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League of Legends 10.1 Patch Preview Revealed By Riot

League Of Legends % cooldown hack willem maas. R/leagueoflegends: This is a subreddit devoted to League of Legends. The cooldown buff may look confusing, but shifting power out of Ignite's burn into its uptime lets us swing harder on damage without killing the spell entirely.

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League of Legends preseason is here! Spellblade: Using an ability causes the next attack used within 10 seconds to deal bonus physical damage equal to 100% base attack damage in an. Summoner Spells are extra abilities that summoners can use for their champions to aid them in the map.

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Fathers for The Future Golf Charity Event. Derek Van Dyke in SDGC. The second being that Critical strikes restore 3% of your maximum mana.

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Noxian Diplomacy: Talon viciously stabs his enemy, dealing heavy physical damage and causing them to leave a blood trail that Talon can use to track them. I bought items for 50% cooldown reduction and in the info cooldown shows that i have 6 sec. League of Legends is often cited as the world's largest esport, with an international competitive scene.

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(Season 2) Olaf, the Crushinator - League of Legends. You are able to put 7 points in the masteries. Click to Consume - Grants 30-64 Ability Power based on champion level, 15% Cooldown Reduction, and a huge boost to mana and energy regeneration for 4 minutes.

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There're at least a couple of punctuation issues. New Runes League of legends offers a list of all the champions with their guides it allows to - Visualize the champions by their roles; With League of Legends constantly changing sometimes the champions need updating too! Take a look at the incredibly long League of Legends preseason 2020 patch 10.23 notes.

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Garen build guides on MOBAFire. As for any other tanky Support, Relic Shield, Warding Totem, and 3 pots are the best option. Learn how to beat your lane opponent in league of legends with champion lane matchup fort worth.

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Buy League of Legends Accounts. Seraphine Champion Spotlight. League of Legends' next big content patch is 7.6, introducing Galio's major rework, as well as a host of balance and bug fixes.

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Primal Split cooldown increased from 140/120/100 to 140/130/120; Level 10 talent reduced from +30 Damage to +20; Clinkz. The Founder's Pack includes the Champion Pack, which automatically unlocks all current and future Champions in the game without any additional. Active base damage reduced to 15% current health from 25%.

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First line: Increasing Garen's scaling with last-hits. Last patch gave Deceive a lot more power to compensate for the Duskblade changes. Let's get this party started!

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League of Legends' next big content patch is 7.18, introducing Championship Ashe, as well as a host of balance and bug fixes.

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Luden's Echo - League of Legends Wiki - Champions, Items. Rewards 1.1 Gold Reward 1.2 Buff Reward 2 Execution 3. Read on for LOL patch notes 10.15, and release time.

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Dungeon defenders 2 hero tier list 2020 Dungeon defenders 2 hero tier list 2020. Continue reading to know all about 10.24 patch notes. Shout-Out rpgstash Cheap WoW Classic Gold: Exclusive discount!

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As we know Mundo is an auto-heal tank/fighter so this item will enhance his abilities greatly. Mobalytics is a new and easy way to truly understand your skills in League of Legends. League of legends 100 cooldown reduction hack.

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League of Legends Wild Rift Items List you could look here. Added new options to the Game and Game Settings menus. Super Mario Party Review.

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Balancing all the new items and updated items is a work in progress for Riot Games alongside making sure the. Similar to cooldown reduction (CDR), Ability Haste affects the amount of times a player can cast a spell. Bandit passive removed.

I have spent the last week or so trying different runes on gangplank: Here is what I favor the most.

Edit: I understand that there are many grammar mistakes throughout this post. If in MLA format it is well over 10 pages long. Also I understand that it could have been broken up better. I feel that if seen in MLA format it would be more presentable due to the spacing of the lines here is small. I suggest to scroll to the bottom where I say "To summarize". A large part of the middle section is going over each rune. Also going into very great detail comparing the runes in the inspiration tree, due to their novelty. Originally I thought the end was a fair TL:DR but I suppose even that some may consider to be too long. You can find a TL:DR in the comments where I clarify a couple things.
These game were played over the course of 8 days, in total 84 games were played, on different accounts all in NA ranging from unranked, bronze, silver, gold. I don't play that frequently anymore so I don't have a higher account, but I have been playing league for over 6 years and thought I would share my thoughts on the current runes GP is using since I feel like a bitch when I play grasp. I watch a decent amount of competitive at least when one team isn't running away with it, and watch/ listen to streamers so I have a general running knowledge of all the roles. I'm not gonna comment on how good or bad the state of GP is nor the state of any lane. I will say that over the years every lane has always felt like they were the weakest (maybe not mid). And I will say that in most defeats I never felt as if it was from the lack of strength of the champion. It was simply because of misplays by myself or my teammates. For this reason I am not going to mentioning WR for any of the pages, also because they were almost never the same due to as I mention making changes based on the match up. Overall I made this way longer than I had planned it to be, I was just going to simply make a post saying that I think comet is better than grasp but then I started explaining and I never stopped. Look at the bright side, I cut out most of the small single match up based analysis and tried to keep it as general as possible, but also provide as much information as possible. I have spent way longer than I am proud of looking at the wiki at cost efficiencies theorising builds and learning about little details about runes that I never knew, regardless if they relate to gangplank. Like did you know that Lee Sin's R happens in two stages, a root, then the displacement of the kick, because of this if electrocute is triggered by the root and the target dies, then his kick does not go on CD. Anyways back to runes, if you don't wanna hear the explanation then you can just go down to the bottom of the post, or to the comments and tell me that grasp is the best and that I am hard stuck.
I should mention I'm not the biggest fan of the resolve tree, it just feels too boring to me. Maybe in higher elo it is needed but in these low games I really just want to play around with other possible runes. Also maybe I am just bad and don't play the game correctly, but there some games where I never even use demolish, but any other choice in that row is virtually useless and I may as well just have just gone omni stone if I wanted my runes to be inefficient.I have found that comet can feel pretty good with getting the magic shield, or additional mana if ur laner is AD, then getting transcendence for the free 10% and making it so if you go over the cap then the item just gives more AD or an item that doesn't give AD like spirit visage now would. For example, tri into essence, into spirit, with transcendence would make you have an additional 24 AD. Then as the final rune, getting gathering storm, unless you really need to play for early then scorch. But I just am a bigger fan of the infinite scaling AD that it gives, so I think I have only gone scorch once or twice. Then the secondary tree honestly can be flexed into whatever the lane match up is. If its going to be a stomp you can go any of the trees just dependent on the rest of yours and their team comp. Or if you are going to just be farming under tower post 6 until 20 minutes there are still a few runes that are really good. For examples, if you are going to crush lane but the rest of the enemy team has a ton of hard CC you can go precision (all of these are for the secondary tree and are what in my mind is the most efficient) you can take triumph and legend of tenacity. If the lane is just going to be a farm lane, then you a few different options, with varying degrees of success. If your bot is a kill lane, then you might want to take Domination for ultimate hunter then the pick of eyeball collection, cheap shot, or taste of blood. Taste of blood being the most common pick for me due to the sustain. You can also go for the resolve tree. If your bot lane's kill pressure is mediocre at best, then this is far better than domination because the probability of earning the bonuses from takedowns by ulting bot is low. There aren't many bad picks for the resolve tree just some are more efficient for more specific lane match ups. Demolish if you are going to split pushing a lot, or if you think the enemy will not be able to out sustain you. Bone plating and second wind are match up dependent, put bone plating is obviously the more common rune for unknown match ups, and conditioning can be useful if your team lacks peels and/or a tank, that way your survivability increases if you are targeted in team fights. Then overgrowth, the going to be the best pick 95% of the time for the third line, with revitalize and unflinching to be niche picks in exact situations dependent not only on match up but also team comp. Finally for a farm lane you can go inspiration. Here this is really based on preference more than match up, in my opinion. I would say the two that should, under no circumstances, ever be picked would be approach velocity, and hextech flash. These two are geared towards supports, and if you are playing top and select them, you are actually running it down for fun. Next I would say for niche picks in this tree, future's market where it can help you in some instances where you only need 100-200 gold for a big power spike like completing tri but you would have to walk back to lane to get that gold, or you would have to sell your refillable, but even then you might have to wait. This type of situation can happen, as we have all had the problem where you only need 50 more gold to complete and item, but you died, so you either walk to lane weak or you wait, or you are forced to burn ult on clearing a wave so you can complete the item. But this doesn't happen every game, so taking it is somewhat of a gamble, because it has a chance of just being a completely dead rune.and you may as well have taken shield bash. Next is minion dematerializer, this can help with farming ranged creeps with barrels before you get tri, gotta love when they get left with 3 hp, well this would solve that problem. In a farm match up, this is just to help get the highest possible number of creeps with barrels, so you can get your power spikes faster, and ult upgrades faster. Finally with niche picks is the perfect timing. This is somewhat rare to need but has the potential to save your life and even get you a kill in the best case. If the enemy team has an assassin mid or jg, then this can prevent a turret dive potentially, or just delay your death by a couple seconds so you can MIA ping your jungler. At the very least it contributes into GA if you decide to build it early. I would just caution with this one, that it is very easy to fill GP's inventory without noticing it, if you have stop watch, corrupting, a control ward, sheen, and boots, then you only have one slot left, so you will have to buy phage in full, and tri in full. This isn't a problem for any of the other one, because you just use the consumables before you are buying your items. But like I said, it is a niche choice, but is not useless in most games, because worst case scenario it is 250 gold off of your GA (basically under no circumstances should you sell stop watch, due to it only giving 20 gold, and at the very least it needs to have been used in combat or a dive so you get some value out of it. The gold you get from selling it is 99.99% of the time not worth it). Finally for inspiration we have the good picks, Magical Footwear, Biscuits, Time Warp Tonic, and Cosmic Insight. Now there are upsides to all of these, some more than others but those that have high values also have big lows. (I'm gonna use cosmic and tonic for short hand) Cosmic and tonic are on the same row of the tree, so you need to pick one of them. Or neither, but obviously not both, so the logical thing to do is compare cosmic vs tonic. It is important to remember biscuits work with tonic and are a good synergy, so if picking tonic, then most often the correct choice will be to also go biscuits, however, if you have taken a computer logic course or Set theory, you would know that going biscuits does not imply that you should go tonic. But if you are in the camp of buying corrupting pot as your starting item, then tonic also nicely synergises with corrupting pot. So if it is going to be a farm heavy, be constantly trading with auto's or Q then the burst of health and mana from tonic can be very useful, as it just may give you the advantage in lane to actually kill, or force them off the wave and or recall. Comparing to cosmic insight, it is important to remember what the rune does. LVL 1 it will take 0.25 seconds off Q, 1.1 seconds off W, 0.9 seconds off E, 9 seconds off R (or 27 seconds in total if you have a sheen by lvl 6) IN ADDITION it reduces summoner spell cooldowns, taking off 18 seconds for TP and 15 seconds for flash. 9 seconds for ghost, barrier, and ignite, if you take them for some niche reason, or forgot to switch summoners. 18 seconds is about the time it takes to walk from fountain to turret without boots and or anything else that increases speed, like barrels, tri, or celerity. All of these reductions do not sound that impressive, but remember you can only get summoner CD with cosmic insight and Lucidity boots. In addition it increases the cap of CDR, going from 40% to 45%. It is personal preference on which to go for, I choose to cosmic almost every time I use inspiration, but again I remind you that tonic goes very well with a corrupting pot start, and the biscuits. Speaking of biscuits, the third choice. These are one of the reasons I ever go this tree. Naturally when you play GP you want to blow people up with 1000 damage barrel chains, so why wouldn't I just go for sorcery and domination and call it, GG EZ. Well as we know you have to get your items first to be able to do damage. And well lets be honest I probably do not need to give as in depth an explanation as to why biscuits are useful. But I will add a couple things that I am not sure people know. The biscuit restores 10% of your missing HP and MP (mana pool). So using it when at 75% health is very inefficient. When using tonic and having started corrupting potion with biscuits, using them both at the same time [Biscuit should be consumed first then corrupting potion can be used immediately following] then you can gain a rather large burst of mana, health, and speed that can lead to escaping death, surviving burst what would have killed you, or being able to kill the other laner, because of either the mana needed, the health that made it so you could take a extra turret shot, or the gained movement speed that kept him in range without having to burn flash. Now if you take biscuits without tonic a couple of important things for efficiency (so you can care about it or not, but optimization is basically the point of every game, and if you don't care about optimization then I don't know why you are playing GP because he is all about optimizing with barrel farming and items). When you use a biscuit you do not want to spam them, thinking that oh this is around the most optimum health to use the biscuit so I should consume all of them now to get the largest return on them. That is not how biscuits actually work, the biscuits if stacked recheck what missing percentages are after the one prior finishes, so if you consume 2 biscuits, W, get soraka ulted and because you adc ran it down, the first biscuit will finish after 5 seconds, now the second will do another check and see that you are only missing 300 health instead of the 600 that you originally had when you consumed it, and it will give you 30 health in total, instead of 60. (this exact thing happening is not very likely, being healed for 300 health in 5 seconds; it is possible but is more to just explain what I mean) The last main thing about biscuits is that they increase your mana pool permanently by 50. So in total they give 150 permanent mana. You may have known that, but I would assume many do not, but did you also know that they give 30 gold when sold AND 50 mana still. So if you consume them in lane or choose to sell them you receive 150 mana, the only way during the game you don't get the mana is if you never used them. Now if you consider the health pot, it has a gold efficiency of 3 health(restored) for 1 gold. The biscuit is sold for 30 gold. That means for the biscuit to be worth consuming rather than selling it would have to restore 31 gold worth of health, or just 30 to break even. Since the biscuit is calculated off missing health, and 31*3=91=10% missing health, so you would have to be missing 910 health every time a biscuit is used. I will mention that math is not everything, and missing mana being restored is not being calculated because there are no mana potions. The only other way would be to use a corrupting pot. Only once at lvl 7 can the biscuit's health restore be fully utilized, but even then max health is 937, so you would be leaving very little room for error. So as a final note for biscuits, I will say that you should not feel bad to sell the biscuits if you don't need them. If you have to use them as soon as they appear in your inventory that is fine also. But the gold efficiency if you sell all three biscuits is fine, because of the 150 mana, with 1.4 gold being worth 1 mana, 150*1.4=210 plus the 90 from selling all your biscuits is 300 gold, hey look you have enough to buy boots.... Speaking of boots! I know, I am almost done. Magical footwear is your final non-niche pick for this tree. Now there are just a couple things to consider if you are to go magical footwear. 1. Team comps: are you going to need to rotate a lot later on between split pushing and team fighting that the extra 10 movement speed will be helpful? 2. Lane match up: do you hard win, hard lose, or go even. If you select them into a lane you lose, you can look at it a couple different ways. I screwed myself over because I really need boots now so I can get back to this lane faster, I already used tp and I wish I had more movement speed to dodge their skill shots. Or the other way, well I am behind in gold, however I am playing gangplank, and I choose a more gold efficient rune than he did, so he wins now but I will easily beat him in the mid game because of the value from my plunder and efficient items. Either mind set is not wrong really, it's just more of a teller of what rune is right for you. I will mention that taking the boots and dying pre 12 minutes with TP already used can be costly, you cant buy boots, which have some powerful effects, but you also will be slower getting back, meaning potential additional turret plates lost, gold, and XP lost. This is where biscuits vs. magical footwear is difficult to decide on efficiency. purely off numbers biscuits are worth around 300 gold or less, while boots are worth 420 gold because of the additional 10 movement speed. So boots are more gold efficient, but biscuits can extend your ability to stay in lane for items, once you are forced to buy then you have an additional 150 mana to use to trade with Q with barrels or not, and you also have more mana to spend on W. With the CD of W taken account of as allowing more mana to regen, then you can say that the Biscuits will grant two free rank 1 W's every time you back. But the boots have their CD reduced 45 seconds for each takedown, so you can receive your boots fairly early if the match is a blood bath. Not having to spend money on boots and them being even better than normal tier one boots helps you reach triforce and other power spikes faster and snowball the game. If you don't start snowballing and getting takedowns, again it is just hoping that you are spending resources more efficiently than the enemy top. So out of the four which do I recommend? I personally value cosmic's CDR over tonic's burst of health, mana, and movement speed. Then I go biscuits over magical footwear. I just don't believe that biscuit delivery and magical footwear is ever good, if I am that uncertain of a match up I would rather go the resolve tree as my secondary.
So to summarize. There are many runes you can go on gangplank for certain situations, I didn't discuss keystones too much but I prefer comet the most. With comet you can get transcendence and gathering storm which I believe to be really strong on a champion that is already supposed to scale. If you go grasp then you are forced to go demolish in all match ups, regardless of if you win or not. I just feel that this is a poor option, because when you're 20 minutes into the game and look at the stats for your runes and see a 0, it's pretty depressing. But if you go resolve as your secondary you do not need to take demolish, unless you think you will be able to make great use of it. But to quickly run through the keystones, that I tried, I didn't bother with any that seemed like you would have to play a different style than "normal" gangplank. For every keystone and iteration of runes I tried I went a long the general standard build first two items are Tri then essence reaver. Then I adapted to whatever I was playing against, keeping in mind my runes, and what my team was doing.
So for precision I tried Fleet And Conqueror, Conq just makes me wonder why am I playing gp and not Darius or Jax ect. The only upside is that you can keep conqueror up for a little while longer than them b/c of your Q but it will kill your mana, draw minion aggro, and they can just walk into a bush. Fleet is interesting, the movement speed plus healing can feel nice, the problem is it feel like you are missing value without building energized items, and there better options for getting more sustain. Fleet has potential I personally wasn't able to make it work sadly. If grasp was nerfed and you don't like comet this would probably be the safest option. Altho it does make it so you can go jungle as gangplank because of the healing and speed but you will get flamed, so I don't advise it.
Next is domination with Dark Harvest being the only one I tried. This one is interesting, because I think it give more carry potential, but also more of a chance to int your lane or at least have no pressure. If you are in a hard match up, you may as well not have a keystone because you will never get it to proc, but if you are in an easy lane than it can make you scale out of control. It opens the door to ulting bot lane and getting a double kill because of the additional burst that the dark harvest proc does. This is one of those that you have to know what you are doing, because you can lose the lane because of it. In my sample size I felt it to be better mid than top but I didn't play many games mid so, I can't fully speak on that. The supporting runes are also strong so that is a plus.
Next Sorcery Arcane Comet is the only one you need, I see no point with the other two I guess you can trigger Aery with GP ult upgrades, but like that wouldn't be until well over 30 minutes once you get the second or third upgrade. Then why would you use phase rush?? So comet it is. Now I want there to be a clear understand comet, on its own, is pretty lack luster. The damage is okay, with the slow from barrels it almost always hits, it can sometimes kill a minion or it adds a little more damage to cross map ults. But I don't pick comet for its damage, I pick it for the supporting cast. Because there is a rune in every row that I want. No other tree has this. Either nullifying orb or manaflow band, transcendence, then gathering storm almost every time. I found this combination to be the strongest chance of carrying the game 90% of the time
Resolve. You all know it, its what everyone runs, the rest of the keystones including inspiration would be you actually trolling (maybe not spellbook but like you're still probably trolling). I will say that Grasp is probably the best rune to take into a tank match up. The added health and sustain is very useful, and trying to poke a tank out of lane with Q spam feels like a losing battle. Probably the only other rune that might work is conqueror because you can get legend: Tenacity to help, with the additional AD you get from conq stacks and the healing. It might be possible, but you would not be able to go sorcery as your secondary because you need more early value.
So there it is, what I think GP should use for his primary tree. His secondary is situational, but if I had to say what is my go to, it would probably be cosmic with biscuit. If I was feeling good I might for domination with Eyeball collection and Ultimate Hunter because ulting bot is the only way I can really influence that lane with the current TP. If my bot lane was a kill lane, I might be tempted to go triumph or presence of mind with anything else but legend bloodline.

There I did it. And It only took 7 hours......
submitted by puckhandler7 to gangplankmains

You Should be Building 5 Different Types of Boots on Yi (Open Discussion)

TLDR; After nearly 200 games of doing nothing but testing builds this patch, the first conclusion I've come to is that all 5 boots (discluding sorcs and probably lucidity) are the best choice in different situations. Go down to the large line that says "Summary of Results" if all you want to know is where I found. The rest is just text about (1) why it's still okay to recommend only mercs and tabis to newer yi mains, (2) how to learn what works, both in terms of builds and the game as a whole, (3) how I went about testing the options, and (4) some long-winded talking about why I'm posting this and what conversations I'd like to have with other Yi mains in a quest to get as close to min-max-ing the Wuju Bladesman as possible.
After writing this I noticed how long it was and tried to use a bunch of Reddit formatting tools to make it easier to consume. I haven't used most of them before, so if you come across a part that doesn't look like human writing, that is probably why. I'll do my best to proofread it though, just let me know if certain formatting comes off as obnoxious/out-of-place




I have been seeing a lot of arguments about boot choice (and some funny memes too). Obviously, the most common opinion for boots on Yi is that you should get either Mercury Treads or Tabis. I have set out on a quest for the past 2 weeks to try out 20 experimental builds on yi to figure out whether or not our current opinions on builds hold true (not just for boots). I have yet to complete the testing for all of my build questions, however I believe I have a solid grasp on just how good each boot is in each situation.




First preface:

I am not the best Yi player in the world. In fact, I am only top 50 in NA alone. I am posting this to spread my ideas after trying new things so I can get feedback. I want to hear if you think there are flaws in how I approached this. I want to hear why you think I’m wrong. However, more than all of that, I want you to go out and test what I tested. This way, more experienced voices can talk about why Yi is such a versatile champion, and when to play him in each of his many play styles.

Second preface:

All of my finding here are presented in rules of thumb. Sometimes these rules of thumb don’t work; they can potentially be counterproductive if used improperly. More importantly though, sometimes these rules of thumb can lead you to realize that multiple choices are viable in any specific game. In these cases, it’s a matter of either (A) figuring out which is more needed, or (B) deciding to go with something that best compliments a playstyle that suits you best. Sometimes the “theoretical optimal choice” is not “the best choice for you”. I tried to take into account my own playstyle in these tests, but doing this is never a perfect process.

Third preface:

These are the takeaways for boot choice alongside the (currently) most common Yi playstyles and builds. I will post later about the different core and full builds I tested. For now, just note that these are mostly going to be for Yi's current on-hit and drain-tank/bruiser bruiser builds (No HoB, sorry u/LeviathanTQ)


How I tested the option:

My goal for this patch-in-quarantine was to test the effectiveness of a variety of different builds for Master Yi. I picked what they would be based on if they matched any of the following criteria, prioritizing those nearest the top:

  1. It is a fairly common build path (Yi has many fairly common build-paths, so I figured it was worth my time to spam the most common ones many games in a row, whether it was the right choice or not)
  2. It is a relatively unexplored build path that shows potential, and is similar enough to the common build-paths that it should be at least "similar in performance" in situations where each of the others are good
  3. It is a Build path that makes sense and runs Deaths Dance as a core 2nd or 3rd item (Initially started this because I wanted to limit test DD. Two builds from this category are definitely going to become staples for my gameplay)
  4. It is a build path that makes sense but remains almost completely untouched (was my personal theor-yi crafting. Didn't get much out of it, but I learned why certain things worked well in theory but had consequences that were too much to handle in most situations)
  5. It is a build path that makes sense, but remains relatively untouched specifically because it completely changes what Yi does as a champion altogether so nobody has cared enough to make the leap. (Tried 2 builds here, both will be staples for when I blind pick Yi and the normal Yi playstyle is noticeably less effective than these off-the-beaten-path playstyles).

I spent an entire day making build pages (not kidding, got up at 10am, took some prescribed adderall, then made build pages in the client until I looked up to see it was 5pm and I had to go to team practice soon). I used this general criteria to cut out builds that didn't seem to be a good use of time and builds that looked boring and way too situational to spam for many games in a row without getting completely burnt out.
In order to test the builds, I made a point that for a certain number of games in a row I would only play that specific build. The number of games depended on (1) how interested I was in the build, (2) how likely it was to be viable (how high up it was on the list of criteria), and (3) whether I thought I would need extra time to adapt to the change in playstyle. I would occasionally drop builds if I noticed that the build had an extreme flaw that I didn't account for.


Most Likely Sources for Error

  1. The most likely is that a lot of the testing I did on high gold/low plat accounts as a 65% winrate diamond player on my main. This definitely has the potential to lead to skewed results because some things will undeniably work extremely well against worse players, but not so well against equal skill or better players. I tried to account for this later on (for example, berserker grieves probably felt a lot better than they should because I was able to more easily abuse them against lower skill players), however it won't be perfect. I intend to bring a lot of this stuff to my main once I'm done, but I have yet to do so.
  2. (2) The second source of error could be that game by game I allowed myself to slightly deviate from build paths. This was usually only when I knew 100% that doing things slightly out of order (e.g. "I have enough money to buy Death's Dance on this back if I don't buy tier 2 boots" or "their team has 3 healers and a mundo, I should get healing reduction"). I don't think it will matter much, but you never know.
  3. Winrate bias is something I tried to take into account as well. Sometimes you'll win games that you shouldn't or lose games that you should. It's important to look at the data for how often you win doing something, but there are so many factors outside of that which need to be looked at. Unfortunately, it feels impossible to see nearly 100% winrate on certain things and say "yeah, it just didn't feeeeel good".
  4. I gave up on some builds many games before I hit my initial "Quota". Usually this was due to an error in judgement while making the build that I didn't catch until trying it, but you never know. It may lead me to say something sucks when it doesn't.
  5. Certain things may work to my strengths and weaknesses as a player moreso than it will for others. Advice on the topic of skills is subjective by nature, so something can be both true and false at the same time for two different people.


Key Info

There is a first important takeaway needed to understand the results and make your own decisions. You’re mostly buying defensive boots for the passives, not just the stats. But it’s important to recognize that both the passive, the defensive stat, and the movespeed provided are all important factors.
There's also a second important takeaway. There are a lot of factors in a game of league of legends. Sometimes, it can be hard to crunch the numbers when you’re also crunched for time. However, it is necessary for learning that with every decision you make you take as much time as you can to think of factors and rationalize your choice. This goes beyond just item choice. The more you think of factors, the less time you need to think of them, which in turn allows you to think of even more factors. This is how you learn any skill with intention of mastery.




Summary of results

All of the boots (with the exception of sorcery and lucidity, reasons stated later) are situationally viable on yi. As expected, the defensive ones are the most common as they are almost always quite useful. It just makes decision making easier when you only need to decide between Mercs and tabis since they are probably the best option in at least 70-80% of games.


My findings for what conditions make each choice worth while:


Data Key .
Boot Intro Phrase [Boot name] ( [ how versatile the boots are ] ; [ estimate of % of games they will be the best choice] )
Reasoning Phrase [ Factor that this boot choice directly interacts with ] ( [How often you will run into this factor in any given game] ; [ How effective these boots are at tackling this problem ] )


Mercury Treads

(Very useful in most games, occasionally garbage; ~45% of games):

  1. Enemy Team has a lot of tenacity-effected CC and you will need to teamfight or 1vX against it (very common; very effective)
  2. Specific enemies have tenacity-effected CC that you will be running into a lot while splitpushing (occasionally happens; decently effective)
  3. Enemy team has a lot of Magic damage. Keep in mind that AD/AP items may not always be the same as Physical/Magical Damage (occasionally happens; extremely effective)
+Main Takeaway+ Merc treads are considered the most commonly viable boot choice for a very good reason. Yi is a champion who usually performs better when non-core items take care of his weaknesses rather than improve his strengths. More often than not, boots are bought early for their cost effectiveness, but are not core to his kit (similar to many other champions).

Ninja Tabis

(Useful in some way every single game, less commonly game changing; ~35% of games):

  1. Enemy team has a lot of AD damage (fairly common; very effective)
  2. Enemy team has 1+ Lethality champions that are hard to deal with as yi (occasionally happens; somewhat effective at first, increasingly effective as you stack armor from other items)
  3. Enemy team has a lot of Auto Attack Champions, whether AD or AP (not very common; EXTREMELY effective in most situations where this applies)
+Main Takeaway+ Similar to Mercury treads, Tabis are useful as they provide Yi with much needed assistance against his weaknesses. Make sure to keep in mind that these provide defense against champions who use autos, even if the damage coming from the autos is magic damage. The reason Tabis are less common if because the tenacity of mercs give Yi a huge amount of use for the gold. However, in situations where Tabis manage to be better, you'll find yourself rolling through enemy teams.

Berserker’s Grieves

(Useful in some way every single game, poses greater risk; ~10% games):

  1. You had an amazing early game and think you can snowball the game into a win with the temporary power stimulant (somewhat common; moderate risk, very effective)
  2. You are playing into an enemy team with little CC and Burst and you want to make sure you can take over the game if you play well (fairly uncommon; risk and reward are typically equal, effectiveness depends on how reliable your team seems and whether or not your team is able to win with you as their primary/only win condition)
  3. You are going to be building a lot of items with no attack speed after your second core item, so the gold efficiency will be great (somewhat common depending on playstyle; Almost always the most effective boot choice here)
+Main Takeaway+ Berserker Grieves typically seem like the option that most resembles going all-in in poker. Sometimes, you'll do it and run away with the biggest win of the day. Other times, you take every little lead and small advantage you worked for and throw them out the window, looking like a complete buffoon. Much like going all-in in poker, it isn't always a bad choice to do so. If you notice the cards are lining up in your favor and you want to make sure you can close out the game before your luck goes sideways (teammates inting, teamfight throws, etc.), sometimes it isn't bad to give in to your desires. Analogical poker jokes aside, they shouldn't be this taboo entity so many yi mains make them out to be (even I was once a defensive boots elitist, but have since learned that I was just on a bandwagon). Pick grieves carefully as you will be giving up a lot of defensive power up until your 3rd (or even 4th) tier 3 item, but sometimes you need to risk your lead to secure your win.

Boots of Swiftness

(Not commonly worth the gold, but game changing when good; ~10% of games):

  1. You find yourself barely not being able to stick to enemy targets. This can be: due to their kit being loaded with dashes, due to a movespeed stimulant that allows them to barely stay out of your reach, due to "outplay mechanics" such as invisibility that allow them to force a gap, or due to the presence of a short cooldown, short effect hard CC that gives them times to make distance. (fairly uncommon; perfectly effective)
  2. You want T2 boots for movespeed in fights but are a couple hundred off from the more common choices, and you don't really neeeed the other boots, even if they might technically be better (fairly uncommon; more effective than you'd think)
  3. You want to be able to outplay your enemies using the map without sacrificing movespeed as a combat stat by going mobis (very uncommon; mildly useful, this should only be used as a +1 to the other reasons)
+Main Takeaway+ You know those games where you aren't lacking in raw damage and you aren't being bursted or CC'd into the ground, but you just can't seem to secure kills because the enemies run away or kite you out? Everyone knows those games, and it can be very frustrating. Initially, I only gave Swifties the time of day in these tests because they recently got reduced in gold and I wanted to use all the boots that could work for the sake of completionism. However, I am super glad I tried them out. Over the course of my time playing yi, there have been certain champions that have made me rage so hard internally that my body is unable to even portray emotion. The tease of this target that is seemingly easy to kill just barely managing to stay out of my range and escape to the safety of their team (or even turn the fight). Once I started trying out swifties, I realized this way just what I needed. Lucian? Good luck running even with your dash and movespeed buff. Udyr? Your E is a joke, get back here. Vayne? You're still a bitch, but now you're a bitch I can 1v1 if you ever try to disrespect and contest my god damn split again. Singed? Don't use your ghost now, you're gonna want a friend to keep you company in your grave. Also yeah, they're pretty nice when you don't have money for other boots. But usually only do that if they help you with at least 1 enemy in a fight.

Extra: you also get another +10 movespeed to your boots choice if you go magical footwear. I have yet to try if this is ever a good option as opposed to swifties, however I doubt it will be due to the runes you have to give up for +10, not to mention the fact that you aren't able to buy boots. I doubt I will ever try this, but if someone else has experience running this, let me know how it is.

Boots of Mobility

(Usually noticeably lackluster, occasionally great with a change in playstyle; ~1-2% of games):

  1. When you really want to run circles around your enemies with #macro-diff (uncommon, usually effective)
  2. When you have laners who are able to much more easily operate as the win condition if you get them ahead and force the enemy jungler to either respond to you and leave their laner counterpart out to dry, or help their laner and give up objectives and farm (somewhat uncommon, very effective)
  3. When you secure an early lead/can bully the enemy out of their jungler relatively easily AND your mid laner + at least 1 side lane will always out-push the enemy (very uncommon, extremely effective)
+Major Takeaway+ It's pretty straightforward as to when Mobi boots are a great option, but it's so rare that you'll likely either forget to buy them, or you'll be hesitant to do. For a build path that is so niche, it probably isn't worth your time to learn the playstyle change needed to utilize them effectively, however players who are maining Yi after playing junglers who specialize in map control/bully invading as well as players who are truly dedicated to learning every nook and cranny of Yi, this won't be a complete waste of time. I would say if I could go back in time and tell myself not to waste my time playing 20 games of Mobi boots Yi, I probably would. However, I don't necessarily regret the time either because I can honestly see niche situations where Mobis will be my boots choice in the future, even if they're only marginally better than other boots.


Final Thoughts


I think people have become a bit too tunnel-visioned on the rules of thumb "we" set up as a community (I say "we" because these were established well before I ever even touched the game). Rules of thumb are powerful tools that aid in learning. Without rules of thumb, it would be impossible to improve at the game at all because of how much there would be to think of. I initially set out to do this out of personal curiosity and a looming quarantine-induced boredom because what else is there to do other than min-max my favorite champion from my favorite game? However, after approaching nearly 200 games of trying build after build after build, I've learned more than just "how viable different items are". I learned that I got so caught up in rules of thumb for an entire aspect of the game (item builds) that I completely neglected improving this skill outside of occasional flashes of theory-crafting inspiration. I think it's great that so many people have recommended defensive boots due to how versatile their uses are to the point that it seems like common sense for Yi mains to build them over berserker grieves even though every stats website still shows them as the most common because the game itself recommends them. This is good, but shoving it down people's throats at every turn (which we are all guilty of) only hurts our reputation towards new players who want to be accepted in the community and, more importantly, it makes people stop learning because they listen when they're told "only do this always".
By all means, I don't think that everything I said above is perfect. There are some lines I wrote where I thought to myself "I think I learned this, but I can't say this is correct for certain". On top of that, there are many ways to play the game that are all capable of being refined to challenger level, and not all of these playstyles will work with all advice. Sometimes a piece of advice can make all the difference in the world to one player, but hold another player back altogether.


Why I didn't test Sorcs or Lucidity boots:
Sorcs should be pretty obvious. Even if all of your enemies had 800+ armor (which will only happen in a game of 6 enemy malphites), adding magic pen for your on hit magic damage would be nothing more than a meme as Berserkers would still give more damage if that's really what you need lol.
Lucidity is less obvious, but I think the reason makes sense. They are cheap, and CDR is nice on Yi, however Yi raaarely cares about CDR on abilities that aren't Q or R. You get more CDR on your Q from the single dagger that goes into Berserker Grieves, and I don't think the 10% CDR on R will ever justify the cost of boots of lucidity, especially when the other boots seem better in just about every situation. Might be worth checking out in a lane yi build where you want you W off CD more often, but even that is niche enough that I doubt it's worth the time to test

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