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Civilization 4-Beyond the sword NoCd crack 3. 13 in Games PC 5. 01 MB, 1, 5 years, 0, 1. Rise Of Mankind 2. 71-A modification for Civilization Results 1-10.

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Joined: Aug 6, 2020 Messages: 2 Gender. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos - Free download and software https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=1634. You can try unplugging and plugging in another keyboard to test. Chrome specforce cd key serial keygen download https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=1631. Now i have a laptop, and want to play it on here. Is there a No-cd working patch or. Should i burn the dmg of civ 4 on a dvd.

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Civilization IV Beyond the Sword crack no cd. YouTube videos, guides, mods and really anything related to the game is welcome! Extract the [HOST] Patch from the archive to the game directory. Civilization call to power 2 no-cd crack. The terrible interface, poor AI and unbalanced units knocked the game immediately out of critical contention. Crack for Version 1.29f ENG Return to the No CD Cracks for PC Games Section Other Articles That You May Be Interested In: Doc Holliday Biography The Doc, a former dentist, terrorized the wild west after finding out that he had tuberculosis.

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Part 2 delves in timing requirements related to deterministic latency and factors for choosing one subclass over another for specific applications. Civilization: Call to Power. Claire Clam Man Clandestine CLANNAD CLANNAD: Side Stories. I just checked the site of [HOST]zation call to power 2 no-cd crack site serial number final cut pro mackinacinstmank eucrite meteorites with crack crust Pre-Algebra Randall [HOST] Where Power Is Available To Stream Now. In many ways it's the spiritual successor to the famous and beloved Civilization and Civilization II from MicroProse. For serial keys, cracks, keygen, licence no.and more.

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Exe no cd patch for warcraft 3 sims 2 seasons no-cd crack carter 4. Play Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation. After much trial and effort and lots of googling, I finally got my copy of Call to Power 1 to work on my 64-bit copy of Windows 10. I'd thought I'd share what steps I took to give others assistance. Civilization 4: Warlords MULTI5 NO-CD click to read more. Call to Power 2 was widely ignored but is much better - properly balanced and closer in play style to classic Civ 2 than to the newer Civ 3. I can't decide whether I prefer Civ 3 or Call to Power 2, but I'd recommend either. Playing with no CD on Windows 10. Collapse.

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I need to test a few things first, but will make a new thread for an AiO solution soon. This so-called "Zone" is a highly contaminated area cordoned off by the military and now is combed through by the so-called stalkers, modern fortune hunters, in search of unique artifacts. Guide and build your civilization through 5 epochs: Ancient Age, Renaissance, Modern Age, Genetic Age, and Diamond Age! CIVILIZATION: CALL TO POWER II: Free Download, Borrow https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=1633. Added the CD-Copy/No-CD for: F1 World Grand prix Patch#1 [ENGLISH] (PC) - Thanks Gary. Tropico 2 No Cd Crack Ita - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) Tropico 2 No Cd Crack Ita - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) The Mobilizers Mobile Marketing.

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Unlike the previous versions of the game, and. Lotr Bfme 2 No Cd Patch 1.06 Esxi 6.5 Keygen Canon Manor Gas Fire Manuals Handbook Of International Relations Pdf Cara Menghapus Driver Printer Windows Xp Fl Studio 20 Pirate Bay Uncharted 3 Pc Crack Download Zmodeler 3 Cracked Canon Lbp 1210 Driver For Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download Casio Watch Manuals Online. Nioh 2 Launch Trailer. Blog Archive 2020 (60) January (60) 2020 (180) December (180) [GET] Alice in Wonderland - PC pc game download. Your advisors present you with their ideas and also some comical relief. Civilization: Call to Power 2 [cheats] Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty - Savegame Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty - Trainer Commandos: Beyond the Call Of Duty [cheats updated] Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty [trainer +1] Grim Dawn: Save Game (Unrealistically strong pet grower) Midnight Calling: Arabella v1.0 [Trainer +3] Midnight Calling: Anabel Collector's Edition v1.1 [Trainer +3.

I copied One Angry Gamer’s “List” so everyone could see it without giving him the website traffic

((Enjoy! EDIT: Formating fixed!))
((EDIT II: Updated as of 6/5/2020. It's already past the 40,000 character limit so I had to take this to a pdf / Google Doc, but I'll update them as well too. I'm keeping this up as a teaser and you can find the rest here: OAG Doc / OAG pdf)) ((EDIT III: Updated as of 6/6/20. Ya boi went from 561 entries to 750 so he's as busy as ever. The Doc link above has been updated and I'll post the new pdf after I get home from work. Here ya go: OAG 2 pdf (pardon for the wait. had complications)))((EDIT IV: Updated as of 6/7/20. He's gone from 750 to 834 entries. This thing is 21 pages long my dudes. Anyway, Doc has been updated and here's the pdf: OAG 3 pdf)) ((EDIT V: Updated as of 6/8/20. He's gone from 834 to 951. Boi's about to crest 1,000. You dudes know the drill by now tho. Pdf: OAG 4)) ((EDIT VI: Updated as of 6/9/20. He's gone from 951 to 971 so I'm actually kinda hoping he's running out of steam. His site is bad and I don't wanna keep going back. Pdf: OAG 5))
Traitors of America
A number of individuals, companies, outlets, and media institutions have stepped forward to announce that they support the groups enabling riots, violence, vandalism, theft, assault, and murder taking place at the hands of vandals and thugs across the United States of America. Anyone looking to find out which companies, brands, and content creators have betrayed the trust of the American people by aligning with groups that support the deconstruction of Western values, this list will enlighten you as to who the traitors are so you can stay informed.
[Note:] Some of the people/brands/companies on this list are not headquartered in America. However, they still cater to and influence the American (consumer) audience, and in light of their influence to help sway the views of American citizens, they have been added to the list.
((Ya boi made a list so long he had to add an index))
Corporations/Brands by alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Celebrities/E-celebs by alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
  1. 100 Thieves (E-sports organization) – Traitor
  2. 20th Century Studios – Traitor
  3. 2K Games – Traitor
  4. 343 Industries (Halo developer) – Traitor
  5. 500 Women Scientists – Traitor
  6. ABC Network – Traitor
  7. Abelton (Audio company) – Probation
  8. Academy Awards – Traitor (Obviously)
  9. Acer America – Traitor
  10. ActBlue – Traitor
  11. ACLU – Traitor
  12. Activision Blizzard (Winnie The Flu’s minion) – Traitor
  13. Adidas – Traitor
  14. Adobe – Traitor
  15. Adult Swim – Traitor
  16. AIGA Design – Traitor
  17. AirBnB – Traitor
  18. AltPress (Music News) – Traitor
  19. Amazon – Double Traitor
  20. AMD – Traitor
  21. American Airlines – Traitor
  22. American Express – Traitor
  23. American Institutes For Research – Probation
  24. Americans For The Arts – Traitor
  25. Amplitude Studios – Traitor
  26. Anastasia Beverly Hills (Cosmetic company) – Traitor
  27. Ancestry (Genealogy database) – Traitor
  28. Anime Expo (Convention) – Traitor
  29. Aniplex (Anime production) – Traitor
  30. Annapurna Interactive (Indie publisher) – Traitor
  31. ANR (Americans For Nonsmokers’ Rights) – Traitor
  32. AOL (From the 1990s) – Traitor
  33. Apollo Theater – Traitor
  34. Apple – Traitor
  35. Arab American Institute – Traitor
  36. Arc System Works (Developer) – Traitor
  37. Armani – Probation
  38. Asobo Studio (A Plague Tale developers) – Traitor
  39. ASTRO Gaming – Traitor
  40. AT&T (Held iPhones hostage for five years) – Traitor
  41. Atari (Impostors) – Traitor
  42. Atlanta Records (Record company) – Traitor
  43. Audible (Audio book company) – Traitor
  44. Autodesk (Development software) – Traitor
  45. Avalanche Studios – Traitor
  46. Avid – Traitor
  47. AVN Media Network – Traitor
  48. AXE Body Spray (Keeping women at bay) – Traitor
  49. Bad Robot Entertainment – Traitor
  50. Bandai Namco Entertainment – Traitor
  51. Bandcamp – Traitor
  52. Bang Zoom! Entertainment – Traitor
  53. Bank of America (Allowed to steal $45 billion from the U.S. Treasury) – Traitor
  54. Barnes & Noble – Traitor
  55. Bayer (Science organization) – Probation
  56. Beamdog (Developer) – Traitor
  57. Behaviour Interactive (Dead By Daylight developer) – Traitor
  58. Believe Global (Music promoter) – Traitor
  59. Ben and Jerry’s (Ice cream) – Traitor
  60. Benefit Cosmetics – Traitor
  61. Be Quiet! (PC parts supplier) – Traitor
  62. Bergdorf Goodman – Traitor
  63. Best Buy – Traitor
  64. Bethesda (Doesn’t pay modders for fixing their games) – Double Traitor
  65. BioWare (A company with a tired face) – Traitor
  66. Blabber Mouth (Rock music news site) – Traitor
  67. Black Metal & Brews (Music review site) – Traitor
  68. Blackstar Amps (Guitar amp supplier) – Probation
  69. Bleacher Report – Traitor
  70. Blueberry (Designer fashion) – Traitor
  71. Bluehost – Probation
  72. BMW USA – Traitor
  73. Booking.com – Traitor
  74. Boomerang (Cartoon streaming) – Traitor
  75. Boost Mobile – Traitor
  76. Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator developer) – Traitor
  77. Bratz (Toys for thots-in-training) – Traitor
  78. Brazzers – Traitor
  79. Brookefield Zoo – Probation
  80. Budweiser – Traitor
  81. Bungie (Destiny developer) – Traitor
  82. Burberry – Traitor
  83. Burger King – Traitor
  84. Call of Duty (War propaganda) – Traitor
  85. Campbell’s Soup – Traitor
  86. Capcom USA (Game publisher) – Traitor
  87. Capital Records – Traitor
  88. Cartoon Network – Traitor
  89. Cash App – Traitor
  90. CBS – Traitor
  91. CD Baby (Music distributor) – Traitor
  92. Center For American Progress (Think tank) – Traitor
  93. Certain Affinity – Traitor
  94. Chaosium – Probation
  95. Cheap Ass Gamer (Game sales) – Traitor
  96. Chevron – Traitor
  97. Chick-fil-A (Christian food) – Traitor
  98. Chip Theory Games (Board game maker) – Traitor
  99. Chucklefish (Game maker) – Traitor
  100. Chili’s Bar & Grill – Traitor
  101. Cinemablend – Traitor
  102. Cisco (Tech company) – Traitor
  103. Citibank – Traitor
  104. Cloak (Clothing brand) – Traitor
  105. Cloudflare – Traitor
  106. Cloud Imperium Games (Star Citizen developers) – Traitor
  107. CNET – Traitor
  108. Coloured Raine Cosmetics (Cosmetic company) – Traitor
  109. Coca-Cola – Traitor
  110. Color of Change – Traitor
  111. Columbus City Council – Traitor
  112. Comedy Central – Traitor
  113. Conde Nast (Parent company for a Communist hive) – Traitor
  114. Corsair (Component maker) – Traitor
  115. Covergirl – Traitor
  116. Crackle TV – Probation
  117. Creative Assembly – Traitor
  118. Creative Review – Traitor
  119. Crucial Memory (Tech company) – Traitor
  120. Crunchyroll (Producers of High Guardian Spice) – Traitor
  121. CryEngine (Software development tool) – Traitor
  122. Curve Digital (Game publisher) – Traitor
  123. CW Network – Traitor
  124. Cyberpunk 2077 (Video game) – Traitor
  125. D’Addario (Guitar strings) – Traitor
  126. DC Comics – Traitor
  127. Death Wish Coffee – Probation
  128. Deep Silver (Game publisher) – Traitor
  129. Dell (Cheap PC maker) – Traitor
  130. Derpibooru (Imageboard) – Traitor
  131. Design Milk (Home decor) – Traitor
  132. DeviantArt (Furry breeding ground) – Traitor
  133. Devolver Digital (Game publisher that insincerely tries to be edgy) – Traitor
  134. Dickies – Traitor
  135. Discord (Another furry breeding ground) – Traitor
  136. Digital Extremes (Warframe developer) – Double Traitor
  137. DigiXArt (Game developer) – Traitor
  138. Dimension Ink Games (Developer) – Traitor
  139. Dior (Designer fashion) – Traitor
  140. Discovery (TV network) – Traitor
  141. Disney (Ruining childhoods) – Double Traitor
  142. DistroKid – Traitor
  143. Dollar General – Traitor
  144. Dollar Tree – Traitor
  145. Dolby – Traitor
  146. Door Dash (Delivery company) – Traitor
  147. Doritos (Gamer fuel) – Traitor
  148. Double Fine Productions (Failed at sock-puppet math) – Double Traitor
  149. Dreamworks (Discount Pixar) – Traitor
  150. Dr. Martens Footwear – Traitor
  151. Dropbox – Outrageous Triple Traitor
  152. Drug Policy Alliance – Traitor
  153. Drum Workshop – Virtue-Signaling Traitor
  154. DualShockers (Gaming news outlet) – Traitor
  155. Dungeons & Dragons (The original Christian nightmare) – Traitor
  156. EA Sports – Traitor
  157. eBay – Traitor
  158. Eddie Bauer – Traitor
  159. EFF – Traitor
  160. Eidos Montreal (Deux Ex developer) – Traitor
  161. Electronic Arts (Gambling enthusiasts) – Double Traitor
  162. Elektra Music Group (Music distributors) – Traitor
  163. Eleven Arts – Traitor
  164. Elevation Church – Probation
  165. Elgato Gaming (Streaming solutions) – Traitor
  166. E-Line Media (Game publisher) – Traitor
  167. EMILY’s List (Pro-choice PAC) – Traitor
  168. Entertainment Software Association (Guardians of loot boxes) – Traitor
  169. Epic Games Store (CCP training tool) – Traitor
  170. Epiphone (Guitar maker) – Probation
  171. Ernie Ball (Guitar maker) – Traitor
  172. Etsy – Traitor
  173. Eurogamer – Traitor
  174. EVO (Core values) – Traitor
  175. Extra Credits – Traitor
  176. F1 (Racing organization) – Traitor
  177. Family Dollar – Traitor
  178. Fanatical (Software distributor) – Traitor
  179. Fandango (Ticket sales) – Traitor
  180. Fandom (Fan-ran wiki) – Traitor
  181. Fender (Guitar maker) – Traitor
  182. Field Museum – Traitor
  183. Fight For The Future – Traitor
  184. Fine Brothers (Content creation brand) – Traitor
  185. Firework TV – Traitor
  186. Focusrite (Audio interface production) – Traitor
  187. Forever 21 (Fashion outlet) – Traitor
  188. Fox TV – Traitor
  189. Freeform TV – Traitor
  190. Funimation – Traitor
  191. Funko (Toy maker) – Traitor
  192. Fur Affinity (You don’t want to know) – Traitor
  193. Game Informer (GameStop’s b*tch) – Traitor
  194. Game Revolution (Gaming news site) – Traitor
  195. GamesIndustry.biz – Traitor
  196. Gamespot – Traitor
  197. GameStop (Essential during COVID-19) – Traitor
  198. Games Workshop (Warhammer licensor) – Traitor
  199. GameZone – Traitor
  200. Garfield Eats – Traitor
  201. GaymerX (Gay gamers) – Traitor
  202. Gearbox Software (Borderlands creators and destroyers) – Traitor
  203. General Assembly (Business educators) – Traitor
  204. General Mills – Probation
  205. General Motors – Traitor
  206. Gematsu (Gaming news) – Traitor
  207. Ghost Adventures (TV show) – Traitor
  208. Gibson (Guitar maker) – Traitor
  209. GKIDS Films – Traitor
  210. GLAAD – Traitor
  211. GNOME Foundation (Non-profit software distro) – Traitor
  212. GoFundMe – Double Traitor
  213. Goldman Sachs – Traitor
  214. Google (Evil) – Double Traitor
  215. Goose Island Beer – Traitor
  216. Gorilla Glue (Glue company) – Traitor
  217. Goto.Game (Gaming resource) – Traitor
  218. Greenpeace – Traitor
  219. Grindr – Traitor
  220. Gucci – Traitor
  221. Guerrilla Collective (Games festival) – Traitor
  222. Guerilla Games (KillZone developers) – Traitor
  223. Guitar Center – Traitor
  224. Gumroad (E-commerce company) – Traitor
  225. Gundam Planet (Official Gundam product retailer) – Traitor
  226. Häagen-Dazs (Obesity’s best friend) – Traitor
  227. Half-Price Books (Bookstore chain) – Traitor
  228. Hallmark – Probation
  229. Harebrained Schemes (Game developer) – Traitor
  230. Hardsuit Labs (Game developer) – Traitor
  231. Harley-Davidson – Traitor
  232. Harmonix – Traitor
  233. Hasbro – Probation
  234. HBO Max – Traitor
  235. Hershey’s – Probation
  236. Hinterland Games (Game developer) – Traitor
  237. Hi-Rez Studios (Game developer) – Traitor
  238. History Channel – Traitor
  239. Hitachi U.S.A. – Probation
  240. Hollywood Records – Traitor
  241. Home Depot – Traitor
  242. Honda – Traitor
  243. Hootsuite (Social media news management) – Traitor
  244. HostGator – Probation
  245. House House (Untitled Goose Game developers) – Traitor
  246. HP – Probation
  247. Hulu – Traitor
  248. Human Rights Campaign – Traitor
  249. Humble Bundle – Traitor
  250. HyperX (Peripheral maker) – Traitor
  251. IAFFE (NGO) – Traitor
  252. Ibanez Guitars – Traitor
  253. IBM – Traitor
  254. Idea Factory International (Game localizer) – Traitor
  255. IGN (6/10) – Traitor
  256. IGN Australia – Traitor
  257. iHeartRadio (Music broadcaster) – Traitor
  258. IKEA USA (LEGOS for adults) – Traitor
  259. Indeed.com (Job search) – Traitor
  260. Indiegogo (Crowdfunding service) – Traitor
  261. IndyCar Series – Probation
  262. Infinity Ward (Game developer) – Double Traitor
  263. Insomniac Games – Traitor
  264. Instagram – Traitor
  265. Intel – Double Traitor
  266. Island Records – Traitor
  267. Itch.io (Indie gaming store) – Double Traitor
  268. iZotope – Traitor
  269. Jagex (Runescape developer) – Traitor
  270. JAKKS Pacific (Toy maker) – Traitor
  271. JCPenny – Traitor
  272. Jet Blue (Travel agency) – Traitor
  273. Jim Dunlop (Guitar picks) – Probation
  274. Johnson & Johnson – Traitor
  275. Kellogg Copmany – Traitor
  276. Kerrang! Magazine (Rock magazine) – Traitor
  277. KFC – Traitor
  278. Kindle (E-reader) – Traitor
  279. Kink.com – Traitor
  280. Kitfox Games (Indie developers) – Traitor
  281. Kodansha Comics (Manga publisher) – Traitor
  282. Kohl’s (If you can’t afford designer fashion) – Traitor
  283. Kotaku (Blogging activists) – Traitor
  284. Last.fm – Traitor
  285. Lawyer’s Committee For Civil Rights – Traitor
  286. LEGO – Traitor
  287. Level 99 Games (Board game maker) – Traitor
  288. Lexus – Probation
  289. Lifetime TV (Channel for lonely cat ladies) – Traitor
  290. Limited Run Games – Traitor
  291. LinkedIn – Traitor
  292. Little Orbit (Developer) – Traitor
  293. Logitech – Traitor
  294. L’Oréal Paris – Traitor
  295. Lowe’s – Probation
  296. Luminosity Gaming (E-sports organization) – Traitor
  297. Lush Cosmetics – Traitor
  298. Lyrical Lemonade – Traitor
  299. Lyft (Taxi service) – Traitor
  300. Maybelline – Traitor
  301. Macy’s (Martha Stewart’s personal playground) – Traitor
  302. Magic: The Gathering (Trading card game) – Traitor
  303. Make-A-Wish Foundation – Traitor
  304. Manga Entertainment – Traitor
  305. Mapex Drums – Probation
  306. Marc Jacobs (Designer fashion) – Probation
  307. Marijuana Policy Project – Traitor
  308. Marvel Entertainment – Traitor
  309. Martin Guitar – Traitor
  310. Materia Collective (Music producers) – Traitor
  311. Mattel (Toy company) – Traitor
  312. McCormick * Company – Probation
  313. McDonald’s – Traitor
  314. MediaJustice – Traitor
  315. Metal Blade Records – Probation
  316. Metal Hammer Records – Traitor
  317. MetalSucks (Leftist news site) – Traitor
  318. Michael Kors (Designer fashion) – Traitor
  319. Microsoft – Traitor
  320. Minecraft – Traitor
  321. Moog Synthesizers – Traitor
  322. Mondelēz Intl – Traitor
  323. MoveOn Organization – Traitor
  324. Mozilla – Traitor
  325. MSI Gaming (Peripheral maker) – Traitor
  326. MTV – Traitor
  327. Mythical Entertainment – Traitor
  328. Napalm Records – Traitor
  329. NARAL (Abortion specialists) – Ironic Traitor
  330. Native Instruments (Audio company) – Traitor
  331. National Women’s Law Center – Traitor
  332. NBC Entertainment – Traitor
  333. NBC Universal – Traitor
  334. NCSoft (MMO publisher) – Traitor
  335. Neiman Marcus – Traitor
  336. Nerdist – Traitor
  337. Netflix (Left-wing propaganda) – Traitor
  338. New Democrat Coalition – Traitor
  339. Newgrounds (Edgelord’s first baby-step) – Traitor
  340. NewRetroWave (Retro music promoter) – Probation
  341. Nextdoor – Traitor
  342. NFL – Traitor
  343. Niantic Labs (Pokemon Go developer) – Traitor
  344. Nickelodeon – Filthy Triple Traitor
  345. NightDocs (YouTuber) – Traitor
  346. Nike – Traitor
  347. Nintendo of America (But NOT Japan) – Traitor
  348. Nissan – Probation
  349. NodeJS (Javascipt library) – Traitor
  350. Noisy Pixel (Gaming news outlet) – Traitor
  351. Nokia – Probation
  352. No More Robots (Not Tonight developers) – Traitor
  353. Nordstrom – Traitor
  354. NORML Canada (Marijuana advocacy organization) – Traitor
  355. Norvina (Cosmetic brand) – Traitor
  356. Novation (Audio software) – Traitor
  357. NYAV Post (Recording studio) – Traitor
  358. NZXT (PC component supplier) – Traitor
  359. Obsidian Entertainment (Game developer) – Traitor
  360. Offworld Industries (Squad developer) – Traitor
  361. Olay – Traitor
  362. Olympus – Traitor
  363. Oprah Winfrey Network – Traitor
  364. Orangeamps (Guitar amps) – Traitor
  365. O’Reilly Media (Entrepreneurial advisors) – Traitor
  366. OriginPC (PC maker) – Traitor
  367. Otakon (East coast weeb convention) – Traitor
  368. Outer Loop Games (Indie developers) – Traitor
  369. Paiste Nation (Cymbal maker) – Traitor
  370. Pandora Music – Traitor
  371. Panera Bread – Traitor
  372. Paradox Interactive (Publisher & developer) – Traitor
  373. Patreon (Hipster welfare) – Traitor
  374. Paypal (Legal money laundering) – Traitor
  375. PC Master Race (Official PCMR org) – Traitor
  376. PETA (Pokemon’s greatest nemesis) – Traitor
  377. PC Gamer – Traitor
  378. Pearl Drums (Drum maker) – Traitor
  379. Peavey Electronics – Probation
  380. Penguin Books USA – Traitor
  381. Pepsico – Traitor
  382. Philips – Probation
  383. Pinterest – Traitor
  384. Pixar – Traitor
  385. Planet Peebles (Arts and crafts) – Traitor
  386. Planned Parenthood (All lives matter… except for fetusus) – Traitor
  387. Playboy – Traitor
  388. PlayStation – Double Traitor
  389. PlayStation Japan – Traitor
  390. PlayStation Lifestyle (PlayStation news site) – Traitor
  391. Plugin Boutique – Traitor
  392. Pokemon – Traitor
  393. Poly – Traitor
  394. Popeyes Chicken – Traitor
  395. Pop-Tarts – Probation
  396. Porsche – Probation
  397. Pornhub (Subversion) – Traitor
  398. Power Rangers – Probation
  399. PPI (Progressive policy) – Traitor
  400. PQube Games (Localization publisher) – Traitor
  401. PreSonus (Audio software) – Traitor
  402. Print Magazine – Traitor
  403. Procter & Gamble (Mega corporation) – Traitor
  404. Promark Drumsticks – Traitor
  405. PRSGuitars (Guitar maker) – Traitor
  406. Public Citizen (NGO) – Traitor
  407. Puma – Traitor
  408. Pusheen The Cat (E-tailer) – Traitor
  409. Rare Ltd (Game developer) – Traitor
  410. Raw Fury (Game publisher) – Traitor
((And it goes for another 561 entries. Check the links above for more))
submitted by mwisterobwama to Gamingcirclejerk

War Reform Ideas

So discussing reforms to the war system, especially for the purpose of doomstacks, seems to be popular right now. Here are some problems I've seen and some ideas to fix them.


Right now, the war system pretty much demands you send your whole fleet in one big unit to fight the whole enemy fleet in one big unit. Fleet capacity has made it so that, instead of one big unit, it's technically like five smaller units travelling as one, but that isn't really a functional difference. In practice, the bigger fleet just wins. I've seen a lot of solutions to this problem, but none of them really seem to address a big factor in war: defensive advantage. Historically, if two armies are equal, the one acting in offense will generally lose because removing someone from a fortified area is much harder than keeping someone out. That's why you don't just slam your army into a garrison and overwhelm it; it just takes so much more force to do that. Instead, you win by attrition. Deny supplies, keep them trapped in the castle for a few weeks or months, and eventually they'll be severely weakened to the point that your armies can just walk in and claim it. But doing that requires you to maintain a certain level of control over the area and spread out your army. You can't just conquer an area and leave, you have to stay there and occupy it.
Additionally, armies need supplies of some sort. Usually they would seize food and such as they conquer areas as well as maintain supply lines from home. A single massive army would fall victim to all sorts of supply-line shenanigans, again unless it devoted resources to maintaining them.
That's basically my solution to doomstacks. If there's some attrition element, then doomstacks are no longer viable for an offensive war. While your massive fleet moves through the enemy territory, their handful of smaller fleets would be constantly liberating the areas you leave behind. This wouldn't necessarily be a huge deal, but fleets could also have a supply mechanic so that they get severe penalties if they lose connection to the supply line for too long. This way, the invading empire would send a doomstack that would slowly shrink as it occupies more territory, allowing smaller empires not to "win" the war but at least to control the losses.


It's kind of BS that a giant battleship can just emergency FTL and get away from a full-scale space battle. Combat disengagement should be removed completely. If two fleets meet up, they both fight until only one is left. To maintain levels for admirals and ships, instead have an "escape" system. The ships in the fleet are gone either way, but emergency FTL life pods can save a lot of the crew and the admiral. The next ship of that type built will get the rescued crew, so it starts with however much XP that crew had. Once trained crews are depleted, ships start at 0 again, or 100 if you have a fleet academy.
This way, doomstacks can't just bulldoze through a ton of defense platforms. Without disengagement, they'll take a much larger hit. And if the smaller fleet manages to pull off either a surprise victory or at least a very narrow defeat, the larger fleet won't still be at like 75% of its size because half the ships just noped out instead of getting destroyed. And as an added bonus, the extra lost ships makes the larger empire vulnerable to invaders.
This idea could also come with some more ways to manage war supplies. Maybe the maintenance cost for ships is related to operation and the crew, so you can build hundreds of ships and just keep them in a "hangar" starbase where they cost no upkeep but also aren't operational. There's a toggle when you build ships to build only the ship for X alloys or build a ship and hire a crew with it for X alloys and X energy. An escaped crew automatically activates a crew-less ship of the same type, or you can go to the hangar and choose to activate the ships by just paying the energy cost and waiting a month or so. Unlike shipbuilding, there is no "width" for hiring crew. If you have 200 empty ships, you can hire all 200 crew at once, then wait a month and you'll have all 200 ships ready to go. This allows smaller nations that don't necessarily want any wars to maintain a defense stockpile on the cheap. No need for naval capacity, no need for maintenance of like 200 ships, etc. This doesn't really make their fleets stronger since they can only really have 40 of those ships active at a time, but it does mean that they're resistant to attrition. The powerful invaders can steamroll their weak fleet, but then it'll be replaced immediately and ready to fight again. The invaders, on the other hand, have to slowly rebuild their destroyed ships. This sounds like a lot of micro, but it really wouldn't be. Just keep some inactive ships lying around and they'll automatically get activated after battles. If you run out of inactive ships, the game just sticks the spare crew in the next ship of the appropriate type that gets built. The player doesn't need to think about where to assign crews or anything like that since it's automatic.

Ground Combat

It sucks. Transport fleets are not realistic at all. You wouldn't have a totally defenseless ship with an escort of proper warships. You'd invade using the crew from the warships. I suggest that every ship be able to hold 1-8 armies by default, depending on size. This doesn't take up an extra space and make the ships weaker, because every ship has the army space. Maybe add the option of expanding the army space if the enemy empire might be hard to invade. If attrition mechanics do get added, it could also be that a ship without an army gets a resistance to attrition, since that storage space could be used for supplies instead.
Additionally, I think it's silly that it's so unbelievably easy to invade a planet. It would make sense that a trained army just destroys two little defense forces, but it wouldn't make sense that the entire planet only has two little defense forces. I think that every pop on a planet should automatically spawn one defense unit. Make it kind of difficult to invade a larger planet, so the invading force actually has a hard time grabbing those planets. Also make it so that a decent force has to be left to hold the position instead of the whole army leaving and the planet just... deciding to stay occupied. This should scale with population too, so the force required to occupy a fringe colony is less than the force required to control a capital.
People have suggested that the ships in Stellaris should be able to level a planet in days. I just disagree. This would be true for pre-FTL civilizations, but an empire that has access to laser weapons would surely have built some kind of basic planetary defense system on a colony, right? Plus, since space ships are built in space, it's possible that they are extremely vulnerable to pressure. Maybe they can't enter a planet's atmosphere or they'll be crushed. They have to blow stuff up from space, which is much more difficult than just flying down to ground level and blasting things.

Small Things

There is NO REASON I should be forced to make peace with an invading empire just because it captured one planet and a few outer systems after a long war. That just isn't how war works. If I know I can get that territory back and win, then I should be able to. And if the AI calculates that it can do the same, there's no reason I should just be able to stall until it gives up. If resources run out, that's a totally different situation. Sure, IRL two nations might get tired of war if there's no progress. But if one nation suddenly starts pulling ahead and claiming ground, the other nation can't go "LOL nah we're both tired of this shit we call dibs on what we got see you in ten years." The forced peace system should be modified to account for progress. Victories shouldn't just increase the enemy's exhaustion, they should lower yours.
I find it really strange that the people of your empire don't seem to care about the genocidal maniacs who want to kill them all. During WWII, the civilians did their part as well, and I think Stellaris should reflect this idea. Maybe add some wartime policies or edicts. Things like asset forfeiture for authoritarians, where you can just take "free" resources at the cost of decreasing empire happiness. Or war bonds, where you can take out loans from the people but your energy/month takes a hit after the war as you pay them off. Maybe a wartime ration, where all pop upkeeps decrease but happiness will take a hit if the ration goes on too long. IMO it would be cool if each ethic had its own associated wartime edict.
The ship designer kind of sucks. There shouldn't be an "ideal" build. I think it would be better if war-related tech was more random. Instead of every empire having about equal shield and armor, equal kinetic and laser weapons, etc. it would be more interesting if there was variance. Some empires might have better shielding tech, so they focus a little more on shields. Then it might be better for your empire to retrofit its ships with kinetic weapons, even if your kinetic weapons aren't that great. And maybe if your kinetic weapons aren't that great, you'd think twice about invading an empire with good shields even if they are weaker than you. I'm not sure how best to implement this idea though.
Dismantled ships and stuff shouldn't be wasted. If I have a fortified starbase and capture further territory that also need to fortify, I should be able to dismantle the first starbase and recover at least some of the alloys. Right now, I don't always want to build a good defensive citadel because I know I'm gonna build a new one when I capture more territory. Why can't all the resources used to make those defense platforms be recycled? I understand them not being fully recoverable, but not at all? Additionally, destroyed ships should be salvageable too. Not fully salvageable, of course, but a few alloys at least. Clearly they aren't vaporized, or we wouldn't be able to recover tech.


Wartime edicts for different ethics.
Militarist - War bonds. During a war, you may sell up to five war bonds per citizen pop and one per resident pop. Each war bond gives 100 energy immediately. After the war, a new energy upkeep is added equal to the number of war bonds sold, lasting for 120 months. If you fail to pay the upkeep for a month, you get -2% pop happiness globally and increase the length of the upkeep by one month. Each successful payment removes a -1% pop happiness penalty from previous missed payments.
Pacifist - Make do and mend. Pop upkeep is reduced by 20% for citizens, 10% for residents for the duration of the war. Every six months, there is a global -1% happiness penalty. After the war, -5% penalty will be immediately removed and an additional -1% will be removed every month after.
Xenophobe - Superiority. For the duration of the war, members of your species get a 5% increase in all production. Resident members of other species get -3% happiness and -5% upkeep. Slaves get -10% happiness and -80% upkeep. The bonus to your species increases to 10% after the war. All bonuses and penalties cease 60 months after the war.
Xenophile - Comrades in arms. For each species within your empire (subspecies count as members of the parent species) and for each species that has a hybrid in your empire (hybrids AB, AC, and AD, would be four. AB, AC, CB, AD, BD, and CD would also be four, etc.) all pops get +1% production, up to +15%, for the duration of the war.
Egalitarian - Do your part. For the duration of the war, higher-class pops will take lower-class jobs. They will not demote and will return to their original status after the war.
Authoritarian - Asset forfeiture. For the duration of the war, this edict is available to be activated as many times as you want. Each activation disables all upkeeps except ship and army upkeeps for one month. It also gives a global -2% happiness, which will be reduced by 1% every three months.
Materialist - I can't think of anything...
Spiritualist - Divine mandate. All spiritualist pops have -100% upkeep for the duration of the war.
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