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LCI E90 Coding Help?

Good evening all!!
I come to you with great curiosity, and intend to satisfy it without killing the cat, as it were. I'm aware that for legislative reasons here in the UK, vehicles were set to NOT chirp on lock/unlock, and in my particular case the panic button on the fob does not work either. I have obtained a K+DCAN cable, but not taken it anywhere near the car until I had delved into the matter sufficiently to know what I'm doing (somewhat).
So! Let's get into it. I started small today by first coding the digital speed indicator, as per the clear instructions of 'LMB335is' (thank you!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoAK2d97HjQ. This was successful in the first instance but I'll come back to it later.
I have used INPA to check that my alarm and tilt sensors are functioning with no errors (rudolf's nose is also already working), and then followed part of the instructions in the video above to change the values highlighted by 'e90aL' https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=504338.
I had also added '+K302' to the VO, and before all this checked that $302 was indeed there already. As per the guidance I had in front of me, I used the BMW coding tool and NCS Expert to make the relevant changes from the forum post (I do not have iDrive), but when changing jobs and executing it, the cluster would 'refresh' by lights cycling off and on BUT there was no chime, unlike when i had coded the digital speed indicator. Going back in and loading the TRC file with coding tool showed that ~3/4 of the values that needed to be changed in DWAI had changed successfully, while the remainder fell back into nicht_activ. I then noticed that the digital speed indicator had also returned to nicht_aktiv. Checked INPA again and no errors shown for the alarms, and triggering the sensors inside still sets it off. No chirps and no panic alarm via fob either.
What I'm trying to figure out is what the hell I'm missing!? What is making it revert half of the changed values? Is it telling me to f* off? I wouldn't imagine taking the keyfob out and putting it back in, then starting the engine is part of the process (like in the video)?. I took her out for a spin and noticed that in all this, i'm now getting shift recommendations on my dash (I have a MT lol; this was after I changed BC_digital_V and BC_digital_ korrektur to 'aktiv' - there was a chime when I executed this job!).
I would greatly appreciate some help with this, as it's a puzzle I'm now finding myself needing to solve.
It is also worth noting that I suspect the previous owner had tinkered with the car, since it has roll windows up/down with fob but not the comfort pack. The values in the DWAS module were also already as shown in the e90post guidance.
Thanks in advance!!

So a day has passed and I've found what the issue was - I loaded the wrong profile in NCS Expert! As per u/MrSnowden's suggestion, this update will clarify on what I missed, and bring together the community's findings and advice into one post (as best as possible). After some digging I found a post by vickumar (thank you!) (https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1800496-Dummies-Guide-to-Basic-coding-with-NCS-Expert) and a comment by LMB335is (legend) (https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1557062) explaining how these profiles work, and the way in which they allow you to interact with the vehicle's modules. One user had incorrectly said that the two default options ('Factory Coding'/'Expert Mode' and 'Manipulation') are the same and can be used interchangeably. This is NOT the case. As explained by LMB335is, 'Factory Coding' aka 'Expert Mode' will code your module based on the VO, and so if the parameters you change don't line up with what it deduces from the VO, they will revert to default factory settings (the name made sense after this ahaha). I would imagine this incredibly useful for undoing any mistakes.
Manipulation, on the other hand, will code the module as you desire, so it is important to make sure you're only tinkering with parameters you understand! I had both the spreadsheet of code translations and Google Translate handy to double check things. The custom profiles reflect the needs of those who created them, but in order to code with them, there is a checkbox that needs to be ticked. This seems to be one of the main things that sets these profiles apart.
Taking all of the sources I've read through and linked along with my own experience today, you will find below the process I've used to code the chirp on lock/unlock. Note that I was unable to set the panic alarm off via the fob, but I also had not waited 30s for the alarm to arm. I will test that tomorrow!
Have your K+DCAN cable handy, and ensure your laptop is fully charged. Not sure if this is necessary, but for my own peace of mind I deactivated my antivirus and firewall, and air gapped it (WiFi off). Saved my battery and was a way of making sure the laptop is only communicating with the car. For quick googling, etc I used my phone. I won't post the SP-DATEN and Coding tools package download links as I cannot personally guarantee they are 100% safe. They were quite easy to find though!
Foreword: This is purely anectodal, I'm not a pro. Continue at your own risk and have a read through it all before you sit down to do it. You also must have the alarm installed for the chirps! Run your VIN through a decoder online and check the options list. Have a read through Bluebee's comprehensive guide for coding too: https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=561237
  1. Ensure your K+DCAN cable is set to DCAN (if there are 4 positions, 1 should be K (left side, OBD connector pointing away from you), and 2, 3, 4 should be DCAN. Check that your port is set to COM1 with a latency of 1 via device manager.* *The cable will have installed its own drivers upon it's initial connection.
  2. Ensure you have BMW coding tools installed, and that the latest SP-DATEN files and default folders are good to go via Coding Tool (instructions: http://obd365.eklablog.com/update-sp-daten-files-with-bmw-coding-tool-2-50-a154939426). For this process the applications I needed used were INPA, BMW Coding Tool and NCS Expert. My SP-DATEN 'E89' folder was created in 2016. Not sure which version no. that corresponds to.
  3. (You can skip this and step 4 if you're 100% sure the connection has been established correctly) Insert the fob and connect your K+DCAN cable to the vehicle's OBDII port. If your cable has an LED, it will stay on for a little bit but may turn off. It is not an indication of whether it's working so don't worry. Connect the cable to your laptop, and launch INPA. At the top there will be two indicators - 'Cable detected', and 'Ignition'. The circles next to both should be black (like https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JRhbodlOOMY/maxresdefault.jpg), but in my case 'Cable detected' was half black and the other half flickering between black and a colon; no issues for me.
  4. Select F3 ('E90'), and then you can select any module you wish - In this case let's go for the alarm! Select 'Body' > 'DWA Sirens and Tilt Sensor'. You may see prompts regarding version/language discrepencies but just dismiss them. If it gives an error such as 'IFH-0009: No response from control unit', Click back and try selecting a different part of the car, then coming back to this one. If the problem persists, try closing INPA, reconnecting the cable and going from there - consider this list of potential reasons (http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2015/12/02/solved-inpa-error-ifh-0009-no-response-from-control-unit/). If it does load, though, you can then use 'Info' (F1), 'Ident' (F2), 'Error' (F4) and 'Status' (F5) to check that information is getting through and that the particular part(s) are functioning correctly. Back is 'End' (F10). Once you are happy, close INPA as you would a normal application. You will be prompted to confirm quitting.
** If you wish to add '+K302' to VO (http://blog.obdii365.com/2016/08/31/change-bmw-vo-vehicle-order-by-ncs-expert/)
  1. Launch BMW Coding Tool, then NCS Expert. If you're not feeling confident have LMB355is' video up and ready for general guidance (he codes the KOMBI, but principle is more or less the same) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoAK2d97HjQ). the Coding Tool will have a list of steps shown to follow too, if you ever forget.
  2. On NCS Expert, Click 'File' > 'Load profile' > 'Manipulation' > 'OK'.
  3. Click F1 > F3 > 'E89' > 'OK' > 'CAS' > 'OK'. The chassis number, VO and VIN will then populate the main window. Click F6 to then go back.
  4. Click F4 ('Process ECU') > 'DWAI' > 'OK' > F4 (will have changed to 'Read ECU'). Nattodat trace will pop up as a notepad document; just close it.
  5. Bring up the BMW Coding Tool window, click 'Load TRC-file', and all options for that module will then appear in the box below. You can click the search button to find specific things. Change the values for DWAI as noted above by E90aL (https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=504338). In my case all I needed to code was the DWAI module.
  6. Select a parameter you would like to change. Nicht_aktiv = not active, and aktiv = active. When clicking to change a parameter you can tick the 'quick change' box and it will change it for you, then click 'OK'. Changes you make will be highlighted in bold.
  7. Once you're happy with all the changes you've made, click 'Save MAN-file'. Two prompts will show in succession asking you to backup the TRC and MAN files respectively. Click 'Yes' > 'Save' for both.
  8. Bring NCS Expert to the foreground again, and click F2 ('Change job'). Click 'SG_CODIEREN' > 'OK'. Note how on the main window, 'JOBNAME:' changes from 'CODIERDATEN_LESEN' ('read coding data') to SG_CODIEREN ('code').
  9. Click F3 ('Execute job'). Above 'JOBNAME:' you will see 'coding aktiv'. When the process is complete, that will change to 'coding ended'. In my case there was still no chime, but the process was complete. The chime may or may not be limited to making changes to the KOMBI module.
  10. For good measure, eject the fob and put it back in. You can now close the NCS Expert and BMW Coding Tool windows. When closing the Coding Tool window, a prompt will appear asking if you wish to empty your MAN-file. Click 'Yes'. Disconnect the cable from the laptop and car.
  11. And that should be it! Test it out, see if it works.
I would recommend running your car for a bit or going for a quick spin since the ignition was on for a little while. Noone wants a flat battery! If there's anything I missed/got wrong please do comment below, and I hope this helps!

submitted by persixn_ to E90

Horror Stories

Movies are the source of entertainment for all ages of people. Everyone loves downloading and streaming movies. There are people who can afford to watch and then there are others who cannot. If you are one of the above-mentioned people then this article is for you. To know more about the interesting options like Horror Stories to stream and download your favorite pick. Just stay tuned till the end.
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic entire world is in a state of panic, fear, uncertainty and chaos. Citizen of the world are currently practising self-isolation and trying to find a way to keep themselves entertained. Do you want to keep your boredom away? If yes, we have brought to you a website called ‘Horror Stories’ where you can watch and download all the latest movies in HD quality for free. There are millions of people are busy searching free movie download website on the web but only a few people know about Horror Stories. For the unversed, Horror Stories is the second largest free movie download website after Tamilrockers.
If you love watching movies irrespective of language or genres, Horror Stories website would never disappoint you. Yes, Horror Stories is regarded as the undisputed king of not only movies but also TV shows, web series and desi drama. According to reports, Horror Stories has over 30 million monthly active users. The website is mostly visited by Indian then followed by the United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.
To keep your lockdown entertained, we have decided to write an article about Horror Stories highlighting its benefits and drawbacks. Horror Stories is nothing but a treasure of movies and TV shows and it is regarded as one of the most trusted and popular free movies download sites across the globe. If you are looking for free movie download sites then visiting Horror Stories.com is highly recommended. Unlike other movies downloading sites, Horror Stories has been functioning for years and that is the reason why it has millions of daily visitors.
We all know that Horror Stories.com is not the only website out there but we can say that there is no website that can be trusted except Horror Stories when it comes to downloading movies for free. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared 21-days nationwide lockdown, the traffic of Horror Stories has exponentially surged and it is likely to be increased further in the near future. There are various reasons why the traffic of Horror Stories has skyrocketed and one of them is cinema halls and theatres are remain closed throughout the country and people are not allowed to venture out from the house since April 15, 2020.

About Horror Stories

Video Piracy has been on a rise in the last couple of years. When it comes to Video Piracy the one name that comes to everyone’s mind is Horror Stories. Horror Stories is an online movie-streaming website that is known for pirating the newly-released movies. Whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, or Tollywood, you will find movies from all movie-industries on this website as soon as they release in the cinemas.
As I have said that not every one of us can afford to go to the cinema or get a subscription to options like Netflix and other such. Horror Stories is a type of website that allows users to download and stream movies for free. You can stream and download movies in HD. It has all types of movies be it Hollywood, Bollywood, and south – Indian movies. It also has Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and dubbed movies in Hindi.
You may go through a particular genre if you want. Be it horror, action, thriller, documentary, sci-fi, crime, and comedy. Also, romantic, historic, family, 18+ movies, or any other type. Horror Stories provides every type of Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood movies.
Though, there is no doubt that it is free and you get all those favorite movies free of cost. But Horror Stories is a piracy website that offers content illegally. And because of the copyright issues. It is banned in most countries along with India.
Horror Stories changes its domain name frequently to keep itself available. It operates websites through several different domains like Horror Stories.pc, Horror Stories. nz, Horror Stories. cm, Horror Stories. gd, Horror Stories. ac, Horror Stories. in, Horror Stories. com, Horror Stories. to, Horror Stories. tv, Horror Stories. hp, Horror Stories. Co.
On Horror Stories you can find movies from various genres, release years, and quality. All the movies are sorted alphabetically for easy searching. A search bar is also provided to search for movies by their name. After finding the movie that you want to watch you can find its download links. You can also stream the movie online without having to download it. You can add subtitles, change quality, change the speed of the movie using the features provided in the players. Torrent download links are also provided. On the movie’s page, you can find the details about the movie like description, genre, star cast, country, release year, etc.
What is Horror Stories? Before delving into deeper about Horror Stories.com, let us tell you that it is an illegal website and if you are a citizen of India and the US and explore Horror Stories, you are likely to be punished. Yes, it is one of the thousands of websites, which has been banned by the US and India.
You must be wondering why it got banned? The reason is quite simple, websites like Horror Stories leak all the movies released in the theatres or OTT platforms and owing to that producer of the film or series have to suffer a huge loss. Due to websites like Horror Stories.com, the box office collection of not only Bollywood but Tollywood or Hollywood movies are badly affected.
There have been everlasting efforts made to curb piracy in India but looks like their efforts seem to have gone wasted. Yes, despite action taken against Horror Stories or other illegal sites, they still continue to leak all the movies with impunity. Horror Stories is one of the most notorious sites to offer copyrighted contents mainly movies, TV shows and web series before or hours after their release dates. That is the reason why still millions of people use it to download and watch movies for free.
Horror Stories does not leave any opportunity to lure citizens making them download copyrighted contents by offering them each and every movie they come across with. Talking about its homepage, irrespective of language or genres, it has all the latest movies featured for illegal download. Besides providing a download link, Horror Stories.com provides a brief synopsis about the film and its run time. Horror Stories is surely a site, where you get all the latest HD movies within hours of their release. Unlike another website, it uploads Scam or theatre print on the release date of the film but a few days later it replaces it with the HD version.

How To Download The Horror Stories App?

If you are not comfortable in downloading a movie from the desktop using Horror Stories App, then we have yet another option to do so. Besides Horror Stories.com website, the developers of the site had released its app, which is no longer available on Google Play Store. If you want to download Horror Stories app, you will have to take supports of some third-party sites. The app has been designed keeping in mind user experience and it has a very user-friendly structure.
Horror Stories or Movie Rulz is a free movie downloading an app that serves millions of people. When it comes to its designing part, it is user-friendly. It is beautifully segregated in all the categories. Horror Stories is said to be undisputed kings when it comes to streaming or downloading Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English movies, web series, TV shows, desi drama or documentaries.
According to reports, Horror Stories app is available for Android and iOS, Smart TV and PC, so you can enjoy it on the favourite medium. It is to be noted that you can not download Movie rulz App from an official source such as Google Play Store before it is not legal. So you can download the application by using third-party sources on your phones such as Hindi Links 4u.
While using this app make sure to use Wifi because it consumes a lot of internet data. Horror Stories is a free movie app to watch the contents without spending data and so that you do not have those annoying cuts that they happen when the connection speed is not very good.

Horror Stories App Features

Before downloading Horror Stories Android app, it is quite important to know about its features. There is no doubt about some of its unique features but we would urge you to use some legal options such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and MX Player. We have listed down some of its features below, which you can have a look.
  • Using Horror Stories, you can watch and download your favourite video series for free.
  • The latest version of the app has fixed all the previous bugs making it smoother.
  • The App features some super fast servers which help a user to stream the videos at the very fast speed.
  • It is quite a simple user interface ensuring that users don’t find it complicated
  • The Horror Stories apk size is too small and it doesn’t consume a lot of your Smartphone ROM and the best thing is it works on almost every Android devices.
Looking for apps to download movies or series online, you have come to the right location. If you would have thought that downloading movies from the mobile application was impossible, you were wrong. We have brought you Horror Stories app, which has thousands of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and English HD movies, which you can download for free.
If you really want to download all the latest movies, you can visit Horror Stories.com website at your own risk or download Horror Stories apk. Horror Stories is surely one of the best applications to watch Hindi movies and download Tamil movies for free. Besides movies or TV shows, Movie rulz app has an option allowing users to watch Live TV. It definitely has a wide catalogue of content in addition, divided into categories. It has personalization themes, views and most importantly, everything is in Latin.

How To Download Movies from Horror Stories?

As we have told you at the beginning that it is a piracy website and using it for streaming or download purpose in India is a crime. However, if you still want to access the site and download movies, then you need to follow below steps to do so.
  • Firstly, you need to have a VPN downloaded on your mobile to bypass your restriction.
  • After installing the VPN app, open VPN Software and select an IP address of a country where Horror Stories.com is not banned.
  • Once you changed the IP address, you can visit Isaimini.com. There you have thousands of movies and TV shows for free download.

Horror Stories New Links 2020

Similar to other torrent websites such as Tamilrockers, Horror Stories keeps changing its domain in order to not to get caught by the cybercrime. Changing the domain frequently reduces the chances of being caught by the cybersecurity. Horror Stories is one of the most notorious piracy websites, which lets users stream or download all the latest Tamil movies, English Dubbed Hindi, Malayalam Movies, Hindi Movies, Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Dual Audio Movies, Web Series, TV shows for free.
The website has millions of monthly visitors. The main domain of Horror Stories had once blocked by the Indian government Anti piracy cell with the help of ISP internet service provider of India and Search Engine Portal functioning in India.

Best Horror Stories Alternatives: Download Latest HD Movies From Movie rulz 2020

If you did not find Horror Stories worthy to visit, you must have knowledge about the website which are better than Horror Storiesor Movie Rulz. Keeping in mind user’s choice, we have brought you some of the best alternatives of Horror Stories, which will surely help you. The following Horror Stories alternatives have plenty of contents including Movies, TV shows, TV series, web series, desi drama or documentaries that can be downloaded and streamed online for free. The website we have mentioned below would not irritate you with their pop up ads.
As per the analysis by Tubular Insights which stated that in 2020 comes around, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be affected by online video streaming. Due to the increase in traffic then you are looking for Horror Stories alternative. Here are the lists. For the better user experience, we have rechecked all the below links which is working fine. Horror Stories is known for providing all the latest Movies, TV Shows, and videos but people who regularly visit the torrent website might have known that there are several domains of Horror Stories have been blocked. If the scenario is like that, so, how can we depend on a single domain Horror Stories.com?
Looking at the importance of free movies downloading sites, we have shortlisted some of the best alternatives to Movie rulz.

What are the best legal alternatives for Movie rulz?

There are several alternatives out there such as Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Tamilyogi, Khatrimaza, Filmyhit, Isaimini and others but all of them are illegal websites. Keeping in mind the dangers of illegal websites, we have enlisted some of the best and legal alternatives of Horror Stories.
Nowadays, people are addicted to watch and download movies online and they can’t wait so many days for movies to come on TV or legal platforms. There are some legal websites or OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, MX Players and other offering all new movies and TV series within days of their official release.

What are the best Horror Stories Alternatives?

Horror Stories is surely one of the most popular and visited piracy sites across the world. However, there have been people who did not like the site and might be busy searching for its alternatives. If you are one of those people, then do no worry, we have brought to you a list of best and free Horror Stories alternatives. Here are the best Horror Stories.com alternatives in 2020:
  • Tamilgun
  • Cinemavilla
  • Madrasrockers
  • Filmywap
  • Horror Stories
  • Moviesda
  • Khatrimaza
  • Todaypk
  • Madrasrockers
  • Torrent
  • Wordfree4u
  • YTS (Yify)
  • Jio rockers
  • DVD Rockers
  • Filmyzilla
  • Downloadhub
  • 8XMoviess
  • Rdxhd
  • Mastihot
  • Ipagal
  • 9xmovies
  • 9xrockers
  • Downloadhub
  • 8XMovies,

Horror Stories Movies Categories

Horror Stories leaks movies ranging from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and Pakistani movies. When you visit 4Horror Stories.com, you will see various categories that we have mentioned below. You can check out the categories of movies which Horror Stories leaks on its website:
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Mp3 Songs
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies
  • Bollywood HD Trailers
  • Tamil Mobile Movies
  • Malayalam HD Wallpapers
  • Telugu HD Movies

What are the best legal alternatives to Horror Stories.com?

After introducing to some of the best and illegal alternatives, we have brought to you a list of free and legal Horror Stories alternatives. The above-mentioned websites are great but they are illegal and could be banned at any time. Keeping in mind the dangers of illegal websites, we have enlisted some of the best and legal alternatives to Horror Stories. Take a look at the list of legal Horror Stories alternatives:
  • PopCornFlix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • Sony Liv
  • Ice movie
  • Yesmovies
  • GoMovies
  • Nitro
  • HDO
  • MovieNinja
  • Moviezwap
  • Movies4U
  • LookMovie
  • Movies

Horror Stories: Movie Rulz Latest HD Movies Download Site

If you are looking for free movie download sites, you have come to the right place. We have got you covered everything about Horror Stories, Movie Rulz or Horror Stories app, which are considered the best platform to download movies, TV shows, Series and drama in HD quality. Watching movies online or web series for free has always been a hot topic and people are tired of visiting fake movie downloading sites. Making your work easier, we have come up with the best and free movie downloading site and it is Movie Rulz, Horror Stories ms or Horror Stories Telugu.
Horror Stories.com or Horror Storiesz website used to provide Tamil movies to download but now they have extended their services and now offering Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood or Hollywood movies in all the formate (360p, 420p, 720p or 1080p). Apart from Horror Stories, you can also download Tamil movies and Telugu movies from Movie Rulz Android app. Ever since Horror Stories was established, the website has been offering HD movies for free.
As per the report, Horror Stories app was disappeared for some period of time due to its legality issue. Before delving into more about Horror Stories, let us tell you that, this is an illegal or kind of torrent website, which the Indian Government has banned. Tamil Movies Download Sites
As we all know that nothing comes for free on the internet, Horror Stories might steal your personal information while using the website. As a respectful organisation, we would not suggest or recommend using Horror Stories for streaming or downloading purpose. You must be feeling happy to get to know about free movie downloading site, Movierlz but illegal is illegal. If you ever caught using the torrent website, Indian Government has authorized to punish you as per the Anti piracy act.

Is it safe to watch movies on Horror Stories?

No, watching, download, sharing, or uploading of Pirated Content is punishable by the law. Although, different countries have different laws regarding Piracy. In countries like India and USA, Piracy is illegal. The person found guilty will be warned, or in some cases, legal actions can also be taken against him/her. But the laws are not really strict for people watching/downloading the movies. It’s rare to see anyone getting arrested for downloading/streaming pirated movies online. Most of the arrests have been made for uploading the pirated content online.
There are other things to worry about while watching movies on sites like Horror Stories. Sites like fmovies, 0123movies, Horror Stories earn money by placing ads on their websites. These ads, popups, and redirects can take you to sites containing malicious software, malware, adware, and various kinds of viruses. So, it is highly recommended to have a good Antivirus installed on your system before watching movies on such sites. I will advise you to install an Ad-Blocker and a VPN too to be on the safer side.

Is Horror Stories Banned In India?

Horror Stories.com website is an illegal or kind of torrent site and visiting any illegal websites in India might land you in trouble. The Indian government had banned thousands of websites and Horror Stories.com Tamilrockers was one of them.

Why Horror Stories has become so popular?

You might have visited dozens of free movies download websites, but have you ever visit Horror Stories.com? It might be an illegal site but it never breaks the trust of millions of users. The reason why it became quite popular among the masses is it provides all the movies in multiple formats ranging from 360p, 420p, 780p and 1080p.
As per space, you have left in your device, you can opt to download the format. The website showcases how much size a particular format will take to get it downloaded. If you are downloading a movie from Horror Stories.com, opting for 420p or 300 MB size option will be highly recommended. If you are downloading any Tollywood or Hollywood movies, the size will provide you dual audio quality and subtitle making it easier for non-native language to watch the film with the flow. Doesn’t these options are worth to visit it on repeat?
As soon as English or Hollywood movies release in India, Horror Stories does not take much time to upload movies Hindi version or Dubbed version on its websites since its millions of users do not know the English language. That could be the reason behind its soaring popularity among Indians. Horror Stories is designed very well and has options to navigate each and every category of downloading all the movies. You would not find any difficulty while searching for Tamil Dubbed Movies, Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Horror Stories HD Movies and more. You might face some problem owing to pop up ads.
Since piracy website offers download links for all HD movies within hours of their release date. Owing to fast update, Horror Stories has become the most beloved Hindi Movie Downloading site of the people. The website shows you whether the movie is in HD Quality, DVDrip, Bluray, and other low resolutions. You can also check the movie’s quality by streaming online before put it on download mode.

Why you should avoid Horror Stories to download movies?

Well, the reason is quite obvious. As Horror Stories provides non-copyrighted content. Which means it shares movies link without the consent of the original owner of the content. Therefore, its domain is pirated or restricted in many countries along with India.
Moreover, if you access any of these types of website it may harm your device. As they use third-party ads that contain corrupted files or malware that can damage your device. Accordingly, I would suggest staying away from these websites to secure your device as well as yourself from non-copyrighted content.

What are the legal options to download movies?

Above we discussed that free of cost option can give us the opportunity to download movies without paying. But it also violates our government laws and also it is not safe for our devices as well. So what can be other options for downloading and enjoying the latest movies?
Well, there are such legal options that allow you to download movies and shows of different languages. Options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, SonyLiv and other such legal sites that are purely safe to access. However, these are all subscription-based websites but few also provide free content. It is better to spend some money on entertainment rather than getting corrupted files or malware in your device.

Three legal options to stream and download movies

Netflix offers all the latest movies and shows of Hollywood and Bollywood. It has around a thousand tv shows and nearly 4000 movies to stream and download. Moreover, you do not have to pay at once, you will get a one-month free trial. Thereafter, you can continue watching while choosing one of the three streaming plans: basic, standard and premium. Each plan will offer you different features and limits to watch films and shows.
SonyLiv is also one amazing option to stream videos online for free and premium based movies and shows. It features more than a dozen TV channels in India. The interface is quite clean and simple on the website. The paid content is clearly modified as Premium to help you find the free content. Moreover, the content is divided into trending, drama, Hindi, South Indian, Romantic, Comedy, etc. SonyLiv offers its premium plans at Rs.99/month and Rs.499/year to unlock more exciting content.
Amazon Prime Video is a rival to Netflix and ranks second in the list of video streaming platforms in India. It is a much cheaper option compare to Netflix where the basic plan starts at the lowest cost of Rs 500. Whereas Amazon Prime Video offers a monthly subscription at only Rs.129. And a yearly subscription at the cost of Rs.999 along with free Amazon Prime deliveries on Amazon account.
Talking about movies and shows, well it holds a strong collection of Hindi and English Tv shows and movies. Along with awesome storage of Bollywood and other Indian language movies. Name it Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil or else. It also produces home-grown content too. Such as The Man from High Castle, One Mississippi, Fleabag and others. You can stream shows such as Suits, The Mindy Project, Young Sheldon, and many more.

Here’s why you shouldn’t visit Horror Stories Tamilrockers

If you are a citizen of India, you should know that we have a piracy law which restricts its citizen to use any illegal site for either for streaming or downloading purpose. Unfortunately, if you ever caught exploring any torrent sites including the above-mentioned site, the Indian government has authorized to punish you as per the piracy law.
There are multiple laws in India against online piracy to save them from paying the hefty price. In India, the Copyright Act, 1957 protects all type of music, songs, and videos, literary and artistic work. The Stop Online Piracy Act (STOP) is also one such act that restricts access to sites that host pirated content. The prime aim behind the piracy law is to stop or crackdown on copyright infringement.

Is it legal to download movies from Horror Stories or Movie Rulz?

No..Downloading or streaming movies from Horror Stories are completely illegal and if you still use the site, you might land in trouble. In fact, the MPAA or the Motion Picture Association of America said that such websites are considered a notorious website as they make all the latest movies available for Hd download. After Tamilrockers, Horror Stories is said to be the most notorious piracy website worldwide.
As per the reports, the website had once recorded over 98 million users monthly, which is very high that has been designated as an illegal website. The website is reportedly developed in Vietnam.

How does Horror Stories work?

Horror Stories is a free movie download website, which is being operated by a bunch of people from undisclosed locations. In order to make money or convert its millions of user into money, the owners of the website use different ads network. Notably, Horror Stories does not use Google AdSense ads becuase they promote piracy and that is against Google’s policy.

Is it safe to use Horror Stories?

No.. It is not safe for a longer period of time. Horror Stories is a torrent website, which has been banned by the Indian government. Using any torrent website or piracy website in India is a crime. Besides some legal issue, if you use any illegal and pirate website, you may get some unusual malware or even viruses in your PC or mobile. There is a possibility that you may accidentally click on a specific link while using this website, which may cause malware to enter your PC. You can also take it to some websites that are not protected.
Another thing is that Horror Stories can damage your mobile device or your computer. There is a possibility that you may experience that your device is running slow or even overheating when you use the Horror Stories. The reason for this is that this website is using more ROM to be able to stream and get the videos you want to watch. And worst of all, the processor of your computer or mobile device may get damaged after a long time of using Horror Stories.

How to use Google Trick to Download Movie rulz

Downloading movies or web series from Movie rulz is quite dangerous as it not legal in India. But, there are Google tricks making it easier for users to download all the latest HD movies or web series in HD quality. You might be thinking that downloading Movies from the torrent website is far difficult but you are wrong. In this article, we have brought you some tips for making your work easier. Without having to go to these websites, we could easily perform this task by applying a little Google trick.
If you do not know, this Google trick is one of many that currently exist to activate a certain number of services. It is so easy, you could make a calculator, the translator, a unit converter and much more apparent. In order to make use of this other alternative, we must only use a small command line that is very easy to remember.

Final Words About Horror Stories

So, that’s it for this post about Horror Stories. Piracy has been a major problem for the movie industry and sites like Horror Stories are one of the biggest producers of pirated content. Many awareness campaigns have been started to make people aware of this problem. People are getting more aware day by day and are refraining themselves from watching pirated content. If you have any questions in your mind then feel free to leave a comment below we will try to answer them asap. Stay tuned for more such informative posts. Thanks for reading.


We The Live Mirror neither supports not promotes any piracy or torrent websites. We respect the Indian constitution and know how dangerous is downloading contents from pirated websites such as Horror Stories.com, Horror Storiesms.com, Horror Storiespz.com, Horror Storiesmovies.com among others The content shown above is solely to provide our readers with the necessary information about the illegal a tivities. We do not intend to encourage our readers to use piracy or torrent websites. We urge our readers to stay away from such kinds of websites
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