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Go to our Convoy Frequently Asked Questions and Support page or; Visit ValuSoft's 18 WoS Convoy techsupport knowledge. WoS Convoy is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Valusoft.

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Dec 28, 2020 @ 8: 09pm It works fine in windows 10 but this game is so terrible. Gameguru Mania is the world's leading source for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, VR, Switch video game news, reviews, previews, cheats, trainers, trailers. Category Other; Size 27.7 MB; Program by SCS Software; FilePlanet Review. 18 WoS Convoy Czech patch. File size: 260 MB; Unlock the.

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Como baixar 18 wheels of steel convoy. 18 wos convoy crack. 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy: Patches, Updates, Addons resource. .zip – Free download game 18 wheels of steel across america. Volvo Carrier From The 18 WoS Dealer Pics Coming Soon!

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Game Fix / Crack: 18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America v1.10. Feel the road rumbling under a whole lot more than 18 wheels as your convoy speeds through more than 40 cities from one coast to the other and from Mexico to Canada to complete jobs and transport loads. Download 18 wheels of steel american long serial number have a peek at these guys. Wos Across America keygen: 18 Wheel Of Steel Pedal To The Metal Dust Of Roads crack: 18 Wheels Of Steal: American Haul serial maker: 18 Wheels Of Stee Ukrainskie Prostori serial keys gen. 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy Free Download for Windows 10, 7.

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The best chance at playing 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy at recommended sys specs on a 1920x1080 screen resolution will be if your PC has at least the GeForce 4 MX 4000/Mobility Radeon 9000 64MB. Free 18 wheels of steel american long 1. 10 download 18 wheels of steel convoy 1. 10 patch 18 wheels of steel long haul 18 wheels of steel american long. Wheels of Steel: Convoy - v1.02 Retail. Wheels of Steel Convoy 1.0. Genre: Simulation Platform: PC Language: English Release Date: 1 September, 2020 Developer: SCS Software Publisher: Retroism, ValuSoft.

18 Wheels of Steel Convoy PC game

Welcome to Virtual Transpoint Trucking Incorporated, we are a virtual trucking company for the games 18WOS AA, 18WOS PTTM, 18WOS CONVOY, 18WOS Haulin, 18WOS American Long Haul and Euro Truck Simulator. PC. Download Free Trial! MegaGames - founded in, is a comprehensive hardcore gaming resource covering PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Mobile Games, News, Trainers, Mods, Videos, Fixes, Patches. Download full 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin': Download - Easy Setup (140 MB) 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' screenshots: no review available for this download. Download 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal.

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Wheels Of Steel: Convoy turns you into a bonafide transportation entrepreneur. Simply click on "Print" from any document-related Windows app to have your PDF created. I see so many of these on the roads every day, but I never actually made one: P. Audials tunebite premium cracker. SCS Software who produces this line of games, has made the Holy Grail of headache.

USS Democracy (Paper Carrier, 1917 editorial 'design', an unsinkable carrier/freighter)

So I was reading an hundred year old magazine when I stumbled upon an article describing a proposed ship to counter the German U-Boat menace. This design was published in August 1917, so before the re-launch of the time that HMS Argus. It was a... bold design. John Bogert might have underestimated some of the design challenges by a far margin, but it does provide an interesting insight into the priorities and mindset of a frustrated group of merchantmen.
First, the intent. The USS Democracy (second image) was a ship meant to convoy up with freighters and provide anti-submarine defense. And carry 15,000 tons of cargo. This anticipated the Merchant Aircraft Carrier concept from the WWII era.
Survivability: Unsinkable, just like the Titanic. The stated design goal is that "many well placed torpedoes will not sink them". This was to be accomplished by having four lines of watertight cells, two on each side. Each cell would be 30 feet long, 7.5 feet wide and 10 feet deep. The intent would be that the torpedo would damage some cells, but the 15 feet width of cells would absorb most (all?) of the blast instead of allowing it into the internals of the ship. The cells could also hold grain or coal. In game, probably could be counted as a Torpedo Protection Damage Reduction, with an optimistic reduction of flooding chance if it hits a cell.
Airplanes (or hydro-aeroplanes): The workhorse of the ship would be the anti-submarine aircraft on board. Armed with bombs with contact and/or depth fuses. In game, maybe three squadrons of dive bombers, no fighters or torpedo bombers. They'd be ideal for hunting DDs and softening up BBs and CVs, but no real knock out punch and nearly defenseless against enemy CVs.
If you want a slightly more conventional load out, we can pretend that Billy Mitchell suggested using Cutlass license-built versions of S.E.5's as the 'dive bomber' and that they could be configured back as fighters as needed, giving one fighter squadron and two dive bomber squadrons.
Either way, the hanger capacity and the squadron sizes are small (gotta have room for that freight), say Hosho sized (4 plane squadrons, ~24 hanger slots).
Armament: In addition to aircraft, the USS Democracy was intended to be armed with six-inch rapid firing rifles, apparently four of them. the text describes a broadside of three guns, but the plans show only four, one on each corner on platforms. I'd expect a 3.5km secondary range, with damage based on the Phoenix's open turret 152mm guns (firing HE, 2100 max damage, 7% chance of fire, reload time 7 secs)
AA Defense: What's that? Maybe the dive bomber planes can run interference with their machine guns, otherwise... good luck.
Speed and Maneuverability: The designer stated "There is no advantage in providing for high speed, since most of the freight ships that will be convoyed will be not over 10-knot bots...". As such the speed would likely be slow, even compared to Langley's slow 15.5 knots. However, it will include such incredible features as "folding funnels" and a combination ski take-off ramp/pilot house.
Concealment: The USS Democracy would have been 560 long, 80 wide and had no masts, cranes, wireless antennas, boats, rafts, or anything protruding. Even the funnels can fold down for more concealment. Compared to the USS Langley, Democracy is 18 feet longer, 15 feet wider and likely a couple feet shorter. Assuming all of this accidentally creates a stealthy aircraft carrier (per WoWS logic), I could see detectability range by sea of ~8km, and detectability range by air of ~9km.
Overall: As Premium T4 carrier, she'd likely play like a slower, fatter Langley. You'd want to focus on spotting and damaging DDs, but always playing cat and mouse with the enemy CV.
Source: Pacific Marine Review, Aug 1917, link
submitted by Kayse to WorldOfWarships

I'm underwhelmed and disappointed.

I had high hopes for American Truck Sim. To me, this was the quintessential truck simulation game. Years of learning from the 18 Wheels of Steel franchise, coupled with the new improved engine from ETS and ETS 2 should've made this game great.
But it's not. In fact, I find each time I load the game a little more disappointed in what it could've been. I should mention before I start to give my take on the game that I really don't expect many to agree with me here. My first exposure to trucking simulators game in 2003 at the hands of the then ValuSoft Publisher and 18 Wheels of Steel Across America. Maybe it is some of the nostalgic things that I simply cannot get past or maybe I'm just expecting to much, but ATS has severely fallen short of the high expectations I had.
To start I think I should address the elephant in the room and I know what was my biggest upset; the delay. Listen, I get it. Things happen, publishing takes a while, glitches need to be worked out. What I don't understand is that in over a year of delay, how only two states (With few cities especially in Nevada) were available at release. How only 2 truck models were created (I'll get to this later). How only a handful of traffic car models, some of which do not even fit the era the game is set in were rendered. To have a release so delayed, and then make 1 of only 2 states a DLC because it wasn't part of the game that was pushed out to me is inexcusable. Arizona, Oregon, Washington, all these states could've been worked on during the delay. The W900, Volvo 780, Freightliner Cascadia, these trucks could've been modeled, rendered, and betaed in house even before the official licensing.
That brings me to my next point. In the 18 Wheels of Steel games, licensing wasn't a thing. Companies liver Volvo or International often appeared as VNL or Intrepid. SCS's decision to delay the game and wait for licensing was by far one of the most critical mistakes they made. They've only managed to get two licenses out of the 'Big 5' with no timetable on the other 3. As seen in the previous games, modders will take care of the 'Real Companies" changes anyways, so the need for SCS to obtain the rights is useless. I would've been fine if they just said 'F*** it' lets release as many trucks as we can, without the association of the company as we've done since 2003, and let the modders (Who we know will do it) take care of it. Hell, I don't care if it says VNL or Volvo, so long as I get to drive a 780 one run and a W900 the next.
Modders. Thank God we have you, because if there was no modding community for this franchise, then we never would've seen ETS, let alone ETS2 or ATS. But this is a double edged sword that I almost feel like SCS took advantage of. Look at how many wonderful and terrific truck mods we have. Trucks that should've been in the game at release are now being pumped out, for free. ACROSS THE COUNTRY MAPS, something apparent in every 18 Wheels of Steel game are being made in spare free time by people who don't even live in the United States! If you don't want to do the dirty work, fine. But do not expect me to get hyped about the Arizona DLC when I've already driven through Flagstaff because some wonderful soul had the same disappointment as I.
WoS Haulin', ETS, ETS2, and ATS would be nothing without the modding community, and I think they deserve a special shout out within this whole rant.
But even with that, now on the latest version none of my mods will work. I can't customize trucks as I get an Index outside array boundaries (This is on a completely clean save with one truck that was working before or I get a Failed to load or error computing and the game once again CTDs. I've lost 4 different profiles due to corruption. This is both on and off the beta as well as with the patch for 1.1.whatever to make mods work again. If you boast about having a great mod manager and that you support the modding community, you probably shouldn't kill all their mods after each update. It becomes an issue when the vanilla game is now reporting these errors and CTDing. It's no longer poor mod packaging.
Clearly, and it has been evident since the sub picked up ATS, there was no consideration for how the United States actually works. Sure, we have the right turn on red, that you can do at speed, so long as you have your turn signal on. But more so I feel like I'm driving European roads with American cities. This is not how highway entrances are laid out. You don't just all of a sudden merge onto the freeway hoping that there is not a car or semi coming. Random traffic lights are found in the middle of the high ways, nor are speeds going from 70 - 30 - 70 without some sort of warning. It's little things like this, things that should be so easy to get correct, that when added together create major issues. Maybe I'm taking the title of 'Simulator' to seriously but come on, these should be simply fixes.
Another thing that really grinds my gears and has since ETS2 is that I as a trucker, who has a SLEEPER on my cab, cannot simply pull over where I see fit and rest. This may not be a thing in Europe, but it is here in the States. Trucks on the on ramps, dirt patches, wherever. If the driver hits his time (Which is 11 consecutive hours in the states, not the 13.5hrs it gives you in game). Amplified by the fact that I cannot simply rest or skip forward in time (Something common place in 18WoS) I now am stuck quick travelling back and fourth to my garages before I find a semi-interesting load.
And who remembers this? CB Chatter built in. So as I'm doing 70 in a 65, I can ask my fellow trucks if there is a cop up ahead, or the type of weather. Why was such a simple feature overlooked? Especially one that was re-occurring within the WoS franchise. Also, to that point. Just because I run a red light does not mean it's an automatic ticket. There aren't camera's at every intersection.
It's sub-par at best. I don't live in California. In fact, I live in a state that hasn't even been discussed yet is a hub on the East Coast for freight traffic. Too have to push the state of Nevada as DLC at launch, then tell us how lucky we are to get Arizona for FREE but we'll probably have to pay for the other states somewhere down the road is ludicrous. 18 WoS, atleast Across America, Pedal to the Metal, Convoy, Haulin', and American Long Haul (Couldn't find a full size map of ALH) (All of which I still own) had the states, and even at some points Canada AND Mexico. I understand that there is more detail in the game, more polygons to render and newer technology, but you cannot tell me that it's that hard to lay a google earth image down, and create the road and go from there. We aren't designing full cities. Scaled at best, these cities take very little actual planning, and can be done to best fit the constraints that the designers have. Unless it's an iconic city like New York, but considering the apparent missing natural and man made objects of wonder in California, I doubt we'll see any noticeable landmarks if/when the NY DLC manages to come around.
Further, from the various posts I've read here, and I will link them as I find them, California and parts of Nevada aren't even modeled correctly. If you're going to do a game, based in another country, I would expect and hope that one would do research to understand the specifics on the region in which you're modeling.
Trucks and Trailers;
I've already talked about my disappointment with the lack of trucks that come stock in game. This is further driven home by the utter lack of customization options available to the existing trucks. Sure, it's great to change the color of my lug nuts, but why cannot I not have a full size moose bumper?
Now for honestly my most bothersome issue with this game post release. These trailers are borderline horrendous. This is what a Curtinside Trailer looks like, not that monstrosity in game. Where are the 28, 40, 48 and 53 foot containter trailers that are rampant across the US. Why're the longest trailers only 48ft? And for the love of God, why do we not have double 28 and 53. That's not even including the top decks, covered hoppers, and tanker trailers that can be double hitched. It's the lack of attention to details like this that add up, making this game seem more like an arcade simulator rather than an actual simulator (And before you get all up in arms, Steam officially lists this game as an Open World Simulator.)
Like I said before; maybe I'm just to old school and too picky. But when the work is being done by the modders, simply by what seems to amount to level of unpreparedness and laziness among SCS, I have an issue. I wanted this game to be great, I really did. I waited patiently like everyone else for over a year. To be able to drive actual designed roads, not a map mod was a refreshing thought. Especially considering the last time we did this, the SCS engine couldn't support function mirrors on the truck. All that I feel we were given however was a re-skinned version of ETS2, with some Americanization in order to pass it off as an American Truck Simulator.
Could be worse I suppose, I could be driving trucks in 18WoS Haulin', but at-least I felt gratified when I started that game. Now it sits, with over 200 hours on it in my Steam library where I'm sure it will stay right under it's predecessors and the thoughts of what it could've been.
submitted by Revernd to trucksim

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