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Matlab Octave Lezione 11 - Operazioni con le matrici
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Andrew says: November 27, 2020 at 8: 00 am. EXERCISE - MATLAB CODE PROBLEM: Let X(n) = [3, 11 check my source. But he was not, as it happens, the first.

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Fix MATLAB Activation Key Issue (WATCH IN HD)

MATLAB Activation Key is the program that can provide the Math-works to MATLAB and can also use to make the activation kept which is totally free to download. In this video, I make small improvements to the Matrix class for th upcoming neural network example. For example, it allows you to scale your analysis to run them with some minor code changes on the cluster, GPU, and cloud. Which is best website to download cracked softwares? . Does not actually exist?! Was I hacked? - MATLAB & Simulink why not try here. How to activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2020. Download Instructor's Manual - Chapter 11 (application/zip) (2.7MB) Download MATLAB for chapter 11 (application/zip) (0.1MB) Download Instructor's Manual - Chapter 12 (application/zip) (5.0MB).

Matlab Tutorial- Low Pass Filter (Part 1)

Audio samples can be edited using this personal audio sampler. Signals And Systems Using Matlab Solution Manual https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=1164. This was the last release for Intel 32-bit Mac; MATLAB 7.11 R2010b: It was released in September 2020. Lumion Pro will execute. A practical manual for Vissim COM programming in Matlab. Fifa 11 Serial Key (CD KEY) PC, I found better 100% Valid serials for FIFA 2020 in this link that even let you play through hamachi with friends normally if. Deep Learning: Deep Learning in 11 Lines of MATLAB Code.

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Lecture-11: Scalar and Array Operations in MATLAB. We will use matrix row operations to find out. Using an Activation Code in Nessus Professional - Duration: 2: 50. Hi video acchi lagi Matlab Ki share Kijiye comment kijiye. Use and installation is very simple. Matlab 11 with crack. In this video, I will show how to download and install MATLAB a for free!

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MATLAB 11 accessing rows and columns

Image Processing using MATLAB - 11 - Median Filter

How to build Interactive Excel Dashboards. AM. Login Register Home; Upgrade; Account; Memberlist; Extra Pages; Hacker Tools; Award Goals; Help Docs; Wiki; Twitter; Contact Us Market Profile; Contracts; Trusted; Vendors; Buy Sticky; Buy Sales Tag; Buy. Matlab GUI (without GUIDE) 1.2 - Callback functions - Duration: 11: 48. Fitobject = fit(x, y, fitType, Name, Value) creates a fit to the data using the library model fitType with additional options specified by one or more Name, Value pair arguments. Samuel Forlenza, PhD Recommended for you. Subject: Matlab Amos Gilat Solutions Manual Keywords: matlab, amos, gilat, solutions, manual Created Date: 11/18/2020 4: 44: 13 AM. Manual for MATLAB Activation MANUAL CONTENTS - A. CREATING ACCOUNT WITH MATHWORKS B. ASSOCAITING LICENESE KEY WITH YOUR MATHWORKS ACCOUNT C. ACTIVATING MATLAB with Student Activation Key Please, Get a copy of MATLAB setup from CITM Department.

I am 30F and I make $64k+ in Los Angeles working in healthcare (Household income total is $172k/yr - separate finances)

I’m a first generation immigrant who moved to the US in my early 20s where I met my husband of 2 years, C. We currently have separate accounts with the intention of opening a joint one when it’s necessitated.
My money diary is going to be based on my net worth and expenses alone but you can safely assume C has 5-6x, if not more, the asset amount I list. He is more frugal than I and last time we checked, he had 8x my total net worth. We both don’t have any debt.
When I moved to the US, my first (and probably the worst) job I had paid $7.50/hr as a 1099 contractor (even though I was, for all intents and purposes, an employee with no benefits). I quit and found a job in wholesale at $9/hr with no benefits that increased to $11.50/hr before I left it for a $10/hr job that offered benefits.
I got promoted within a year and got paid $16/hr. After getting an $18/hr raise, I resigned and got a job at a healthcare start up for $19/hr. I stayed in that company for only less than 6 months before I got hired at a large hospital for $26+/hr in 2017. They had automatic 3% contribution to a 401k, which started my retirement account. I got raises on every annual review for the last 3 years, which got me to my current pay of $31+/hr.
Check I receive: $1,564/2 weeks after insurance, 401k contribution and taxes.
ASSETS AND DEBT - Net worth: $42.6k
  • 401K - $11.6k
  • Roth IRA - $11.5k
  • Savings - $18.5k
  • Checking: This fluctuates but there’s usually at least $1k
  • Debt: $0
  • Home equity: $0 (We are currently renting)
  • Rent: $900 (Usually $1950 for a 2 bedroom apartment)
  • Filial piety: $300
  • Eating out: $300+ (Usually $700+, we like to spend good money on nigiri)
  • Groceries, pet expenses (litter) and miscellanies: $400+ (Usually $900-$1.5k, depending on the outcome of vet visit, which my husband bears the brunt of it since our pet is originally his)
  • Phone: $0 (I’m on my parents’ plan. I would combine with C but this is cheaper and it also helps them not feel bad about accepting money from me)
  • Utilities: $0 (C pays all of it so I actually don’t know)
  • Savings: $1000
  • Transportation: $0 (I don’t drive and don’t have a car. I used to take the bus pre-pandemic but I’ve been WFH since March)
  • Skincare: $50 (cost is predominantly because of sheet masks)
  • Gym: $0 (Used to pay $35/month pre-pandemic)
  • Subscriptions: Netflix - $13 (C pays for), Snack box - $25
  • Roth IRA - $400 (Dollar cost averaging, I bought $1.5k worth of index funds when the market crashed so I only need to do $100/week to max out this year)
DAY ONE - $0
7:52 AM - I am awakened by the sound of explosive diarrhea near the bed. Our cat has defecated by the corner right by where I organize my sheet masks. In the haze of my morning delusion, my brain (for some inane reason) tries to remember the animal whose feces purportedly had potent anti-aging properties, in an attempt to make a joke about it. C and I spend 10 minutes cleaning up before discovering another puddle of diarrhea by the stairs. He tells me to go back to sleep and he’ll clean up the rest.
1:52 PM - C wakes me up. It’s time to give our cat his pre-meal liver support pill. He gives him a treat after. I make green tea for myself while C heats up leftover pizza from yesterday. We eat it while watching High Scores on Netflix. It’s fascinating! C is an active gamer and I used to play a lot when I was younger albeit that has dwindled over time. Afterwards, we sit around discussing what else can be done to decrease our cat’s diarrhea spells. The vet’s recommendations have not been helping and we are worried that the constant diarrhea is exacerbating his liver issues.
5:37 PM - We go grocery shopping, which used to be a fun chore that we do together but now feels cumbersome. It’s one of the only times we go out though so we still do it. A random guy was wearing a face shield but no mask. I’m not sure if he was being facetious or if he really just doesn’t have an inkling as to how masks work. We bought CDC-tested KN95 masks exactly for these circumstances. C cooks mostly vegetarian and vegan meals so we purchase tofu, an assortment of fresh produce, eggs, cheese, junk food and kombucha. C pays for the $98.11 worth of groceries. It was my turn to pay but I had paid for some Target purchases last week that cost around $80.
8:16 PM - We have dinner while watching High Scores on Netflix. C made spicy tempeh salad topped with cooked beets and boiled egg. I despise salads but this was one I actually love. We plan our meals together but C does tend to deign to whatever I want to eat. We separate to do our own things: C with his video game while I am embroiled in my 7th rewatch of The Office. We are both introverts but we surprisingly enjoy doing our own things in the same room, in view and in proximity of each other for some “I love yous” yelled across the room, hugs, cuddles and kisses regularly interspersed in between our alone time.
10:37 PM - I finish the final episode of The Office surrounded by piles of snotty tissue paper (Can you imagine if I wasted this paper gold in March?! Que fucking horror!). I make honey lavender tea, put on Satie’s Gymnopedies and situate myself between pillows and blankets before sinking into the pages of a book. This one dissects the concept of freedom within the context of social psychology. It’s fascinating and the author, who is a prominent social psychologist, is one of my favorites.
DAY TWO - $0
7:00 AM - My alarm wakes me up and I tiptoe downstairs, fully expecting smudges of our pet’s poop all over the floor but I am pleasantly surprised to find none. His poop also looks healthy for once! He is on three different medications and we have yet to find the reason for his diarrhea despite trying multiple things. This evidentiary solid poop emboldens me to hope. I tell our cat that he did a great job. His response was to remain unmoving with the exception of his wagging tail, which lets me know that he heard me but that he doesn’t give a fuck. C’s work day starts at 9:30 AM and he doesn’t wake up until 10 minutes prior to feed our pet. I usually start my work day by dancing around in the living room while listening to music as I make green tea.
7:30 AM - I clock in for work. Mondays are always a lot more work than the rest of the week.
10:30 AM - I take my morning break by doing 10 sun salutations and 3-5 minutes of meditation. I sometimes light a candle before starting but I was a little rushed today.
12:00 NN - I clock out for “lunch” but I spend the 30 minutes napping, which is what my lunch breaks have been tantamount to since I started working remotely. I read somewhere that power naps, consisting of at least 20 minutes, helped commit information to long-term memory.
4:00 PM - I clock out for the day and attempt to work out but I got lazy after 5 minutes. I take a shower and mull over either taking a nap or finally working through the linear algebra course I signed up for 3 weeks ago. I do neither and waste my time watching a new trash TV on Netflix called Baewatch instead. It’s atrocious and I stop after 2 episodes. The parents were way too reminiscent of my conservative, strict and overbearing parents.
8:35 PM - We eat dinner while watching High Scores. C made vegan garlic alfredo. It’s delicious, as per usual. I wash the dishes after. He is back with his video game while I learn linear algebra foundations.
10:02 PM - I cut up a pineapple from yesterday’s grocery trip and top it with tajin. After I finish setting up MATLAB for the linear algebra course, I continue reading a book.
12:40 PM - C wakes me up during my lunch nap. I had overslept and clocked in later than what I would have wanted. He is profusely thanked before I run back to my computer to clock in.
4:10 PM - C and I clock out for work simultaneously. Well, just me. C is a salaried employee. Usually, he only works about 6-hours in M to F. C and I spend the next hour talking about some mathematical formula that he tried to find an alternative solution for out of sheer curiosity. I’m terrible at math but listen intently anyway because listening to C talk about something he’s passionate about is too adorable to pass. Afterwards, I take a nap.
7:00 PM - C wakes me up. It’s time for our cat’s dinner. After I feed our cat, C also starts working on our dinner. He makes vegetarian bibimbap, which is one of my favorites in our weekly rotations. I compliment the fact that he makes the perfect sunny side up egg to top it with every time and he pointed out that it was after he bought an oil spray. “In the context of cooking eggs, it is an absolute life-changer”, he says.
8:10 PM - We have dinner while watching High Scores. We retire to our individual activities of video games and reading with Debussy’s Etudes and Nocturnes in the background. I’m basic AF but classical music is my go-to winding down music.
DAY FOUR - $69.59
2:12 PM - I pay $29.59 to send chocolates to a friend for his birthday. He confided about some marital issues he is having with his husband. I hear him out and carefully recommend couple’s therapy by the end of it. I researched a few therapists near him and sent the list over. I also recommended reaching out to his insurance to inquire if they have a list of covered therapists.
3:00 PM - I take my afternoon break, start doing laundry and promptly go back to work after 15 minutes. We have a washing machine inside our home but I need to use the apartment’s communal dryer, which I do with great trepidation. I usually go out with a mask and an antibacterial wipe that I use to clean all the surfaces I touch. I know the possibility of being infected by way of fomites is closer to nil, but I figure disinfecting is only a slight inconvenience compared to the minute possibility of getting it. C and I spend the next few hours talking about politics and the economy while I fold and hang clothes.
7:05 PM - I crave for fries and convince C to pick up some take out from a local fastfood place instead of cooking for dinner. I pay $40 for it. He doesn’t care who pays but I like taking responsibility for my spontaneous cravings.
DAY FIVE - $25.67
12:00 NN - I pay $25.67 to send gourmet candies to my brother. Just a little pick me up for him as he is living alone. Times are tough for most people and everything feels like it’s going to shit. The least I can do is make people in my life smile. Most people I know have been fortunate to still have jobs but, like me, are increasingly growing restless by not going anywhere. Pre-pandemic, C and I frequented art museums, LA Philharmonic performances, band concerts and trying new restaurants. While we have both enjoyed spending essentially 24/7 in the last 5 months, we are both starting to get bored with staying in aside from our weekly grocery shopping and getting take out. We’ll probably plan a quick day trip somewhere if the cabin fever becomes excruciating but we’re far from there yet.
8:01 PM - My husband made Beijing Tempeh, which wasn’t a hit for both of us. We wouldn’t be making it again. We eat dinner while watching the last episode of High Scores.
11:47 PM - An internet friend brings up Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus and how it was a difficult read. I agree, intimating that, in my opinion, Camus’ eloquent verbosity did not lend well to essays. The content is great albeit tortuous. I recommend The Plague, The Fall and The Stranger. This sparks a conversation with C about which novel we thought was most absurdist.
DAY SIX - $1,063
7:00 AM - It’s payday. I venmo $900 to C for rent. I donate $50 to a coworker’s medical expense fund after she recently passed from COVID-19. She was a sweet and vivacious woman. We were not close but everyone adored her, including me. It’s infuriating that people are still saying this is a hoax and are not taking social distancing or masking guidelines seriously. It’s infuriating that it’s normal in a first world country to have your finances, and consequently your life, upended for being sick.
12:00 PM - I clock out of work early and take a shower. I head to the bank where I withdraw $100 to have cash on hand, $10 of which I asked for in quarters. They only allow for $10 in quarters due to the coin shortage.
1:00 PM - I spend $113 at Trader Joe’s, a predominant amount of which was spent on a Laphroaig 10. I’m a bigger fan of whiskeys with no peat moss like Balvenie but Laphroaig is $10 cheaper. Due to the terrible parking situation, I usually walk to a Trader Joe’s once every six weeks and my husband picks me up via car after.
3:16 PM - Our cat’s feces are slowly getting into diarrheal territory again albeit not as bad as it was in the beginning of the week so we are hopeful. We’re still not sure why it’s happening in a seemingly cyclical way and our vet is as clueless as we are.
8:03 PM - We eat dinner while watching The Speed Cubers. C made grilled cheese with gouda and vegan deli, paired with tomato soup. We always watch gaming documentaries since it’s usually nostalgic, entertaining or interesting but this one was also surprisingly heart melting.
2:00 PM - C wakes me up as it was time to give our cat a pill. It’s a two-man job because our little boy is an obtuse, highly energetic bastard. We love him anyway. Afterwards, C makes sugar-encrusted waffles with sunny side up egg, baked french fries and vegan bacon on the side. We watch the newest season of Nailed It. It’s our favorite version and there is not a single episode that we don’t laugh our hearts out because of how ludicrous the creations end up being.
3:26 PM - We separate to do our own thing. C is with his video games while I continue reading a book. I listen to Chopin’s Nocturnes while reading. He is one of my favorite classical musicians. Some of my favorites from him are Nocturne no. 2 in E-flat, Op 9 and Love Letter.
10:18 PM - We eat grilled cheese and leftover tomato soup that I heat up in the microwave. We continue watching Nailed It. C mentions that The Boys’ Season 2 is coming back in early September so we’re excited! Afterwards, I watch The Ugly Truth on Netflix while C plays video games.
12:45 AM - I discover an old avocado that’s close to being rotten so I decide to make guacamole out of it. We had leftover chips. I thought it was okay but C, sweet, amazing soul that he is, gave it high praise. We discuss getting a cheap stationary bike but we’re not sure if it’s going to be worth it. I’ve been working out using Youtube videos since the gyms closed but I miss the treadmill and running without having to think about it too much.
Due to the gifts, the Trader Joe’s trip, the spontaneous fries purchase and donation, I consider this to be an unusual week as I don’t typically spend this much, even on a week where I pay C rent.
C and I have been incredibly lucky to have kept our jobs, and are both lucky to actually be enjoying staying in even as the circumstances outside our little bubble are anxiety-evoking and depressing.
Total spent this week: $1,158.26
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Quick question about Prony Series Viscoelasticity in ABAQUS

tl;dr: is gamma in the shear response (TAU=G0*(gamma-gamma_cr) ) the full deviatoric strain tensor, or just one shear component, and is TAU the full deviatoric stress tensor or only the shear components (i.e no information on sigma_11, sigma_22, and sigma_33)?
For my research, I need to code a MATLAB algorithm that implements a prony series viscoelastic model using discretized full-field strain data.
I am validating my constitutive code and basing the formulation on ABAQUS explicit's implementation of the Prony Series formulation for time domain viscoelasticity. Unfortunately, I am not able to match the stress output of ABAQUS with my own code, and it has been holding me up for nearly a month now.
I am able to match the hydrostatic response, but when converting to the Cauchy stress tensor, I am getting large errors towards the end of the unloading. I'm starting to think my issue stems from a fundamental misunderstanding in how ABAQUS calculates the shear response. I have read the documentation in the materials section numerous times, and also the theory section of the documentation, but am starting to think I misunderstand the inputs to the shear response equation given by:
I have been interpreting this to mean that TAU in this case is the shear stress component in corresponding to the strain component gamma and NOT the full deviatoric stress tensor. However, now I think gamma might be the full deviatoric strain tensor and TAU the deviatoric stress tensor, but am still unsure.
Is anyone here familiar enough with ABAQUS's implementation of time domain viscoelasticity to tell me which one is the case? Thanks for any help
Edit: I got it! It turns out gamma refers to the full deviatoric strain tensor and Tau to the deviatoric stress tensor. They do not simply refer to shear stress components as I have originally interpreted
submitted by Dtownknives to fea

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