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Why Choose Us. Best Price. Nba live 06 patch 2020. The Jump 2020 Live - The Jump. This is our official discussion forum where you can talk about NBA Live, NBA 2K, and other basketball video games. NBA News - Latest team, player and league news.

[OC] 5 breakout seasons you might have missed this year:

This season, most of you have probably heard or read at one point or another about Luka Dončić soaring into the MVP conversation as a sophomore, the many all-star jumps (Ingram/Trae/Sabonis/Mitchell/Siakam/Booker), Bam Adebayo making a name for himself as an all-round stud in Miami, the Hornets' Devonte' Graham's heartwarming vault into NBA relevance, Ben Simmons's All-Defensive leap, and Jayson Tatum's long-awaited superstar transformation mid-season.
This post, then, will be talking about some breakouts around the league that you might have missed this season, coming from players on less talked-about teams, or simply improved aspects of certain players' games that may have flown under the radar for whatever reason.

1: Jonathan Isaac, defensive savant

[Note: Please read this fantastic and highly detailed two-part post by Jonathan Chen, from which I pilfered the vast majority of the clips that I've linked below: Jonathan Isaac: A Unicorn on the Defensive End]
Jonathan Isaac broke out as an early Defensive Player of the Year-candidate for the Orlando Magic this season - only an unfortunate season-ending left knee injury 32 games in stopped him from achieving a well-deserved All-Defensive spot this year.
While Isaac's gaudy per-game averages (7 rebounds, 1.6 steals, 2.4 blocks) are useful shorthand, they actually underplay his overall impact because of how truly unicorn-ish and all-encompassing his defensive profile is.
  • Paint defense
It all starts with Judah's elite rim protection - opponents shoot a sizeable 10.2 FG% worse within 6 feet of the rim (50.9 DFG%) when Isaac is the closest defender, where his savant-like shot-blocking instincts kick in as the Magic's defensive anchor. Whether he's the primary defender or the weak-side help, he's got fantastic footwork and is very quick off his feet, possessing a mean second-jump. Combined with his 6-11 frame, 7-1 wingspan, and an excellent sense of timing, Isaac is an athletic, long, and relentless roadblock at the rim to thwart otherwise high-percentage opponent shot-attempts in the paint. He's able to tussle with larger behemoths as well - here he is denying Embiid at the rim with one hand. In addition, Isaac remains quite disciplined, managing to consistently remain vertical on his contests and averaging only 2.5 fouls/game, impressive for a 3rd-year defender just 22 years of age.
  • Man defense
Isaac's man defense is already highly impressive, able to guard bigs and guards alike without giving an inch (he has a 62.2% versatility index) and able to guard either the primary or secondary offensive options effectively while also protecting the rim. He's got quick hands that he uses to force turnovers, constantly stripping players when they gather or pick up their dribble. In the post, his length and lanky frame makes him a pest. When defending perimeter threats, his footwork is impeccable, he maneuvers screens really well, and he's agile and long enough to shut down the Greek Freak in semi-transition. When he is beat, he often chases perpetrators down from behind.
  • Team defense
Isaac's off-ball activity and team defense, meanwhile, is reminiscent of peak Draymond, KG, or Andrei Kirilenko, constantly making timely rotations to eat up passing lanes, anticipating and disrupting opponent plays, crowding ball-handlers and halting dribble-penetration, closing out to shooters, and swatting shot attempts at the rim, basically making himself an all-around menace on the court.
  • Some of his few defensive weaknesses:
He can gamble at times for steals (which does work out more often than not thanks to his length and instincts) and occasionally foul on shot contests, he can get caught out-of-position in the post sometimes, and he can be a bit overly twitchy in the paint, falling for pump-fakes from time to time.
  • Orlando's best and most important defender:
He leads the team and ranks near the top of the league in steals/game (1.6), blocks/game (2.4), defensive loose-balls recovered (0.8), and deflections/game (3.3); is 2nd on the team in charges drawn (0.13), defensive box-outs (2.0); and is 3rd in defensive rebounds/game (5.2).
With Isaac on the court, the Orlando Magic's defensive rating jumps by a whopping 4.5 points to an excellent 106.5 DRTG (-3.9 rDRTG), which would rank as the 4th-best defense in the league over a full season, significantly higher than the 9th place (109.0 DRTG) the Magic ended up at at the time of the NBA's suspension.
  • Advanced metrics:
Box- and non-box advanced metrics all think very highly of Isaac's overall defensive impact - he has a +4.8 D-RAPTOR (3rd in NBA), +3.2 D-PIPM (4th), and a +2.9 D-BPM (3rd).
  • So what's next for Isaac?
Isaac is slowly starting to get the benefit of the doubt from referees:
"I thought they were going to call it, I thought they were going to call it goaltending,’’ said a relieved Isaac after his Magic notched their fourth straight victory – this one a gritty 93-87 defeat of Cleveland. "I just tried to get (Thompson’s hook shot) at its highest point, and they gave it to me. I think the refs are starting to let me slide a little bit and I like it.’’
It probably won't be very long before Isaac will be able to run rampant as a full-blown terror on the defensive end, and combined with his decent ancillary offensive numbers as a tertiary scorer / potential floor-spacer (12.0 PPG, 2.8 3PA, 33 3P%), Jonathan is already a truly indispensable part of the Magic rotation for the foreseeable future.
(Bonus clip that perhaps summarises the entirety of Isaac's versatile skillset: His near-5x5 performance in a 1-point loss vs the Dallas Mavericks' historic league-leading offense on November 6, putting up 13/10/5/6/4 while tormenting Porzingis all night long (10 pts, 2 TOVs, 29 FG%) and holding Luka and KP to a combined 37 points on 35 shots (47.5 TS%) and 8 turnovers.)

2: Christian Wood, the NBA's newest unicorn

After 49 games of being an overqualified backup to Andre Drummond (averaging 10/5/1/1/1 on excellent efficiency), Detroit finally moved Christian Wood into the starting lineup after Drummond got traded to Cleveland for their final 13 games before the NBA suspended its season.
  • "Sooo.. who is Wood, and why should we care?"
In his final 13 games, Christian Wood has played like a bonafide star, averaging 22.8 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 2.0 assists, 0.8 blocks, 0.8 steals, and 1.7 threes on 66% True Shooting (56 FG%, 40 3P% on 4.2 3PA, 76 FT%).
He's been remarkably consistent as well, scoring fewer than 17 points only once during this stretch, and showing up against a variety of good teams - 3 of his final 4 games were against stout opposition, and he rose to the challenge admirably, with outputs of 29/9/3 on 91 TS% vs OKC, 30/11/2 on 56 TS% vs the Jazz and reigning DPOY Gobert, and a career-high 32/7/2/3/2 on 81 TS% v.s. Philly.
  • "He's on a bad team though, and Detroit lost all but one of those 13 games. Aren't these just empty numbers?"
There's exists some evidence that these aren't empty calorie numbers.
For one thing, Wood is an advanced stats darling - he ranks in the top-20 to 30 range in most box- and non-box metrics: +4.5 RAPTOR (18th), +3.1 BPM (BBRef) (27th), 0.184 WS/48 (24th), +2.98 PIPM (26th), +2.82 RPM (ESPN) (22nd), +2.09 RAPM (20th).
For another, the Pistons are a whopping +10.9 points better with Wood on the court, with their defensive rating improving by +3 and their offensive rating getting a ridiculous +8 boost.
  • "So, what makes him so effective?"
Offensively, Wood is particularly special, able to shine as either a PF or a C.
When he plays the 5, he is an elite roll-man in the PnR (97th percentile); his potent roll-gravity often distracts defending bigs to get teammates easier looks at the rim. His athleticism and feathery touch allow him to finish at an elite rate at the rim (77 FG% in restricted area), either skying for lobs or shedding defenders with power and speed.
Wood is very aggressive in the short roll too, bullying defenders with unflashy but effective bumps, pivots, fakes, and his leaping ability, not shying away from contact either, affording him a healthy free-throw rate overall (6 FTA/game as starter, 76 FT%).
Wood is also a highly capable offensive rebounder (3.2 ORB/game in final 13 games, top 20 in ORB%), adept at following up on both teammate misses and his own.
Of course, Wood is also a remarkable shooter for his position (40 3P% on 4.2 3pa/game in final 13 games), with a quick and high release off-the-catch that's unbothered by all but the longest of perimeter defenders, opening up driving lanes for teammates with his gravity. "Wood is the rare stretch-4 who doubles as a rim-running 5", allowing coaches a high level of versatility when designing offensive sets. Wood possesses a smooth dribble, too, which lets him attack closeouts and slash to the basket.
  • "What about on defense, though?"
Defensively speaking, Wood has tremendous physical tools: 7-3 wingspan, excellent feet, highly athletic, making him a highly versatile defender capable of guarding speedy guards on switches (68.9 versatility index). He's a decent rim-protector - opponents shoot 6% worse within 6 feet of the hoop when Wood is the closest defender, and Detroit as a whole are +4.4 points better defensively when Wood is on the court. His pick-and-roll defense is actually quite decent, knowing when to drop and timing his contests well. Overall, he's likely a slight positive on defense.
  • "Does he suck at anything?"
Wood can't power through larger defenders, and his post game is highly limited. To quote Jonathan Tjarks, "his ability to score one-on-one is still mostly theoretical—he’s in the 22nd percentile of post scorers this season and the 10th percentile in isolations."
Wood is also a subpar playmaker - he had a 2.0/2.3 assist-to-turnover ratio in his final 13 games. He can make basic reads out of double-teams, but has yet to truly weaponise his own scoring threat to get teammates easier looks on a more consistent basis.
Defensively, his awareness as a team defender has room for improvement, and his motor can be sloppy (seen in some mediocre box-outs or close-outs). He also has trouble against heftier post players, and some speedy guards can blow by him.
Finally, Small Sample Size alert! Some regression is very likely expected for Wood's gaudy shooting numbers once more teams learn more about his abilities and begin to throw more defenders (and better defenders) on him.
  • "So what's the future like for Christian?"
Wood is trusting his teammates more on both sides of the ball. He’s not forcing things on offense... Wood is scoring by giving the ball up and trusting it will come back to him when he’s open instead of constantly hunting for his own shot.
Wood doesn't demand touches and is highly efficient in his role, something that will let him scale well on good offenses, something that bodes well for his future as a Piston but also makes him an attractive addition for a playoff side - he's an unrestricted free-agent this summer. If he carries or builds upon this level of production into next season, he'll easily be a Most Improved Player contender with All-Star potential.
  • "Hmm, I'm actually kinda interested in knowing more about him!"
In that case, here are two marvellous breakdowns of Wood's game which I consumed and referenced voraciously while writing this section:
-Coach Daniel on YouTube: Why Christian Wood Is Genuinely A Terrific Player
-Jonathan Tjarks, The Ringer: Get Used to Hearing Christian Wood’s Name

3: Jaren Jackson Jr, one of the best volume-shooters in the league

Jaren Jackson Jr (17/5/1.5 on +2.6 rTS%), is a proper unicorn, and easily the 2nd most important offensive piece on the Grizzlies, mainly due to his elite floor-spacing opening things up considerably for their offense - he's frighteningly adept at his role, hitting 40% of his 6 to 7 three-point attempts per game.
  • "Surely the section title is clickbait or hyperbole, though, right? He's just a big, after all, he can't be that good"
Actually, there are only 11 other players in the entire league (≥30 GP) who have shot at least as accurately as Jaren (39.7 3P%) on at least as many attempts (6.3 3PA).
Here are all 135 3-pointers he's made this season, just to get an idea of how he shoots these, and here's him draining 9 threes on the league-leading Bucks' defense en route to a career-high 43 points.
  • "So does he just stand in the corner and wait for Ja to feed him?"
Not exactly... JJJ has a somewhat atypical form but a quick and high release, and he shoots a truly incredible variety of threes, making them as part of pick-and-pop action, some simply off-the-dribble, some stepbacks, some in transition, some on the move, some off screens, or and he even sprinkles in the odd logo yeet from 30 feet out.
To quote some more from this excellent SB Nation breakdown of Jaren Jackson Jr's versatile game by Mike Prada:
The fact that Jackson can take and make so many different kinds of threes enables the Grizzlies to deploy him in so many different spots on the court. He has no obvious sweet spot, which means there’s rarely a worry he’ll catch the ball somewhere he doesn’t belong. He can toggle between playmaker, primary scorer, screener, and floor spacer, depending on what the Grizzlies need at that particular moment.
Better yet, he can do all four within the same play, which ensures Memphis’ sets always have secondary options. A pick-and-pop that the defense covers effectively can quickly swing into a dribble handoff, post-up, or second-side screening action, and it’s difficult for the defense to peg exactly where Jackson fits in to those sequences. In an instant, he’s flipped from the big man screener that gets a guard open into the primary option on a flare screen to get him a three.
And if that shot isn’t there, he can quickly flow back into being a screener for a guard curling up from the corner.
Or — and this is spicy — he can invert the traditional big/guard setup and act as the ball-handler immediately.
Well, overplaying JJJ's shooting is unwise - he possesses a decent handle for a big (relatively few turnovers considering he drives quite often) and is excellent at attacking closeouts and finishing at in the paint (65 FG% in restricted area). Some of his long strides and wrong-footed finishes bring to mind Pascal Siakam. His post scoring is well below-average (26th percentile), his ISO scoring is decent (65th percentile), and his shooting in the non-restricted area of the paint (floaters and such) isn't anything to write home about (39.5 FG%). Interestingly, he rarely takes midrange shots, with a James Harden-esque 16 midrange attempts over the entire season.
Defensively-speaking, Jaren is very versatile and has incredible length, athleticism, footwork, and timing, able to switch onto bigs and guards alike with equal ease and possessing preternatural defensive instincts as a help defender. However, he is still some way from fulfilling his All-Defensive, even DPOY potential, as he's haunted by persistent fouling issues - he's averaged 5.2 fouls/36 in each of his first 2 seasons. His rebounding rate is anemic for a player his size, too (3.7 D-Rebs/game) - part of this might be due to him playing out on the perimeter a lot, part of it might just be due to his rebounding being naturally poor. (In case you were wondering, JJJ's lack of rebounding isn't a Steven Adams issue because he's just boxing people out all the time, either - he's 109th in the league in defensive-box-outs/game.) His current overall defensive impact, therefore, is quite neutral at the moment - most advanced numbers don't think highly of it. Memphis have the 16th ranked defense in the league, and their defensive rating actually improves with JJJ off the court (some of this might just be noise, or perhaps a case of Grizzlies' backups shining against weaker bench units). In any case, these current defensive shortcomings are something Grizzlies fans will likely gladly live with, considering JJJ's offensive value and the promise of future improvements in his defensive impact once he learns to foul less.

4: Kris Dunn, the modern-era Tony Allen?

This season, the Bulls' dogged guard slash forward Kris Dunn has graded out consistently as one of the very best and most impactful defenders in the NBA, regardless of position. For the first time in his career, Dunn's team is A) excellent at defense with him on the court, and B) much better on defense with him on the court than without.
First, though, let's get the numbers out of the way:
  • Height: 6-3, Weight: 205 lb, Wingspan: 6-10, 51 GP, 24.9 MPG
  • 2nd in Steals/game (2.0), 1st in Steal % by a wide margin, 4th in Deflections/game (only player in the top 11 averaging fewer than 25 minutes a night), 8th in Defensive loose-balls recovered/game
  • 2nd in Defensive Box Plus Minus (BBRef)
  • 5th in Defensive PIPM
  • 7th Defensive RAPTOR, which incorporates player tracking data
  • 7th in Defensive RAPM / Luck-adjusted RAPM
  • 13th in Defensive Real Plus-Minus (ESPN)
  • Bulls have a 106.4 Defensive Rating (-4.0 rDRTG) with Kris Dunn on the floor, which would rank 4th in the NBA over a full season. The Bulls defense also improves by a massive +6.2 points when Dunn enters the game.
  • 67.8 Versatility Index, guarding positions 1-3 at least 19% of the time each, and spending 15% of his possessions guarding PFs and Cs
  • Held pick-and-roll ball-handlers to 0.71 points per possession, one of the best marks in the league
  • Can guard either the primary or secondary offensive options highly effectively as required
  • Opponents shoot 1.5% worse on 3s when Dunn is the closest defender
  • "Among those who logged at least 20 minutes per game, Dunn led all players in the percentage of his points that came off a turnover, at a whopping 29.3 percent. It’s reminiscent of prime Tony Allen — who used to live near the top of the league in this category — and more than doubled his production from the previous year."
Adding on some more quotes from Michael Pina's fantastic SB Nation breakdown of Dunn's defense, "Kris Dunn is a dying breed in today’s NBA. That’s why he’s so fascinating":
On the night Kris Dunn suffered a knee injury that will likely end his season, I sat by his locker to chat about defense. Considering no guard in the NBA has been better at it this season, the topic made sense.
We talked about... The dark arts that go into learning his opponent’s specific tendencies:
“A lot of guys who are righties like to go left to be able to get to their jump shot, and a lot of people who are righties like to go downhill to their right side. But if you’re a righty, most likely you like to go left. I just feel like you just have, you know, more in your bag of tricks going left. If you’re a lefty, most of the time they like going right. It’s just how they do it.
I like to break down to see what’s their go-to move. Some people when they come down the court, if they have the ball in their left hand, they’re getting ready to shoot. If they have the ball in their right hand, they’re ready to drive.”
... And player comparisons:
“I feel like Tony Allen, he just fits what I do. He’ll pounce on you. He was strong, physical. I think he could guard 1 through 3, even fours. I feel like I can guard some fours sometimes. I feel like that’s a good comparison because he’s got that dog, he’s got that bloodhound in him.”
Dunn’s season-long defensive impact was, to be frank, spectacular. He thrived in Jim Boylen’s tight-rope-walk of a defensive scheme, torpedoing passing lanes, living in his man’s jersey, and never giving up on a possession.
For most defenders, including Dunn, a majority of his defensive possessions are spent off the ball, and it’s here where his knowledge, instincts, and timing swirl up into a typhoon that the offense then has to navigate.
“He’s an all-defensive defender if I’ve ever seen one, and I’ve seen a few of them,” Boylen said right before the injury. “Paul George, Kawhi Leonard. He’s an All-Defensive guy.”
  • Indeed, Kris Dunn should receive some serious consideration for an All-Defensive spot. He may not get it because the Bulls are bad and his offensive role is limited, hence he likely won't be well-known to most voters, but he's clearly been one of the best guard defenders in the league this year, and one of the most impactful defenders in the league, period.

5: Kawhi Leonard, playmaker

This entry might surprise some readers, but yes, in the 2019-20 season, reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard has finally broken out as a PASSER - 5.0 APG, decent 1.9:1 AST/TO ratio, 27.0 AST%, impressive 6.7 Passer Rating (Backpicks).
See, prior to this season, Kawhi was not actually a very good passer or playmaker.
  • A fun and relevant stat- Kawhi only has 10 TOTAL career games (regular season and playoffs combined) with 8 or more assists, and a whopping 7 of them came in the 2019-20 regular season. (source)
In previous years, Kawhi has had a few high-assist games in the playoffs, mostly as a result of making basic passes out of double-teams when teams commit multiple defenders to slow down his monster playoff-scoring, but he's never been a proficient playmaking wing like LeBron/Kobe/MJ, often lacking accuracy and velocity on many of his passes, and very rarely making more advanced reads (throwing skip passes out of a Pick-and-Roll/PnR, for example). After developing into the amazing ISO scorer we now know him as in 2017, Kawhi was generally in score-first mode for the vast majority of his possessions, generally only trying to find teammates when his own attack had fizzled out. This slightly limited his team's and his own ceiling as an offensive force, unable to punish help consistently and effectively.
This season, though, Kawhi burst out of the gate as a shockingly comfortable and effective passer and playmaker, averaging 8 APG in his first 4 games. Far from his probing, soft, and hesitant passes late in the shot clock to teammates in previous years, this version of the Klaw tries to keep his head up and his offensive options open, always tracking where his teammates are. He consistently hits the Clippers' bigs Zubac and Harrell in the PnR with crisp high-speed bounce-passes, throws no-looks and skip passes to shooters, and even manipulates defenders by freezing them with his eyes before rapidly lasering the ball to open teammates under the rim.
To quote Zach Lowe:
He already has developed chemistry with two very different dance partners in Ivica Zubac and Montrezl Harrell. Zubac is more laborious, and so Leonard navigates with zigzaggy, start-and-stop patience until Zubac rumbles free: clip
Harrell can zip to the rim or mirror Leonard's pitter-pat. Harrell also is a master at re-screening at different angles, and Leonard is learning to bob and weave behind him -- and use the threat of a handoff to slice backdoor: clip
His passing leap shows up on film, too, where he rarely looks lost anymore, knowing where his teammates are at all times, but it also shows up in the numbers: easily a career-high 5.0 assists/game (previous high was 3.3 in 2017), 27.0 AST% (previous high 18.9% in 2017).
The rest of the league should be worried - one of the finest scorers in the game has finally upgraded his passing game to match.
That's it for today, thanks for reading!
submitted by KagsTheOneAndOnly to nba

Let's Go More Xtreme Amped! RetroArch, PPSSPP (Sonic Rivals 1, 2), HD PCSX (Blood Omen), MAME 2003 (Virtua Fighter), Amiga, and More! Core Set Release for Mini MD/SNES/NES/PSC Classics! Many Fixes and Additions, Enjoy!

Release Link way at bottom of this Post!
Today is your lucky day. I meant to post this on October 6th. But, I finished a little earlier, and didn't want to have you all waiting 2 more days! So, enjoy the Update, 2 days early, still dated for October 6th!!! Looking forward to the feedback!
First Off, let's get some HORROR 'Stravaganza 2020 Edition in:)
Next Up
Staind Song, "It's Been Awhile", sums it up. But, here we are, again, almost 4 months later...with another truly kickass Update! There were quite a few variables in play, this time around, which made this particular Update take longer than the norm. These included real life reality and work debacles, meticulous testing phase scenarios to ensure what I wanted to pull off was feasible, with as little chance of buggery and such. You will see some of the things I have contended with, as you read the Release Notes! So, sit right back, and you will read a tale, a tale of a fateful modding trip...You get the idea:) Have fun with this Update, after you get through the Notes, whilst downloading it:)
I have been switching it up between Work, Modding, and trying to get in some fun "binge watching" of TV Shows, here and there. What shows have you ever "binge watched"? And, yeah, there is that joke about Netflix emailing people for watching too many episodes of Orange is the New Black and/or The Office, in a row:) In recent times, I did:
Ozark (truly looking forward to the next season..great crime drama about money laundering),
Lucky Pete (Bryan Cranston is a fun villain in season 1! Show is about someone who takes someone elses identity to escape his sordid past...not realizing the guy's life he took is potentially worse than his own!)
Anger Management Charlie Sheen in classic, crazy form:)
Greatest American Hero (Grew up on this show! Superhero loses instruction manual and learns as he goes, while crash landing in humorous ways, each and every time:)
I will probably do Ray Donovan next, as it is clearly a good show that I simply did not get into, as of yet! I'd absolutely love to know anything and everything any of you have binge watched!
Now then, you know the drill...Bullet Points, then clarity. Time to lift off and get into this Update!
  • Personal Appreciation for those who helped make 5000 Subscriber YouTube Milestone!
  • TRUE Metal Gear 1 and 2 for MSX Controls Implemented! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme Virtua Fighter Arcade Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme Hunting Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme Golfing Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes (WWF Wrestlemania Arcade! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes! (Terminator 2, Revolution X) (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Food Fight Proper Controls! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
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  • Commodore 64 Vic-20 Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
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  • PCSX ReArmed HD Xtreme Suite! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Boktai Light Sensor Support for mGBA! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • RetroArch Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • RetroArch Xtreme Amped Sound Check Mode Activate! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Xtreme Virtual Ram Updated! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • Other Additions! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MD Mini 6 Button Controller Mostly Fixed Up! (Mini MD)
  • Next Update WIP (DraStic MD Mini Controls/MAME 2003 Xtreme Amped, etc)!
  • The Videos!
Personal Appreciation for those who helped make 5000 Subscriber YouTube Milestone!
I am giving a tremendous personal thanks to all of you who have helped get me to the 5000 Subscriber YouTube Milestone. The combination of your pure, unadulterated awesomeness, Liking, Subscribing, Commenting, has gotten me to that fun junction in YouTube Time:) Thanks so much! And, I will be doing a 5K Celebration Video, wherein I take on a multitude of games with many many enemies, in fact...5K, give or take:)
TRUE Metal Gear 1 and 2 for MSX Controls Implemented! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Those who followed the Releases for awhile, will have known Turrican for C64 was the game that truly made me want to have keyboard to controller mapping, of which fr500 and r-type were both graciously amazing in helping out with! In any case, I set up controls (most optimal for PS2 style controllers!) so that you can easily play the TRUE Metal Gear 1 and 2 via MSX! You simply add the games, per normal, then run them, and go into RetroArch Settings, Quick Menu, Controls, Load the Mapper, BlueMSX, Kojima Metal Gear 1 & 2! I streamlined things, as best I could, such as putting the Item/Weapon Menus onto L1/R1, Codec on Select, Action/Start/Continue Buttons on A/B/X/Y. I can do same for any other MSX/DOS, etc, computer relative games that any of you have difficulty setting up or running, for that matter! Just let me know:) Enjoy! Legal BIOS will install automatically with Xtreme Injector for PSC. For the MD/SNES/NES Classics, go to Modules, KMFD Mod Hub, BIOS Tab, and install the appropriate BlueMSX Bios Module! Thanks Devarchivist for pushing me to get this done this time around:)
MAME 2003 Xtreme Virtua Fighter Arcade Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
It is no secret that 3d Arcade Fighting Games run like crap on pretty much all of the Minis, aside from Dreamcast/Naomi/Atomiswave interpretations! Virtua Fighter is one I really wanted added. And, it runs best with MAME 2003 Xtreme, especially on PSC! So, it is officially, the one and only 3D Fighting Game that runs well on the MAME Cores! Hopefully, we can get more added, in the future! Personal thanks to Arcadez2003 for helping with the nuances of clocking it, especially so, to handle the lower spec Mini Classics! You will see in my video, below the notes, the few builds I had to go through, just to get things right!
MAME 2003 Xtreme Hunting Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
American Sammy's fun Arcade Gun Games, such as:
  • deerhunta
  • deerhuntb
  • turkhunt
  • wschamp
  • wschampa
  • trophyh
Personal thanks to Arcadez2003 and Grant2258 for helping with this addition. I will likely finetune the precision of the controller, Next Update! But, this is an excellent start! You can see similar revisions if you try running Duck Hunt VS, which I made far easier to manage on a controller, in recent Updates! I will do same for these fun Hunting Games, where no real animals are injured or maimed or killed!
MAME 2003 Xtreme Golfing Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Incredible Technologies' fun Golfing Games, including:
  • gt3d
  • gt97
  • gt98
  • gt99
  • gt2k
  • gtclassc
Thanks for the assist Arcadez2003 and Grant2258, you both rock!
MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes (WWF Wrestlemania Arcade! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Personal thanks to Mahoneyt944 for helping make this incredible addition possible! WWF Wrestlemania Arcade now has proper, and nice, and loud sound!
MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes! (Terminator 2, Revolution X) (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Two of the most notoriously annoying Arcade Gun Games to get up and running, due to pesky controls and/or sound issues! No more! Thank you Mahoneyt944 for helping make this possible to now have Auto Calibrated Controls for both Terminator 2 and Revolution X, as well as Loud, Nice sound for Revolution X! MAME 2003 Xtreme Amped, in the Next Update, will reflect these amazing changes, too! That is currently WIP, as I didn't want to delay this Update any longer!
MAME 2003 Plus Food Fight Proper Controls! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Thanks to Mahoneyt944, you now have the ability to go into MAME Settings, and set appropriate "stop and turn on a dime" controls, to really have more finesse and finetuned precision in this highly addictive game. Be sure to check out the video below Release Notes for more details!
PSP Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
First we had PPSSPP Legacy, for stubborn games, then PPSSPP Xtreme, for a combination of stability and compatibility. Now, we have PPSSPP Xtreme Amped, which takes things to the next level! This cranks performance and speed to whole new levels and the NEXT Addition is one of the fruits of this labor! On MD/SNES/NES Classic, you can now finally and reasonably play Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, as well as enjoy boosted Performance/Speed on a ton of games! One main caveat is that on the MD Mini, running games with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped from the Main UI can lead to a glitch where you are running the game and Main UI simultaneously! Check my YouTube Channel for a Video showcasing the workaround for this! PPSSPP Xtreme Amped for MD/SNES/NES will be in Mod Hub, KMFD Xtreme Tab, where other specialized, non-typical End User Stuff will be stored, moving forward!
The other thing to contend with is that games that have FMVs in them, such as God of War, may crash! You can workaround this, much like with Metroid Prime Hunters, where you utilize save points to bypass crash or non-passable points. In this case, run God of War Ghost of Sparta with PPSSPP Xtreme, get to the first save point, THEN reload same exact game with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped, and you will have a great while before having to worry about any FMV Crash Points! I played for a good couple hours swapping between the Xtreme and Amped, and thoroughly enjoyed some good ol God of War, pre Last of US rehash:) Not that that is a bad thing! I just enjoy the classic GOW, too:)
PSP Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 Finally Playable! (Mini PSC)
This is ONLY possible on PSC due to the Xtreme Timing Differentials to account for with these 2 very tricky games! They are now both quite playable! If you use my Xtreme Injector setup for PSC, you will be immediately in action for both of them, upon load! Results elsewhere may lead to crashes, freezes, burns, and whatnot! Remember, things are most finetuned to avoid crashes, with the Xtreme Injector setup. So, keep that in mind, and enjoy both of these fantastic PSP Games!
PSP Standalone! (Mini PSC)
We have had a great amount of Drama in the Scene. But, when it comes down to it, it is all about you, the End User, that matters most! Our groups have worked on our various projects, and conflicted, creatively, on occasion! But, I need not humble myself by saying thanks for your efforts with PPSSPP Standalone, Swing and Wraith. It is a true thanks! And, also thanks Genderbent for the critical Retroboot Installation Protocols which make APPs much more seamless in execution! In any case, I added my own personalized Xtreme Tweaks to help out a bit with some of the more Stubborn Games, such as Rock Band Unplugged! Be sure to watch the Rock Band Unplugged DLC Video Below Notes, as an example! Feel free to ask me for help, if you have any trouble getting DLC going on ANY game! I enjoy testing these fun things out, for sure!
Install, from my Release, in PSC Folder, AB, AutoBleem, then Xtreme Injector, then RB Apps, PPSSPP Standalone, then simply navigate to where your games are, and have fun running them! I got Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 running a tad better. Rock Band Unplugged considerably better. But, I definitely recommend most games be run via PPSSPP Xtreme or Amped, and the stubborn ones like Rock Band Unplugged via Standalone! Be sure to inform me of personal results of testing between these 3 incarnations of PPSSPP, so I can test, and confirm, and update things accordingly!
PicoDrive 32X Support Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Pesky Butterfly Mod Effect broke 32X Support in the last Update...All good now!
Genesis Plus GX MSU-MD CD Soundtrack Support! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
This is pretty tricky to set-up. I may have to do a Tutorial Video on overall setup and patching! But, the video below notes shows this awesome sauce in action, especially the amazing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker with Real Songs! I will do my best to make running these as easily as possible. These will ONLY work with Genesis Plus GX Plus, NOT Xtreme. Xtreme is set up in such a way that it favors Speed and Performance for games, such as Sonic Spinball, and is not meant for stuff like MD-CD! Some Sega-CD Games also benefit with Xtreme.
Commodore 64 Vic-20 Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
This was a tricky one. Now, both homebrew AND retail games mostly run, as well as MegaCarts (which can contain nearly the entirely library of any game you'd ever want to play Vic-20 wise! If I can legally post the MegaCarts, I will to Mod Hub! I will display them in a video, then post on Google Drive, temporarily, if need be...to avoid any unnecessary delays in bringing you more awesomeness to play on your Minis!
Thank you Sonninos and RSN8887! And, thanks robbalvey for helping test these additions for a few hours!
Commodore Amiga Revamped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Amiga will continue to be Revamped, each and every Update. Performance and Speed is better, flickering fixed up, other fun tweaks and fixes, making it a better all around Core! Thank you Sonninos and RSN8887!
**Driver PSX No Longer Crashes on Restart! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
What is more irritating than the unpassable Tutorial Mission in Driver!? Well, that would be going to Restart, after failing, then having the entire game crash! No more, all good to go now, with ALL of the Updated PCSX Builds! You can also play the Japan Version, to entirely skip the Tutorial Mission, as a great bit of wisdom someone passed along to me in YouTube Comments! Just, after that, game won't be in English! But, still very damned cool! Thanks!
PSX Bugs Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Disk Swapping wasn't 100 percent reliable and crashed for some more often than not. Everything is fixed now, and I had multiple people test. Disk Swapping works flawlessly and quite effortlessly now! Also, if attempting to run games without BIOS, crashing was more prone to occur. Now, the games that DO work without BIOS, will run fine, without any surprise crashing on startup! Again, Butterfly Mod Effect, per usual. Gotta deal with a break, here and there, with the awesome new additions. But, once the occasional breaks, such as Disk Swapping crashes, or 32X no longer functioning properly, we quickly get off our asses and fix them, if we reasonably can:) Thanks saitax and stefantx and bslenul for testing and confirming the bugs no longer exist:)
PCSX ReArmed .ldci Support! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
Thanks bslenul! This is genius:) For PCSX, which is really cool for multi-discs games, now it will remember the last disc inserted so for example you're playing FFVII (from a m3u/pbp) and you're now on disc 2, next time you'll start the game it will boot on disc 2 directly, no need to swap and restart. This may make it hard code wise for PSC, too, upon more appropriate testing. But, works fine for MD/SNES/NES, for now!
PCSX ReArmed HD Xtreme Suite! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Here, we have a masochist's haven suite of specialized PCSX Core Builds, for you to peruse and try out and enjoy! For MD/SNES/NES Classics, go to Mod Hub, KMFD Xtreme Tab, like with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped...stuff that may not be for every End User, will be there for the elitists who wanna try out the extra oomph up for offer! You will have NEON, PEOPS, UNAI Xtreme, HD Xtreme, HD Xtreme Amped, HD Xtreme FS, HD Xtreme Amped FS. Amped Builds will ONLY work with Suspend or RetroArch Saves, NOT in game. That is a sacrifice that needed made to ensure better performance and speed! Graphical glitches may also occur. Think of the cache being overloaded. If you exit the game and reenter, or restart RetroArch, the game should run fine! I have to personally say, some of the "not too often" graphical glitches I got, were pretty funny. One had stormtroopers in Jedi Power Battles being covered up like a certain character that we need not name, that can't be shown, in South Park! Speaking of South Park, the Covid 19 episode was in top form, highly enjoyable:)
In any event, first try PS1 Games with the standard suite of Cores, then Xtreme, if need be. And, as far as HD Builds, FS has minor frame skipping involved, to help on games like R-Type Delta, which will run way way way better on MD/SNES/NES, with FS Builds! And, I tell you, R-Type Delta looks fine in HD! Feel free to offer feedback, as I have had absolute fun trying out hundreds of games on the various builds, and finding the appropriate and most masterful build for each. Again, for PSC, simply running HD Xtreme or HD Xtreme Amped will be all that is needed for MOST PS1 Games. FS is more practical, execution wise, for MD/SNES/NES. Have fun, I definitely did, getting these all set up for you to all enjoy! One can never have enough PS1:) PS: Blood Omen, like in my Video, runs absolutely amazing with HD Xtreme Amped! I just use RetroArch Saves for it, as I WANT that additional performance and speed, and accountability for HD Upscaled Visuals, to boot!
Boktai Light Sensor Support for mGBA! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Who the friggin hey wants to take their GBA outside in the sun! Well, it was still a cool, not very well known gimmick, for this subset of Boktai, Action Adventure Games! Make sure your Core Option is set to 1 for Light, then calibrate, confirm, in game, and you should be able to simply hold L1 or R1 to adjust light up and down! You can also utilize the "hard perm patches" in my Release, in Xtras/PERM-CHEATS-PATCHING, to make sure it is enforced, always! Boktai 3, you will probably want to English Language patch, as well. I didn't include that patch, for now, as the best patch of it, includes something I cannot post:) I will try to throw into the Next Update, the most appropriate patch, along with any others I come across, that are impactful:)
RetroArch Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
For MD/SNES/NES, Mod Hub, KMFD RetroArch Tab for Ozone, the most User Friendly Build! KMFD Xtreme for my specialized for better performance/speed builds of Amped/RGUI (RGUI Loads games approximately 2-3 seconds faster than any other build. But, it is not the most pretty interface. It just doesn't need to load as much into memory, before running the games! For PSC, Xtreme Injector will get you up and running! For MD/SNES/NES, I have 181 and 190 Xtreme Amped. PSC, just 181 Xtreme Amped. I personally found 182-190 still have a few bugs to sort, that make me favor 181 for now on that platform. You are welcome to try 190 with Genderbent's awesome RetroBoot, however. But, til I am satisfied the bugs are sorted out, 181 is where I will stay, firm, for now...on PSC!
Additionally, those of you who play N64 the most, may best prefer 181, since you can directly go into RetroArch, Video Settings, SRGB Toggle On/Off on games like Killer Instinct/Paper Mario, to instantly kill slowdown, and reinstate full speed mode activate! Higher than 181, you have to go through 2 additional submenus, which can be a little more less endearing. Again, use whichever one you most prefer. I will get 190 or higher up, once I am comfortable enough with some of the bugs being gone! These same bugs don't necessarily affect other platforms, as MD/SNES/NES are absolutely fine! But, for the record, there were some bugs in 184, such as 50+ MB Memory Usage, which in some instances, affected certain games. That is completely resolved for the 181 and 190 I posted! It was due to a "RetroAchievements" bug.
RetroArch Xtreme Amped Sound Check Mode Activate! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
This is not as much about the music, as it is about memory usage! Whenever you enter RetroArch Menu, in ANY of my Amped Builds, cool, very kickass 1980s style music will play. If playing a more intensive game, such as Dreamcast, opening RetroArch Menu may cause this music to stutter or slow down. Anytime you stutter or slowdown, this signifies memory usage, sort of like CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Windows PC! Depending on where you are in a specific game, it will be best to resume that game to avoid crashing from it, due to too much memory usage, such as with Fist of the North Star...one of the most cpu intensive games, period! Or, just stop touching your controller for a second or few, til it cleans up! As long as the music stays smooth, you are generally in no immediately or imminent danger of crashing! I have found this one of the most practical solutions for surveying exactly how the memory is currently behaving! Even the built in Memory Usage Detector is quite erratic and unreliable, in contrast, due to how some Cores gather the data.
Xtreme Virtual Ram Updated! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
With this installed, you will now have incredible performance and better compatibility! Doom Sigil will load without crashing, Custom Arcade OSTs, such as NBA Jam and Street Fighter II will properly work. Naomi/Atomiswave will go from potential 2FPS slowdown, slideshows, to near seamless! I ran, even Fist of the North Star, quite nicely...on the lower spec MD Mini! You will have the double whammy of Zfast as well as Swap, along with Turbo Refinement, to help ease along the previous choke points in games for PSP, such as Burnout Legends, which run quite nicely with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped, now!
Other Additions! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
I made the Load Content more concise, so you don't have 100 characters listed at a time, when seeing what content or Core is loaded. This harkens back to my Prefix System which I showcased on NESC in 2017. IE: NES: Blaster Master, rather than Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System - Blaster Master, or Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System - Nestopia, now is Nintendo - NES - Nestopia! I really love this, as I don't want to sit there for 2-3 seconds on every Core, waiting for it to scroll by to see what the hell I am working with! This doesn't affect Ozone as much. But, with my preferred Amped XMB Builds, it is a little more confined for scrolling sections!
MD Mini 6 Button Controller Mostly Fixed Up! (Mini MD)
Thanks ReyVGM and bslenul for helping with this very frustrating addition. Many have encountered buttons being wonky or off by one! We did some extensive testing. And, with RetroArch Install from THIS Update, your MD 6 Button Controllers, should perform properly. Note: there are purportedly 4 different 6 Button Controller Types that came with the MD/Genesis Minis. We did the ones we had access to. If any of you have ones that still do not work, contact us, and we can help you with the appropriate process of generating a control scheme, which we can put into the install, so you and others can utilize it! Also, if running MD Games with Genesis Plus or Xtreme GX, you may sometimes need to go into RetroArch Settings, Quick Menu, Controls, and choose between 3/6 button there, depending on game. Variables. But, you get the idea! ' Next Update WIP (DraStic MD Mini Controls/MAME 2003 Xtreme Amped, etc)!
DraStic, currently, is quite limited in "what controllers" will auto work with it, for MD Mini! So, this is a top priority to get fixed up, right after this Update! They work absolutely fine for SNES/NES. But, a little additional work is needed to rectify things so they are more appropriately geared for the MD Mini. For now, you can access the DraStic Menu via holding reset on your MD Mini, for roughly 2 seconds. And, from there, if you have a working and supported controller, you should have no trouble navigating, and mapping, yourself. You can also use a keyboard, to make things fast and easy. And, TWO controllers can actually be used, one in each of the front controller ports, as well! Again, this is one of the top priorities to fix up, as soon as we reasonably can! Thanks for all the feedback and input!
I will have 2 MAME 2003 Xtreme Builds, Next Update. One will favor performance/speed, the other compatibility/stability. If I can get the better performance/speed on the latter build, I will relegate it to just one build. But, sometimes, it works best not trying to fix what isn't truly broken! SO far, in my personal testing, things are looking pretty tip top, as far as a nice Xtreme Amped Build. I just need to do more recoding, which I don't want to delay this Update, to do. But, I will certainly showcase this stuff. Stuff Like Virtua Fighter, etc, may run even better, too, once I am done!
I will get more Games onto the Mod Hub, including some very nice handheld games! I have wanted to do this for awhile. This will be the third priority for this followup Update, which won't be 3 months later, like this one was!
Refined Cheat Support for several Cores! I will showcase this in a few videos. Some of the most grueling and frustratingly difficult games, will be more approachable with easy access invincibility and/or infinite lives, etc, on the fly:) You will see:)
The Videos!
Be sure to go to my YouTube Channel, look at most recent, and go backwards, to cover pretty much everything shown in this Update! But, here are a few stand-out ones to check out, for now:)
Playstation Classic - Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 Actually Playable!!! Xtreme Amped FTW!!
Playstation Classic - PSX HD Xtreme Amped! Blood Omen Legacy of Kain! + SNES Steven Seagal?
Hell, just go to most Recent on my Channel, as mentioned above, and you will see the dozens of other videos posted within the last few months!
Enjoy the Friggin' Update! I will do a 5000 Subscriber Celebration Video when I get the chance!
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