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SHUB-NIGGURATH, The Festering All-Mother

SHUB-NIGGURATH, The Festering All-Mother

Pantheon: Great Old Ones
Role: Guardian, Melee

When stepping into the battlefield, Shub-Niggurath takes onto the appearance one would imagine for a creature of her range and her status. She appears as a titanic creature, whose size differs heavily from the usual fighter in the battleground, being almost three times the height of characters like Zeus or Thor. Her design can only be described as a barely humanoid mass of writhing dark purple and red tentacles and worms, forming a round amorphous shape which two elbow-less arms with three claws and thick stumpy legs protude out of, these limbs also being made out of the same worms.
Between the jiggling and sickeningly mobile tentacles constantly peek out a trembling mass of teeth, tongues and bloodshot eyes. But perhaps the most characteristic of traits on her are three: one, the gigantic sliver-shaped eye that spans most of her torso, its sides ribeted by crooked teeth; a large stone monolith stuck into her back and half-consumed by her flesh, texts in the R'Lyeh language engraved onto it; and four stone masks with serene and calm expressions, asymmetrically placed over her body, one of them having strangely glowing eyes and being surprisingly broken down.
Sketch reference for appearance, drawn by me!: https://imgur.com/gallery/SfxadKr
Her voice appears as an old woman's voice, speaking silently and slowly, with many echoes of different types of voices surrounding it. This results in a monstrous and almost demonic pitch.

All that is born into the realms of reality and non-reality must die. Equally, all that is dying its way out of the realms of reality and non-reality must be born. Impregnation, gestation, feeding, birth, death, impregnation, gestation, feeding, birth, death. It is a cycle as natural as the passage of time itself, as common in the universe as the concept of life and the knowledge of existence. Matter doesn't let itself be created or be destroyed. It just continues on a looping deconstruction.
The voice of the Old Ones breaks into the silence of the void in space.
"Iä! Shub-Niggurath!".
No context. No explanation. Soundwaves violating the basic laws of traveling through airless emptiness, and resounding into the ears of planets in a radius of light-millennia. A being only known by such exclamations awakens, forcing the earth of whatever poor astro it is standing on to quiver and quake like an egg about to hatch.
"Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Ever their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods!"
The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. One of the many, seemingly both inocuous and horrifyingly eldritch names given to the creature. A great mother, worshipped by the hereditary cults, the wife of the Not-To-Be-Named-One, a kind of sophisticated Astarte whose worship struck the callous Catholic conquistadors as heretic and obnoxious. A direct descendant to Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God, and the grandmother of Cthulhu himself.
"Iä! Shub-Niggurath! All Hail the Rotting and Festering All-Mother!"
And thus she descends upon the Earth. An usually rather generous and benevolent Old One, turned vile and caustic. A hellish cloud-like entity with unknown inclinations or motivations, making its presence known across the lands of Gods. With a single purpose, the most primordial and visceral of all:
"Iä! Shub-Niggurath!"

In Game Description
Infect enemy minions into serving you as you mercilessly plow through the battlefield.

High Defense, Medium Crowd Control


HP: 480 (+100)
MP: 190 (+40)
Movespeed: 358
Range: 21
Attack Power: 24 (+ 2.4) + 8% of Magical Power
Attack Speed: 1 (+1%)
Progression: None
Phys Protection: 21 (+3.5)
Magic Protect: 30 (+0.9)
HP5: 7 (+0.9)
MP5: 4.5 (+0.45)


Passive: Numbing Plague
Shub-Niggurath's body expels a rotting and putrid stench, which, with time of exposure, grows sweet and alluring to the human senses. She, in an area of around 20, inflicts upon enemy minions stacks of Numbing Plague every 8s of exposure. If a minion gets 3 stacks, they abandon the battle and start to follow Shub-Niggurath, attacking as she does. This adds the All-Mother a chunk of armor and extra Attack Damage per minion. She can hold up to 10 minions.
If Shub-Niggurath dies, all stacks of Numbing Plague in the entire map are lost, and minions following her die.
As a neat little detail, the minions following Shub-Niggurath chant her name religiously, their yells growing louder and louder with each addition.
Armor added per minion: 5% of maximum HP
Attack Damage Buff per minion: +8%

1: Ravenous Limb
Type: Line/Grab
Affects: Enemies
Range: 38
Shub-Niggurath launches forth her right arm, which, stretching enormously, flies a few metres trying to catch an unsuspecting enemy. If she manages to grab a unit, be it minion or God, she'll violently pull them towards herself. Upon reaching her, the unfortunate enemy unit will be stunned for 1s (minions)/0.5s (Gods).
If any other units are caught in the way of another being dragged, they'll suffer mild damage.
Damage: 20/35/50/65/80
Damage by Dragging: 80/95/110/125/140
Cost: 50 mana
CD: 8s

2: Carnivore Sacrifice
Type: Healing Self
Affects: Minions Following You
When the All-Mother hungers, her children shalt tend to her. This ability is only available when Shub-Niggurath has at least one minion at her service. With a tentacle emerging from her body, she snatches away one of her servants, and drops it right into her agape mouth, recovering a good chunk of health. When performing this ability, Shub-Niggurath is forced to stay still for the 2.6s duration of the animation.
HP Recovery: 10% of her Maximum Health
Cost: 15 mana
CD: 7s

3: Necrotized Fleshwound
Type: Cone
Affects: Enemies
Range: 18
Shub-Niggurath roars fiercely, launching an attack with her clawed hands right before herself. Upon hitting, aside of a good measure of damage, the enemy is inflicted a severe poison, which chews their health away through the period it endures, around 5s.
During the period of poisoning, it must be noted that the afflicted enemy acquires the same passive ability as Shub-Niggurath, becoming another porter of the infection until the venom fades out of their body.
Damage: 75/125/150/175/240
Poison Damage: 15/25/35/45/55 per second
Cost: 50 mana
CD: 14s

4: Hyperfertile Obliterarion
Type: Cone/Area Effect
Affects: Enemies
Range: 30 (cone), 15 (each explosion)
The All-Mother's love is infectous and bloating, addicting the senses and the soul to the black milk of the Genesis. When overexposure, feederism and dependence occur, the body grows unable to withstand such adoring and passion.
Shub-Niggurath sends her minions running into a long conical path. These individuals are starting to become swollen and oozing, fattened by their Mother's care and driven insane by their own perception of reality. Upon making contact with any other unit, they suddenly explode into gore and milk, completely destroying everything in their path. When they can't advance anymore, they explode too.
Shub-Niggurath, meanwhile, sobs silently, lamenting the loss of her children, then huffs, ready to infect new prey.
Damage per explosion: 100/125/150/175/240
Cost: 125 mana, plus all minions she has with her.
CD: 124s

Comfortably Numb - As Shub-Niggurath, transform at least 4 minions into servants at once.
Just a Fleshwound - As Shub-Niggurath, get a God killed by the DOT count of Necrotized Fleshwound.

Death – Shub-Niggurath ever so slightly topples backwards. Seeing herself defeated, she huffs, and stays still while her body begins to decompose, the worms latching themselves off and slithering away. The only thing left of her are her four stone masks, which, before falling to the ground, vanish into purple smoke. Any servants she may have execute themselves, piercing their own chests with their weapon.
Loss – Shub-Niggurath is nowhere to be seen, but some of the worms lay around. A minion comes in, grabbing some of them with a shovel and puts them in a bag. As he's about to leave, he trips, dropping the bag and spilling the worms around again. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, and sighing in defeat, he gives up and walks away.
Victory – Shub-Niggurath appears, menacingly glaring towards the screen. Then, she "smiles", as much as her body allows her to, surrounded by her minions, carefully wrapping them in a tentacle-y group hug. Yuck, but people like what they like, I see.

Game Start - "Go and feast, my children. Make your Mommy proud."
Placing a ward - “Here, a torch. Embrace it while it lasts.”
Taunt - “(Singing alluringly) In search of Truth the hopeful zealot goes... But all the sadder tums, the more he knows...”
Vs. Cthulhu - “You are a disappointment. And to think you're fruit of fruit of my insides.”
Vs. Jormungandr - “There is only one way North, Ouroboros.”
Vs. Ah Puch - “The dead shall stay dead. And you shalt not touch them, you heathen.”
Vs. Bastet - “ The cat is such a perfect symbol of beauty and superiority. Not surprised they were worshipped back in the Ancient Ages.”
Vs. Aphrodite - “Such acts are wasted if they're not meant for reproduction. You disgust me.”
Vs. Fenrir - “A wolf, son of male womb... Mhm, what an unholy yet fascinating singularity."
submitted by squareuroboros to SMITEGODCONCEPTS

Ant-Man - A Hero Moveset and Abilities Concept

Ant-Man - A Hero Moveset and Abilities Concept
Hey guys, so I know the game is not in an amazing state at the moment, but one way I keep myself excited for the future of the game is by creating and thinking of these concepts for possible upcoming characters. So that being said, here is another one! This one came as a request from quite a few people, and I was happy to oblige considering I already had a few ideas already swirling around in my head, so here it goes....
What is this?

You're damn right it is, we're talking some ANT-MAN
Ant-Man and friend
(Note: Based on the existing lore of the game, Hank Pym is explained to no longer be able to use Pym Particles after being captured by AIM. Therefore in this post I’ll be assuming Ant-Man is Scott Lang, though this moveset could be used with Hank or Eric as well, should CD decide to go those directions.)


  • Control of his physical size (Shrinking/ Enlarging)
  • Increased strength/ durability relative to size change. (Because comic physics)
  • Telepathic “control” of insects
  • Comics Hank Pym: Almost god-like intelligence, sometimes referred to as Earth’s “Scientist Supreme”
  • Access to various Pym-Tech gadgetry


While Ant-Man does have the power to grow as well, those abilities are largely displayed in Kamala’s moveset. In an effort to make Scott feel like a truly different Hero, I’ve focused this kit mostly on shrinking, but with some growth abilities sprinkled in. I’ve also envisioned him to be focused on mostly ground combat and debuffing enemies (Particle Damage, Stun Damage, etc). Any air combat moves that Ant-Man lacks could potentially be made up for by Wasp, to differentiate her character as well.

Passive Ability:

All of Ant-Man’s attacks inherently cause slight Pym Particle damage to enemies. Gear that applies other damage types will apply their own damage, in addition to Particle damage. Gear with Pym Properties will stack with his passive causing extra particle damage.

Intrinsic Energy: Pym Particle Charge

Energy drains when using Shrink or Growth abilities.

Chang Particles

Intrinsic Ability: Shrink!

Hold R2/RT to shrink to the size of an “ant” (more realistically, slightly bigger, in order for the player to still see him on screen). Scott’s size is decreased, but his mass is maintained increasing Scott’s physical strength and causing more damage with attacks. At this size, Ant-Man has access to unique attack combos, can dodge underneath enemies, and can jump highe further than at full size.
Enemies cannot directly target Scott when at this size, though enemy AoE attacks can still cause damage.
  • Returning to normal size will always create an accompanying burst that deals stun damage to nearby enemies.
  • Hitting R2/RT to perfectly parry an enemy attack will rapidly shrink Scott to dodge the strike, then quickly return him to normal size, delivering a parrying blow.
  • Dodging underneath enemies means Ant-Man can get behind them quickly for surprise attacks.
(Note 2: The player camera may need to zoom slightly to keep Ant-Man visible on-screen, but I don’t imagine the game engine being able to fully shrink the camera down with him and render from that perspective.... but what do I know? I’m not a dev lol)

Traversal: Ant Flight

Hold (Jump) to shrink and summon Ant-thony the Ant, to ride on his back while he hovers and flies.
wut a good boy
Alternatively, Jump and click the Left Stick to engage flight immediately.
  • Ant-thony is equipped with a PymTech combat saddle that can lock-on to targets and fire energy stingers by holding (R2/RT) while flying.
  • Tap (Light Attack) while flying near an enemy to “kamikaze” into them and deliver a head butt from Ant-thony with the strength of a full punch. (Don’t worry, Ant-thony is a tough boi)
  • Ant-thony can be summoned when Ant-Man is actively using his Shrink ability as well.
  • Shrinking to ride Ant-thony does not drain Intrinsic Energy, but enemies can still target you while flying.

Ranged Attack: Colony Blasts

Hold L2/ LT to hold Scott’s hand out and summon a small colony of flying ants to hover over his shoulder. With each ant equipped with micro Pym-Tech weaponry, Hold R2/RT to telepathically command them to fire energy “stinger” blasts wherever he points.
Classic 60's technology
  • The Stinger Blasts are lower-damage but high rate-of-fire.
  • Ant-Man’s passive assures ranged attacks automatically apply particle damage.
Press (Heavy Attack) while aiming to throw out a short-range Ant swarm that causes high stun damage.

Light Attack: Shrinking Combat

Like any good Avenger, Ant-Man is trained in hand-to-hand combat. Using Pym Particles tactically, he integrates shrinking and growing into his combo attacks.
something like this
Tapping (Light Attack) while dodging in any direction will grow himself and deliver a giant haymaker punch to a nearby enemy.
Holding and releasing (Light Attack) while on the ground will shrink Scott down and then immediately enlarge him, delivering an uppercut that launches enemies into the air. Holding the button longer keeps Ant-Man small and charges the attack with intrinsic energy for extra damage.
  • He can run while holding this attack, at the cost of intrinsic energy

Heavy Attack: Swarm Strikes

Ant-Man infuses his attacks with insect swarms arranged into large fist/ foot-like shapes. Heavy combos use the swarms for slower but powerful hits.
Hey, I even got the Villian right
Hold (Heavy Attack) while in the air to plummet downwards, enlarging to 3x the size before hitting the ground, and creating a large AoE ground pound.
Press (Heavy Attack) while sprinting to launch towards an enemy and shrink, hitting them like a bullet and knocking-them back.
One of those moves that's just gunna feel good

Assault Heroic: Quantum Hole

Scott shrinks down to an atomic scale, tearing open a quantum hole that shrinks enemies as it pulls them into it. Scott then suddenly “embiggens” (sorry Kamala), bringing a huge damaging pulse with him that sends the enemies flying.
for example...
  • Upgrade tree could allow enemies to pulled in from greater distances

Support Heroic: Hive Mind

Ant-Man telepathically summons a horde of ants into the area that swarms enemies, interrupting all attacks and fully stunning them for a short time. The ant horde also seeks out Health, Heroic orbs, and Loot on the ground and brings them to You and nearby Allies.
Can you spot the Ant-Man?

Ultimate: Giant Man

Scott increases his size tremendously, becoming Giant Man for a short period of time. While most of his body is off-screen, move a crosshair along the battlefield (like Thor’s Bifrost) and press R2/RT in several spots for Scott to crush that area with a MASSIVE disembodied Fist or Stomp.
git squished
  • Upgrade tree would allow for more smashes before he returns to normal size.
  • (that’s what she said)
(Note 3: There are areas of the game where the map ceiling would technically be too low for this, and though it would still work... it requires some suspension of disbelief.... or just imagine him breaking through the ceiling lol.)


On Robots:
  • Scott shrinks down and slips between panels into the robot’s chassis. Then quickly returns to full size exploding the robot from inside-out.
Scott's got moves

On Humans:
  • Ant-Man triples his size and field-goal kicks the kneeling enemy across the battlefield.
  • Scott uppercuts the enemy into the air and juggles them with shrinking attacks, then grows giant size to punch them back into the ground with massive force.


Eric O’Grady Suit (aka G.I. Ant-Man):
Eric O'Grady
"Modern" Comic Lang Suit:
Love it or Hate it
Take your pick from any of these classics:
Man, this guy's got a lot of costumes

You’ve made it to the end! This was a really fun one for me and can’t wait to see him in-game some day. As always, here are my previous movesets if you’ve missed them:
War Machine, Vision, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange

Thanks for reading, let me know you're ideas you had for Ant-Man, and thanks for all the love on previous concepts too! See ya in the next one!
submitted by WarMachine425 to PlayAvengers

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