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This industry-leading software efficiently guides you through every step of your Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing workflow. Materialise Magics The Materialise team has announced the release of its Magics software platform for increased productivity and efficiency for printing. New downloads are added to the member section daily and we now have 408, 076 downloads for our members, including: TV, Movies, Software, Games, Music and More. Download MATERIALISE MAGICS V13 keygen by MAGNiTUDE at our cracksguru database. This new software suite combines the functionality of multiple applications into one complete set of business solutions. Magics software enables you to import a wide variety of CAD formats and to export files ready for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing. Magics 19.01 64bit version by Materialise https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=1267.

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Magics 13: 15 Years of Software for AM Professionals. The text above is not a recommendation to uninstall Magics 19.01 64bit by Materialise from your PC, nor are we saying that Magics 19.01 64bit by Materialise is not a good application for your PC. This page only contains detailed instructions on how to uninstall Magics 19.01 64bit in case you want to. Here you can find registry and disk entries that our application Advanced Uninstaller PRO. Materialise, a great, cutting-edge company behind many forward thinking apps of 3D printing tech, has announced its new Magics 18 software. Magics is a free trial software application from the CAD subcategory, part of the Graphic Apps category. Magics Alternatives and Similar Software https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=1268. Shipment Once the guides are produced, we prepare them for shipment. EBU STL Subtitle conversion, validation, verification and processing STL Subtitle Converter is a powerful solution for manual and automated EBU STL subtitle files conversion and manipulation.

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Mimics Student Edition Course Book. Materialise incorporates more than 25 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing. Materialise Magics 3 Matic Mimics 15 3 Matic V7 0 Cracked official statement. With Materialise 3-matic, you can clean up rough data for simulation or convert your mesh back to CAD. Why Choose Materialise Magics. Materialise Magics v23 Crack Free Download Latest Version for Windows. In this tutorial you will learn how to download Materialise Magics, create a key file and activate your software with instant activation or a keyfile.

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Materialise Magics is a smart, versatile data preparation and stl editor software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing equipped with a customizable, intuitive user interface. Through the platform, printer manufacturers can access 3D-printable content from various sources and a wide portfolio of 3D printing technology. Materialise is a provider of 3D Printing software and services in a variety of industries: healthcare, automotive, consumer products, etc. Materialise 3D printing specific software is commercialised under the MAGICS (Materialise Automated Generation of Interactive Controller of Supports) brand. Materialise 3-matic Medical 13.0 Given the complexity and variability of anatomical shapes, creating an efficient design workflow, while maintaining sufficient detail and ensuring the file can be manufactured is challenging. No more hassle or wasted time in your 3D printing workflow. MATERIALISE MAGICS RP crack.

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Wand of Wonder, D100

I'm wanting to give my low level party a Wand of Wonder, I love the concept but feel the provided D100 is too small and also an array of underwhelming effects. So I took the ones I liked from the established list and added a few of my own. The design philosophy I've gone with is that all effects change a combat situation to minor to major way. Things such as aesthetic changes included in the original like hair colour and skin colour changing, are not realvent in combat and I feel will lead to the player feeling like he has wasted his turn. So Any ideas of more interesting consequences from the wand?
Wand of Wonder
Requires attunement to a spell caster
Range 120ft
All DC’s required of the spells casted are 15
Charges 7 regain full charges every dawn
If the last charge is used roll a d20. On a 1 the wand crumble under its own power
If a spell would have no effect, the target changes to self
As an action spend a charge and roll d100. Tell the DM the results and allocated effect happens. There must be a target for the wand, it may be a location, self or creature
1 - The wielder becomes stunned till his next turn, believing something awesome has happened
2 - Cast Lightning Bolt
3 - Cast fireball
4 - Cast polymorph, the target creature turns into is the last animal it ate
5 - A burst of bright light, all creatures in the radius make a con save or become blinded for 10 minutes
6 - An animal is materialise directly above the target it is hostile to the target, though is not friendly nor hostile to any other creature. Roll D100 to determine the animal
7 - Till you next turn every creature within range may use its bonus action as though it was an action and free action as though it was a bonus action
8 - The wielder and target swap locations instantaneously and disguised self is cast on both targets. They are disguising as each other. An investigation or insight is needed to determine the two apart
9 - For 1d4 hours, that makes all non magical weapons inside began to glow with wild magic. Every affected weapon on hit deal an additional 1d6 of random damage type chosen by a D12 1.Fire, 2. Cold, 3. Thunder, 4. Poison, 5. Lightning, 6. Acid, 7. Necrotic, 8. Force, 9. Psychic, 10. Slashing, 11. Bludgeoning or 12. Piercing
10 - The target is aged forwards or backwards 3d8 years
11 - Heal target for 4d8 all excess health turns into damage
12 - Fire 1d20 copper, 1d20 silver and 1d20 gold pieces at the target. Each piece deals one damage
13 - All creatures in range heal to full health
14 - Weaponwand - The wand grows heavy and dense at one end ,despite no increase in size. For one hour, treat it as a +2 magical mace that gives advantage on rolls made to conceal its nature as a weapon fuckingchris
15 - All remaining charges are expended at once, for each charge used this way roll again on the d100 sheet xidle2
16- The wielder may look at the D100 table and choose which single effect takes place. The character does not know all possible outcomes on the table, only that their desired effect was channeled into the wand by mental command xidle2
17 - Magical ray cast at caster level+2 as one of the following 1D20 effects: 1-vampiric, 2-necrotic, 3-rust, 4-disintegration, 5-positive energy, 6-negative energy, 7-radiant, 8-acid, 9-fire, 10-cold, 11-sonic, 12-force, 13-ki, 14-death, 15-anti-magic, 16-scorching, 17-lightning, 18-fear, 19-enfeeblement, 20-madness xidle2
18 - Creates XD4 Spheres of Annihilation in locations of the wielders choosing within eyesight that each last for Y hours. X is the wielders character level, Y is the characters caster level xidle2
19 - Half of the casters soul (XP) is forcibly removed and stored in the nearest man-made object that the caster is looking in the general direction of, which is henceforth treated as a lich's phylactery. The character has a relative attitude one score lower than normal and gains only half XP until the phylactery is destroyed and that missing half of their soul is returned. The users HP can not be reduced below 1 nor die until the phylactery is deystoyed. If a creature would deal damge past one on a crit make a death saving throw xidle2
20 - Target implodes. No save. xidle2
21 - Otiluke's resilient sphere encapsulates both the caster and the target in the same large sphere. Ergotofwhy
22 - A tidal wave forms out of whatever material the ground in front of you is made of, with different effects for each material (if water the enemies have a chance to be swept away, solid material - like rock - will do bludgeoning damage, etc) nameless88
23 - You cast "Magic Missile" on 9th Level Lionsrise
24 - Charm Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by the welder for 1 hour, or until the wielder harms the creature. Lionsrise
25 - Paralyzing Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be paralyzed for 1 minute. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. Lionsrise
26 - Fear Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 minute. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. Lionsrise
27 - Slowing Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the target's speed is halved for 1 minute. In addition, the creature can't take reactions, and it can take either an action or a bonus action on its turn, not both. The creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. Lionsrise
28 - Enervation Ray. The targeted creature must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 36 (8d8) necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Lionsrise
29 - Telekinetic Ray. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or the wielder moves it up to 30 ft. in any direction. It is restrained by the ray's telekinetic grip until the start of the beholder's next turn or until the beholder is incapacitated.If the target is an object weighing 300 pounds or less that isn't being worn or carried, it is moved up to 30 ft. in any direction. The weilder can also exert fine control on objects with this ray, such as manipulating a simple tool or opening a door or a container. Lionsrise
30 - Sleep Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or fall asleep and remain unconscious for 1 minute. The target awakens if it takes damage or another creature takes an action to wake it. This ray has no effect on constructs and undead. Lionsrise
31 - Petrification Ray. The targeted creature must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the creature begins to turn to stone and is restrained. It must repeat the saving throw at the end of its next turn. On a success, the effect ends. On a failure, the creature is petrified until freed by the greater restoration spell or other magic. Lionsrise
32 - Disintegration Ray. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or take 45 (10d8) force damage. If this damage reduces the creature to 0 hit points, its body becomes a pile of fine gray dust. Lionsrise
33 - Death Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or take 55 (10d10) necrotic damage. The target dies if the ray reduces it to 0 hit points. Lionsrise
34 - Reroll and regain all expended slots
35 - When ever the target trys to cast a spell for the next hour the wielder may expend a charge and counter that spell fuckingchris
36 - The closes wielded weapon merges with the wielders limb. The weapon has the same property expect an additional +1 to hit and damage. This last for an hour xidle2
37 - The wielder gains truesight for 1d6 rounds dawidowmaka
38 - for the next minute any thing said by creatures with in range has the effects of the command spell. This is whispered to the wielder and no other player
39 - The target creature is shrunk to the tiny size category for 1d4 hours. Constitution and strength get -2. If the target is already tiny re-roll BarMan343
40 - The wand casts the Enlarge spell on the wielder, except instead of growing one size category they grow two. they gain +2 to Constitution and strength BarMan343
41 - A single Flumph appears. Said Flumph is called Sir Flumpingthon and he is now your loyal advisor unless the caster commits too much EVIL then he will be sad and leave his liege. TheMightyMudcrab
42 - The wand disappears, in your hand is a random rare magic item that could be held yielded by the user appears in their arm. If attainment is required it happens amditly if over capcity you may chose which you unattune with but you must attune with the new item.This lasts for 1d8 hours Gamerkiwi116
43 – A random potion appears in (1-3) the target's hand or (4-6) the wielder's hand hand if both are holding something, but if the hand is already holding something, the target will drop it in favor of the new item. The potion's effects are unknown till consumed or identified. This lasts for 1d8 hours Lociathor
44 – Random Wonderus item appears in (1-3) the target's hand or (4-6) the wielder's hand hand if both are holding something, but if the hand is already holding something, the target will drop it in favor of the new item. a random Wondrous Item instead of potion. This lasts for 1d8 hours Lociathor
45 – 1d4 random spells from the wizard spell list in (1-3) the target's hand or (4-6) the wielder's hand hand if both are holding something, but if the hand is already holding something, the target will drop it in favor of the new item. The scrolls are in a langue the user understands and knows exactly what each scroll does. This lasts for 1d8 hours Lociathor
46 - the wand disappears, in your hand is a random legendary magic item that could be held yielded by the user appears in their arm. If attainment is required it happens attunement if over capacity you may chose which you unattune with but you must attune with the new item.This lasts for 1d8 hours Lociathor
submitted by Georgeipie to d100

My Detailed Thoughts and Feelings on KH3

After giving the game some time to marinate and for me to delve into it properly (acquiring the platinum trophy and exploring gameplay mechanics), I have decided to compose a list of my thoughts on KH3. I am in no means bashing the series as it's my favourite of all time and I've stayed invested in the series in its entirety since 2003. I just want to articulate my thoughts on KH3 as of right now and potentially open some discussion regarding it. I have points of praise and contention that I'd like to voice for both the narrative and gameplay. I've split what I have to say into four main sections. Story, gameplay, miscellaneous and a conclusion which is more personal. These are my own personal thoughts, praises, critiques and criticisms on KH3. Enjoy the read (it’s gonna have spoilers).
Before I even begin, things I loved about KH3 (Both Story and Gameplay):
· Visually stunning, from cutscenes to visual effects and world detail. I played on the KH3 Limited Edition PS4 Pro and with super-sampling disabled, I had a really good 1080p 60fps (dipping to 40 - 50fps during certain fights) experience nearly throughout the entire playthrough.
· The OST is simply amazing, especially some of the remixes of older tracks from previous games. Yoko Shimomura did an amazing job as always and I definitely had to cop an orchestra ticket again to hear these stunning tracks live. The first Scala ad Caelum battle theme and Mount Olympus, Thebes Field themes are absolutely outstanding, I could listen to those for hours on end. Utada has amazing vocals as always and I love them both to this day. Stellar work from them both. I just wish there were more original tracks and less remixed tracks from KH2, though it was still well done overall.
· The Young Xehanort, Ansem and Xemnas fight was done well in my opinion (minus the cutscenes that broke up each part of the fight slightly ruining immersion). Even though the game felt somewhat easy (which I'll get on to later), the awesomeness of fighting multiple bosses at once per battle was great. Though, I do wish there was a straight 7 vs 13 battle royale at some point, would've been EPIC to have everyone clashing at once :3, but maybe there may have been hardware limitations (especially on the base consoles in particular). Still great regardless. Seeing how Xemnas reacts upon his defeat felt like it brought home the whole theme of him not feeling anything in KH2. Upon his defeat (after the first armour fight) in KH2 Sora asks “There’s more to a heart than just anger or hate. It’s full of all kinds of feelings. Don’t you remember?” and Xemnas responds with “Unfortunately… I don’t”. Now, with Xemnas finally feeling his first surge of emotion in years and it’s all regret, really touched me as he looks on to praise the strength of a heart. My favourite scene in KH3.
· Finally obliterating that blasted demon tide with the Light of the Past (though not explained how the Light of the Past was there to aid Sora, I think we'll get an actual explanation in KHUx or a future title) in such an epic fashion left me with a surprised smile on my face. It just happens is basically all we're given because it's 'the Light of the Past’ so hopefully we get a proper explanation at some point.
· Loved the world design and soundtracks of San Fransokyo, Monstropolis, The Caribbean, Kingdom of Corona and especially Olympus.
· Sora, Donald and Goofy’s interactions with the Disney characters, while extremely cheesy or feeling a little forced at times was done pretty well. (Though, I believe too much focus was placed on the Disney aspects of KH3, leaving rushed and poorly paced KH story and to some extent the gameplay suffered a bit too.)
· Absolutely love the way gummi ship missions were implemented in this game (I never minded them too much in KH1 and KH2 but really enjoyed them this time round). If people want to, they can essentially ignore a majority of the missions or go and spend hours on them. It definitely feels more creative and expansive. Gummi ship customisation is definitely the best it’s ever been and is really fun to spend time on.
· Airstep is a beastly ability and if well timed can provide many opportunities to punish enemies.
· Keyblade switching mid-combo is great fun but a little sluggish as the Keyblade doesn't change during certain attack animation frames.
Points of contention about KH3s Story:
· No in-game explanation as to why or how Sora acquired the Attraction Flow Rides, he just has them from the get go.
· Poor story pacing. It's like they forgot they had a story to tell and decided to wrap everything up in the last 5 hours of the game. I feel like this was brought about because of an unbalanced and heavy focus on the quality of Disney worlds and lack of focus on KHs overall story. This made many story points feel rushed and unearned.
· Interactions between characters e.g. Lea and Ventus are mostly handled off screen and/or are non-existent. Would have been way more fun to see them have time to talk amongst one another rather than have Lea almost break the fourth wall again and have Roxas and Ven stare at each other. (Though I did find it quite a funny scene, their interactions could've been so much more). We didn't even get to see Terra talk to Riku and see his reaction in the growth of the young boy he once bequeathed the Keyblade to, yet alone any communication between Riku and Kairi whatsoever.
· Xemnas’ plot thread regarding Chamber of Repose, remembering his past as Apprentice Xehanort (and NOT Terra-Xehanort, I specifically mean Xehanort as his time as an Apprentice under Ansem the Wise) and Aqua’s armour were just forgotten about. The way Apprentice Xehanort had been characterised was like he was his own separate entity from both Terra and Xehanort’s influence. AX had brown eyes, separate from Terra’s blue eyes or Xehanort’s natural purple/ yellow eyes signifying his dark influence. This shows that neither Terra nor Xehanort had influence of Apprentice Xehanort. He was being characterised to be his own being, this is even evident in the Ansem Reports and the way he writes. We even see after he attempted to regain his memories he was still unsure of his own identity. Even when Braig questions whether he regained his memories or not, he states that his name isn’t Xehanort and that it’s Ansem, choosing to steal Ansem the Wise’s name. To see Nomura completely disregard the enigma that was Apprentice Xehanort and Xemnas’ attempts at understanding his own past for this given identity was upsetting.
· Master Xehanort’s return in DDD was never explained. With the defeat of Ansem in KH1 and Xemnas in KH2, MX was revived, but it should have been Apprentice-Xehanort in his place instead. It was never explained how MX was specifically revived in place of AX for Xemnas and Ansems’ defeat. The Secret Reports indicate that TX and the other incarnations of Xehanort travelled from the past used replicas crafted by Vexen as hosts, but that still doesn't explain how MX returned in AX’s place after the events of DDD.
· It was never explained IN-GAME as to why Xemnas chose to/ couldn't wield the Keyblade. I HEAVILY DOUBT we’ll get an actual canon explanation as to why, all I've seen are various wishy-washy fan theories as to why. Nomura himself basically said he'd rather keep it a mystery. Like come on, we'd like to know the actual reason as to why he doesn't wield a Keyblade, there’s no valid reason as to why can’t.
· From a comment I made a few weeks ago: One of my biggest gripes that I don't see being mentioned regards to the Restoration Committee. They haven't received any of the gratitude they deserve for restoring their home world. Dilan and Aeleus who had non-existent roles this game, could have had their own redemption arcs themselves. We could have seen the restoration committee ask Ansem's apprentices, who were willingly complicit with Apprentice Xehanort's actions in overthrowing Ansem the Wise and damaging their home world, why they decided to do so.
It would have given Dilan and Aeleus actual roles throughout the game and given us a valid reason to visit Radiant Garden and see these FF characters again. To see the work that's been done to revive Radiant Garden's beauty and see the apprentices who didn't have any roles in KH3 answer for their wrongdoings, apologise and redeem themselves for their past actions too. In fact, visiting RG wouldn't even be necessarily needed (don't get me wrong, it would've definitely been greatly welcomed but) given the fact that we now know RG isn't visitable, just cutscenes would have sufficed. But instead we got nothing regarding the matter and that's just absurdly saddening.
· The lack of any closure on the Cloud vs Sephiroth cutscene from KH2 and a lack of a Sephiroth boss fight left me and many many fans very disappointed. Given that KH3 is meant to have a theme of ‘resolution’, to leave a side plot unanswered is nonsense. With the immense size of KH3, fighting a large scale Safer Sephiroth alongside Cloud would have been beastly. Alas, another missed opportunity.
· A lot of cutscenes were wasted sequel baiting the black box for KH4. I know that it was build up for the future of the series, but it felt excessive to have Maleficent and Pete appear on screen multiple times and do nothing except waste our time until things become more relevant regarding the Foretellers and Xigbar (Luxu) in the Epilogue scene. The Epilogue had intriguing points that tie in nicely with the Secret Reports, but the amount of unnecessary Maleficent and Pete scenes that were obviously going to lead to nowhere throughout the game were annoying and a waste.
· What is the nature of Mickey’s new Keyblade? Is it one of the Realm of Light or Darkness? It was never even stated. I assume of the Realm of Darkness, as Kingdom Key D (a Keyblade of the Realm of Darkness) was the only way to gain passage into the Realm of Darkness. So, his new Keyblade cannot be one of the Realm of Light if he isn't using his damaged Kingdom Key D anymore. Does that mean Yen Sid can produce a Keyblade with ties to the Realm of Darkness as a replacement for KKD?
· What happened to Lingering Will? The KH2FM secret boss fight was canon so why did no one bring up his existence at all, especially when they know they need to save Terra as one of the 3 missing wielders. “Oh, hey guys we fought a powerful Keyblade wielder clad in armour not too long ago, maybe he holds some significance”. But nah, we had to wait for Namine to send him in and for Kairi to rewind time, until he makes one appearance.
And WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM AFTER HE STARTED PUNKING Terra-Xehanort?? No mention of LW even when Terra-Xehanort has clearly returned and is fighting alongside Vanitas. I find it EXTREMELY doubtful that TX could battle LW and return unscathed, especially since LW has punked him once already during the events of BBS and proceeded to do so again when he came to everyone's rescue. Was he defeated? Did he reunite with TX? Completely unexplained.
· If 13 Darknesses are specifically required to clash 7 Lights, why would Terra-Xehanort single-handedly proceed to take everyone out? Does that infer one darkness alone can produce the 12 other No Names that are needed without the need of the other 12 Darknesses? If so, Xehanort wouldn't even need to create 12 other Darknesses as he could've just fought everyone one at a time himself, rendering all his effort to create 12 other Xehanort's irrelevant. TX even says himself that the X-Blade will still be forged after he destroys them. So, does that mean TX’s solo actions still forged the X-Blade or did Xehanort just set his sights on the new Seven Princesses of Heart afterwards instead?
No one even tries to retaliate. Aqua has encountered TX before, she knows what he’s capable of. As soon as she said, “I know that you’re not him, now let our friend go” and Mickey says “He is their thirteenth” everyone should've been on guard. When TX tried to swing for Kairi she didn't even try to retaliate, yet alone Sora, he’d rather run to Kairi and be a human shield than block with his Keyblade. Kairi had enough time to materialise her Keyblade and try and defend herself, but yet again she did nothing. Lea, Goofy and Donald are the only ones to put up any resistance against TX.
· Sora doesn’t even warn Aqua and Ventus that it’s dangerous to approach TX and that they're about to get attacked when everyone is revived. He just lets them make the same mistake again with them not knowing that Lingering Will, will step in right there and then. Also, when you get back to the Keyblade Graveyard, everyone pretty much acknowledged Sora succeeded in getting back didn’t they? Sora even says, ‘It did work’ and Goofy and Donald acknowledge this. They were all happy it worked. Implying that they all know what Sora did and that the whole losing your memory time travel aspect of KH was just thrown out of the window. I'm guessing this is just more abuse of the vaguely described Power of Waking? (Reddit user Wesselus was the basis of this point and I added to it a little).
· Kairi was just a plot device who received unlimited time to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and did nothing. She’s only there to rewind time and provide a reason as to why Sora survived TX’s onslaught. Apart from that she’s did nothing relevant. The same can be said about Lea. All that training to slap two shadows and fight for half a minute against Saix and Xion. It’s highly upsetting that Kairi didn’t have a more active role throughout KH3. She didn't even attempt to escape Xemnas’ clutches. And Kairi can rewind time/ travel through time and keep her body? Unless I'm mistaken or misinformed, I guess I'll just run with it for now like everyone else.
· The dialogue between Sora and Namine is missable if you don't talk to the right star. This is very poorly done as it explains why LW appears to save everyone and if missed, will leave players confused as to why he is there. Main story elements shouldn't be missable.
· If abusing the Power of Waking is dangerous, why didn’t Yen Sid tell Sora and co how dangerous it is to abuse this power? He should've known given how much wisdom he has and that even his student Mickey, has this power as well. Furthermore, if Mickey and Riku both have this power why was there such an overreliance on Sora to do most the work when they themselves have the Power of Waking too? If you’re telling me Sora is the only one with special enough connections to actually have a chance of saving people with this power, then that just makes Riku and Mickey having this power irrelevant. When did Mickey even acquire the Power of Waking?
· Luxord's wildcard bore no significance in the final fight whatsoever. I'm guessing more waiting for a future title to see if he referred to an ambiguous future final fight in a future game. Hopefully, Nomura didn't just have that scene included in reference to the final fight of KH3 and then completely forgot about it.
· Xion’s return felt somewhat poorly executed. Lea’s plight awakened Xion’s dormant heart in Sora and while Sora was empathising with the ‘Fake Xion’ to stop, she was able to transfer her heart from Sora into the it as a new vessel. This still doesn't explain how the Organisation was able to restore her in some capacity though. Was the Xemnas we see specifically from a point in time where he still knew of Xion and did they have significant data remaining from the Replica Program to partially remake her in a new vessel? That’s about as straight forward as I can make it. Could have been more clearly brought across to the player because it initially left me with more questions about her return than me just enjoying it.
· Roxas’ return while epic, feels poorly reasoned and a little contrived. His heart either leaves Sora's and then flies to Radiant Garden, to get the vessel meant for him for which Ienzo is working on with the data Ansem left in Sora, and then he flies back across space in a matter of 2 seconds? Or the vessel itself flew from Radiant Garden all the way to the Keyblade Graveyard for him to then use? Either explanation feels contrived and rushed.
· Xehanort's motivations and resolution was the one and only most out of character and egregious thing I've seen in the past 17 years. I need a few paragraphs for this whole bullet point alone.
Master Xehanort, a guy who split Ven’s heart in half and left him to die on Destiny Islands in a comatose state until he subconsciously materialised his Keyblade. A guy who would take over someone else's body and strip them of their free will without a second thought, to then go on and conduct horrific tests on the people of Radiant Garden in the name of research. (KH1 reports even say him and the other apprentices, who were complicit with his actions, took dead and alive people as test samples and gave them to the Heartless in the name of research). A guy who's nobody would go on to gather people to assimilate them to be him, to further his one goal. A guy who an hour ago just killed off Kairi to force Sora to retaliate in anger to finally create the X-Blade. You're telling me this man who would cause all of this suffering, is convinced by a friend who HE HIMSELF STRUCK DOWN, that he needs to simply ‘stop’.
After literally acquiring the power he's sought after for years and went through all this trouble for, you're going tell me some Talk no Jutsu is good enough for him to stop and for everyone to move on like it's all water under the bridge? All the talk of seeing what lies beyond the Keyblade War and accepting darkness became irrelevant and he basically only wanted to purge darkness and bring lasting light to balance the cosmos. You're insane if you think that's a just end to Xehanort's character. With all his talk of darkness and seeing what lies beyond the Keyblade War, you’re telling me all he wanted to do was bring about balance like his name is Thanos? Pure hogwash. And for him to give up after such an easy power struggle moments ago, is something I will never accept as a satisfactory end to his character.
And then there's Eraqus… If Eraqus’ heart was within Terra's the whole time why didn't Eraqus do anything for Terra? (In BBS's secret ending, Xehanort acknowledges a heart, aka Eraqus lies within Terra). Much like how Ven summoned his armour to stop Sora from being overtaken by the forces of darkness in DDD. You're going tell me for all these years Eraqus just sat there in Terra's heart saying, “I can't wait to say that one line I said when we played chess all them years ago”. Eraqus is a Keyblade Master and he did nothing to aid Terra while he harboured his heart in him. Meanwhile his student, Ven, is providing active support (enabling dual wielding and protection with the Keyblade armour during Sora’s time of need) while his heart is also in a fractured, recuperating state.
Eraqus could've had a much greater narrative role in this game other than pulling out Talk no Jutsu. The use of a single chess game as a flashback is nowhere near enough justification to cause such a sudden and out of character change in Xehanort. This was the most egregious thing for me. I'm not saying we can’t smack some sense into Xehanort, but with the lacklustre fight prior to it and the very weak justification that was given, it just didn't fit at all.
It was as if Nomura tried to shoehorn in as much deus ex machina as possible to even try and justify that contrived ‘misguided good guy’ ending.
Now, points of contention about KH3s Gameplay:
· No Critical Mode as of right now. It's disappointing that we have to wait for DLC/ updates to bring big pieces of game content, almost like this content wasn't even finished when the game was released, so they waited to hear feedback from us first and then make adjustments and patch it in almost like a beta test. Every vanilla Kingdom Hearts game since KH2FM has had Critical Mode, so there’s no reasons that would make sense as to why it wasn't included in the long-awaited KH3 apart from the one aforementioned.
· Camera was annoying at times even after making changes in config.
· Twilight Town is a ‘bus stop’ as SkywardWing put it, you fight the demon tide a little, collect 9 ingredients and fight a few rounds of Heartless and Nobodies and that's it. The rest is just cutscenes spread across a few parts of the game. It's literally bigger in KH2 and that's disappointing given that KH3s focus is expansive worlds.
· The Mysterious Tower was literally cut from being playable in-game. Nomura even cut big cutscenes. Back when “Cable Town” was still a thing, many mentioned seeing Sora enter the library in which Young Xehanort and Eraqus played chess, during the limited screening trailer release. This makes me think that Nomura had plans to make Scala ad Caelum explorable and delve into its history and lore surrounding Xehanort but had to cut it.
· Some Links and friend Limit Attack Commands feel gimmickier and much slower compared to KH2. Their only combat focus is to clear large waves of enemies with AoE attacks rather than have a specific use-cases. E.g. Using Stich just takes too long to create enough large areas to electrify enemies. It breaks the pace of gameplay a bit too much just for the sake building these triangle areas just to clear out large waves of enemies. Whereas in KH2, his Ukulele attack could provide HP, MP and Drive orbs. He had the off chance to parry enemy attacks. Then you can use his Blast attack to damage all enemies if you wanted to. Ralph is the only Link who provides some versatility with his stuns rather than only exclusively doing high damage AoE attacks.
· KH3 is a large game. To constitute having such large open worlds and not have it feel empty, a lot of enemies are needed. To then deal with the large number of enemies the option the dev team has chosen is to provide the player with constant big AoE attacks, most of them earned for free with no real effort through Situation Commands. This results in the gameplay being too easy since it wasn't balanced properly and requiring little skill and providing little challenge to clear out the herds of enemies.
· 100 Acre Wood has the same 3 minigames with different objectives and it's done, that's just poor given how much more expansive it was in the previous entries.
· Now that we know the entire story of the Xehanort Saga, since the game didn't have much more than what they showed in the trailers, it was a stupid decision to show so many Keyblade Graveyard cutscenes in the trailers.
· All Attraction Flows being available from the beginning of the game made the Situation Commands way too frequent to the point they're essentially win buttons. This makes the game a breeze; even on Proud. The fact that people are waiting for a Final Mix-like patch gives me a feeling that Square didn't fully test the in-game mechanics and are relying on player feedback first before making changes, almost like a beta test. Years of development with many masterful games such as KH2FM to look back to as a point of reference for building solid gameplay mechanics on and people are saying “Hopefully we get these big features and balances in a patch” is absurd.
The fact that KH2FM feels more refined and it’s over a decade old is upsetting. It's like they made the gameplay too child friendly to the point that it's like they wanted to give the player instant gratification in every fight, so they are just pleased by the constant display of effects and feeling of steamrolling anything in your way. Now that's not to say I didn't enjoy mowing down enemies and I didn't enjoy the gameplay, but it feels to easy to overpower everything and brings about a lack of challenge in every fight.
· Magic. I liked how they implemented Magic in this game. I thought it was done very well (Including expanding the Shortcut Menu for more versatility and Grand Magic). It’s just an issue of balancing magic with the scale of difficulty of enemies.
· The post-game content is severely lacking. All you do is collect any remaining chests, any remaining emblems, collect remaining ingredients to create any outstanding recipes and do the battle portals that feel like rehashes of the DDD special portals but with Heartless and Nobodies instead. A majority of these are minigames and mundane collection-based tasks, dispersed across the vastness of the individual worlds. It feels like these tasks were only included to not make the worlds feel large and empty upon completing it the first-time round. Also, after I completed the game with a majority of tasks already done, the lack of anything worthwhile doing and engaging in the worlds became way more apparent.
Speaking of Nobodies, with Xemnas and Saix etc still active within the story of KH3, why are the Nobodies that serve under them (Sorcerer's and Berserkers etc) exclusively relegated to postgame battle portals. These enemies would have provided a bit more difficulty and challenge in the approach to fights throughout the story and an increase in enemy variety which felt needed late game. It's not really exciting to fight common enemies we’ve fought many times before in previous games but now they just have more health bars and call it significant postgame content.
· Keyblade Transformations, while visually epic, feel repetitive. The only two that don’t feel repetitive in the sense of only doing big AoE attacks are Counter Shield, Double Arrowguns/ Magic Launcher and Magic Staff. They’re the only transformations to force you to change your approach to a fight. Counter Shield forces you to learn your enemy cues and to guard at the right time and store counters to retaliate with a more powerful Wrathful Flurry. Double Arrowguns is the only ranged and airborne transformation that lets you do damage from a distance and focus your guns/ launcher fire more freely on targets with the Auto-Shot mode. The only other thing that stood out to me was Sora's light clones doing projectile attacks during the Mirage Staff transformation.
The rest feel very scripted and repetitive after a while as they only provide you with an opportunity to overpower your opponents and not actually provide any change to combat strategy. Another point I've considered is that there's no way to make changes to Sora's combo-based abilities in these transformations. In KH2, abilities like Finisher Plus or Negative Combo would also affect the drive form combos too, making it feel like no matter the form, all of the adjustments made to Sora's base form cascaded into his drive forms attacks too. This would have helped the Keyblade Transformation combos not feel as repetitive in my opinion as stringing together longer or shorter combos and finishers, would have felt quite more enjoyable and refreshing.
The transformations are still fun to play with, but I feel as though they’re focus was being more big destructive displays of power rather than providing new and interesting mechanics with each transformation.
· A surprising lack of combo modifiers and sluggish attack-to-attack animations don’t make Sora feel as smooth as he used to be combat-wise.
· The secret boss is bland. It doesn't feel like a KH standard secret boss. It has a few interesting mechanics like the attack faints throwing you off a little and some actual potential to be improved on to be more challenging, but apart from that it doesn't feel special at all. Once you learn it's opening cues after a few attacks it just doesn't provide that feeling of intensity anymore. I think it didn't even have a desperation move which is disappointing.
It felt unimaginative and unmemorable. I beat it first try on Proud with Kingdom Key at level 47. Even extremely dedicated fans such as Everglow wouldn't consider this a 'Secret’ boss fight. Especially since it has no lore implications for the future of the series like previous memorable secret bosses such as Unknown, Mysteries Figure and Lingering Will did. Though, I've seen people saying it could be the Heartless of someone like Ephemer but even then, simply reading its entry in the Gummiphone gives no details of plot relevance whatsoever.
· Sora should be capable of dual-wielding Keyblades up until Ven’s heart is returned as narratively speaking, having Ven’s heart allows Sora to dual wield as Ven has the power to wield a Keyblade. Sora being stripped of his powers at the end of DDD shouldn’t affect this as Ven can still wield his Keyblade as seen upon his return, so evidently Ven’s power to wield the Keyblade is obviously still there so there is no reason as to why Sora can’t dual wield after the events of DDD.
· The final boss fight was extremely underwhelming. Master Xehanort is quoted to be ‘The most powerful Keyblade Master of them all.’ in the KH3 glossary. He overpowered Mickey's use of freaking ULTIMA (one of the most powerful spells from FF) with Stopza, with minimum effort with his hand.
Seeing Sora, Donald and Goofy beat Xehanort as he wielded the X-Blade after basically 3 rounds of fights was anticlimactic. This final fight had some great parts like Sora almost dying but Donald and Goofy supporting him for the use of trinity. However, for a final battle, it was lacklustre and way too quick of a battle to justify Master Xehanort’s defeat, when at that point he is the most powerful being Sora and co have faced up until that point.
KH2 had a better and grander final fight in terms of battle escalation, which is saddening considering that KH3s focuses on these aspects more (bigger worlds, more exploration, wider range of combat mechanics etc). Xemnas absorbed his man-made KH, flung buildings which Sora and Riku would slice through, then you fight him clad in Master Xehanort's Keyblade armour, then to fight a massive mechanical dragon!, to then fight him again while he sits atop said dragon, to then finally end up in another realm and finally defeat this man in his final form after an epic sequence of reflecting a dome of lasers and straight punking his ass with Riku's Keyblade in hand.
KH3’s final fight had me thinking “Is that it?”. I genuinely didn't even know that it was the final fight. I thought MX would retreat further into Scala ad Caelum and we’d explore and get to see the scenes from the exclusive trailer (Sora entering the same library YX and YE played chess in and get more exposition). I enjoyed the final fight, but it was so easy and underwhelming. Personally, I feel that it wasn't a just end for the Xehanort Saga, as I and many others expected way more from the final battle and were left immensely underwhelmed.
· Scala ad Caelum itself was a huge disappointment. It's just a battleground for the player to say “Oh, this is the place where Young Xehanort and Eraqus played chess when they were young”. Given that it's the supposed nexus from which all worlds spring and the once a seat of power for all Keyblade wielders, I expected a lot more from it in terms of lore, finding more about Xehanort’s past and his connections to it (maybe learning what he did as his time as a seeker etc) and especially being able to explore it. I suppose we'll have to wait for either KHUx or future title to give us any info regarding this place, especially since the clock tower from Daybreak Town is seen during the underwater section of the Xehanort fight. It just feels like Nomura had so many plans that he had to cut short.
· Optional Keyblades apart from Ultima Weapon are reskins of the main story Keyblades just with some different effects. Not having any unique transformations or movesets doesn't give them any viable reason to grind for. Classic Tone’s Finish is about the only thing that’s different combat-wise.
Now, miscellaneous things I disliked about KH3:
· The opening cinematic is slightly out of sync with Face My Fears. The trailer cinematic literally did a better job at syncing the visuals with the music than the finished game. It was quite noticeable how out of sync it was, even upon my first viewing of it. Wasn't bad by any means but it could have been better.
· When using links or Attraction Flow rides the sudden change from epic battle music to something cheerful and out of place breaks the immersion and tension at times. This was most noticeable for me during the Keyblade Graveyard’s Heartless army fight.
· Some cutscenes feel unnaturally drawn out as pointed out by MagikarpUsedFly, in his ‘My Problems with Kingdom Hearts 3’ video. He provides a nice edited example of how some scenes could have been edited to flow better and feel more natural.
· No tournaments in Olympus, a hugely missed opportunity. Imagine fighting the gods atop of Olympus etc. Would have been epic, especially since the final area is a big open ring. Imagine encountering adult Zack and him being fightable in the tournament. So many missed opportunities given how the tournament could have provided a lot more additional battle-based content like it did in the other main titles.
· This one is more subjective. With all the Bahamut teasing in Toy Box and not having it as a boss or secret boss, especially with the Dissidia NT figures in the Galaxy Toys store, was disappointing. Maybe it'll get patched in for all we know to add more post-game content in the future. It would be cool to take him on, especially since Bahamut was planned to be a summon in KH1 at some point, I've always wanted him to make an appearance since then in one form or another.
· The two other playable characters are playable for a total of around 3 set boss fights with 2 against the demon tide (which is a copy and paste from 0.2 and an enemy we've faced one too many times in 0.2 and in this title alone) and 1 against Anti-Aqua. Anti-Aqua was essentially just a reskin of the Phantom Aqua boss fight from 0.2 (which still wasn't a bad fight, but more effort could've been placed into the fight that leads to her return to the realm of light) and a fight against Vanitas that didn't feel extravagant or suspenseful at all. It felt exactly like the Vanitas encounters we already had in BBS except with better graphics.
· This is more of a personal complaint, but I've seen many others complain too and that's that Master Xehanort's new voice actor doesn't suit him. He tried, but to me his voice broke the immersion every time he spoke.
My thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3 as a whole:
For the gameplay points I’ve raised, since I've had time to reflect and internalise everything since KH3s release, I think over time I had to accept that the Osaka Team was never going to be as good as the OG Tokyo Team. That’s not to discredit them in any way because they still did an amazing job with KH3 given how many were concerned about their development style (e.g. floaty combat etc). I also knew that KH3 wouldn’t be a copy and paste of KH2FM. I feel like myself and many others refer to it as a point of comparison because to many, it is the peak of gameplay mechanics, concluding a story arc, balance and post-game content in any KH game we’ve had before KH3 was released. In terms of content, it wasn't unreasonable to assume that KH3 should’ve had more content than a title such as KH2FM which is two console generations old. In my opinion, the vanilla version of KH3 should have had more content that KH2FM from the get go. This is what many were expecting from the base game and it’s sad that this wasn’t done the first-time round; to have a complete experience from the get go. Hopefully future patches can add stuff in but honestly, we shouldn’t have to even say that to begin with.
I feel like Osaka couldn't balance the multiple gameplay mechanics implemented from across the series into KH3 properly. I just feel like when Nomura’s petition to management for the return of the Tokyo Team to work on KH3 got rejected, he had to rely on Osaka and make do. I may have my own personal critiques about the gameplay, but I still accept what we have now. It is still fun, I still loved it, it just needs some changes. Some which we might get, some which we might not. Either way I still had fun and I still loved KH3 even after all that I’ve said. I just hope the original Tokyo Team can return for the development of future KH games or that the Osaka Team can learn more from Tokyo’s past successes to balance the gameplay more.
For the story, I feel as though sometimes players choose to ignore some of the BIG narrative issues in this game because we got to see our favourite characters return on screen and smile again. I'm not saying you can't enjoy the game at all and the return of said characters, just don’t let the nostalgia and happiness blind you to the point you think everyone else’s critiques of the game are irrelevant because they aren't saying the game is perfect. We all wanted it to be perfect, but perfection isn't a reality.
Overall, even with the points raised, I still really enjoyed KH3 a lot and Kingdom Hearts will still always hold a very special place in my heart as my favourite series of all time, regardless. It has done so since this journey began for me back in 2003. I just hope game patches can ease my qualms about the gameplay aspects as I don't feel like the main story will get cutscenes patched in (and if it did, that would definitely scream that the games story was rushed, given how badly paced the story is already). For me personally, I can't fall in love with a narrative as much as I would like to if the story elements have been rushed, almost as if they were the secondary focus of the game.
I've played every single KH game to 100% completion since the series’ inception, read every report, Ultimania and their interviews etc. However, I can’t shake the feeling that KH3’s main narrative was just glossed over. Once you delve into it, a lot of questions pertaining specifically to the Xehanort saga weren’t answered upon its conclusion and a lot of people choose to overlook how contrived it was at times. People would rather ignore these points of contention raised by others because we got our fan-service bitter-sweet ending. Issues that I doubt we’ll ever get answers to because focus will now be on tying in KHUx and its open plot threads that were revealed at the end of KH3 into future titles, rather than the plot points pertaining to the Xehanort saga exclusively, that we won't get (e.g. like with Xemnas and his Keyblade etc). I still deeply cherish Kingdom Hearts without a doubt and will continue to follow the series as I've always done, but I feel like a lot more could have been done for KH3, considering that it is the conclusion of a 17-year saga.
Hopefully, in his upcoming Ultimania release, Nomura can give some clarification on some story elements and his thought processes on many of the decisions he made given the stressful circumstances he had to work under. Square Enix’s upper management has pressured Nomura too much with the way they've treated him. You can even see slight hints of depression in his interviews and I feel like that Square’s management is what was most detrimental cause for most the issues Nomura has faced, thus effecting KH3 and other Square properties. If Square’s management was more accommodating, then I think we would've gotten an even better game than what we have now.
As of right now, having played the vanilla KH3 extensively, I’d say a Final Mix update is needed. If I were to give KH3 a numerical rating in its current condition, I’d give it a 6.75/10, because I know with a caring Final Mix-type patch, it can be a lot better and push that 9/10 boundary. Though, that is all just my own opinion.
If you have any valid responses, corrections or additions to anything that I've said, I'm interested to hear what you have to say for some discussion in the comments below. Just wanted to get these thoughts off my chest.
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