-issue to me but I understand why certain parties are bothered by it.
The third and fourth points I do recognize as legitimate. For every step a character takes forward there is some backtracking to drag the story out. This is not unique to SU but a symptom of episodic shows in general. A constant need to pull back to the status quo. But SU is a hybrid of episodic and serialized, so while characters evolve their conflicts stay similar. Pearl’s anxiety and grief management, Amethyst’s insecurity, Lars being a douchebag, etc. It constantly feels like characters are losing progress made and it makes it harder to define their emotional arcs. It becomes even more muddled with the constant jumping back and forth between space opera and slice of life comedy. I’ll state something controversial, I prefer the SoL episodes. The gem episodes are fine, but I always saw SU as a SoL interrupted by space drama and not the other way around. However, the mix has become more and more inorganic as the series went on. We are hoping from Steven being on trial for war crimes his mother committed and leaving Lars on an alien world to a Mayoral race. Comic relief after a dark chapter is fine, but the chapter wasn’t done yet. Lars was stuck on Homeworld. As far as the audience knows, Steven is fucking around while is friend is in danger. There are several points in the series where something incredibly morbid or series is just put on pause while Steven goofs off with people of Beach City. That dissonance is hard to reconcile. It’s procrastination – not to the point of being irresponsible – but dangerous, and I wind up thinking less of Steven as a good person when these moments come up.
The final point is hard to discuss, because it in equal parts explains and informs all the previous points. The root cause for the main issues in Steven Universe, there is a lack of scrutiny and oversight for what ultimately gets allowed into the show. Steven Universe is missing that polish that comes from working over multiple copies of a draft. The sloppy key frames, the laze-fare arc structure, changing character motivations and progress to fit the episode, all falls back to continuity errors. Minor ones. Little faults and cracks that ultimately pile up and weigh down on the overall quality of the show. And at the end of the day, I agree with this point. Steven Universe is very much a show made with “ya, let’s go with that” story structure. A lot of episode ideas are, by Rebecca Sugar’s admission, excuses to draw here characters in situations or moods she thought up. For example, Peridot doing a RoadrunneWilily Coyote pastiche.
And these are the problems that are brought up in video. At the video’s core, these five issues are brought up and re-examined over the course of two hours. But these points serve as the foundation for Lily’s argument. One I do not agree with. An argument and conclusion that is contrived and unfair, delivered in bad faith, and disingenuous to the goal of critiquing a show. Lily Orchard’s thesis of this video is that Rebecca Sugar, by fault of incompetence, created a show that is actively offensive to LGBT+ and implicitly apologetic to fascists. The video closes with Lily literally screaming venom at a still of Sugar, screaming how much she hates her. This is a problem.
…neither fair or well-reasoned.
The sixth or seventh point in Lily’s video is simply titled “Rose Quartz is a fucking cunt”. Rose… is a cunt. There is nothing more succinct, more concentrated, that I can think of to get across just how negative this whole “critique” is. This is not “Problems with Steven’s Mom being Pink Diamond” or “Rose is a poorly thought out character”, ‘Rose is a cunt’ is the title she went with. And the short of it goes back to two of the above points, inconsistent character arcs and lack of oversight. And all this is blamed on Rebecca Sugar personally. The dissonance with Rose being part of the ruling class to eventually rebelling against it is sloppy in execution – that’s a fair point to make and it would be up to me as a viewer to agree or disagree with it. Instead, Lily takes what is something as asinine a lame twist and blows it up to an obnoxious degree.
Lily argues that Rose’s actions of faking a war and inadvertently corrupting all them gems isn’t a horrible accident or a tragic mistake, but an irredeemable sin. Then she gushes about Knights of The Old Republic for ten minutes to compare that to SU claiming that Rose should have be written like a “Morally Right Space Nazi” (there’s a lot of star wars comparisons in this vid btw I’ll get to that). Yellow Diamond is Hienrich Himmler and shouldn’t be treated as person. That’s not hyperbole, the section after ‘Rose is a cunt’ is twenty minutes of explaining how in trying to find forgiveness with the Diamonds Rebecca Sugar is a fascist sympathizer as the Diamonds – coded authoritarians – are painted as sympathetic rather than strait tyrants.
At some point in the video she admits she’s tired of the “redemption” arc for bad guys in cartoons. That there are some things that just can’t be forgiven by hugging it out and people who are evil need to punish. I have a problem with this. Because as mature or grounded certain parts of SU are, it is a children’s show. I am grown ass man drunk on a Monday night writing a rebuttal to a video essay, the show was not made for me. The show isn’t trying to present a lesson or a moral to me. It isn’t trying to make a statement to Lily. It is trying to be entertainment to children. Lily in fact mentions this point as if it magnifies the problems and once again attack’s Sugar personally for it, but she didn’t stop what the implications of “never forgive – kill your masters” rhetoric has to children. Steven, in the beginning of the show, was eager to fight with the gems. Now that he’s gotten his feet wet, he realizes that fighting isn’t cool. It hurts. It leaves damage. That damage may not always be physical, but emotional, and continues to a cycle of damage.
Lily conflates pacificism to opposing ideology as a moral wrong. Lily interprets the message of Steven Universe as anti-extremism. That the show is saying don’t go too far with either pacifism or violence. But she argues that by not fighting and punishing every disagreeable view with righteous vigor you are complicit in their wrongs. Which is contradictory to Lily herself. That Star Wars game she gushes about for ten minutes, same message – yet its valid for KoTR but not SU.
The show isn’t telling children to never fight, the gems are actively fighting the Diamonds when the crash the wedding, the message is that fighting isn’t the only option. But through Lily’ interpretation, this absolves the Diamonds of all their wrongs and they will never be punished or atone for what they did. But…that was like two episodes ago. It literally just happened. There hasn’t been a chance to explore where this will go and Lily is literally screaming at a still image of Rebecca Sugar calling her show sympathetic to white supremist. Then immediately lampshades that by saying “I do not think Sugar is a Nazi, but I can see how some people might think that given the implications”. Implications. All this vitriol she spits at SU and Rebecca herself is all the result of mental gymnastics of reading between the lines and reaching for straws.
Lily mentions some tasteless designs and concepts that have been floated about. She also argues that some of the ethnic coding in character designs are deliberate jabs at POC. That the inclusion of a human zoo was a tone-deaf white washing of colonial atrocities (including actual human zoos). She attributes this all back to that root problem, a lack of scrutiny on the show. Which is where the core of my problem is with this video. Because at first – yes! Someone should have been vetting this shit out and a lack of proper management is why these problems happened. But Lily takes it a step further. She says that Rebecca Sugar is monster for allowing this to happen, after arguing it happened by accident. And that’s not fair to Sugar, and the definition of arguing in bad faith. These are oversights, mistakes. They happen. As the show so desperately tries to teach us, people make mistakes. But Lily Orchards sees Rebecca Sugar the same way she views the characters she draws, unforgivable for her mistakes.
And I can’t agree with that. This video was made to hurt Rebecca Sugar. Not Steven Universe. It is made clear through out the video over and over again that Rebecca Sugar is solely at fault for everything wrong with SU. Comparing this to her Korra video, she never once mentioned the very public and very well discussed behind the scenes issues that plagued the show. Yet in this video, every behind the scenes issue is the responsibility of one woman. This is in no uncertain terms fair or reasoned.
I believe that is spiteful, petty, and even a little cruel.
Lastly, I needed to mention the angle of the video, that this show is “Garbage”. And I thinking the same thing now that I thought when I watched the Korra video: Its okay to like trash. Not everything needs to be high art and if I have a good time watching who gives a shit. Ultimately, this reek of Lily trying to be what I described as a “tear down” critic, but is only focused on the “tear down” part of her videos.
Weird aside. I took five writing classes in collage. I was an IT major, but it happened. The highest-level class I took was focused on social sciences in the information field. We had to prepare a “Research” portion of the scientific process for an experiment. Those of you remember the scientific process from seventh grade Research -> Hypothesis -> Experiment -> Analysis, right? Well, we were given a subject. I got “Police body cams”, some people got things “iPads in grade school”, “Native advertising”, “Internet piracy in the third world”, broad but targeted terms. And after the first draft/initial findings were due at the 3 week point of the semester, the professor came in and shouted in frustration at the class “NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT THINK! I DIDN’T ASK FOR AN HYPTHESIS – YOU NEED TO RESEARCH FIRST! DON’T TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, REPORT WHAT IS!” And that’s been going through my brain these pasts ninety minutes, I had nowhere to fit this so I’m just tacking it on at the end.
“Steven Universe is Garbage” was the sequel to “The Legend of Korra is Garbage”. She had a format and was trying to make it fit. Steven Universe has problems, sure. Make a critique and talk about them. But this, this isn’t a critique. This is a two hour ad-hominem attack. Shame, cause she brought up some good points, then buried them in a toxic swamp.
Fuck this video.
submitted by Chem_chem to stevenuniverse

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