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Pretty mild as most Alpha bugs go: P Ha. Nice. RELOADED releases a new game exclusive to PC. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is the second stand-alone expansion to the series featuring new campaigns, units, multiplayer modes, and maps. Coyotes would be fine if they only reloaded when selected, same with the nosegun.

Battlefield bad company 2 crack only reloaded

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Every patch is one step forward, two steps back.

It's getting incredibly frustrating to play this game. Not fun, not rewarding, frustrating. As if the real world events didn't already have enough of that.
Currently we're in a loop where Massive releases a new patch, there's a bunch of bugs and issues that are incredibly off-putting, and when the player base is finally starting to get used to these "features" and learning how to cope with them to some extent, new bugs come out that make you just want to uninstall the game or write a rant on reddit.
I see hundreds of crying posts on a daily basis but honestly, 90% of them is just some incessant crying about "how the game did me wrong" and then they proceed to point out the ridiculous ways they want the game "fixed" like (and I paraphrase): "being able to get all the exotics in one day." This was an actual suggestion, because exotics are too hard to get. Hold my 11th Acosta.
As a game developer myself, this is my shitty attempt to address the current issues and hopefully put it all in one place for when my friends ask "but what's wrong?" I can just give them a link and at the same time vent out my feelings to you guys and hopefully, Massive.
Buckle up boys, here we go! Expect a Massive wall of text. *wink*
Seriously, massive. How hard?
It can't be too hard, you reset my season level to 0 when I was level 68 so, just do that while leaving my season level alone this time around, or at least wait a couple days for me to hit 100 first okay? Damn.
My trust in Massive right now is in such a all time low that when I lost my season level I was like, sigh, shrug, let's go. Not for a second I thought it would be fixed and in my mind, if it was "fixed" there was no way we would also retroactively get the XP we got from the point you reset our levels to the point you'd give them back.
Seriously, massive, if you can't get your shit together, run a freaking test server for the love of God or you will keep losing players until this game is a ghost town again. You're causing permanent damage to people's accounts because you can't rollback on your mistakes.

Balance in all things, except this game.
See that guy? I was full. 700k Armor gone in one shot. He has a freaking shotgun. Hes a good 100+ meters away. He's purple, Massive. Seriously, do you guys test your game? I'd love to see the developers actually run the game, hell, we all do! We all requested it plenty of times! You keep telling us how we should play your game, how about you show us?
Balance was already bad before yesterday's patch but at least I could do every content solo, except Legendary. Legendary to me was that thing where as soon as I stepped in it I realized: "Oh wow, I'll never be soloing this." It's everything bad with the game right now but times 10. Which I'm fine since you openly said "It's 4 people content" as it should be but still on the "way too strong" side. You can't balance a game around your top players. You're not an eSport. If you're creating content you're absolutely certain not even 10% of your playerbase then you spent a ridiculous amount of effort and man hours that you don't have for something that less than 10% of your community will get to experience and enjoy. Like DJ Khaled said: "Congratulations, you played yourself".
Keep in mind those who experience it and don't enjoy it however which is almost everyone if you look at the feedback from this thread.
Most of the countermeasures you can usually take like shooting a guy readying a grenade so he blows himself up or shooting the drones as soon as they spawn on top of the technicians so they take explosion damage, you can't because if you're being fired at and you peek you're downed almost instantly if you're anything but a tank.
In legendary difficulty the drones are authentic jet fighters. This is all fine and dandy since it's Legendary, it's supposed to be hard. I'm not supposed to able to solo it. I accept that but I hope that at level 1000 agent these are more doable, I'm fine with some content being difficult but not when all content is incredibly difficult which leads us to:
Holy crap the new party scaling. Carrying a friend through heroic so he can get decent loot because God knows he won't be able to alone (more on that later) is now an incredibly rage inducing, anxiety from knowing you can be forced to restart at any second, shit show. The loot is now better or at least it felt better since the patch two days ago in higher difficulties, I'll give you that! Seriously, Massive, credit where credit is due.
But we're always one difficulty behind the quality of the loot we're trying to get. That means the loot you usually get in hard is good enough for normal, and the loot you get in challenging is good enough for hard, and so on and so on. You can't do the higher difficulties because you get shredded and now it got even worse, so what did this accomplish?
An even bigger gap between players who glitched the game. Yes, Massive. You know who I'm talking about. All the less than 4 minutes Roosevelt Island clears that you should've banned. All the players that abused the Landmark Dark Zone experience glitch. All the players that abused the minigun damage glitch to solo legendary and get stacked on gear and unlock the Legendary only exotic and the apparel. But you can't do that, can you? You can't afford to lose even more players so "we" community know that we can get away with all the glitching and mechanic abusing we want to.
I personally refused to do the glitch and I can post a screenshot of my apparel just so you can see I didn't resort to cheap tactics because I think that would be robbing myself of fun, but you know players in general did and you have proof of who those were and you didn't do anything about it, yet again.
I had no problems with the balance before the patch, I actually thought the game was somewhat well balanced. Sure, some enemies were incredibly frustrating to play against, from the top of my head:
Hyena's Assault aka SMG guy - You know this guy, the guy that walks up to your cover and melts you faster than you can melt him. This guy should be a glass cannon and take a lot more damage.
Hyena medic - Nothing against having a guy in the battlefield rezing his squad, not even mad at their high armor which is logic, but their damage should be negligent. It's absolutely not.

Beep beep beep motherfucker!
Outcast rusher - I have serious PTSD due to this guy. They should go down a lot faster in higher difficulties if you hit their weak spot which is literally a bomb, but they don't. If this was fixed you could actually use it strategically to kill your opponents but alas, while he's not spongy most of the times you can't burst him for strategical plays. I'm fine with the one shotting, not fine with him setting the floor on fire and destroying your rez hive but, still, don't think much balance is necessary.
Outcast heavy weapons aka LMG guy - Just... I don't even, Massive. He's always on the other side of the map melting me with perfect accuracy. How am I supposed to shoot the weakpoint in his back? Definitely needs a lot of tone down like having to reload on top of the cover like when he's setting up to give us an opening to put him down. That or stop making it ridiculously tanky.
True sons tank - Specifically the grenadier one. In heroic and above this guy is a nightmare for obvious reasons. There's no cover. Give him a 5s cooldown at least. The barrage of "fuck your cover" is not okay.
I actually like fighting the Black Tusk so I have almost nothing against them. I think they're well made and well balanced. However, some warhounds are a little frustrating to fight against and I think lowering their movement speed would fix this so you have more time to locate.
During the dog spin I think your opponents should all also duck for cover or at least not rush you while you can't move or peek. Drone fighters in Legendary have their issues like I said but I accept it. The grenadier elite warhound grenade barrage setting fire to your cover is just... who had that idea? Seriously. Just add a coffee machine to that warhound and it'll do everything. That one is just anti-fun.
Rikers and Cleaners are generally pushovers. Nothing special about them that hasn't been said before.
Any grenadier - Seriously, did they all have better %'s than Drew Brees in college? Are they all monstars that stole the shooting ability from Steph Curry? Just stop. Remove the 100% accuracy, make them miss sometimes and absolutely fix the damage/hazards on the other side of walls.
While we're at it, stop with all the enemies being sharpshooters across the map with any type of weapon, I mean sheesh. They look more like Division agents than we do in terms of, hell, everything.
So this is it for non-named non-boss units, let's go to:
This is honestly one of the things that actually makes me rage. Whoever had the idea of giving Bosses and higher difficulty bounties, or Rogue Agents no cooldowns and no max uses on any of their skills should be unceremoniously fired, and I don't say this lightly! I'm not the type of person that lightly wants to cost someone their job, but that guy, that developer, whoever made that decision, he can't develop.
This was made even worse and even more aggravating during the new polarity event. Let's use a certified bullet sponge such as Vivian Conley as an example. She can melt you in seconds if you peek out of cover, she can force you out of cover, but she can heal back to full if somehow you manage to not leave cover and play safe.
Fighting Vivian Conley solo in Challenging/Heroic is something that I would love to see any Massive developer do with polarity on. This stands for any bullet sponge that has a no cooldown no limited usage heal. If by any chance you don't get absolutely destroyed by her while draining her HP, voilá, time to switch your weapons or reload and switch which is just enough time for her to heal with her uninterruptible one second cast time heal. If this boss really decides to beat you, you can't win. If I had Vivian's skills, tankiness and DPS at challenging, you could send 4 men teams at me all day and I guarantee you very few would not rage quit.
Let's not even get started on the spamability of Rogue Agents or some Hunters because I'd throw up. This one is basic: cooldowns, max uses, extremely simple fix.
There is not enough firepower in the world to down some of these consistently in higher difficulties. And before you say "optimize":

How much more does one have to optimize?! With the current difficulty, the enemies in two man squads in heroic melt me so freaking fast, I got to the point I just picked up Perfect Glass Cannon. I was using Unbreakable on 750k armor but since the last patch I have to resort to the armor that almost everyone was using already because your game is so poorly balanced in anything that isn't a 4 man squad.
I tried "diversifying", I did. I optimized. People wish they could spend as much time "optimizing" as I did, for what? Massive? There's no point on wearing an unbreakable with 700k armor. It's irrelevant. You get shot you get downed as if you had glass cannon so what do you do? Only one obvious answer. If you tank too much you'll never DPS them enough. Skills is absolutely out of question exceptionally with healing enemies, so that leaves us full blown DPS.
Everyone right now is wearing season mask plus glass cannon or perfect glass cannon, sokolov or sombra holster, solokov or sombra backpack with damage talent, Contractor's Gloves and Fox's Prayer with Baker's Dozen or M1A. Seriously, just make some named holster that allows you to roll to douse fire and voilá, you have the late game starter set! Everyone is using it not because it's "too good" before you even decide to nerf it, it's because everything else is inadequate!
How can you tell people to try different builds when everything you do says "stay at range and go full DPS"? Season started with a speedrun. PVP was already a one shot fest and still is. The new event also promotes killing enemies faster, so how can you say one thing and do exactly the other with a serious face, every time?
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the balance of this game when you're playing as a 4 man squad. Super super fun! I've played tank. Skill damage build. Skill effect build. I love playing medic. If that's what you want us to do just come clean and say "the game is optimized for 4 players" instead of making excuses.
We're tired of excuses. It undermines your very short credibility at this point. Understand that the player's patience is wearing thin and most if not all of us only keep playing due to loyalty to the game, not you as a company and as a developer, that's something I'm very, very sad to see.
You've read this everywhere by now, Marksman Rifles are crap. The slow ROF and having to aim through a barrage of shots is not being compensated by the damage at this point. Shotguns are extremely inaccurate and again, the damage needs tweaking for the downsides. Assault Rifles are pointless since I can currently deal 500k damage with my SMG at 100m. Up their damage or make them laser beams so the headshots compensate. But knowing you, you'll probably just nerf SMG's accuracy to create even more disparity between what rules the AI has to follow and then ones we have.
Hazards. https://www.reddit.com/thedivision
Take your pick.
Exotics. I for one have an unpopular opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'm also frustrated I'm on my 11th Acosta, my 3rd Bullet King, my 6th Sweet Dreams and yet after I'm wayyyy past collecting the whole deck of cards for New York I still haven't seen Lady Death. Some of us really are unlucky. I got Eagle Bearer at my 16th run because a clan mate gave it to me!
Still, I'm fine with this! I think you could make Challenging/Heroic bounties also be able to drop it but hey, just a suggestion! Not even complaining. But when you make these hard as fuck to get, and most of them are not worthwhile even with godrolls, but instead you get dog rolls!?
It's like you're trying to shit on player's efforts. It's disheartening, Massive. The obvious solution to me is not increase the exotic drop chances which would make them trivial but instead make them all come with godrolls or alternatively allow us to spend 1/2 exotic part(s) to increase one of the stats in a Exotic of choice with no cap on the amount of attributes we can raise. That means if I spend 6 exotic parts I can guarantee a godroll Bullet King for instance.
Ultimately the better solution is make the talents so good it's almost irrelevant what stats come with it but you risk creating an even more "pick this weapon" situation than we have already.
Sets. Half of these are bugged so I can't even point out how crappy they are and how very little use most of these have. Aces, I guess? More when it stops being bugged. What else is good? What's the point of collecting a full set with good stats of something? They felt good pre-WoNY. Something like Hard Wired was useful and fun to use but you keep nerfing the players and buffing the PC getting us closer to The Division 1, a game you let die. This is your "one more chance", you won't get a third and there won't be a Division 3. You're screwing it.
Mods. I don't have a suggestion for these. All I can say right quick is that they're incredibly annoying specially when you're switching sub-skills and this needs to be optimized a lot. The lack of scaling of the mods in the specialties is just cringe worthy, like, seriously, either make them worth having around or get rid of them and allow us to put 3 points in a new weapon class for a maximum of 4 weapons with increased damage (so everyone can pretend we use more than rifle, smg and lmg).
Some of the content and what you got to go through just to get nothing or very little is honestly disheartening. Everyone that could feel disappointed at this point, was disappointed when we saw Hunter Killer was the prize for off-white chest. It could've been a cool Hunter Killer exotic weapon or mask or whatever. It could've been Regulus or The Ravenous. Regulus would make sense since you'd become the "king" of the agents and conquer all the hunters, but nope. A perfect form of an already existing item. Yay...
I also did the owls sidequest. Another disappointment that could've culminated in so much more, but as usual it's typical Massive, hella anti-climatic.
"It could be something, it could be nothing.""Is that supposed to be helpful, Earl? Because it ain't."
I just love this line.
The bugs. Some of these are gamebreaking. The innability to manually revive someone after they got revived with an hive. Which shouldn't come off automatically, by the way, we should have like a 3 second period to drop or not the hive so it doesn't get shredded by AoE's or developped in a pointless position.
Shots are not registering and it's not "now and then". In a 30 bullet clip it feels like 6 or 7 don't hit. Players are getting stuck everywhere. There's uncoded walls. There's walls/stairs you should be able to get cover behind of so you run there and lo and behold you're now a sitting duck.
The "map hacks" is something that I personally don't love either. An enemy two blocks away can throw you a grenade over the two buildings that will land exactly where you are even though you killed all enemies in close proximity and no enemy has a clear sight of you. There's no "target" acquiring for the AI. They just innately know where you are at all times even though they have no vision of you which makes the already annoying task of moving around even more of a chore.
EDIT: Welp, this explains how much Massive listens to the community or gives a fuck about our concerns.

#1 Mentality
Their developers are clueless. As of 22h ago they weren't even aware of this bug. They adopted a mentality where they're not gonna test shit since it's new, you guys will be their beta testing team, who cares how frustrating it gets or how many hours of progress are lost to bugs, "it's new so it's fine."
It's not a one thing OR the other. I'm a developer, that shit doesn't fly with me. TEST your shit. All your content is filled with bugs that very little testing would've picked up on it. You're not an indie company. You should have someone constantly out on social media, forums and Discords (like the one where 15 members of their team are online at) and search for people reporting gamebreaking bugs.
Like, seriously, ANOTHER maintenance as I'm writing this? That's 5 in the last 3 days! For realsies. Test server, homies.
submitted by StarkeHeavenStudios to thedivision

Destroyer of Worlds - Session 2 [SPOILERS!]

Below is a summary of our second play session for DoW. You can get caught up on the first session here. At this point the players are almost halfway through the scenario. This session lasted three hours, for a total play time of six hours. Spoilers follow, so players beware!
The squad has found their way to the medical facility on Ariarcus. Combat synthetic Rutger and Corpsman Cacall are accompanied by Riflemen Dante, Hammer, and Zmijewski. They drag the wounded insurgent prisoner Fernando into the clinic, where they find everything in a state of disorder. An angry nurse attempts to control a belligerent drunk. He is frustrated, sleep-deprived, and running on his last energy drink. Cacall gets his attention long enough to hand over the prisoner.
"Goddamn Marine patch jobs," the nurse says. "Did you shoot him with a pulse rifle? His guts must be full of shrapnel!"
Cacall explains that the man was wounded with a handgun. The nurse begins to prep the man for surgery, and directs Cacall to seek out the doctor in the other surgical room. Looking in through the window, Cacall sees Doctor Litvin examining another patient. The team waits politely while Doctor Litvin concludes his work and seals the man inside an autodoc chamber. They explain their purpose and it quickly becomes clear that this patient is Carvalho, one of the AWOL Marines.
Doctor Litvin explains the man's condition as well as he is able. Carvalho arrived early that morning with a female companion who matches Wojick's description. Carvalho has a strange parasitic tumor in his chest. However, the tumor has apparently metastasized throughout his body. His blood is infested with microorganisms that appear to be transforming his tissue into something much like the parasite itself.
Just after the doctor finishes explaining this, the patient unexpectedly awakens. He smashes the door of the autodoc and stumbles out. Carvalho's eyes are ink black. Thorns are protrude from his flesh. His teeth fall out of his mouth one by one, as jagged silver fangs grow in their place. He screams, "I can feel it inside me! Get it out! Get it out!" Cacall protects Doctor Litvin while Rutger readies his Heavy Pulse Rifle. Carvalho grabs a scalpel from the table but does not attack. Instead, he begins cutting open his own throat. He keeps screaming, "Get it out of me!" while he peels back his flesh and breaks his own clavicle. At this point, the creature erupts from Carvalho's chest. Rutger opens fire. A single long burst destroys the creature and Carvalho's head along with it.
Doctor Litvin is horrified by what has happened. The squad explores the remainder of the hospital but finds little of interest. A pair of corpses in the morgue are covered with fuel and oil. Litvin explains that they must have been killed by sabotage to the oil equipment. Rutger examines the clinic's surveillance cameras, and confirms that Wojick dropped off Carvalho before heading to the north.
At this point, Cacall remembers the plastic card he found on the captured insurgent. He puts it into a communicator and contacts the unknown person on the other end of the line. Although he cannot identify to whom he is speaking, the man on the other end of the line appears confused. Cacall pretends that he is a new insurgent recruit and claims he wants to meet someone in the organization. The speaker curtly tells him to meet at the Wildcat Park in 20 minutes.
The squad devises a hasty plan. Dante, Rutger, and Cacall secure civilian clothes from the hospital. They carry captured AKs and hide their armor under heavy parkas. They plan to approach the park on foot and maintain the ruse that they are insurgent recruits, while Hammer and Z wait in the APC a short distance away. Dante warns them that this is probably a bad idea. When two groups try to ambush each other, they usually bring a lot of firepower. Rutger and Cacall insist upon it nonetheless.
Disguised as insurgents, they approach the park on foot. At first, it appears empty. But soon they discover they are surrounded by men wearing environmental suits and carrying M41A pulse rifles. These are not insurgents, but Weyland Yutani's "Dog Catcher" mercenaries. Believing the team to be insurgents, they order them to drop their weapons and surrender. The team obeys, and the mercenaries attempt to apprehend them but discover their Marine body armor hidden under their parkas.
At this point, Ms. Eckford appears. She is a beautiful woman wearing a dark coat. She explains that her team is from 'The Company' and they are trying to locate the AWOL Marines. She offers to provide the squad with information if they promise to deliver the 'biological samples' to her. The squad is confused as to how the WY mercenaries are involved with the insurgency. Eckford reveals that they have captured an insurgent recruiter, the same bald man who met the deserters at the bar. Eckford's team captured his communicator, and so they answered Cacall's phone call. Reasoning that the USCMC and Eckford's team are working for the same goals, the squad agrees to work with her.
Eckford points them to an insurgent camp at the old oil refinery. The squad drives north in their APC. They follow a set of large fuel pumps that carried material to the space elevator, the entire refinery has been shut down since the evacuation began. As they approach the facility, the squad spots campfires inside the walls. They identify a breach in the wall large enough to drive the APC inside. Having realized they are no good at subterfuge, the squad decides that this time they will use brute force.
Dante drives the APC into the refinery compound, while Hammer mans the turret. They quickly spot a group of men waiting around a campfire near the office building. Upon spotting the APC, some of the men pull out AK's and immediately open fire. Believing the APC's armor is impervious to their small arms, Rutger uses a loudspeaker to demand their surrender. The delay proves to be a critical mistake. One of the insurgents appears with an RPG and fires at the APC. The vehicle suffers heavy damage, and the turret is disabled.
Rutger, Cacall, and Z dismount from the vehicle. They begin to return fire, and Z kills several insurgents with his Smart Gun. Another opponent fires at them with his AK. Cacall is hit and knocked flat on his back. For a moment the squad wonders if he is dead, but in fact he was merely stunned. His body armor caught the bullet and Cacall miraculously escaped without serious injury.
Rutger and Z continue to exchange fire with the insurgent. Even though they shoot him repeatedly, the enemy will not fall. It becomes obvious that they are fighting a UPP combat synthetic. He and Rutger maneuver on the battlefield. Rutger is shot several times, suffering superficial damage. Finally, Rutger manages to shoot the enemy synthetic in the neck. The head dangles half-attached from its body. Rutger then seizes ahold of the head and rips it off entirely.
The squad investigates the refinery office and find Wright held prisoner. She recalls the story of how the CBRN platoon was called to respond to a chemical spill in the lower levels of Fort Nebraska. She recalls seeing strange material on the walls and black insects moving in the darkness. Then they were knocked unconscious, and she awoke in a medical room. The CBRN Marines were given vaccines and medicine without explanation. Realizing something was going horribly wrong, Wojick convinced them to defect and look for a way to escape the planet. Wojick and Wright were both captured by the insurgents, but they were separated and she believed Wojick was taken to an insurgent compound somewhere else in the colony.
Taking stock of their situation, the squad realizes their APC is badly damaged. They decide to retreat back to Fort Nebraska for resupply. Upon arrival, they swap their damaged APC for a new model equipped with a 115mm antitank rather than the conventional gatling/plasma turret. Wright is turned over to the medical staff for examination.
Rutger takes the severed head of the UPP synthetic to a workshop and revives it. The synthetic is a much older model and has little personality. Rutger is able to extract information about the insurgent compound in the western district. The team reloads their weapons, and Cacall arms himself with an incinerator and several grenades. They depart in their new APC and begin to head towards the insurgent compound.
While driving, something occurs to Cacall. He turns to Dante and asks her, "Weren't you in the CBRN platoon?" Dante says that she was. She recalls being called to respond to a chemical leak, but she was quickly rendered unconscious like the others. Dante assumes she inhaled some dangerous chemicals, because it sometimes hurts to breathe. At this point, Cacall realizes that Dante is probably infected with a xenomorph. They quickly abandon their idea of attacking the insurgent compound, and instead take Dante to the clinic.
Upon arrival, they find the 'Dog Catcher' mercenaries are already there. Eckford is engaged in a heated argument with Doctor Litvin, and she demands that he hand over the samples he took from Wojick and Carvalho. The squad interrupts her, and relates the story of how they found Wright. Eckford is infuriated that the Marines violated their agreement and took Wright back to the fort. Now the Marines realize they have misunderstood something. Eckford and Colonel Meyers are not, in fact, on the same team. They promise to capture Wojick and bring Eckford the biological samples she wants, and in exchange she will use her docked space ship to get them off-planet. This satisfies her for now.
Doctor Litvin is horrified that the Marines would make a deal with Eckford. He wants all the xenomorph material destroyed. The Marines reveal that they were lying; They have no intention of giving Eckford what she wants. The moment Eckford's team departs, the Marines set fire to all the remaining biological samples. Cacall takes his incinerator to everything that could possibly be of use to Eckford: Blood tests, petri dishes, and even the remains of Carvalho's corpse all go up in a bonfire.
Now the Marines ask Doctor Litvin to treat Dante. He examines her and confirms that she is also infected with a xenomorph, although it has not metastasized to the rest of her body the way Carvalho's did. Litvin and Cacall quickly perform the surgery to remove it. They render Dante unconscious with anesthesia, and open her chest. They find a massive tumor between her lungs. The serpentine embyro churns inside an amniotic sack. Knowing what to expect, Rutger prepares himself to seize the creature.
The moment Litvin pierces the tissue with his scalpel, the creature bursts free and lunges at him. Rutger grabs the chestburster with his superior strength and speed. For a moment he studies the creature, while it squeals and lashes his arm with its tail. Litvin returns to finish Dante's surgery.
Rutger and Cacall take the chestburster to the fire where they have disposed of Carvalho's corpse and the other biological samples. Rutger throws it into the flames, and Cacall gives it another squirt from the incinerator. It's the only way to be sure.
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