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Some rules: [WTS] Origin Account: BF3, Crysis 2, FIFA 11, FIFA 12, FIFA 13 [PAYPAL] 03/17/2020 - Origin Trading - 1 Replies Hi guys. I have attempted this second part of the validation 4 times before I started to search for answers on videos, reddit posts, support tickets, posts on other websites and. Find the perfect match for your FIFA 15 Squad! Futwatch is completely free and just for fun. I started participating the video game once this released during 2020.

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Messi Watch - Aug 28, 2020

Well, we're into Day 58 or something of Messi watch. Somehow, it feels even longer than that. Sure, it could all be for nothing, but the hype train is full steam ahead so either get onboard or stay the fuck out of the way.

Please note that only posts about Messi from City's Tier 1 sources will be kept up.

That means links from other sources (reliable or otherwise) will be collected in this thread. This includes Barca's Tier 1 sources insofar as any news about the disagreement between Messi and their board. If there are any issues with the Tier number, post in the comments below. This is also where you can have your discussion/shitposts/a good old moan.
Messi Megathread from Aug 26, 2020
Messi Megathread from Aug 25, 2020

News From England (newest first)

Source Tier Message
Duncan Castles Tier 3 Messi’s deal purportedly worth over 700M and includes a future stake in CFG. Three seasons at City before a jaunt at NYCFC
Ian Cheeseman Tier 2 Nothing confirmed but it’s looking like it will take a compromise figure of over £100 million plus Jesus & Garcia to prize Messi from Barcelona. Wednesday could be a key day
Tolmie Tier 4 Messi's legal team are lodging papers with FIFA today. They want their man on a plane to Manchester by Friday.
Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Official statement by La Liga. They side with Barcelona in Leo Messi contract battle: “Current deal is still valid and paying release clause for €700m is the only way out”. Manchester City are still waiting for Barça decision.
Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Messi will not change his mind despite La Liga decision and wants to leave
Simon Mullock Tier 1 ManCity officials believe they are on the brink of having both Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola at the club for the long-term. Barcelona are hopeful for £250M in cash and players.
Tolmie @ bluemoon-MCFC Tier 4 “We have proposed a very innovative way of paying Messi through the CFG. FFP can't touch it, seemingly. (...) Pep is with him”
ESPN Tier 3 Man City confident Messi would snub rivals for them if Barcelona negotiate - sources
Jack Gaughan Tier 2 City not planning on including the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva or Riyad Mahrez as part of any deals this window.
Guillem Balague (via Sam Lee) Tier 4 Messi hasn't demanded that Pep stays for longer than year left in his contract. Pep and Leo have now spoken. Pep told him that if willing to leave, #MCFC would try to finance the move. Every step is carefully taken by City so nobody can say they 'stole' the player from FCB

News From Spain/the Continent (newest first)

Source Tier Message
Cadena SER Tier 2 Meeting with Koeman did not help, The meeting between Messi and Koeman lasted an hour. Messi wanted to know which players the project would face, but Koeman told him that there are no signings at Barça now without transfers! This increased Messi's suspicion of not continuing.
Cadena SER Tier 2 Messi is disappointed by Bartomeu, Bartomeu lied to Messi when signing with Griezmann, telling him that he would not sign the French player.
Moises Llorens Tier 3 Bartomeu will offer Messi a 2 year contract renewal in the meeting with Jorge Messi, while the player’s father will ask to leave for free.
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 On Wednesday, or no later than Thursday, Jorge Messi will meet with Bartomeu.
MARCA Tier 4 Messi will incur penalties as a result of not returning to training.
Marca Tier 4 Motion of no confidence against Bartomeu has the requisite votes
Achraf Ben Ayad Tier 1 Messi's step is confirmed: he will miss the first training session under Koeman
Jose Luis Sanchez RM Tier 2 Lionel Messi has told a former teammate that he wants to leave Barcelona because he wants to win the Champions League.
Moises Llorens Tier 3 Barcelona believe the only way Lionel Messi can legally leave for free is if he commits to not playing football next season
Marcelo Bechler Tier 2 Manchester City is already preparing for what may come. They asked a large production company for archival footage of Messi to prepare audiovisual material, should the arrangement happen.
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 The €700M release clause will NOT apply when the contract is terminated due to the player's unilateral decision that takes effect from the end of the 2019/20 season.
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 Lionel Messi has asked the club twice for a friendly exit and wants an agreement with Barcelona. He doesn’t want to face a lawsuit against the club he loves.
La Liga Official Messi has valid contract with FC Barcelona. Release clause of 700m euros is also valid
CatRadio Tier 2 Bartomeu's management will study internally how to act with Messi after he did not appear in the tests to start the preseason. No decision made yet.
Albert Rogé Tier 2 Leo Messi was summoned at 10:15 to the Ciutat Esportiva. He has NOT presented himself.
Marcelo Bechler Tier 2 Messi has informed Barcelona that he is no longer a player of the Club
Gerard Romero Tier 2 According to RAC1, Barça consider that the contract is still fully valid. The conditions of termination are the same and no clause reviews the 700m € release clause
Mundo Deportivo Tier 3 Barcelona board have given the order, that all the executives and managers in charge, not to respond to the call of any team interested in Messi. The club will be as inflexible as possible
Cadena SER Tier 2 The Argentine is NOT obliged to pay the 700 million clause in this last season. It is specified that you should not pay this clause from 19/20
Edu Polo Tier 1 Messi will not appear for the PCR tests following the instructions of his lawyers. After the burofax on Tuesday, the contract with Barça was terminated and attending the tests would be contradictory.
Achraf Ben Ayad Tier 1 Messi insists on leaving and will not attend the tests
MARCA Tier 4 Barca board knew Messi would leave since July
Cadena SER Tier 2 Bartomeu fires the law firm Cuatrecasas(club's legal adviser) for advising Messi and recommending the steps to follow, including sending the burofax.
Dani Senabre Tier ?? "At this time there is a 90% probability that Messi will stay"
MARCA Tier 4 Barca's response to Messi : "Renew your contract or there is nothing to negotiate"
L’Equipe Tier 2 Juve are also interested in Messi. They have contacted Messi's father to bring togther Messi and Cristiano
CatRadio Tier 2 Right now the intention is to NOT appear for the PCR tests on Sunday, on the advice of his lawyers. Bartomeu's resignation will not cause Messi to stay, because the sports project will remain the same @totcosta
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 Barcelona refuses to negotiate the sale in that meeting. Bartomeu does not accept that Messi leaves for less than €700M. He continues to think that he is the linchpin of the Koeman project
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 Leo Messi wants an exit as friendly as possible from Barcelona.
Achraf Ben Ayad (via HagridFCB) Tier 1 Bartomeu, is completely and definitively not going to sell Messi after his request to leave the club.
Marçal Lorente Tier 3 Messi does not want a confrontation with Barça and orders his lawyers to meet with the club's leaders to negotiate a way out. Bartomeu will explain to them that Messi is very important for the new cycle and will only release him for the clause.
Dani Senabre Tier ?? I can't say much more and I'm one of those who thought that this was irreversible but from what I'm told, pay attention tonight to Messi. It looks like a turn of events it's coming.
Albert Roge Tier 2 The motion of no-confidence against Bartomeu is now confirmed. Eight different groups of people have joined to support the motion. 16,000 signatures are needed (Thanks to epicguy285 for the additional context linked in his comment HERE)
L'Equipe Tier 2 Leonardo (PSG) did call Jorge Messi but Lionel has informed the French club that he has already decided to join Manchester City

Other Bits and Bobs

Go on, Vinnie
Sid Lowe’s excellent summary of the situation in Barcelona
The Messi “Fax”, Explained
Motion of No-Confidence filed by Supporters' Groups
Messi, Ronaldo and Guardiola - PSG will assemble 'dream team' by 2021, says Clown
Live footage of Khaldoon pulling up to the Nou Camp to negotiate with Bartomeu (thanks pr0cd)
From /Barca: A legal analysis of Messi's contractual situation (given what we know)
BBC: why Messi could do a job at Burnley. Or Wycombe. Or Sunderland. Or Southampton
submitted by codespyder to MCFC

Okay, What?

First Fifa since '18 and I've started to actually play FUT instead of dabble in it and then go back to career. Was in the transfer market for SBCs and made a bid on a player, only for my bid to be cancelled because of another offer, doubling the start price. No biggie, I go to the next card, only for my bid to once again be doubled by another party. This happened for all of the cards on that page. I refresh the search and get a whole new batch of the same card, all the ones I was looking at before were gone and I would have to wait 15 minutes or so. The bidding thing happens again and I call it quits. Is this a bug or some prick going out to ruin my day? I vaguely remember this happening in earlier fifas too. Not a fan of having my time wasted. Any answers?
submitted by wellthn to fut

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