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Gild's Guide to Nightlord

Gild’s Nightlord Guide

Hi everyone, welcome to my Nightlord guide. I have been playing nightlord/assassin since I first started mapling in 2005 because it was class so unique to Maplestory back then. I have recently returned to the game after a 4-year hiatus (no thank you covid) and am here today to share with you what I have learnt about my class over the past few months. Nightlord is the OG cookie cutter signature class of maplestory (together with DK). Throwing stars were the hottest shit back when the game first came out. However, over the years, it has lost some of its lustre but continues to be one of the finest burst damage jobs in the game. Since we live in the current meta of burst bossing, nightlords continue to reign as a powerful class in the current game meta. Much of this class is self-explanatory.
· Super-fast and simple training
· Top tier mobbing with flying mark of assassin going everywhere
· Flexible training maps: can train in both big and small maps
· “Brainless”, no combo class
· Can “afk” for 60 seconds without breaking combos (toilet breaks etc)
· High base Crit Rate
· High Mobility with double flash jump + shadow web
· The highest damage 40 second burst in the game
· Fastest training thief (common for DB’s and Shadower main and mules alike switch over to NL to train)
· 10% exp bonus/ drop rate main mobbing skill
· Frailty curse increases entire parties’ damage output
· Awake: New explosive stars passive is cool af and increased our dps by 30%
· ZERO invincibility frames
· Comparatively expensive to fund
· High funding/Higher AF required for one hit mark of assassin
· Below average DPS outside of burst durations
· Requires more use slots than usual to carry throwing stars
· Possible but hard to hit 10bil lines
· Lack of useful party buffs
V- Matrix Tricores
Trio 1: Quad throw, showdown, mark of assassin
Trio 2: Dark Flare, Four seasons, Sudden Raid
Trio 3: Any other combination of trio 1
Trio 4: Any other combination of trio 2
Tricore maxing sequence: Below 230, aim for a high showdown/mark core level for training purposes. Only necessary if any skill in trio 1 is swapped with trio 2 but no recommended.
V-skill maxing sequence: Spread throw, (explosion stars second when they are out in awake), fuma, darklord scroll, ultimate dark sight, blood for blood, maple warrior goddess, erda nova
V-skill Explanation
Spread Throw: Your quad throw now has 3 more lines of stars coming out. Every hit can proc mark of assassin. This is your main DPS burst output. Ideal skill usage would be awhile the boss is binded/bound and to stand as close as possible to the boss. Skill transparency should be as low as possible for boss visibility during its casting sequence. Damage efficiency is lowered when standing further from a boss.
Fuma Shuriken:Throws out a huge throwing star in the direction char is facing. After the recent update, you can now press fuma shuriken the second time to stop it wherever it is. Should always use upon cooldown even during spread as it increases the number of lines compared to simply using spread for the whole duration.
Dark lord secret scroll: Summons a huge ball in the sky that hits everything with throwing stars and explodes in the end the hit everything again. A rather afk farming skill that is also decent at bossing. To be casted after casting all damage increasing buffs as its damage output is calculated based on damage range at the point of casting.
Explosive stars: Passive 10 lines every 10 seconds. Active with CD 120 sec to be used together with spread throw. Works with all skills. Can be used during training as well to speed up mobbing.

Skill casting sequence
This rotation is based on duration of buffs.
Burst skill casting sequence: basic buffs+ mark of assassin, sharp eye, speed infuse, frailty curse, bleeding toxin, ultimate adventurer, maple warrior goddess, ultimate dark sight, spread throw, explosive stars, blood for blood twice/ terms and condition AB buff depending on your total buff duration %, seed ring, Krr ring (or whenever deemed ideal), spider in mirror, dark lord secret scroll, fuma shuriken, quad throw
During spread throw cd, you should be able to use another terms and conditions + blood for blood + dark lord secret scroll for a mini burst.

Hyper skills
Bossing: Frailty enhance, frailty boss, quad bonus, quad boss, quad reinforce
Training/casual: showdown reinforce, showdown target, showdown enhance, quad throw bonus, quad throw reinforce
Inner ability:
  1. 20% boss
  2. 38% buff duration
  3. 8% damage to monsters inflicted with status (works for bosses)
Training Maps:
1-200 follow normal training guides
200-210: Cave of rest: lower path. Training tips: place dark flare on far right of map hitting two platforms
210-225: Torrent Area 2/3 Training tips: place dark flare on left most platform
225-250: Cave upper path 2. You can flash jump/ double flash jump and showdown from left to right constantly using only two buttons to train for hours. High afkness and can watch shows while training
225-230: Frost and lightening forest 2 possible alternative
230-240: Moras: truefet that day 2 with rope lift rotation with shadow web on the left
240- 250: where life begins 2 with rope lift rotation/ mls 2
250-260: Tenerbis labyrinth Deepest area 3.
260-275 : where the world ends 2-5. rotation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfBoBRZTvv0&t=1237s
credits to vanarisdb
Training tips
-Always put a dark flare on a platform where you can hit as many platforms as possible. In CUP 2, it would be the 1st tiny platform from the far left. Trueffet 2 would be the far bottom right platform.
- Having your mark of assassin one hit monsters is almost always better than training in a map where it takes two hits.
Bossing Tips:
Your main job is to do damage during binds. Call for bind, cast the spread.
Hard Lucid solo by draco NL delgato without BOD ( can no longer stand on far left to wait for skill cd) Watch him down P3 in 20 seconds.
He also has other videos of him soloing hardwill and hard lotus without BOD, do check him out.
jumping up and shadow web + fuma to hit damien in the sky
dark flare to locate damien cuz he's a flakey bitch
dark sight/ultimate darksight in damien/ lotus to dodge dropping projectiles
mihile stance to tank lotus p1 flying robots
shadow web on dropped platform to dodge lotus punch
shadow web into middle of lucid after respawning during resistance link skill i-frame
fuma with intention to clear golems + hit lucid in lucid p1
3rd shade splitter instead of showdown when clearing golems in normal/easy lucid
Hwill and above
Good luck
(to be updated)
Item builds:
Nightlords are HIGHLY reliant on atk % and weapon attack. We have the highest weapon attack multiplier as claw users which is 1.75. With the low base wa on claws, acs claw and Fafnir claw has the least difference between them. A L/L well potted Fafnir claw can easily beat a 22* acs claw L/L with one less line of % attack. Therefore, builds that maximise weapon attack are known to be way more effective on nightlords than any other class. It is important to still have decently high boss dmg % though. A good gauge would be 300% boss attack and everything else % attack. Potential cubing wise, always cube your weapon/secondary/emblem first as the % attack increment as a NL is way more than any other class. There after it would be gloves with crit % damage. All resources should be poured in this general direction.
Set 1: acs claw, acs set including helm exclude/include shoulders, meister shoulders if exclude (similar stats but great potential meister shoulders are way cheaper)
Evaluation: best overall stats, high wa, decent boss atk %
Set 2: fafnir weapon, top and bottom, lucky hat, absolabs/acs set for 4 set faf and 5 set abso/acs set for the double boss damage.
Evaluation: good balance of attack + boss damage. Arguably same output as set 1. My personal set as well. Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMadAk0ie3o for comparison. Credits to VanarisDB of aquila. Rather affordable and accessible to the general population as well.
Set 3: acs weapon + full 15* tyrants + meister set + Fafnir 3 set
Evaluation: Highest raw attack equip set in the game. Don't bother if your tyrants aren't 15* as a 12* tyrant item will almost be the same as a 22* abso part. Worth considering if cannot afford 22* absos but can afford a cheap 12* tyrant. Low boss damage so highly reliant on boss % potentials on claw/secondary. Could double down on atk % for even higher raw range.
Set 4: every other mix doesn’t deserve too much of a mention. Full abso is highly not recommended as Fafnir claw > abso claw with a simple lucky hat and the wa increment from fafnir to abso weapon is not great as well.
Important items as NL:
Throwing stars: at least 8 sets. Save up for the balanced furies/ mtks. Its quite cheap with a vast supply from igacha. If broke, settle for flame throwing stars/ hwabis.
Very Sturdy krr ring. As a job without iframe, this 9 second iframe ring will be your life saviour as well as to maximise dps for 9 seconds.
Adventurer deep dark ring: although not necessary, having this removes the need for phantom link on NL which gives space to other damage boosting links. Arguable best in slot.
Monster park green potion: drink this + speed infusion to hit the max attack speed cap.
Buff freezers/ battle roid: unfortunately, this class is almost complete trash without broid/ buff freezers. One death during a spread throw and your dps is now as much as a beginner using normal attack on king slime.
Breath of divinity Ring: need I say more? I-frameless jobs benefit the most from this ring. In this case, NL.
Reaper's pendent : same explanation as BoD but of lower priority
Important links:
mihile stance - important in many boss fights. Most effective with buff duration
Terms and condition from angelic buster, more effective with buff duration
Mechanic lvl 200 - for 20% buff duration
Wild hunter lvl 200- 20% chance to increase damage by 16% every attack
Resistance links x 4 to jump back into the fight immediately with 8 second iframe during spread throw buff duration - use with shadow web during respawn to jump to the middle of lucid past golems

Thank you for reaching the end of the guide. Enjoy the class and do let me know if you have queries/ questions! Slightly rushed but feel free to let me know of any additional helpful info to add!
will be constantly updated throughout today.
submitted by latioscool56 to MapleSEA

Patch Notes 1.5.08 Org Server

Patch Notes 1.5.08

[From The Designers] - New Mode Is Here

Since the release of Magic Chess, we were once surprised at its charm to players. And this mode has actually affected the core gameplay of Mobile Legends.
To develop a mode which is completely different from the core mode, this is really an experimental thing. For a long time, the improvement to Magic Chess is regarded as a significant task. We hope our efforts will make our players enjoy the game more.
Apart from Magic Chess, we have also heard some voices for other modes.
As a result, here comes the Mirror Mayhem!
A super entertaining game mode combined Mirror Mode with Mayhem Mode!
In the Hero Selection phase, players vote for the hero they would like to use out of a random set of heroes. The hero with the most votes will become the hero that is used by the entire team.
The skill effects, damage and cooldown of all heroes are enhanced so as to make the game much more entertaining.
Heroes start with Lv.4. Players can gain Gold more quickly. The CD of Arrival is shorter. The game will be more fast-paced!
Mirror Mayhem is still under the process of development. We are doing the final adjustments and optimizations to this new mode, including the balancing test. If you have found any bugs or issues in this mode, please report it to us immediately. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.
Enjoy the new mode!

[From The Designers] - A new patch focuses on the Brawl Mode balancing

It has been several months since the last Brawl adjustment. During this period, we have been testing the Magic Chess and another upcoming new mode and have accumulated some effective experience on mode balancing. Although the experience is still not mature enough, we have decided to apply what we have learned in these months to the oldest arcade mode in MLBB - Brawl Mode.
In the past, we thought the balance performance should be almost the same in Brawl Mode and the common modes, so players didn't have to learn how to play Brawl Mode.
But now, we have found some new balancing methods which can make most of the heroes more balanced in different modes.
When we apply these methods to Brawl Mode, what we hope is not to purely change the order on hero tier list but to narrow the gap between the upper heroes and the bottom heroes. Odette and Estes are still powerful, but you can find a way to deal with them now other than dodging!
We hope Brawl players can learn something useful after reading this patch note.

New Magic Chess Little Commander - Yuki, the Snow Witch

Skill 1: [Deadly Snipe] - Active: Usable during the Preparation of each round in Placement Stage, Yuki starts to gather power. When the round begins, she will collect HP from all allied heroes on the chessboard. For each allied hero that she collects power from she deals additional damage to the enemy hero with the highest Power. This skill has a cooldown of 3 rounds.
Skill 2: [Absolute Loyalty] - Active: Usable during the Preparation of each round in Placement Stage. Yuki is able to choose one hero on the chessboard. When the round begins, the chosen hero will self-sacrifice, distributing Mana equally to up to 8 allied heroes nearby according to the chosen hero's star level. This skill has a cooldown of 3 rounds. The effect will be removed when the hero is dragged back to the stock.
Skill 3: [Charming] - Active: Usable during the Preparation of each round in Placement Stage. Yuki is able to grant one hero on the chessboard with a strong, charming ability. When the round begins, the hero will charm the two allied heroes on its left and right side and force them to sacrifice themselves to enhance the charming hero's strength, gaining some of the targets' Max HP and some of their Physical Attack and Magic Power. This skill has a cooldown of 3 rounds. The effect will be removed when the hero is dragged back to the stock.

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

New Hero - Barats, the Dino Rider
The Desert King who can absorb energy and become bigger.
Passive: [I AM BIG!] - Each time Barats and Detona deal damage to a target, Detona gains 1 stack of [Big Guy] for a period of time, capped at 25 stacks. For each stack of [Big Guy]. Detona gains increased body size, Physical & Magic Defense, and Resilience. When [Big Guy] reaches 16 stacks, Detona will [trample] the target with his Basic Attack, dealing extra damage to enemies within a round area and slow them.
Skill 1: [So-Called Teamwork] - Detona spits contaminated oil in the fan-shaped area in front, dealing damage to enemies within the area and slowing them. Then Barats drops the firecracker onto the contaminated oil from his bag and ignites it, dealing damage to enemies within the area. The area of effect of this skill scales with the stack number of [Big Guy].
Skill 2: [Missile "Expert"] - Barats launches a missile to the designated area. Upon landing, a blast of flame spouts out from the rear of the missile, dealing damage to the enemies in a straight line and pushing them toward Barats a certain distance.
Ultimate: [Detona's Welcome] - Detona locks onto an enemy hero. If the target doesn't leave Detona's hunting range within a period of time, Detona will devour the target, suppressing the target for a period of time. During this period, Barats is immune to control effects and unable to move while still being able to turn direction. Then Detona spits the target out a certain distance, dealing damage to the target. If the target is knocked into other enemy heroes or walls, the target and the enemy heroes that it was knocked into will take extra damage and be stunned. The damage of this skill scales with the stack number of [Big Guy]. By learning this skill, Detona gains some stacks of [Big Guy] immediately after each respawn.

ll. Hero Adjustments

[From The Designers]
In this patch, we have optimized some old heroes and nerfed some overpowered heroes in order to provide more choices for players in the Ranked Mode. In future updates, we will continue to optimize the old heroes. Here are our plans:
  1. We will optimize the Hero Rankings on the official website. By doing so, we hope our players can clearly and directly see the current conditions of each hero in the Ranked Mode.
  2. We will continue to optimize the hero capability assessment system which is applied firstly in this patch after its previous optimization). By doing so, we will be able to know the heroes need adjusting better in each patch.
  3. We will try to make the laning more clear and provide choices other than the 1-3-1 laning.
  4. We will open the "Reforge Your Legend" event to let our players vote for the future revamp heroes. For more contents and details, we will introduce them in the future. Thank you for your continued support for MLBB!
Recently we have noticed that many players have difficulties in reading the patch notes. To ease this problem, we are going to try a new describing style:
  1. Replace the skill names with Skill 1, Ultimate, etc.
  2. Use → to indicate the changes.
  3. Use (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate strengthening, nerfing, and adjustments.
In this patch, we have significantly revamped Ruby, Uranus, Atlas, Popol and Kupa, Yu Zhong, Luo Yi, Yi Sun-shin, Ling, Esmeralda, Helcurt, Karina, Natalia, and Vale.
[Ruby] (~)
As a special tank hero, Ruby can restore HP and enhance defense to absorb a large amount of damage by casting skills and leaping continuously. We would like to strengthen her feature. Therefore, we have greatly reduced the cooldown of mana regen speed of her Skill 1 but nerfed her in some other aspects in order to keep the balance. What's more, we have optimized the area of effect of her Skill 2 and the distance of her leaps to make the combo smoother.
Attributes (↑):
Mana Regen per second increased from 2.8 to 5.8.
Skill 1 (↑):
Cooldown adjusted from 6-4 to 4s at all levels.
Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 90% at all levels to 65%-90%.
Skill 2 (↑):
The area of effect increased by 10%.
Passive (↓):
Optimized the distance and speed of her leaps
The Physical & Magic Defense gain adjusted from 23-40 to 12-45
The inherited Physical Lifesteal: 125% → 115%
[Uranus] (↓)
Uranus is a rather tough opponent in the current patch. We want to preserve his HP Regen Speed to deal with continuous damage but nerf his ability to defend burst damage to some extent. Considering that it is not so difficult to defeat him in the late game, we have mainly nerfed the numbers in the early game.
Skill 2 (↓):The base damage that can be absorbed by the energy shield reduced from 400-1000 to 300-750.
Ultimate (↓): Shield and HP Regeneration increase reduced from 50% at all levels to 30%-50%.
[Atlas] (↓)
We have found that it is very hard for the opponents to deal with Atlas when he releases the combo of "Skill 2+Blink+Ultimate". We have nerfed the skill 2 in the combo while keeping it the same for normal cast.
Skill 2 (↓):Use Ultimate in Ejected State: 0.2s stun effect → 40% slow effect
[Popol and Kupa] (~)
In the high-rank matches, Popol and Kupa have always been backing up teammates. We decide to reduce their backing up ability and increase their damage.
Attributes (↓): Kupa inherits 700+120% of Popol's HP → 1300+80% of Popol's HP
Skill 1 (↑): Base Damage: 240-330 → 200-290
Physical Attack Bonus 60% → 75%
Skill 3 (↓): Movement Speed Reduction: 35% → 20%
Ultimate (↑):
Attack Speed gain: 30%-50% → 30%-70%
[Yu Zhong] (↓)
Though being nerfed last time, Yu Zhong still shows his strong ability in high-rank matched. By reducing his mobility, durability, and damage, we hope the opponents can find a way to deal with him.
Passive (↓): Eruption Duration of Sha Residue: 1s → 2s
When Sha Essence is fully charged: Movement Speed gain: 30% → 45% (can only be triggered once and will decay, rapidly in 2s)
Spell Vamp: 20% → 10%
Ultimate (↓): Base Damage dealt in Black Dragon form: 200-360 → 180-310
[Luo Yi] (↓)
Luo Yi is somehow overpowered in this patch. We have slightly reduced her damage and control ability. We hope other Mages can be used more frequently while she is still active in the matches.
Skill 1 (↓): Base Damage 250-450 → 230-430
Skill 2 (↓): Base Damage of the First Damage: 250-350 → 200-280
Magic Power Bonus of the First Damage: 50% → 40%
Reaction damage and distance reduced by 10%
[Yi Sun-shin] (↓)
Currently, Yi Sun-shin is much stronger than other heroes in the early and middle game, especially in the high-rank matches. Therefore, we have nerfed him to some extent and will continue to consider future adjustments according to the performance.
Passive (↓): Critical Damage of the first enhanced attack: 85%-100% → 70%-100%
Skill 1 (↓): 30% Damage Reduction removed
[Ling] (↓)
We believe it is reasonable for Ling to have high damage, but we also hope that the opponents can deal with Ling's assassination to some extent.
Passive (↓): If Ling is controlled on the wall, he will fall onto the ground and be slowed by 30% for 2s
Skill 2 (↓): The delay of casting this skill on walls: 0.4s → 0.5s
Ultimate (↓): Movement Speed gain: 30% → 10%
Optimized the description of Skill 1 and Ultimate
[Esmeralda] (~)
We have fixed the shield limit issue and strengthened the shield provided by her Skill 1.
Skill 1 (~): Shield: 350-700 → 400-750
Fixed the issue where her shield gain can surpass 50% of her Max HP
Optimized skill description
[Helcurt] (~)
As an Assassin that can counter heroes who rely heavily on skills, we think it's reasonable to preserve his silence ability. But currently his Passive is too easily triggered, which makes the opponents hard to deal with him. Therefore, we have made the following adjustments:
Attributes (↑): Attack Speed: 1.0875 → 1.1675
Passive (↓): The enemy can now be silenced only when being controlled
[Karina] (↑)
As a Reap Assassin, Karina's stay line is too low. Once she doesn't slay the enemy successfully with her Ultimate, it will be very difficult for her to find a chance to battle. Thus, we hope the following adjustments will increase her slay line and fault tolerance rate.
Passive (↑): The target's HP lost: 10% → 13%
Ultimate (↑): Cooldown: 36/30/24 → 28/24/20
[Natalia] (~)
Natalia's enhanced Basic Attack has different damage amount in the early and late game. Its critical damage is also hard to predict. We have balanced her damage in different stages in order to enable her users and opponents to predict her damage more precisely.
Passive (~): Damage of enhanced Basic Attack: 270+80% Total Physical ATK → 350+90% Total Physical ATK
Critical Damage: 200% → 140%
[Vale] (↑)
We have balanced the two skill branches and slightly enhanced his farming ability in the early game.
Skill 1 (↑): Mana Cost: 75~100 → 60~85
Base Damage: 230~430 → 250~450
When Damage Range Increase is chosen: Cooldown: 8.5~6s → 5s at all levels
Synchronized the indicator size with the actual range
Skill 2 (~): When Stop-on-hit Effect is chosen, Base Damage of the continuous whirlwind: 60~160 → 90~215
When Knock-airborne Effect is chosen, the airborne duration: 1.2 → 1.1
[Kaja] (↑)
As a Fighter Kaja lacks pushing ability and durability in the early game. Thus, we have strengthened him in these aspects.
Attributes (↑): Base HP: 2459 → 2609
Skill 1 (↑): Base Damage: 120~270 → 135~285
[Kimmy] (~)
The huge gap between her damage in the early and late game has affected the game experience of both her users and opponents. Thus, we have balanced this problem while preserving her high hit chance in the early game.
Basic Attack (~): Total Physical ATK: 35% → 30%~41% (scales with level)
[Martis] (↑)
Martis is relatively weak in the early game. We have reduced the cooldown of his Skill 1, which can trigger his Passive more frequently. We hope this can effectively buff him in the early game.
Skill 1 (↑): Cooldown adjusted from 10-7 to 8-6s
[Terizla] (↑)
Terizla can hardly control the enemies even if his Ultimate has hit them, and his burst interval is relatively long in the late game compared to other heroes of the same type. Hence, we have strengthened the control effect and reduced the cooldown for his Ultimate.
Ultimate (↑): Cooldown adjusted from 48-42 to 48-36s Movement Speed reduction increased by 10% at all levels.
[Claude] (↑)
The last adjustment has made Claude less competitive in the early game. Thus, we have slightly strengthened his Skill 1.
Skill 1 (↑): Attack Speed and Movement Speed gain: 2%~4.5% → 2.5%~5%
[Aldous] (~)
Aldous is relatively weak in the early game, but his enhanced Basic Attack in the late game makes him hard to deal with. Thus, we have reduced the difficulty of farming for him and nerfed his enhanced Basic Attacks.
Skill 1 (~): Base Damage of enhanced Basic Attack: 100~300 → 130~330
Damage increase from each stack of Soul Steal: 8 → 7
[Alpha] (↑)
After the last adjustments on Alpha, we have found that his damage in the late game is still inadequate. Thus, we have increased Beta's damage when Alpha has hit the enemy with his Ultimate. We hope those players who are skilled at Alpha can deal more damage with his Ultimate.
Ultimate (↑): Physical Attack Bonus of the damage dealt by Beta: 270% → 360%
[Minsitthar] (↑)
Minsitthar's high-utility Ultimate makes him not outstanding in solo. The long cooldown also causes his lack of sustained damage. We have adjusted some numbers to optimize him and will consider future adjustments according to his performance.
Skill 2 (↑): Base Damage: 230~455 → 300~450
Cooldown: 9~7 → 8~6
Mana Cost: 60~110 → 50~75
[Gatotkaca] (↓)
As a Tank as well as a Fighter, Gatotkaca's current damage is too high, and his opponents can hardly rush away due to the continuous slow effect of his Skill 1. Therefore, we have made the following adjustments.
Passive (↓): Slightly reduced the damage of the enhanced Basic Attack in the late game
Skill 1 (↓): Slow Effect: 40% → 30%
[Harith] (↑)
Passive (↑): The CC effect duration he receives now correctly varies with the number of enemy heroes nearby.

III. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

  1. Fragment Shop Adjustments on August 26th (Server Time)

Premium Skin Fragment Shop

Will be available: Hayabusa [Spacetime Shadow] and Hylos [Jungle Watcher]
Will be unavailable: Akai [Summer Party]

Rare Skin Fragment Shop

Will be available: Chou [Go Ballistic], Saber [Force Warrior], Layla [Bunny Babe], Aurora [Heartbreak Empress], and Argus [Dark Draconic]
Will be unavailable: Alucard [Viscount], Franco [Apocalypse], Zilong [Eastern Warrior]. Fanny [Royal Cavalry], and Irithel [Nightarrow]

Hero Fragment Shop

Will be available: Esmeralda, Atlas, Moskov, Lunox, Natalia, and Lancelot
Will be unavailable: Pharsa, Angela, Wanwan, Carmilla, Cecilion, and Baxia.
Esmeralda's Starlight Skin "Cleopatra", the September Exclusive Starlight Skin, will be available on Official Server and Advanced Server on September 1st (Server Time).
Carmilla's Skin "Magician Girl" will be available on August 25th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.
Carmilla and skin "Magician Girl" will be in a bundle and available on August 25th (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Free Heroes

Server Time 8/28/2020 05:01:00 to 9/4/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
8 Free Heroes: Hayabusa; Fanny; Roger; Lancelot; Esmeralda; Angela; Zhask; Wanwan
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chou; Baxia; Lapu-Lapu; Faramis; Hanzo; Terizla
Server Time 9/4/2020 05:01:00 to 9/11/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
8 Free Heroes: Granger; Atlas; Minotaur; Helcurt; Johnson; Masha; Khufra; Hanzo
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Harley; Hanabi; X.Borg; Selena; Kagura; Sun
Server Time 9/11/2020 05:01:00 to 9/18/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
8 Free Heroes: Natalia; Pharsa; Hilda; Vexana; Lesley; Lylia; Kaja; Guinevere
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Aurora; Kadita; Akai; Belerick; Granger; Jawhead
Server Time 9/18/2020 05:01:00 to 9/25/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
8 Free Heroes: Atlas; Gatotkaca; Lunox; Popol and Kupa; Dyrroth; Badang; Uranus; Ling
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Estes; Grock; Yi Sun-shin; Kaja; Helcurt; Chang'e

IV. Battlefield Adjustments

  1. Eliminating enemies with high net worth now grants more bonus gold.
  2. Optimized the walls in Imperial Sanctuary and The Celestial Palace.
  3. Optimized the visual effect in Western Desert.
  4. The numbers of HP Regen and Mana Regen are now shown every 1 second instead of every 5 seconds. (Regen effects stay the same as before.)
  5. The Attack Speed number on the in-battle interface is the same as the actual number now (instead of being multiplied by 0.8). The actual effect remains the same.
  6. Optimized the navigation mechanism for minions. Their routes are more reasonable now.
1. Glowing Wand
Unique Passive: Scorch - The damage increase upon the same target for multiple times reduced from 2.5% to 2%.
2. Queen's Wings
Unique Passive: Demonize - Damage reduction adjusted from 50% to 40%. Physical Lifesteal gain adjusted from 30% to 40%. Cooldown adjusted from 50 to 60s. Added an icon reminder when the skill is ready.
[Bug Fix]
  1. Optimized the navigation mechanism for creeps. Fixed the issue where the creeps may leave combat when chasing the enemy.
  2. Fixed the issue where the chosen skill branches of Vale are not triggered.
  3. Fixed the issue where Thamuz's "Molten Scythes" cannot be used in some cases.
  4. Fixed the issue where Karina's location can be seen by enemies in some special cases.
  5. Fixed the issue where Endless Strike cannot be stacked up when Freya and Badang are equipped with Golden Staff in some instances.
  6. Fixed the abnormal animation when Irithel's Ultimate, Winter Truncheon, and Cyclone Eye are simultaneously triggered.
  7. Fixed the incorrect damage number of Khaleed's Passive icon
  8. Fixed the issue where the hero is raised on the battlefield in some cases.
  9. Fixed the abnormal warning frame when the hero is on the edge of the bush near the Mid Lane Turret.
  10. Fixed the occasional lag issue in some of the bushes.

V. System Adjustments

  1. Fixed the abnormal hero avatar in the hero list on the Build screen.
  2. AFK Rule Modification
a. In Draft Pick, if you lose a match due to an AFK player who isn't teamed up with you, you will not lose a star. This effect can be triggered only 1 time each week.
b. In Draft Pick AFK players will not receive Battle Points and EXP, and their shares will be redistributed to players who are not teamed up with them.
  1. Test is coming soon for low Credit Score players when they unlock Ranked Mode.
  2. Updated the squad icon on the main screen.
  3. Game environment purification
Now you can report other player's personal status again. Optimized blocked words. New function: Report Group Avatar Players who send inappropriate messages in the battlefield will be muted now.
  1. Added Protection Points to Mythic Rank. The Protection Card is available for Mythic Rank now.
  2. The newly-obtained heroes can be used in Ranked Mode only after they are used in at least 2 Classic/Brawl matches.
  3. Optimized the penalty criteria of intentional feeding and inactive performance
  4. Friend function optimization
a. Increased the follow limit. Each time you have one more friend, you can follow one more player.
b. Added the pop-up notice when you are going to reach the friend limit
c. Canceled the cooldown after removing friends
d. The friends who have a remark will be displayed at the top of your friend list now.
e. The records of the matches played with your friend are displayed in "Related to Me" of your friend's profile now.
  1. Group function optimization
a. After joining a group, you can choose whether to display the group in the friend list on the main screen in "My Group" page.
  1. Lobby function optimization
a. Now you can receive invitations from friends when you are alone in the lobby.
b. The information on the kills and assists in the last match of teammates will be shown in the lobby now.
  1. Hero Power
a. Added the Hero Power Rules in "My Power in the Hero Leaderboards
b. In order to reduce score cheating, when you surrender or lose a match in a very short time, the Hero Power will be deducted normally.
  1. Players who have made violations will be listed and shown to all soon.
  2. Optimized the layout of the profile interface for the Arabian version.
  3. Players whose Credit Score is higher than 100 will not gain Credit Score by logging in the game.
  4. Optimized the display of Credit Score Deduction Rate and Daily Restore Limit of Credit Score
  5. If players who have high Credit Score Deduction Rate have made violations in matches their Credit Score deduction will be more severe (whether being reported or not).
  6. Credit Score cannot be restored in VS Al mode when it is higher than 70.
  7. Optimized the visual effect of "One More Game" on the post-game screen.
  8. Optimized the in-battle shop The recommended equipment list will be switched immediately after you switch build plans.
  9. Fixed the issue where the default map will be changed to The Celestial Palace when switching from higher quality graphics to lower-quality graphics.
  10. There will be a red dot reminder when the daily share task is not completed.
  11. Added the progress reminder of the achievement "Sharer" after sharing successfully.
  12. Fixed the issue where the teammates can ban the same hero in Draft Pick
  13. Fixed the misplaced chat after two players swap positions in Draft Pick.

[Brawl Mode]

[From The Designers] -- A new patch focuses on the Brawl Mode balancing
It has been several months since the last Brawl adjustment. During this period, we have been testing the Magic Chess and another upcoming new mode and have accumulated some effective experience on mode balancing. Although the experience is still not mature enough, we have decided to apply what we have learned in these months to the oldest arcade mode in MLBB -- Brawl Mode. In the past, we thought the balance performance should be almost the same in Brawl Mode and the common modes, so players didn't have to learn how to play Brawl Mode. But now, we have found some new balancing methods which can make most of the heroes more balanced in different modes. When we apply these methods to Brawl Mode, what we hope is not to purely change the order on hero tier list but to narrow the gap between the upper heroes and the bottom heroes. Odette and Estes are still powerful, but you can find a way to deal with them now other than dodging! We hope Brawl players can learn something useful after reading this patch note.
Revitalize - Restoration reduced by 50%
Flameshot - Cooldown increased by 50%, Damage reduced by 25%
Aegis - Shield effect for allied heroes adjusted from 50% to 25%
[Strengthened Heroes]
Natalia: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt+8%, Damage Taken-5%
Aldous: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-8%
Chou: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-8%
Karina: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt+8%
Fanny: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt+8%
Zilong: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-5%
Jawhead: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-5%
Kaja: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-5%
Esmeralda: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-5%
Harith: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt+8%
Grock: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-3%
Harley: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt+3%
Granger: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-3%
Helcurt: No Adjustment → Damage Taken-3%
[Weakened Heroes]
Odette: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt-5%, Damage Taken+5%
Estes: No Adjustment → Healing Effect-5%, Damage Taken+5%
Bane: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt-5%, Damage Taken+5%
Vexana: No Adjustment → Damage Taken+8%
Zhask: No Adjustment → Damage Taken+8%
Uranus: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt-5%
Hanabi: No Adjustment → Damage Taken+5%
Cecilion: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt-3%
Hanzo: No Adjustment → Damage Taken+3%
Chang'e: No Adjustment → Damage Dealt-3%
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