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The software reduces errors in database development while improving productivity and simplifying data modeling. Gbenga Ajakaye Oct 31, 2020 10: 08 AM ( in response to 3336561 ) Check out this link with steps HTML, RTF, PDF Reports - Toad Data Modeler 5.2 User Guide. Toad Data Modeler 3 Serial Keygen Software. Toad Data Modeler 5.0 - Toad Data Modeler 5.0 Installation. Data Modeler (erwin DM) is an award-winning data modeling tool used to find, visualize, design, deploy and standardize high-quality enterprise data assets.

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This data modeling tool enables you to easily deploy accurate changes to data structures across more than 20 different platforms. The most popular versions among the program users are 5.1, 5.0 and 4.3. Free Trial Fotosifter (40% OFF when you buy). Toad data modeler 5 0 keygen. Toad Data Modeler enables users to reverse engineer database structures, update models, design and generate SQL, compare models and generate alter scripts, create.

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I have a Subversion repository and trying to connect using my windows login (WHich works otherwise) but is failing when using with SQL Developer. Dell Toad Data Modeler version by Dell - How to check this site out. See for yourself how to: Simplify database modeling and design; Create high-quality logical and physical data models; Visualize and understand data structures and relationships; Deploy accurate changes to the data. System Requirements Minimal Requirements Optimal; Memory: 1 GB: 4 GB: Hard Disk Space: 400 MB: 1 GB: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit. Toad Data Modeler Full Crack https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=227.

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If this is the case it is usually included in the full download archive itself. Toad Data Modeler has 1 inventory records, 0 Questions, 0 Blogs and 0 links. Toad Data Modeler v (x64 & x86) + Crack Easy-to-use, cross-platform database modeling software. The Toad Data Point traditional interface provides ultimate flexibility and a deep breadth of functionality - like data compare, import/export and data profiling. Airport enhancement services crack.

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Customers under current support maintenance. Gain an easy-to-use data. Toad Data Modeler enables users to reverse engineer more than 20 different databases, design and generate SQL, create HTML or RTF reports, and generate data flow diagrams, in addition to versioning of. Toad data modeler freeware mac To continue to call or raise considering a hand was very sturdy early is very unprofitable. Toad data modeler 5 0 keygen music - Disculpame xtreme mp3 music downloads.

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View all 1 answers on this topic. Increase your database development process speed by up to 40% and become truly agile. EF Commander 19.03 Activation Code 2020 with Full Crack Mac Download, Audio Player, Product. It allows you to construct logical and physical data models, compare and synchronize models, quickly generate complex SQL/DDL, create and modify scripts, as well as reverse and forward engineer both databases. The Guide To Resume Tailoring.

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It also allows developers to easily deploy databases by offering a sophisticated visual data modeling environment. Getting the application on the system is an easy task that requires you to follow the instructions on the screen; during the procedure you can also select the databases you want the program to integrate support for. See Help for more information. Toad for Oracle Base Edition Provides time-saving functionality to help you create and maintain PL/SQL code. Discover and document any data from anywhere for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data integration, master data management, metadata management, Big Data, business intelligence and.

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Your computer will be at risk getting infected with spyware, adware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, dialers, etc while you are searching and browsing these illegal sites which distribute a so called keygen, key generator, pirate key. Many downloads like Dell Toad Data Modeler may also include a serial number, cd key or keygen. Cracked Full Version - Offline Installer - High Speed. Foxit Phantom Pdf Suite 2.0 Keygen; Top 10. Also the program is known as "Toad Data Modeler.

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Total downloads: 792 (6 last week) Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. MB - Date: 9/20/2020 1: 03: 07 PM). Informatica Persistent Data Masking is rated 8.0, while Toad Data Modeler is rated 9.0. Toad Data Modeler 6.5 - User Guide - Quest Support https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=223. Toad Data Modeler Toad Data Modeler helps you create high-quality data models and easily deploy accurate changes to data structures at a fraction of the cost of many other.

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The software lies within Development Tools, more precisely Database Tools. Installer (64-bit) Return. The business data modeler must have 3-5 years of experience working on data modeling complex financial instruments, party, agreement and other business concepts in an investment bank. Toad Authorization Key Generator is a software used to generate Authorization Key according to Site Message for various Toad Software. If they are upgrading their current installation which has Toad Data Modeler 6.5 with the new installer, the new installer will not remove the old version of Toad Data Modeler v6.5, but it will not upgrade this version to version 7.0.

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Deployment Tips (0) Most Common Setup Type. If you search a warez download site for. Create high quality data models and easily deploy accurate changes to data structures. Free Database Modeling Tool. Our results are updated in real-time and rated by our users.

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Trophy gallery, part 2 (With help from u/Gwultz)

(Thank you to u/Gwultz for helping me with these trophy descriptions. Huge shout out to 'em.) With that being said, here's "Best of the Smash AU trophy gallery, part 2."

Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Doctor Zomboss
Full name Edgar George Zomboss. This postmortem brainiac maniac graduated from college at the top of his thanatology class, and immediately set about the construction of a powerful Zombot mech and a massive zombie army, seeking to dominate his local suburban subdivision. Short in stature and in temper, Zomboss is quick to berate his zombie troopers whenever a plan to beat the plants goes pear-shaped. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
King Knight
Once thought to be the champion who would save the valley from the Enchantress, King Knight let his pride and ambition go to his head, and soon turned against the people to join her evil Order of no Quarter. Cocky, blustering, and eager to set straight any who dare to knock him from his usurped throne, this gilded goon is a force to be reckoned with, even in spite of his soft spot for his beloved mother. First appearance: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
Coming from a long line of evil tyrants , Kaos strives to defeat the Skylanders and conquer the Skylands once and for all, both to satiate his own pride and to one-up his much more successful family. Though his arrogance and lack of evil street-smarts often comes back to bite him, he is still not to be underestimated. His DOOMSHARKS are a sight to behold! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure (console edition)
The two warring deities of light and dark, Galeem and Dharkon, were so preoccupied with their battle against the Smash Brothers and each other that they were thoroughly unprepared for Ultron (now possessing the body of YHVH) infecting them both with his highly advanced new Ultron virus. Seeking to satisfy his own morbid curiosity as well as defeat the Smashers, the AI fused the two gods into Ahlgon, God of dusk. With both gods still locked in bitter combat inside this unstable fusion, Ahlgon is constantly at war within itself, and now craves the bitter yet merciful embrace of death even as it lashes out at the Smashers with everything it has. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Makoto Yuuki (Persona series)
This second year student is different than most: Having a bit of Death trapped within him, he found the Ability to form bonds with others. First appearance: Persona 3
This cherry loving Stand user had 50 days of friendship, before he sacrificed himself to reveal the stand ability of DIO. First appearance: Jojo's bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
One of the primary commanders of the Subspace army, Duon packs two varieties of punch. His blue half can cleave foes in two with a flurry of sword strikes and charge attacks, while his pink half can lay down hurt from afar using two arm cannons and a mortar integrated into his head. Neo Tabuu expended plenty of Shadow Bugs in order to bring Duon back, but as a result of the damage sustained in his first bout against the Smashers on the battleship Halberd, Duon has gone from strong-but-silent war machine to chipper, occasionally snarky assistant bot, though he retains his deadly combat ability and loyalty to Tabuu. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You thought that it was a different trophy, but it was him! DIO (all caps necessary) has been the vampiric mortal foe of the Jojo family line for generations. Though he doesn't have Death himself on his side like a certain other vampire, he does have a flair for the dramatic, significant physical prowess, and a powerful stand that allows him to freeze time for ten seconds. However, he's quite cocky, which tends to be his downfall more often than not. So, kind of like Dracula, but with a bit of Bowser thrown in, which would explain his passing resemblance to one of the Koopa King's alternate skins.... First appearance: Jojo part 1
Henry Stickmin
A kleptomaniacal stick figure with plenty of adventures under his belt, Henry's gotten himself in and out of too many jams to count. Stealing gems, busting out of prisons, bringing down criminal organizations, you name it, he's done it, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his wildly unpredictable luck. Though Henry started out as a simple petty thief, later games in his series would allow players to set him on more altruistic paths. One has to wonder, what's next for him? First appearance: Breaking the Bank (or crossing the pit if you want to get technical)

Yang Xiao Long
Ruby's older sister, and quite the brawler! With her dual shotgun gauntlets, Ember Celica, she can hit quite hard. And with her semblance, Burn, you can bet she's a bartender's worst nightmare! First appearance: Yellow trailer, or RWBY Volume 1
He has chortles! This green Beanbean Kingdom Resident fights using his vaccum helmet, and an arrangement of technology! First appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Aperture Science Turret
Standing guard over the long abandoned testing facilities of Aperture Science, these Turrets operate on a simple, yet effective, subroutine: if something catches their eye, they'll shoot. Simple as that. Each turret eschews the traditional gunpowder-using chamber mechanism in favor of launching bullets with springs. Though each projectile packs way less of a punch because of this, it allows them to store 100% more bullet per bullet. First appearance: Portal
Kaos tasked this big bot with drilling for the lost city of Arkus at his big rig. Drill-X often got bored with the monotonous process, and attempted to alleviate his boredom by picking up a side career in rapping, so don't be surprised if he spits fire as hot as the fireballs launched from his drill during battles against him. After being defeated by the Giants and taking on the brief career as a chef, Drill-X returned as part of the Neo Subspace army, integrating himself into Metal Gear REX to dish out twice the painful payback. First appearance: Skylanders Giants (console edition)
Star allies sparkler
You thought the Dragoon and the friend star packed a pink punch? Take a look at this baby! By harnessing the power of their best friendships, Kirby and his Star allies transformed the friend star into this new vehicle to chase after Void Terminia. With the ability to fire powerful charged unison blasts and fly at the speed of light, the Neo Subspace Army got a firsthand taste of friendship power at the wings of this baby in chapter 999: The great invasion 2: electric boogaloo. Even I have to say it, that scene was awesome! First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
Hole punch (Paper Mario)
Hole punch loves to jam out to some sick beats! In the Neo Subspace army, he serves under King Olly AND Neo Tabuu! First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King (2020)
Belle Fontire
Tascorp's very own Meta Runner was actually on the heroes side during Subspace 2. The only thing that matches her gaming skill is her attitude! First appeareace: Meta Runner (2019)
Fall Guy (alt one)
The Fall Guys game show was rife with a variety of comical yet painful booby traps, ranging from bouncy bumpers to swinging wrecking balls, and Fall Guy can wield and deploy all of them as part of his move set. This is a bit of a triple-edged sword: these traps can launch him around just as much, but Fall Guy has the unique ability to deal damage to enemies he gets launched into. Sometimes it's worth taking a knock on the noggin to close out that final win! First appearance: Fall Guys
Doctor Zomboss (alt 2)
When Zomboss was called into another dimension by Neo Tabuu, he had fully expected to leave the Subspace demigod speechless with his intellect and zombie army. However, it was the Doctor who was left speechless, as the neon butterfly of death threw him out on his ear. Fuming from this humiliation, the brainiac maniac found a kindred spirit in Kaos, who was similarly rejected. Though the two at first bickered over who would conquer where and who was the bigger evil genius, both undead and dark portal master soon found that they had plenty in common, such as hatred of a bearded arch-enemy's army and the incompetence of their minions, and hit it off swimmingly from there. Now the dastardly duo seek to put pay to both the Smash Brothers and the Neo Subspace Army, and rule over all worlds for all time. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
Ruby Rose (Alt 2)
Ruby has seen death itself now. ANd now, in her Mistral outfit, she's ready to take on anything! (Yet the dead are still alive) and she's ready to help the heroes! First appearance: RWBY volume 1
Wheatley (Portal)
Wheatley is now in control of the facility, and Neo Tabuu makes sure to check on him and his little death traps. Wheatley was secretly planning on getting his vengeance on GlaDoS, and the person who threw him into space.
Bare Endo
Though we at Fazbear incorporated make our top priority to bring food, fantasy, and fun to families of all shapes and sizes, we still have a business to run, so you'll have to understand if renting out our beloved characters through our patented Special Delivery app is a touch above your budget. But that doesn't mean we can't offer a more affordable option to bring yourself some joy! Introducing Friendo Endo! Available for rent at a discounted price from the rest of your Fazbear Friends, Endo won't let his lack of a costume stop him from giving you a fun time, and you can dress him however you want! And for a small additional fee, we'll send him to your home decked out with the latest in AnimStealth technology. Friendo Endo, the latest addition to the Fazbear Family, dedicated to bringing you Food, Fantasy, and Fun! (Brought to you in partnership with the Neo Subspace Army. Warning: Fazbear incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if Endo goes haywire, including damage to hearing sustained from his stunning sonic screech. Remember: you can't prove anything!) First appearance: FNAF 2
Neo Tabuu puts these walking bundles of shadow bugs back into the fray as cannon fodder, but due to his more limited supply of power, these guys are a little less concentrated, from a literal and figurative sense. They'll just as often engage in dress-up as they will attack you, and one even joins Captain Goomba against the Subspace Army. They just don't make em like they used to, I suppose... First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hyness and his three Mage generals were banished by the ancients for resorting to drastic measures to stop a great galactic crisis, and the leader of the Jamba cult was driven mad by this injustice. Seeking to get revenge on them, Hyness attempted to summon the dark God of destruction Void Termina, the strongest warrior in the galaxy Galacta Knight, and even sought to draw upon power from Another Dimension, corrupting him and his Mages in the process. Thankfully, Kirby and his friends defeated the officiant of doom and his generals at every turn, eventually purifying them with his friend hearts. Hyness is now back to being the kind soul he used to be, but he can still be a bit senile.... First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
The Necrodancer
Once a humble bard named Octavian, the mad whispers of the golden lute warped his mind, body, and soul. Now standing guard over his crypt, the Necrodancer raises an army of undead and monsters with his malicious melodies, and any who try to take his lute will be on the receiving end of of a deadly power chord! First appearance: Crypt of the Necrodancer
Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Young Anakin
Before he was the towering dark lord of the Sith, or even before he was the trusted Jedi partner of Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker was a child, just like you or me. Born into a life of slavery, young Ani spends his time scavenging for parts to tinker with, and he's surprisingly resourceful for a boy his age, having built a protocol droid and repaired a defunct pod racer all on his own. However, his unnaturally high midichlorian count, as well as his desire to deliver him and his mother to better lives at any cost, serve as sobering reminders to his final destiny. First appearance: Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace
A vicious, cold-blooded predator, Dennis makes his living as an assassin and hired thug, and he really enjoys his work. In addition to his combat knife, he also makes use of his spiky boots to literally stomp out his targets. Holding a major chip on his shoulder ever since SpongeBob and Patrick managed to slip away from him, Dennis is determined to always get his man. First appearance: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Bowser's castle hangout
It's true what they say, "A koopas home is his castle." The infamous king Bowser Koopa spends most of his time here waiting for Mario to show up and rescue Peach. Pick your poison wisely when fighting on this perilous stage. The left side is populated with firebars and Thwomps looking to catch unsuspecting guests. The right side seems much more innocuous, but keep an eye on that axe- one good hit will send it tipping over, knocking the bridge out. It'll come back eventually of course, but anyone standing there when it collapses will take an extra steamy lava bath! First appearance: Super Mario Bros.
An annual contest where builders from all around the world show off their skills, the big winners of Endercon get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the famous warrior of the Order of the Stone, Gabriel. A large central platform will instantly be constructed in the middle for fighters to duke it out, but plenty of builds will show up for you to stand on, be them on or off the stage. Just don't get too comfy on them, cause they'll soon be taken down for the next build to take their time in the sun. First appearance: Minecraft story mode
Rubber band
One of the members of King Olly's legion of stationary, Rubber Band fancies themself an entertainer, even though their stage plays are all designed to bring an end to their King's most persistent foe, Mario. Pull back the proverbial gossamer curtain with the 1000-fold arms will reveal the elastic entertainers significantly less impressive true form, but they won't simply give up there, and will launch themselves into the portly plumber at the speed of sound for big damage. First appearance: Paper Mario: the origami king
Robo Right Hand Man
Even Henry defeating him on the Toppat airship isn't enough to put this persistent thug down for keeps. Brought back to life as a cyborg, RHM now has several powerful weapons integrated directly into his body, notably rocket thrusters and a laser eye. Depending on what choices the player made after defeating him, ol' Righty could end up as the new boss of the Toppats, or even working alongside Henry. First appearance: Completing the Mission
Night guard office
A simple desk equipped with buttons to close the heavy duty doors and a security monitor, this office has served many a Fazbear night watchman well, or so the company claims. As a stage, fighters will be shrunken down to fit on the desk. Just be sure to hit the door buttons when you spot an animatronic in the doorway! While they'll pay no mind to you, the nasty sight will leave fighters paralyzed for a time.
hey, izanos! It's everyone's favorite Pa_er Mario boss, Doo_liss! This ghouls _owers go behind even sha_eshifting, as he can steals someone's name and body easy as _ie! Though Doo_liss had a bit of an aloof, _unkish streak, he did turn over a new leaf by the end of his home game and and started a career acting in _lays. Maybe that's why _eo_le were so _leased to see him make a _layable debut here! First a_earance: Pa_er Mario: the thousand year door
sssss.... KAPOW! That's the sound a creeper will make when it sneaks up behind you and combusts without warning, depriving you of all your things and sending you right back to your bed. Fans of Minecraft love to hate the creeper so much, it's seen as an unofficial mascot for the game. Just don't be so mad at them you lose your cool and try to strike them with lightning, or you'll charge them right up. The only thing rarer than a charged Creeper is a player who survives an encounter with one! First appearance: Minecraft
Tourist trap island
This Neighborville tourist hotspot just sort of showed up one day, but who can resist a lovely tropical island? However, it's not all fun and games in paradise, as the evil Doctor Zomboss has staffed the island with his loyal undead minions, and seeks to use his diabolical weather machine to leave any passing cruise ships stranded as brain meals! As a stage, fighters will be caught in unpredictable gale force winds at the base of the primary storm machine. Keep that switch pushed into the off setting, or you'll spend more time getting pushed around then you will fighting. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Aw, isn't this just the most adorable little thing?.... Actually, not really. With its creepy vacant stare and needle-sharp teeth, Plushtrap was presumably an ill-fated attempt by Fazbear Incorporated to break into the world of marketable plushes. Still, at least it's not out to murder you like the animatronic it's based off of. Hold on, did it just move? First appearance: FNAF 4
Trash and the gang
Budget options for the budding pizzeria owner, Trash and the gang are.... I mean.... They're better than nothing, I suppose. They don't sing, they don't dance, they don't even stay together half the time, but they'll do until you can get some proper moolah under your belt. Even when they returned in the Ultimate Custon Night, the only way they could hinder players was by making distracting noise. I'm not sure these guys will live on in the hearts of children. First appearance: FNAF pizzeria simulator
King Boo
The spectral monarch of all ghosts, King Boo once tried to trick Mario into being trapped in a haunted mansion, only to be foiled by his brother Luigi. This left the ghost King with a major bone to pick against the number 2 plumber, and he's hounded poor Luigi to the ends of the earth ever since, hoping to extract revenge. Armed with his power-enhancing crown and mighty illusionary powers, this is one Boo you definitely wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and even staring him right in the eyes won't keep you safe from him for long. First appearance: Luigi's Mansion
Doctor Zomboss (alt 1)
Zomboss is more of a hands-off type of commander, preferring to hang back and pummel plants from afar with a barrage of projectiles. Thrown wrenches and zombie heads do the job nicely, but for something a little meatier, he can whip out on of many miniature Zombot heads to launch more powerful projectiles depending on what Zombot it is, such as fire breath, missiles, or an incursion of imps. To keep enemies from reaching him before he can start firing away, Zomboss relies on the other half of his arsenal: Zombie summoning. Bucket headed Meatshields, lightning fast Pole vaulters, or more unorthodox picks like Jesters and Jack-in-the-boxers, one thing is for sure, they'll lay down massive hurt while Zomboss plugs away!
Zombot's wrath
Breaking open the Smash Ball as Doctor Zomboss will summon his most powerful creation to the battlefield: The Zombot 9000. Bombarding the stage with elemental breath attacks while summoning huge waves of zombies, foes are sure to get stomped one way or another. For the figurative cherry on top, the Zombot throws a Winnebago before flying away, launching whoever gets hit and ensuring some poor soul has to live with insurance premiums that go through the roof.
A cold and callous shell of a man, Takaya is the leader of Strega, a group who stands in opposition to S.E.E.S and seeks to bring about the fall of man. Takaya lacks empathy, seeing anything not done for one's own gain or indulgence as useless, and holds the bitter and nihilistic view that all of humankind craves death. Unlike S.E.E.S, Takaya doesn't need an evoker to summon his Persona, which may be for the best. Imagine if he confused it with his revolver, or vice versa! Actually, that'd probably make him much easier to deal with. First appearance: Persona 3
The Lich (EtG)
Awaiting all worthy challengers in the depths of Bullet Hell is the Lich, the timeless and immortal master of the Gungeon. Some think that this Revenant with a revolver used to be the first who conquered the Gungeon, but it's doubtful that any can confirm these claims, and the Lich himself isn't telling. With a supremely steady eye and the itchiest trigger finger you've ever seen, defeating the Lich is an impossibility for all but a master marksman. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
This tool is one of few things that allow a Persona user to call upon their Persona in the real world. Despite its resemblance to a pistol, this is purely for show, and the user is in no danger when they point it at themselves and pull the trigger. However, it does force the user to subconsciously confront the possibility that they may die there, and these feelings of stress are what allow their Persona to surface. First appearance: Persona 3
Rival to SMG4, this mad machinimist wants payback against him ever since he got caught stealing content. He's made a few attempts to go straight, but circumstances have turned against him as of recent, tragically setting him firmly on the path of do-baddery. Though his scheme have had limited success in the past, he might just be able to harness the power of the YouTube Remote to turn the tables on his more popular counterpart and establish an iron grip over YouTube once and for all. Fun fact: he has a doctorate in psychology! First appearance: SMG4 vs SMG3 (SMG4 series)
Captain Smasher
The nastiest undead menace to ever set sail, Captain Smasher was sealed away for many years, only to be freed by the Dave-bot 9000 as part of a misheard request for Crazy Dave's birthday gift. Armed with a cannon and a craving for vitamin C, this cruel captain is immune to damage unless you vanquish his cursebearers first. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Bullet Kin
These adorable little guys make up the first line of defense for the Gungeon, but don't let this looks fool you. Bullet kin, like all Gundead, are belligerent by nature, so don't be afraid to show them who's boss. Though Bullet Kin are simple enough opponents on their own, huge numbers can easily overwhelm an unprepared Gungeoneer, and some can come with rapid fire capabilities or the foresight to lead their shots to boot. To make a long story short, cuddling is a bad idea. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
The gun that can kill the past
Contained in a musty chest hidden in the depths of the fifth chamber of the Gungeon, TGTCKTP, rather than shooting the enemy, shoots its wielder back in time to the moment of their greatest regret. Even though such an artifact has driven many to madness trying and failing to find and use it, you'd be surprised at what people would be willing to go through for that second shot. Matter of fact, maybe if I..... What am I saying?! Never mind. Just know that to find and use this gun to its full potential is a great feat indeed. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
An unnerving create of Subspace that hangs from seemingly endless marionette strings, lashing out with claws and lasers. Rumor has it that Fazbear Incorporated established a partnership with the Neo Subspace army in exchange for the army not suing them for reasons relating to this freakish foe. Puppits are a touch more unpredictable than their last appearance, and will sometimes latch on to fighters without warning. Yikes! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Spell Punks
Mysterious mages that hail from the Skylands, Spell Punks each have mastery over one element. You can tell them apart by their distinctive colors and different abilities. Air Punks speed up their allies, Life Punks heal them, Magic conceals, Earth shields, Undead summon undead minions, tech locks on to their enemies with mighty sky lasers, water freezes foes, and Fire rapidly shoots flame bursts. Got it? Good! Now just try to remember all that when you have an army Bearing down on you as those Punks hide in the back, providing support and covering fire! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Another returning Subspace goon, Armight neglected to bring all too many new tricks for this game. His mustache is slightly fancier and he'll sometimes attack all around him with a spinning headbutt,mbut he mostly just sticks to his old attacks of slashing and throwing swords. Some may call him archaic, but he calls it honorable, and there's something to be said about how he can hold his own amidst all his peers and their innovations. Good on you, Armight! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Nyx avatar
The incomplete bringer of Erebus, made manifest by humanity's desire for death, Nyx is progenitor of the dark hour and the resultant shadows. If S.E.E.S wish to save all of humankind, they must scale Tarterus once more and cast Nyx back to whence it came. Though Nyx's influence and power has waned ever since it was brought into the world of trophies, it still holds immense almighty power, especially when Scissors channels their deathly energies through his dual blades. First appearance: Persona 3
Fa-shwing! Let's go, bub! This copyright-friendly troll enemy is one of the heavy hitters of Kaos' army. The claw on his right arm allows it to let loose with many a powerful combo, and the shield on his left can deflect attacks. He lowers it when he's about to strike though, and that's your chance to shred him right back. Even though Trollverine is annoying to deal with, at least that helmet of his looks cool. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Goliath Drow
Living up to his name, this deluxe-sized Drow trades the finesse of his smaller brethren for raw power. A shame he puts that strength to use working for the forces of darkness, because he'd be quite a boon as a handyman. As it stands though, those guards on his forearms give his charge attack some extra "oomph," and there's no way to knock him out of it- When taking a stand against this Titan, you either move or get moved. If you're unlucky, Goliath Drow may come partnered with Life Spell Punks who'll heal them up, just for an extra kick in the teeth. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Jack Frost
Hee-ho! One of the most iconic demons to ever appear in an ATLUS title, Jack Frost is a mythical trickster of snow and ice. Naturally, he packs several powerful Bufu spells that he can use to freeze enemies right in their tracks. His fame even extends to his own universe, as there's plenty of merchandise of him to be found. But wait, I though most normal people were unaware of shadows like him! Hmm... Something's fishy here. First appearance: Shin Megami Tensai
Despacito Spiderlings
Offspring of the more threatening Despacito Spider, these little buggers swarm a target en masse, hoping to defeat it with sheer numbers. Though they lack the mental compulsion abilities of their fully grown form, they do pack something far more horrifying: the implication that these things breed. I'm not sure I want to know, really.... First appearance: Roblox
Right Hand Man
Second in command of the Toppats and best friend of Reginald, no one actually knows RHM's true name. One thing that is known about him is his dedication to the Toppat cause and deadly fighting ability. A physical powerhouse who packs hefty firearms and advanced combat techniques like reflectors and shockwaves, you'd do well not to trifle with him, or he'll hound you to the ends of the earth to get payback. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
Master Kohga
*After the Sheikah tribe failed to stop the great Calamity from ravaging Hyrule, the people turned against the advanced monks. Though some stayed dedicated to the cause of protecting the people, others grew bitter and sought revenge, forming a subsect known as the Yiga clan who worshipped Ganon and attacking anyone they came across. Formed by many deadly assassins and blademasters, none is more dangerous than Master Kohga, who wields the ancient Sheikah techniques of force shields, levitation, and magnetization with practice and skill in battle against the hero of the wilds. Well, maybe not TOO much skill. Just bop him while his projectiles hover over him, and see what I mean. First appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Galleom 2.0
This classic Subspace war machine spent some time as a spirit after being defeated by three traveling swordsmen and two young boys, but Neo Tabuu rebuilt, revamped, and refurbished him for revenge. Galleom 2.0 is significantly stronger than the previous model (which is certainly saying something!) and is much more versatile too, with many new armaments such as a powerful flail weapon and a nasty heavy duty laser cannon concealed within those big metal fists. Though this rampaging Robo-Rhino is a creature of few words, it does exude an aura of respect for those who can surpass even it in combat. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
GAL Mobile Weapons Platform
Short for Gatling Assault Laser mobile weapons platform, this Neo Subspace army transport vehicle was modeled after Galleom's tank form. In addition to the countless Shadow Bugs it contains to release in the form of Primids and other such bad guys, this assault vehicle is equipped with a Gatling laser and two missile launchers to discourage any attackers, and it's rocket boosters and thick metal armor allow it to soak up damage and ram opponents with impunity. However, there's also a certain nostalgic feeling one gets when they look at it and remember what it was based off of. Ah.... Even now, it brings back fond memories of that showdown in the wilds. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Neo Tabuu
Once thought to be destroyed along with his Great Maze, Tabuu has risen again by absorbing the power of two fallen gods of light and dark. Determined to see his vision of a world of Subspace come to fruition, he adopts the moniker of Neo Tabuu as he scours the multiverse for worthy generals to serve in his new army. Whatever dimension the neon butterfly hailed from is long lost to history, but whether that plays a role in his motives is anyone's guess. Just what is he..? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Reginald Copperbottom
Don't let his impeccable fashion and posh accent fool you- this stick figure has lead the notorious Toppat Clan on many a successful heist. He earned both his second hat and leadership of the clan by overthrowing the previous leader. Though Reginald may insist upon the clan following a sort of honor code, he himself is known to take actions that are cowardly and downright dishonorable- but every decision he makes is to ensure that the clan prospers as it has done ever since it was first conceived. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
These growing sumo-esqe Subspace bruisers are back to serve as heavy lifters and heavier hitters. Though most simply retain their ability to grow after being significantly hurt, some of the new generation of Nagagog have mutated the ability to grow into a form even stronger than their red form without taking any damage. However, these lucky few are so cocky as a result that you'll often find them napping on the job, allowing you to sneak past, or get in a preemptive strike if you're looking to tussle. You know what they say, "you snooze, you lose!" First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Yet another veteran enemy of the first Subspace war, Borboras is significantly more versatile than they were in their first incarnation. In addition to their previous ability to blow foes back with gale-force winds, they can spit bouncing bombs for more of a punch, or even signal other members of the Subspace army by trumpeting from their distinct snouts. Who says an old baddie can't learn new tricks? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Futaba Sakura
A girl warped in a belief that she was the one who killed her mother, the Phantom Thieves stole her heart (After a blackmail from her, of course) First appearance: Persona 5
Steve [Minecraft] (Alt 2)
In Subspace 2, Steve seems harmless, at first. But he eventually does betray the heroes. How rude of him!
Right Hand Man (Alt 2)
After all his cybernetic upgrades, Right Hand Man is ready to battle Paper Mario in the center of Toad Town! Let's see him dodge everything he has! First appearance: Super Smash Bros AU: Subspace Emissary 2
Olivia ([Paper Mario] alt 2)
After sacrificing herself to undo her brother's destruction, Olivia wonders why she's back, in an arena with Chie Satonaka.
Ryuji Sakamoto
After his leg was broken, he could no longer be on the running team. Still doesn't stop him from chaining the hearts of all those Rotten Adults! First appearance: Persona 5
Paper Mario
Thinner Mario, bigger adventure! Paper Mario can turn into almost any form, and with is partners at his back, you can expect an awesome adventure! First appearance: Paper Mario
Ellie Rose
Another Wall convict, just like Henry. Henry either has the option to help or, or leave her behind. First appearance: Fleeing the Wall
Count Dooku
The mentor to Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku found his place on the Darker Side of the force. First appearance: Star Wars episode II: Attack of the clones
Cinder Fall
The one who aspired to be the Fall maiden, Cinder did almost anything to get hands hands on said power. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1 (Shadow), RWBY Volume 2 (First major screen appearance)
Fishy Boopkin's dating sim girlfriend brought to life, Saiko is still earning to be nice. First appearance: Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4)
Fighters will be on street level for this stage, and the final Omnidroid from the film will be there. First appearance: The incredibles
The north-most kingdom in Remnant, Fighters will be taken using a platform all around! First appearance: RWBY Volume 7
Battle ring
A new mode was introduced, called Origami battles. Fighters take turns rotating the ring to fight. First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King
Egypt city
Egypt City from part 3 is here! Be sure to try to combo into Road Roller! First appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
London (POTC)
The opening part of On Stranger Tides is fully recreated here as a stage! First appearance: Pirates of The Caribbean
Mario (SMG4)
Mario's dumber variant. This idiot's blood type is apparently spaghetti, and he has "An infnite IQ." First appearance: SMG4: The cake is a lie
Tia Dalma
Calaypso in human form. She answers questions of destiny and fate. She could even give you a jar of dirt! First appearance: Dead Man's Chest
Petra (Minecraft)
Not much is actually known on Petra, as she keeps to herself, mostly. She does have a whiting habit, though. First appearance: MCSM, episode 1
Pyrrha Nikos
The face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal, Pyrrha the invicible believes in destiny. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1
Rob (SMG4)
One of the SMG3-Anti crew members, Rob LOVES corn. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with it. First appearance: SMG4: CORN
Gekkoukan Primary High School
The pride of Tatsumi Port Island, this is a playable stage.
Star Platinum
Jotaro's main stand, Star Platinum is worthy foe whenever used by the famous Stand User! First appearance: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
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Could you imagine where our lives would lead?
While I KNEW I would write this Snippet one day, I NEVER thought my Narrative would unfold like THIS, especially with a truly Soul-ripping twist I NEVER noticed until only minutes before the End over a decade later.
I try to avoid too much of my Life bleeding into my Snippets (some is unavoidable, since I write from my Experience). Not this Time, this Snippet shines the spotlight directly on the single biggest part of my Life (other than myself, of course), my Lifelong Love Honeybee.
A Lifelong Love is a very special type of Love, and each Life has room for only ONE Lifelong Love (but that one is FAR from guaranteed). There can only be ONE Love who meets you as a young adult, and continues with you on your Path for decades as together the two of you learn about each other and Reality, and then blaze a Path together into the Future hand-in-hand through births, deaths, jobs, burnt dinners, drunk relatives, and all the other Joys and Pains that Life brings.
For me, that Lifelong Love is Honeybee, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our Lifelong Love has been sans pareille. She’s the Bestest Lifelong Love in History.
She was my Honeybee, and I was her Honeybee. What we are now to each other in this Impossible Year, and what we will be going forward, remains to be determined.
One Hundred Magickal Hours
On October 15th, 1987, I was home on leave, playing bridge at the local college when two of my buddies had to go to class, and Honeybee decided to Sit Down Beside Me, began talking, and started a Discussion with me. This was our first Moment together. She was a young beautiful brilliant cultured refined six foot blonde dressed in a true vision of late Reagan America with hairspray, Bass Weejuns, natural fibers, glasses with HUGE frames, shoulder pads, and more hairspray. Her Consciousness was blazing, and our Discussion added subject after subject such as why Bork had to be borked, to the impact of fire on the beginnings of civilization, welfare reform, etc. We were jumping from topic to topic, never losing the other, and both of us were having a great time.
An hour later, she had to go to class, but said she would return afterwards and we could continue our Discussion then if I was still here. My other buddy decided to take off and asked I wanted to come along. I said “Nah, she’s really smart and really cute. It’s worth an hour to see if she comes back.”
It’s obvious what happened an hour later.
Honeybee and I just kept our Discussion going hour after hour, topic after topic getting added, over dinner, driving around, back to her place and we talked until we fell asleep. OK, we did a few things OTHER than talking, but that was really just as offshoot of the talking (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, ask Honeybee for her side if you want).
DC, the OG Road Trip
Friday evening, Honeybee had a road trip planned with a girlfriend of hers to Washington, DC, so I figured that this was going to be the last day I would spend with Honeybee before I had to return to base Monday. Coincidentally (synchronistically?), the driver had to bail so she drafted me into driving (IMO, more than a fair trade for few extra days with Honeybee).
This Road Trip set the standard for the many hundreds to follow.
Honeybee had her Violent Femmes tape, so we sang Blister in the Sun, Kiss Off, Gone Daddy Gone. The radio added I Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison, Didn’t We Almost Have It All – Whitney Houston, I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany.
Everyone had a great time popping around DC for a couple days, Honeybee and I keeping that Discussion rolling. I found a treasure, a Magentalane album by Klaatu at a record store which would add many songs to our NEXT Road Trip like Mrs. Toad’s Cookies – Klaatu and our favorite to hear when we are almost Home, Magentalane – Klaatu
Black Monday
Honeybee was back in class Monday, and I needed to leave Monday evening. Honeybee and I realized that we had something Real and something VERY SPECIAL, but we lived 800 miles apart at the time. We agreed that we would try to see each other as much as possible, and when in the same city we were each other’s priorities, but otherwise we would live separate Lives and inform the other if there was “Something they needed to know,” which meant another Relationship which was rising in seriousness and a potential threat.
During our discussion, we noted that the stock market was crashing and had been the end of last week and this day would be called Black Monday. We laughed when we noticed that it started tanking roughly the same time Honeybee sat down to start our Discussion. We joked that us getting together had crashed the stock market.
The Honeybee Team Supreme
Together, Honeybee and I formed a Partnership capable of absolutely ANYTHING. Where I was weak, she was strong, and vice versa (and our strengths overlapped FAR more than they gapped).
My mental condition which Honeybee and I deduced as around the Asperger’s/Dyssemia area of the autism spectrum (we always refer to it as simply “Dyssemia”). My Dyssemia is inextricably linked to so many of my greatest strengths and weaknesses. While I have phenomenal intellectual capabilities, an Exceptional Memory which functions much like “Flashbacks” where I remember by reliving my Experiences with that information (both Good and Bad), and Math as my primary language, these abilities are achieved through a trade-off leaving me always an Individual, unable to join a Group or Consensus, and totally lacking in ANY “common sense”, lol.
Honeybee, OTOH, has her own set of phenomenal intellectual capabilities, her own Exceptional Memory which functions differently than mine (she considers mine “better”), fantastic language skillz, with a strong connection to and understand of the Consensus.
Honeybee can process data and multitask better than anyone, period. Watching her at full speed is an amazing sight. My specialties are pattern recognition, Gnosis, and penetrating focus. As individuals, we were Phenomenal. As the Honeybee Team Supreme, we were Transcendent.
Honeybee was the Yin to my Yang. We made an unbeatable Partnership, and proceeded to start taking Reality by storm.
I can't imagine how my life would be
If all your gravity did not hit me
Oh, don't you see?
Darling, my honeybee
After spending a few years finishing college and taking the first few steps into the outside World, Honeybee and I recognized that we were “deadended” in our current location and decided to relocate. I wisely agreed with her when she suggested Central Florida because “If people save for a year or two to spend a week there, it’s GOT to be a good place to live.” And it hasn’t just been been a good place to live, it’s been SPECTACULAR!!! Honeybee made another of her great calls which possibly saved our Lives.
Honeybee and I packed every item we owned (and her cat who had adopted me as his hero) from The Old Apartment into a U-Haul and drove to the horizon to start our new Life without ANY idea where we were going to Live other than “Central Florida”. We were poster candidates for “Fools Rush In”, but Honeybee and I pulled it off yet again. We were truly The Honeybee Team Supreme, and nothing was impossible for us.
It was Just Like Heaven
But here we are
After all the messes and confessions
To the stars
That we never really owned as ours
The Honeybee Team Supreme’s Greatest Hits
Honeybee and I have shared so many truly spectacular Moments over our decades together. Here’s a sample of the highlights.
Honeybee and I took our first Road Trip the day after we met, and we never stopped until we recently parted.
The Honeybee Team Supreme does Road Trips RIGHT. The vehicle barely stops, bathroom breaks try to fit in gas stops, prepack food, we have it down after MANY hundreds.
Songs are chosen for singalongs, especially to stay awake driving. We started with our playlist from that OG DC trip and have added so many more like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John, Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf, One Headlight – Wallflowers, etc.
The Honeybee Team Supreme has been knocking out “Must Sees” for our Babybees as we enjoy them ourselves. A partial list:
Grand Canyon St Louis Arch NYC Washington DC Monument Valley Pike’s Peak Garden of the Gods Graceland Petroglyph National Monument Monticello Salt Lake City Yellowstone
We watched one of the very final Dreams Come True Fireworks performances from the top of the Contemporary Resort while eating unlimited sushi with an open bar as part of our hundreds of trips to Disneyworld.
Honeybee and I shared our Love of movies from the very beginning of our Conversation. We were both surprised we shared the same 40 year old black and white movie as our favorite: Holiday Inn. I had discovered it wrapping Christmas presents with my mother, as did Honeybee, so we naturally made this a Honeybee Team Supreme tradition.
We debated the “proper” ending for movies like Pretty in Pink, tossed themes back and forth, and were our own Honeybee Team Supreme version of Siskel and Ebert.
Honeybee and I Loved going to the movies, and 1999 the peak for us. Virtually every time we saw a movie, it was either phenomenal or fun. That was a GREAT year with Honeybee. Look at the movies we saw:
10 Things I Hate About You 13th Warrior American Beauty American Pie Any Given Sunday Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Blair Witch Project Being John Malkovich Boys Don't Cry Cider House Rules Dick Dogma Election Eyes Wide Shut Existenz Fight Club For the Love of the Game Go Green Mile Iron Giant House on Haunted Hill Last Night Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Matrix The Mummy Never Been Kissed Notting Hill Office Space Payback Magnolia Man on the Moon Mystery Men She's All That Sixth Sense Sleepy Hollow South Park Star Wars Episode I Stigmata Summer of Sam Talented Mr. Ripley Tarzan Thomas Crown Affair Topsy-Turvy Toy Story 2 Wild Wild West The World Is Not Enough
And just seeing the movies doesn’t cover the whole “movie experience”, because so many times our friends would add some of the best parts (like “Heavily Implied” taking on new meaning after American Beauty)
We Love Charlie Kaufman, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and similar movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Wish You Were Here, Adaptation, etc. We Love classic movies, art movies, animation, etc.
Let’s just say Honeybee and I Love movies a LOT (and have a thousand discs still to watch).
Honeybee and I were First Fandom for Reality TV, watching the OG Real World. While MOST Reality TV is beyond the Pale for us, we have passed this on to our Babybees. As a Hive, we watch Big Brother, Amazing Race, Project Runway, Top Chef, and similar shows and analyze the competitors and the competition (our Babybees are VERY astute).
Live theatre has always been a special treat for Honeybee and me, and something we truly savor. Some of our favorites:
A spectacular performance of Fuenteovejuna at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC in one of their rare non-Shakespeare plays.
An incredible college performance of The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Rupert Holmes of Escape (The Pina Colada Song) in the Annie Russell Theatre where the audience selection of the ending gave a lesser player a chance to shine, and boy did he.
So many local and community theatres like Manhattan South Studio Theatre, with productions like The Brady Bunch (The Second Coming of Jan), the Glass Jar, and countless others. Those shows took on additional special meaning when we knew the actors or writers.
The UNFORGETTABLE (unless you were my friend who slept through the whole thing) most self-indulgent FIVE hour Sherlock Holmes play EVER (with two intermissions). The second intermission included a police scene with a dead body in the middle of the road (we concluded the body was someone trying to RUN as fast as possible away from the Play, and that he was in better shape since he wasn’t going back inside for the rest), and ended with the announcement “IF anyone wants to go back in and watch, we will be starting soon.” We ALL rolled at the “IF”.
And, of course, Bandstand on Broadway.
My family’s relationship with Sports runs very deep and very wide. Honeybee jumped right in and she did a great job.
While I’m not sure she’s EVER understood the point of showing up to a spring training game over an hour early (“Why watch them bat when it doesn’t count?”), Honeybee REALLY enjoyed the one spring training game we NEVER saw. We met a few of my cousins before the game at the team’s hotel bar for a drink. Much like that Lays Potato chip, ONE drink is NOT possible when 1980 American League Rookie of the Year Super Joe Charboneau is buying using the Indian’s team expense account (Go Joe Charboneau for SURE). And when Super Joe is buying the drinks, getting you drunk, and telling story after story of his exploits, you never make it to the game. Those stories start with the famous ones that surfaced his rookie year, like drinking beer through a straw through his NOSE, him fixing that nose when it was broken using pliers and a few shots of Jack Daniel’s, and doing his own dental work, but they don’t end there. Honeybee and I both agree, once in their Life, everyone should have Super Joe get them drunk (it’s not to be missed).
Honeybee and I went to a LOT of sporting events, but my favorite Moment with her concerning sports was a Moment she took the initiative and Planned herself for me.
For Christmas in 2002, Honeybee gave me two tickets for us to see the North Carolina Scholastic Classic on January 20, 2003. That meant I was FINALLY going to get to see Lebron James play in my alma mater’s Green and Gold Irish jersey (Honeybee gave me one of those the next year). So Honeybee and I made another of our patented Road Trips, and I was not disappointed to see in person the phenomenon my brother told me could have jumped to the NBA after his freshman year of high school. LeBron did the IMPOSSIBLE, he successfully DEFENDED a 3 on 1 fast break (no human being should be able to do that). After I saw that, I turned to Honeybee and said “If he doesn’t get hurt and doesn’t lose his head, he can make a run at surpassing Jordan, because LeBron is drawing from the largest skill set I’ve ever seen with a perfect body.” Honeybee agreed and still does.
Honeybee and I saw so very many great concerts together, there’s no way to do them justice. The best part for me was ALWAYS that I was sharing the experience with Honeybee (she ALWAYS makes even the most bland Experience wonderful for me).
We watched Crosby, Stills, and Nash open for the Grateful Dead at Three Rivers Stadium after wandering around for hours with the Deadheads (and we still have out tie-dye t-shirts).
Lifehouse, Everclear, and Matchbox Twenty performed a triple bill where a Joyous Art Alexakis who stole the entire show from Rob Thomas’ homecoming by having security chase him and his wireless guitar up and down the stairs of the Orena.
Wang Chung, Flock of Seagulls, Missing Persons, Gene Loves Jezebel rocked the House of Blues
We jammed to Experimental Jazz at the Disney Institute, countless concerts at Disneyworld (we skipped most because they didn’t fit our schedule well), etc.
Ushered in 2000 with Blue Meridian at the Have A Nice Day Cafe.
We stood right in front of the stage on Pleasure Island while Modern English sang Melt With You for food, followed by World Party in the rain.
Honeybee had to drag me away from Steve Kilbey of The Church when he was was too busy talking to me about my business and playing the “Proud Poppa” showing off his daughter’s artwork from college to remember to get ready for the concert in a tiny club.
Roger Daltrey delivered Tommy backed by the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom in a performance Roger KNEW he had in him and had always wanted to give, and he gave that performance of his Life (we were so glad he didn’t “Die Before He Get Old” for Honeybee and I to have yet another of our Moments).
Our LAST concert was March 7, right before concerts went away, when we watched Michael Stanley Strike Up the Band One FINAL Time from the first row of the orchestra pit (if Honeybee and I never see another concert together, that was a Moment I’ll be happy to go out on).
The people who have crossed Honeybee’s and my Path, and walked with us for a while, demonstrate some SERIOUS “strength through diversity”.
Honeybee and I have yet to find people we don’t like (other than rude hurtful people, of course), and we have socialized across the entire social spectrum. We’ve gone out to dinner with couples who were having their version of our “smothered chicken”, we’ve joked with billionaires over which loge they watched the baseball team they own, we’ve watched Super Bowls and NBA Finals with hoop friends from pick-up games on the playground, we’ve plot doctored books and had the authors dedicate the book to us in thanks, etc.
Many interrelated circles of friends grew around the Honeybee Team Supreme, we had friends of all sorts. Honeybee and I struggled to figure out if we could fit TWO days at home a week into our social callendar.
Look around
We made a garden of the love we found
So many reasons I would fight to stay
You're the courage when I fade
Take a look at what we've made
In 1996, I was working on our finances, and I shared with Honeybee that we would save about $3,000 if we were married, she got one of those looks of hers on her face, and I asked “Do you want to?” Not the most romantic or greatest of proposals, but she accepted anyway.
That great group of friends we assembled came together and threw us a FABULOUS Wedding, a bit Fandango style. We did everything backwards, a formal brunch followed by the ceremony in a beautiful rose garden. The reception was at a friends’ house, and then the after-reception of pizza and beer at yet another friends’ house around the block. Special people who shared a special day with us.
Missing were any rings. Honeybee is VERY particular about jewelry. She doesn’t like men wearing jewelry, so I have NEVER worn a wedding ring, at her request. As for her rings, at the time we could not justify the Engagement Ring she wanted, a 1 ½ carat emerald cut ring. I promised that ring to Honeybee, and she will have it, even if I have to give it to her at the finalization of the divorce as a “Thank you for having BEEN my wife” Ring rather than an Engagement Ring.
That silly ring, it wasn't meant to be
Luckily you saw in me
Something I couldn't see
”My Mind Is Gone, Is It EVER Coming Back!?!”
In late 2003, we succeeded in becoming pregnant with our first Babybee. The Collaboration we had been Planning and Loving toward had reached a new stage. still remember making special note of one of those Moments with Honeybee in early 2004 when we were Pregnant with our son. I brought her breakfast in bed (coffee for decades was standard, with extras like breakfast often added), and found her crying. I asked in a panic what was wrong, and Honeybee sobbed out, “My Mind is gone, is it EVER coming back!?!” All these strange Feelings and Emotions were taking over her Mind and Body, and she could tell that she was changing and becoming different than she had been before we got Pregnant.
I laughed and explained to her that those changes were her Body and Mind changing to give Birth to Babybee and become a Mommybee. I said that those changes were going to be in place until we decided to stop having children and breastfeeding, which was planned after our second child in about 5 years. That brought more tears from Honeybee and more laughter from me.
I NEVER should have been laughing, because I was horribly wrong about her Mind returning in 5 years. That wonderful incredible beautiful Mind she had shared with me for almost 20 years NEVER returned to what she shared with me before getting pregnant.
I NOW see the Moment of which I made that special note was NOT simply one of those tender Husband/Wife Moments that they look back on fondly (as Honeybee and I did so many times with this Moment, each of which now carries a touch of ash to me). No, this was the Honeybee I met in 1987, that incredible brilliant beautiful young woman to whom I instantly Bonded and Loved, with whom I started “officially” cohabiting in 1990, sweated out Midwest winters with windows open on a third floor of a Victorian house turned into a VERY cheap apartment (we did go out to dinner once a week for smothered chicken for under $20 total, tip included), packed every single one of our belongings into the back of a U-Haul to drive a thousand miles without a CLUE of where we were going to Live in 1993 (at once the Greatest and most Foolish thing we EVER did), started a business based on sharing my Love with others, launched her career and proudly watched her climb the corporate ladder saying “Farewell” to me, HER Honeybee
The Honeybee I Knew and Loved was actually saying “Goodbye” to me, and I didn’t Know it. I didn’t realize that my Honeybee I had Known and Loved for 16 years was leaving me, and from then on gradually my Loving Partner Honeybee would being replaced one tiny piece at a time by Mommybee, who does NOT Love me (or even understand I’m human) and sees me only as a resource for our Babybees.
I NEVER should have laughed, I should have been crying right alongside her. Now, I’ll be doing a LOT of crying not by her side waving Goodbye to my wonderful Honeybee in the Past who left me all those many years ago, but I never Knew she had gone. I’ve got a LOT of mourning to catch up on.
I’m giving you a horribly belated Goodbye now, Honeybee.
I’ve missed you so very much, especially these last few years. I’ve been so terribly Lost and Lonely without you (Mommybee abandoned our Discussion years ago, and you’ve only chipped in every so often since). I’m sorry I didn’t give you a proper Goodbye at the Time, but I didn’t Know you were going away Forever. We BOTH thought you were coming back. I didn’t even Know you were still Gone until last month. I really didn’t, Honeybee. Honest.
Such a fool
I took your love and I bent all the rules
You took the blow and didn't let it show
Stuck around to let me know
Built a family of our own
Male Light and Female Void
How could the Honeybee Team Supreme have missed such a crucial element, which eventually derailed their entire Plan? The answer is found in a VERY strange place.
Honeybee and I enjoyed exploring some of the most obscure areas of Reality in hope of finding Art and Artists. One of the most UNIQUE and GREATEST examples of Art we EVER found was the comic series Cerebus done by Dave Sim. IMO, Cerebus is the Finnegan’s Wake of comics and Sim is hands down the greatest living comic Artist. Sim’s 26 years of constant work on Cerebus produced that Artistic Alchemy where the Art and the Artist merge (which Sim later takes religious and visionary, producing an even MORE idiosyncratic work).
For all their magnificence, Sim and Cerebus are marred by what is a fatal flaw in most people’s eyes: Sim does not think or believe the genders are equal, and expresses his views in a strangely ham-fisted way which regularly melts down.
Honeybee and I LOVED extracting those parts which were Outrageous, and those parts which Sim had hit Truth (he has HUGE amounts of BOTH). Sometimes Outrageous and Truth were the same, as often happens in Art.
Here’s a summary of Sim’s system:
The Thinking Reasoning Male Light is Seminal Energy, while the Feeling Emotional Female Void is an Omnivorous Parasite.
The Male Light and Female Void can be combined by marriage into a Merged Permanence, with the components now called Merged Light and Merged Void. When Kids come Merged Light becomes Family Man.
All these Voids can be combined into a “Greater Void Wife and Kids” Omnivorous Engine, which serves the Vaginal Bottom Line. The Omnivorous Engine drives society through Lesser Void of White Collar Make-Work Programs.
The Female Void is essentially a black hole of resource need “For the Kids”, based on an Emotional and Feeling level. The Male Light cannot win on the Thinking and Reason level, as those are higher.
Many people see Sim’s Female Void as an Evil Woman, and dismiss him as a misogynist.
I’ve stripped as much of Sim’s “Simness” out of his system as I can. Here are some original sources for those who wish to read for themselves (insert all trigger warnings here): Male Light and Female Void, Reads, Tangents.
The Honeybee Team Supreme’s mistake is to think we were already a Merged Permanence which had avoided the Female Void issue. Honeybee is a Brilliant and Conscious woman, NOT a Female Void. We had been the Honeybee Team Supreme for almost 20 years, and no Female Void issues. We Knew the Female Void existed, but we thought we had the Female Void beat.
We were wrong. We were messing with Mother Nature, and it’s NOT nice to mess with Mother Nature.
We had not anticipated Mommybee being a Female Void and slowly robbing Honeybee of her Consciousness, leaving only Mommybee the Feeling Female Void.
When I joked with Honeybee when we were pregnant with our first Babybee, I had a general idea of the process, but the parts I missed were crucial. Emotion, Feeling, and Thought are progressive levels of abstraction, and the higher rests on the lower, with Thought supported by Feeling supported by Emotion.
My wonderful Conscious Honeybee had those three perfectly balanced, but when we got pregnant, Mommybee the Female Void which needs to provide for her Babybees ABOVE ALL ELSE disrupted her balance and Mommybee started to take over for Honeybee. As long as Honeybee and Mommybee agreed, all was well, but if they disagreed, Mommybee would win with Feeling and degrade Honeybee’s Consciousness a piece more.
I had NO idea that Mommybee was doing this until last month, so I kept executing the Plan which Honeybee and I had developed over 20 years. When Mommybee would criticize me and overrule me, I thought that was Honeybee, so I would try to Reason with her, explain that I was doing as we had Planned. Mommybee, the Female Void, saw Reason as a THREAT to her Babybees, and fought Honeybee’s Reason, and Honeybee played the rope in a Tug of War between me and Mommybee over her Babybees (a war I had NO CLUE was happening).
I am horrified that I was DESTROYING Honeybee when I was trying to follow the Plan the Honeybee Team Supreme had decided years earlier. But this Tug of War has been going on for 16 years, and Mommybee is clearly in control, with only little glimpses of Honeybee surfacing every so often.
Honeybee has lost her Consciousness, leaving Mommybee in charge until Mommybee can stop worrying so much because the Babybees are fully raised. That’s another five to ten years of Mommybee before there is much chance of Honeybee returning on a regular basis.
What If?
Neither Honeybee nor I knew that us finally having the children to whom we so looked forward and had planned and worked for 15 years would unleash Mommybee and set in motion a process that eventually stole my Honeybee from me just like Alzheimer’s had taken my mother, one piece of her fabulous Mind disappearing at a Time until that incredible woman I Love so greatly was unrecognizable and GONE.
But if we HAD Known, would we have changed things (I would have changed how much I appreciated those days with just me and Honeybee, and then been prepared to adjust to Mommybee rather than blindsided)?
Other than being forewarned that Honeybee was going to transform into Mommybee, and preparing for that change, I don’t think there’s ANYTHING we would have done differently. Honeybee wanted me for her Love, her Partner, and the Father of her Babybees. She would have been incomplete without her Babybees, and I would NEVER want her incomplete for me to selfishly spend more Time with Honeybee, regardless of the Pain fulfilling our Dream of Babybees has caused me. Neither of us would have wanted anyone else to be the Father of her Babybees.
And I would never trade a Moment I got to spend with Honeybee for all the Pain and Suffering which Mommybee later inflicted upon me.
While Honeybee and I are Lifelong Loves, I thought for certain that we were also Soulmates, Ride together until one Dies, just like my parents with my father adding months to my mother’s Life through sheer force of Will and an eyedropper to feed her (and expert medical and legal skillz). In retrospect, I really should have paid MUCH more attention to how much Honeybee enjoyed For No One by the Beatles (she’s NEVER “needed” me, our Team Supreme was based on “Love” and “want”, NOT “need”) and the precedent of HER parent’s marriage, who separated and divorced when Honeybee and her brother were the same ages as our Babybees.
While Honeybee intended to be my Soulmate, Mommybee is NOT my Soulmate, she is a Female Void who has slowly taken over my Honeybee, one piece at a time.
Mommybee wants all my Resources and me to be happy just handing them over. I disagree, and that provokes Mommybee to attack me as if her Babybees’ Lives depend on it. Our differing POVs on this point DESPERATELY needs to be solved, but no solution is “pretty”.
When I look at the Babybees which Honeybee and I Planned, Worked, and Loved so very hard to bring into Reality, I see that our efforts exceeded even our wildest Dreams. Our Babybees are absolutely spectacular, even more beautiful and brilliant than Honeybee and I could have ever Hoped. They are each special in their own ways, taking after Honeybee and I, yet adding their own unique spin. I could not be more proud of myself, Honeybee, Mommybee, and the Babybees in making this Collaboration a such a roaring success.
There will be NO Cat’s in the Cradle for me. I was with my Babybees CONSTANTLY with only a few hours off at a time until Mommybee decided to leave with our Babybees last month. I will always know that I was there during ALL their important formative years, because I’ve changed more diapers, driven to more sporting events, spent fewer days away from the Babybees, etc.
I even added my own new special touch to their education, riffing off Socrates, and taking his method to the next level. Instead of me focusing on pouring information and knowledge into our Babybees Minds by using questions to teach THEM, I let them teach ME their next lesson while I “played dumb”. This allowed me to focus their teaching attention at the exact point they needed to Know next, while giving them great confidence in their abilities to observe Reality and draw proper conclusions. I have helped them assemble models of Reality unlike ANY before them, totally unique and custom fit to THEM in new ways they found for themselves.
I look forward to the great Paths that will unfold before them. Those Paths will be Magickal and Marvelous. These Babybees of Honeybee and mine are truly special.
I just REALLY wish Honeybee and I could celebrate them. Or that I could celebrate them with Mommybee and our Babybees, rather than just watch their magnificent glory from a distance, which is what I anticipate happening.
But here we are
After all the messes and confessions
To the scars
That we never really owned as ours
One First Date
So, what’s next for me?
I’m going to Disneyworld, of course. What else would make any sense?
My Plan is to try and see what, if ANY, health dynamic might begin to be established between Mommybee and myself, now that I realize I am no longer married to Honeybee. Some sort of effective dynamic needs to be established because I’m going to be co-parenting with Mommybee for years, regardless of anything else.
Mommybee has agreed to take a day off her very important job (it really is, I’m very proud of how fantastically Honeybee/Mommybee’s career has progressed and I’m proud of the bits of help I’ve given her here and there, she’s a truly incredible woman) and leave the Babybees at her home so the the two of us can have a CHANCE to spend a day at Disneyworld as a couple like we we used to decades ago (the entire family tried a few weeks ago and didn’t make it long).
But I also have a Hope.
I’ve asked Mommybee to stay at her home with the Babybees this time and let me have the day with Honeybee.
I’m counting this as that “First Date” Honeybee and I always joked about NEVER having. At this point, I just want one day and one date with Honeybee, and this might be the LAST and ONLY chance I ever have.
I’m going to try and have a Moment with Honeybee and tell her how much I Miss her and I Love her. I Know now not to use those Facts and Logic which Honeybee Loves so much, but Mommybee despises when they conflict with her and her Babybees’ desires. I’ll focus on all those great Feeling and Emotions Honeybee and I had in the Past (and there were SO very many, and they were SO very great).
I’ll NEVER be able to fit all I want to say to Honeybee into a single Moment, even if we manage to stretch that Moment the entire day. But there is one thing I ABSOLUTELY WILL tell Honeybee.
“You’re the one. You’re the ONLY one.”
She’s my Honeybee, and I am her Honeybee.
She’s the Bestest Lifelong Love EVER.
For Crying Out Loud, I Love you, Honeybee.
And if our world comes tumbling down
I never could forgive myself for leaving out
You're the one
You are the only one
Won't you decide?
Won't you decide?
I want you to soar
Don't doubt anymore
(Little by little, we meet in the middle)
Won't you decide?
(What's your name?)
Won't you decide?
Snippet Playlist Alone Again, Naturally – Gilbert O’Sullivan Always on Your Side – Sheryl Crow, Sting Breakeven – The Script Circles – Post Malone Don’t Speak – No Doubt Far Away – Nickelback Happier – Marshmallo Here Come Those Tears Again – Jackson Browne Here’s Where the Story Ends – Sundays How’s It Gonna Be – Third Eye Blind In My Life – Beatles It’s All Coming Back to Me – Meatloaf My Immortal – Evanescence Rainy Days and Mondays – Carpenters The Reason – Hoobastank Reelin’ in the Years – Steely Dan She’s Gone – Hall and Oates Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word – Elton John Traces – Classics IV True – Spandau Ballet When We Were Young – Adele Winner Takes It All – ABBA Wonderwall – Oasis
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