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The Dwarves is an Tactical Game. The issue only happens when. Act-com (1) Act 4.0 (1) Actimel (1) Actinic Catalog (1) Action (18) Action Computers (1) Action Game (3) Action Games (10) Action Man (4) Actionman (1) Action Plus (1) Action Plus 2020 (1) Action Replay (3) Actionscript (1) Action Ultimate OEM CD (1) Activation (2) Active (6) Active Center (2) Active Mascot (1) ActiveState (1) ActiveSync (1) ActiveSync 4.5 (1. A Game of Dwarves v All No-DVD [Fairlight] Add new comment. Complete summaries of the OpenBSD and Debian projects are available; Note: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. Second, the district court considered the game client software's individual non-literal elements: the 400, 000+ discrete visual and audible components of the game, such as a visual image of a monster or its audible roar.

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Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Not a hardcore gamer but likes to dabble. I do photo editing in adobe CC (hence the i7..hyperthreads FTW). Usually multitask withe multiple apps open at once. Looking for power and longevity under $1500 USD
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, FPS, game settings)
New games at 1080P (Civ VI, The Dwarves, WOW)
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
$1500 USD
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**Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). [Consider formatting your parts list.]PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
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Homebrew Race Idea: Spider Humanoids-- Nah-Sati (inspired by Anansi the Spider)

As opposed to the driders of the underdark, the Nah-Sati are much marginally more humanoid than spider, their humanoid features are more human than elf, and they are less explicitly inclined to evil, though they do tend towards the more chaotic ends. Their defining features include glassy eyes, numbering 2 to 8 (though they usually have 2 dominant eyes); two pairs of foldable/retractable limbs that extend from the sides of the torso; and a firm, slightly stiff skin. Their additional limbs function more like dexterous legs, than actual arms, with extensions that serve more as toes than fingers. However, they can bend both directions, and a Nah-Sati can crawl just as well on their back, as on their stomach. They are slightly taller and lankier than humans, and have a degree of greater flexibility.

Edit 1.1: Added some new characteristics and lore that can be applied to RP. Some parts I would very much appreciate feedback for, as I'm not entirely confident in them(*).

+1 to Wisdom and Dexterity
Running speed of 30 and a crawling speed of 20
Natural Spider Climb: Nah-Sati can easily climb up walls and cielings of difficult surfaces with no need to roll, or penalty, besides having to crawl. They can even jump up from walls, and attack from them (albeit, from level 1-10, they will have to make a STR or CON save, in the case of the latter).
Regular senses, and a Blindsense of 30 15 feet.
And they have a strong resistance (if not outright immunity), to poisons they have directly ingested. So, they'll still take poison damage if they're bit by a venomous snake, or a green dragon breathes on them. But poisoned food, or drinking poison won't hurt them as much, if at all.

A potential drawback (If needed for balance):
Stiff Skin: While their bodies are lithe and agile, their skin is somewhat stiff, despite this. Whenever they use hit dice--for leveling up, or for simple healing--they have a -1 to all of their rolls (with the exception of a nat 1. So, imagine rolling a theoretical d7, instead of a d8)

Further Description:
Nah-Sati middle limbs tend to grow roughly 1 inch longer than their arms, with three short, stubby "toes" that extend from the tips. These help them gain and retain grip on objects, such as walls. And, they can be used for simple tasks, such as opening unlocked doors, and picking up small objects, they're a bit to small to use heavy, or cumbersome objects, such as swinging a sword. When not in use, they can be easily retracted back, either by folding them together, or sockets that lead them back into their bodies.
In spots that require less movement, their skin is thick, firm, and sleek. It does not tend to wrinkle, easily, unless the Nah-sati is very old. Skin colors tend to vary from simple earth tones, to vibrant hues, like reds, yellows, greens, oranges, and even purples & pinks. Though, the Nah-sati of the plains tend to have more earthy tones, and those that hail from jungles tend to have more chromatic colors, it's not unheard of for there to be some mixing between the two. They can also possess spots, stripes, and other patterns in their skin, sometimes reflected in their hair.
Nah-sati can also vary in terms of body hair, with males and females being capable of growing it. Some tribes encourage it to grow out, acting as an almost shaggy coat, while others encourage more sparse, thin coats, that don't hide the skin underneath. What's more, for some males, they do not grow conventional head hair, but rather the form of hair that covers the rest of their body (Essentially, this can evoke tarantulas, or other spiders).

The Nah-Sati tend to keep somewhat small, tribal societies, based upon a group of families or a clan. Living in homes made from a wide variety of materials, depending upon lifestyle. Nomadic tribes may live in huts made from reeds, sticks, skins, and/or cloth; while more settled tribes may live in homes made from adobe, rammed earth, clay, and (on rare occasion) stone. They are typically roofed with thatch, terracotta tiles, or simply a flat roof of adobe. Many jungle based Nah-sati live in elaborate neighborhoods resembling hollowed-out bulges in the trees, connected by bridges, causeways, ladders, and stairs.
For crafts & exports, smaller tribes tend to live self-sufficient societies that do not burden themselves much with trade, however when they do, it is typically animal skins, beads, and jewelry. Larger, more settled groups tend to trade (in addition to those mentioned before) in crops, livestock, precious metals, instruments, pottery, spices, timber, weaves, and especially textiles.
The Nah-Sati are somewhat famous for their production of textiles, weaves, and clothes. Often full of elaborate patterns and bright colors, their textiles are a regular export, fetching high prices in faraway markets. And with meticulous craftsmanship, they're able to make fabrics out of even straw, that can be almost as soft as wool. There's a bit of a misconception that because the Nah-Sati resemble spiders, they produce the fibers from webbing they naturally produce. But while they occasionally use the silk from actual spiders, they have no natural web spinners of their own. (However, some of them do make fibers out of their own cleaned hairs.)

Origin History & Religion:
The Nah-Sati has a wide pantheon, but their creation story is attributed to a trickster entity. His name lost to time, but his story preserved in many forms. In many of their legends, he is both the liar and the dupe. Their creation story varies heavily, but it always involves the trickster and the drow goddess, Lolth. How he was not only able to get out of her killing him, but also did something to trick her. Some interpretations say he charmed her, lay with her, and stole their children; he tricked her into making him a god; tricked her into killing or hurting one of her own children; or he simply had her fall asleep from her own poison, and ate her entire feast, before escaping. Regardless of what happened, Lolth was humiliated & furious, and in retaliation, she cursed him for his children to be like her, and his name to be forgotten forever. And in response, he simply had more adventures to be remembered by instead.
The nameless trickster is not typically described as a god from the start, but attained godhood for and through his deeds. From there, he married the earth goddess, Iyanzula, and raised the Nah-Sati until he was "replaced" by his jealous brother-in-law, Ndwandusati the sky god. He was envious and angry that a 'former mortal' had the worship of an entire race, and the trickster seemingly handed the position over to him with no conflict, and Ndwandusati began to languish as the patron god of the Nah-Sati, until he realized that as their patron, he has to take care of them, while the trickster is free to do as he pleases.
\A Love & Language of Lies:*
Either as part of the curse of Lolth, or influence of their trickster allfather, the Nah-Sati have a beloved pastime of telling lies and looking through them. They enjoy tall tales, half-truths, double-meanings, double entendres, puns, homophones, word games, and general jokes & pranks. Unlike drow, who value lies and deception as a means to gain power & achieve goals; or Copper dragons who value pranks & jokes for attention & self-elevation; or even gnomes who value trickery & cunning as a means to avoid trouble. They see that the mutual act of lying and picking out said lies to deduce the true meaning, as a more intimate form of communication. They use it as a means of discussing & deducing philosophy, personality, and much more. They also value the state of being the dupe, as well as being the trickster.
However, this comes with some stipulations--such as never lying in official business, never tricking someone into something that could get them killed (or seriously injured), and especially not tricking those in desperate need. While they usually keep to themselves, they tend to recognize (especially those in positions of authority) that maintaining good relations with other races is more beneficial than provoking enmity. More than that, they see it as disrespectful to the 'culture' of lying itself, as that is typically reserved for individuals one "trusts to lie with."
Indeed, and the double-entendre in that also applies to courtship & matrimony. As mentioned before, the Nah-Sati view the dialect of lies similar to how some martial artist view the act of physical combat as communication & art. And through that process, some can fall in love. This could be as simple as sharing tall tales at the fire pit, or could extend to prolonged "conflicts," of constantly pranking each other (conflict being a poor word for it, though, as the goal is to avoid enmity). These extensive dialectics can range from lasting for a few weeks, to even years. With both constantly trying to get the better of one another, sometimes going without food or sleep. It is not unheard of, for some to faint from the ritual.
But as this progresses, the two gain a deeper understanding of each other, until the point that they finally marry. While it is also certainly common for Nah-Sati to employ more conventional means of courting or wooing, the ritual is considered more romantic, and is proposed to lead to even tighter bonds. Couples of strong bonds can be seen resembling still lying & pranking each other, but remaining immensely faithful & kind to each other. Some scholars have even speculated that they form a sort of psychic bond that transcends words & actions.

\Trickster Sages:*
While the Nah-Sati have a fairly standard social structure, for the purpose of politics, business, and the like. There are some individuals that show a particular affinity with the nature of lies, trickery, and pranks, and achieve a great wisdom through it. Through both the tricks they achieve, the tricks they fail with, and the tricks they are duped by. Some of which gain a mass of wisdom, in their connection with the spirits of nature, the feywild, and many more. (One of the biggest inspirations being Rafiki from Lion King)
While virtually any Nah-Sati with enough aptitude and ambition can potentially reach such a state of shamanism, one being born with pitch-black skin, along with pale matching hair & eyes (white or cream) is seen as an auspicious sign. Such individuals are seen as living proof of their great trickster beating Lolth, and carrying some of the spirit of the great prankster, himself. These prodigies are immersed in the culture of truth, lies, trickery, storytelling, and general sharpening of the mind, before they're trained by the Sages.
The next step is for the student to find their master--which can be a trial in itself, as the Sage may learn of the child, before the other way around, and may mislead them under a number of guises to test them before they even officially meet. And when they finally do, many more tests may follow. Often, they start with the presentation of an objective--such as to 'catch an invisible fairy,' or to 'steal a grain of rice from their master's ear.' And it is up to the student to figure out, and accomplish this task, before moving onto the next. As this progresses, the objectives become more cryptic and metaphorical, and may even physically & magically achieve nothing. But the purpose is to teach the student life lessons & philosophy, before they attune with nature and the forces of realities. This is to be observed by the master visually, as well as through dialectics with the student.

\Relations With Other Races:*
Humans: Heavily variable, depending on cultures, but overall neutral. Some stereotypes have formed in human settlements regarding the Nah-Sati and their 'dishonest' nature, while Nah-Sati prefer to hide their additional limbs while interacting with humans. However, their interactions are seldom more involved than trade of goods--which remain mutually beneficial and the quality of the Nah-Sati's goods is viewed as reliable.
Dwarves: Large cross-cultural interaction is rare, and dwarves tend to be as stand-offish with Nah-Sati as they are with most any other non-dwarf race. A few past slights & errors have tensed relations in the past, but the relations seem to have softened, over generations. Relations with Wood Dwarves are more favorable, and have led to sharing the arts of Tree-Sculpting, which the Nah-Sati have taken keenly to.
Elves: Elves regard the Nah-Sati with a degree of 'guarded curiosity,' due to their potential connections with the Drow. Some argue that they're descended from Lolth, and thus enemies of their god; some argue that their conflict with the drow makes them allies; and some elves claim they're folk with just as much an inclination to the feywild as themselves, without actually having direct ties.
Halflings: The Nah-Sati are seen as perfectly reasonable folk, once you get the hang of their speech mannerisms with each other. They enjoy sharing foods and cooking techniques.
Gnomes: Many gnomes get along very well with Nah-Sati, sharing a mutual love for pranks & practical jokes. Though they differ in philosophies of trickery, there's a much smaller cultural barrier between the two, in this area. Additionally, many gnomes trade quality & complex tools to the Nah-Sati, in exchange for quality textiles & gemstones.
Dragonborn: Many Dragonborn clans that are aware of Nah-Sati, or live in proximity to their tribes regard them with stern disinterest, or active disdain at worst. Having a culture heavily based around honor & loyalty, they don't have a lot of trust for Nah-Sati, who they see as unpredictable & unreliable--as opposed to treacherous or deceitful. This will generally result in more avoidance, than prosecution, which is responded in kind by a sort of live-and-let-live attitude, or "Let's just stay out of each other's way."
*Drow: Unlike many humanoid races that the Drow encounter, most if not all Drow cultures will not take Nah-Sati as slaves--and will instead attempt to kill them on sight. The drow view them as 'pathetic imitators' and 'petulant blasphemers' of Lolth. This is supported by the Nah-Sati having a sort of "web war" with the Drow, though their attitudes towards the dark elves differs. Instead of actual combat, Nah-Sati expeditions consist more of harassing & pranking drow settlements. This can range from painting a goofy smile on a statue of the spider queen, to scrambling written orders of officials, to stealing the boots of a drow leader, or shaving their hair while they sleep. Many Nah-Sati regard this as a form of defiance and honoring their trickster ancestor--rather than an expression of outright malice. Some have compared the Nah-Sati's excursions to the antics of the Fey.

Well, that was quite a bit. I plan to add more details, later, but I'd like to get your feedback on this. Think it's overpowered? Think it could use some work? Think that...maybe the culture/description/inspiration might be a...bit insensitive? Please let me know!
submitted by MrMadManiac to DnD

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