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LectureMAKER 2.0 (English) version 4.9.2020.12031 by browse around here. More Topic [+] Artificial Intelligence. LectureRecordings is an Android application for audio recording, mainly when taking notes written by hand using LectureNotes. The interface has a very smooth appeal where. Courtesy of Felice Frankel.

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If you follow the above steps correctly, you should have the Dr. Najeeb Lectures App ready to run on your Windows PC or MAC. There is a special ethic called Gestalt Consciousness ethic lying in the center and costs all 3 ethic points, which leads to a completely different style of gameplay and is novice. LectureMAKER 2.0 (English) version 4.9.2020.10010 by. It establishes a theater-level home entertainment ecosystem through high-quality audiovisual products. PDFCreator runs on: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1.

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Lecture maker 2.0 full cracked. Game Development – Online Courses for Making Games and https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=111. C April 3. Christian Collberg Software Protection: How to Crack Programs, and Defend Against Cracking Lecture 8: Hardware Moscow State University, Spring 2. Profile Maker. Develop your passion for designing and making innovative and contemporary objects using a diverse range of materials, skills & techniques taught with high levels of craftsmanship. It is the best all-in-one screen recorder and video editor.

My Max Lumi Review -- impressive device, 4.5/5 stars

My Max Lumi Review -- impressive device, 4.5/5 stars
I recently bought a Mai Lumi. This is my first large-sized e-Ink device, the only other device I had before was a Kindle. Overall I’m thoroughly impressed with it, and after a couple weeks, I can say it’s serving my needs extremely well. Here are my observations and comments based on my use cases:
0. Sheet Music
One of the main reasons I bought this is for sheet music. I used to have an Android tablet, but it would run out of battery mid-practice, and since I code as my day job, I really wanted my piano practice time to not be staring at a bright screen, so the Onyx fit the bill perfectly. I’m happy I got the Max Lumi and not the Note Air -- the uncompromising 13 inch screen means I can view sheet music at full size, and mark it up just like I would do with real sheet music. Plus, with the transparent lock screen setting, the music doesn’t go anywhere when the device sleeps -- I can leave a page of music up on my piano indefinitely, which is extremely good for sporadic practice during work breaks.
The PDF marking up is excellent, more or less feels like marking paper, and works better than any Android app I’ve used before.
Full-size A4 sheet music on Boox Max Lumi
1. Coding over SSH on e-Ink
This might sound like a bit of a weird use case, but I’m a software engineer and I stare at screens for 12+ hours a day, and my eyes don’t like it at all. I also want to be able to code outdoors or in a sunny room without squinting at a glossy LCD screen. e-Ink to the rescue! With the split screen mode I can open Termux on one side (happy to report that Termux works!) and open a web browser for reference on the other side, and my bluetooth keyboards work perfectly with it. It’s great for taking “eye strain relief” breaks from the monitor from time to time, spend some time out on the patio while still keeping at work. I usually use A2 screen refresh mode for terminal work.

Termux and a web browser in split screen
2. As an e-Ink monitor
I also played around with setting up an Ubuntu system with the Boox as a monitor and do work using that setup. The main thing I have to say is the mouse is sluggish and it can be annoying if your work involves a lot of mouse usage. But as long as your work is keyboard-heavy and you know your keyboard shortcuts, it's definitely usable, and something that I never really thought possible before. Mind also that scrolling isn't optimized as it is with the Boox native apps, so web browsing isn't that nice of an experience, but if you need to check a few reference docs every now and then it's not an issue. For terminal usage and general word processing it works just fine.
I realize this is pushing what the Boox was really intended for, but it's so amazing to even have this as a possibility, and I imagine just spending 10-20% of my work time on this setup will provide a lot of eye strain relief from long hours of LCD monitor use.
The one bug I found is that as the PC starts up and every time the display changes resolution (e.g. from BIOS to Ubuntu loading to Ubuntu desktop) the Boox will disconnect and you have to keep smacking the "Reconnect" button. I wish it would aggressively reconnect automatically like all monitors do. But once you're in your desktop it is stable.
Ubuntu 20.04 system running OpenSCAD and using Boox Max Lumi as a monitor
3. Reading books
My main problem with most e-Readers on the market is that I do use Kindle books. You can’t open Kindle books on e.g. the Remarkable without undoing the DRM first. With the Boox you can just install the Kindle app and boom you have a Kindle on it! I really wish it were possible to open 2 pages side by side though, though of course that isn’t something Boox can fix.
The split-screen mode of Android is a godsend for large tablets like this -- it means you can open the Kindle app on one half and you can open a web browser for reference, note taking app, or even online lecture videos on the other side. Android's split screen mode is admittedly super-clumsy to get in and out of -- I wish you could fluidly switch between apps on each half, but that is probably a limitation of Android itself.
Here's MIT Prof. Marvin Minsky's The Society of Mind in the Kindle app on one half, and Marvin Minsky's lectures on the other half. Although a lot of people seem to think Youtube is pushing the Boox beyond what it's supposed to be used for, I disagree -- for talks, slow-framerate black-and-white video is more than enough.
Reading an e-book and watching a lecture at the same time on Youtube in direct sunlight.
4. Academic papers
Again, like sheet music, the 13 inch display is great. You can read papers at full size without squinting your eyes, and mark them up to your heart’s content.

Marking up academic papers
5. Android apps
In general I don’t like to carry multiple devices around with me, so I really like the fact that the Boox can run pretty much any app from the Play store. This includes apps such as Slack, where I often have links to things I need to read, so it’s great that I can just click and open them directly from the Boox instead of having to “send” anything to my device. I also installed Google Drive and it works perfectly. And I can access arXiv, IMSLP, and other websites directly from the device, which is excellent -- no need to lug a laptop or phone around the house to use it. It definitely helps to enable/disable the screen optimization settings depending on the app. Some apps look good with it and others don’t.

Google Drive -- be sure to open them with the Boox PDF reader instead of the Google PDF reader so you can mark them up

Google Maps -- if you switch to A2 mode it's quite usable!
Overall -- I’d give this device 4.5 stars. Now onto the things I think Boox could improve:
- Multi-user mode please! This is the #1 feature request for me. I’d like to be able to share the device with SO and friends and be able to keep e-mail / files / notes / work stuff on separate Android accounts so they aren’t mixed up in one place. I’d also like to be able to create a guest account so that I can lend it to friends without needing to trust them not to peek at my personal files.
- Please install the screen protector at the factory! I got shipped 2 screen protectors and I couldn’t get either of them on without millions of bubbles. Even 1 bubble looks extremely bad to me -- the Boox looks so nice and premium as is, and even a single bubble destroys that look. I’m currently just using it without a screen protector, hopefully there will be better aftermarket ones in time.
- The default stylus feels really cheap, kind of like a BIC pen quality, which is in sharp contrast to the premium feel of the device. I got two 3rd party styluses and here are my thoughts on them:
LAMY Al-Star pen (thanks to another reddit user for the recommendation): It’s okay-ish. Didn’t fully live up to my expectations for the price -- for something coming from a German pen maker I was expecting some hefty stainless steel or some other quality metal construction but the LAMY feels like plastic even though it is actually metal, I believe. I’m just used to premium fountain pens having some heft to them. It’s definitely a step up from the Onyx default pen though. Also, the nib that came with the LAMY sucks. It’s rubbery and catches on the display every few millimeters so it’s extremely hard to write consistently with it. I just swapped the Onyx stylus nib into the LAMY and that combo works great.
- Staedtler Digital Noris Jumbo -- the writing feel is fantastic. It doesn’t have the scratchy feel of a pencil, but it glides really smoothly across the Onyx screen making it write very consistently. The two main problems are (a) it looks hideous -- I wish they made it either all-yellow like a #2 pencil or all-black to mesh into the digital world and (b) the eraser is a bit inconsistent -- it works about 90% of the time and I have to go over things several times to get them erased completely, which I fear may damage the screen over time.
- The browser is decently optimized, but I wish there were a way to save web pages as PDFs so they can be marked up.
- The browser doesn’t have a Google search setting. The only western search engine it supports is Bing. Which isn’t terrible, but come on, everyone uses Google.
- I like the transparent lock screen a lot. But I wish though there were a “write-on” scribble lock screen that is writeable for say 5 minutes after it goes into lock screen, and it always shows the scribble screen no matter where it is locking from. It would be a great place to jot down reminders, like you might put a post-it on the cover of a notebook.
- The Google Play install experience was not that smooth. I got a couple complaints along the process that the device wasn’t approved by Google or some nonsense. Not sure if that’s something Onyx can fix. But I got it installed eventually. If you get that error don’t freak out.
- I really wish the devices were rootable for the hackers in the community. It’s such a nice thing to have an e-Reader that runs Android, and the ability to root it would open doors for lots more amazing things developers can do with the device.
- The middle part of the display flexes quite a bit if you write with pressure towards the middle of the screen. I don’t know if this bad for the electronics or not but even if it’s okay, this is the one part of it that doesn’t feel quite as premium.
submitted by dheera to Onyx_Boox

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