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Well here we are again, pretty big update this time. Remember that a lot of the changes are hidden inside compile dll files and every dll is recompiled every update so they all look like they were changed, whether the contents changed or not, so use this in combination with the official changelog to see all the changes. I also don't have any of the WWII stuff, Korean war stuff, the trainers, or the MiG-19 or JF-17 so I can't see most module-specific changes for those. Enjoy!
Shader changes:
  • Changes to several shader functions, new shader file fake_lights_common.hlsl (not sure what most of this stuff does)
  • changes/optimizations? To animated_fake_omni_lights2.fx and animated_fake_spot_lights2.fx, also non-animated versions
  • Removed billboard_def_material effect file
  • Billboard.fx added conditional alpha channel, some kind of transparency for when burning?
  • Minor adjustments to debrisParticle effect
  • Smoke trail shaders: added underwater smoke trail definitions (torpedos?)
  • Small adjustments to color and position(?) of sparks effect
  • Some change to age definition of wheel trail effect?
New temp texture, haloIntensityE954.dds
3d Model stuff:
  • Tunguska model updated
  • 55G6 (Nebo “Tall Rack” search radar, I think it’s an airfield static model) model updated
  • B-1B model updated
  • BMP-1 and BMD-1 models updated
  • Durandal model updated (super low poly, probably Matra durandal anti-runway missile?)
  • E-2 collision model and all LODs updated
  • F-14A model updated (the old low quality AI one)
  • F-16 model updated (also the old low quality AI one)
  • New files, Kilo LODs json and kilo_636 LODs json
  • New file, kraz-6322 json
  • Kuznetsov model updated
  • Malutka.edm.json updated (Malyutka AT-3 ATGM, reflectivity, spectra, and albedo values decreased significantly)
  • Mi-8MTV2 collision model updated
  • Palatka (super low res field tent) model updated
  • Radio-st (old low poly camo netted radio station) model updated
  • Destroyed Su-30 model updated
  • T-90 json file updated (reflectivity values changed
  • New JSON for Tigr 233036
  • Trace.edm updated (looks like basic tracer bullet model)
  • Tu-142, Tu-160, and Tu-95MS models updated
  • Voronka_invis.edm updated (invisible crater model?)
  • Wyshka.edm updated (low res watchtower or fire tower model?)
A few particleSystem changes:
  • Target = “hotAir” added to several groundExplosion effects, interestingly including an effect labelled Napalm (for the promised Mk77 firebomb for the hornet?)
  • Scaled up size of sparks effect in shellExplosion, increased opacity, and decreased number of sparks and lifetime of effect
  • Several changes to smoke trail effect, additionally new Torpedo smoke trail, “Underwater = True”
Some changes to commented out weapon names in Server.lua, presumably used for testing and not affecting the game.
  • C101: tons of liveries textures updated, all files labelled C-101-fuse-2
  • C101: several 3d models updated: C101CC and C101EB and 2 LODs each, collision, destroyed airbrake, and destroyed wings
  • C101: adjustments to suspension code
  • C101: new antiskid_fail failure
  • C101: 2 new special options: “Allow NS 430” and “Allow Smoke On Ground”
  • Chinese assets pack:
    • JF17: small update to Nozzle flame effect, huge new effects, JF17_STARTER_FLAME and JF17_STARTER_SMOKE
    • J11A, JF17 and KJ2000: changes to types of external lights?
    • JF17: significant adjustments to SFM data and engine table (used for AI?)
    • Nozzle position of Type 200 antirunway bomb adjusted
    • C701: in section: “shape_table_data” value “life” changed from 1 to 0.4 for both TV and IR variants
    • C802AK: same “life” changed from 1 to 0.6, also new commented out values marked “--TODO”: “aim_sigma” value in seeker definition, and “final_maneuver_trig_v_lim” value in triggers_control section
    • Possible adjustments to CM802AKG_AS, definitely removed a bunch of sections such as autopilot, fuel info, etc. Not sure exactly what happened here, possible removing leftover redundant stuff?
    • LD-10 life changed to 0.3
    • LD-10: motor stats changed: boost stage impulse decreased from 260 to 242, fuel mass decreased from 60 to 57.6, sustain stage impulse from 245 to 238, fuel mass from 10 to 11.2, and burn time from 2.5 to 4 seconds.
    • PL-12: Life_Time decrease from 180 to 120, several changes to flight model including increased drag coefficients, higher max alpha, and adjusted burn times
    • SD-10: Life_Time from 180 to 120, Fi_search (total seeker head limit angle, in radians) from 1.05 to 0.175, similar adjustments to PL-12 in FM
    • BRM-1: Nr_max (Max G load) from 20 to 12, Fi_start (“launch tracking and sighting angle”) from 0.698 to 0.5, Fi_excort (“target tracking angle (sight) of the missile.”) from 0.698 to 0.8
    • BRM-1: in section “spiral_nav”, def_cone_max_dist from 10000 to 8500, autopilot max control angle from 0.8 to 0.5, in flight model, drag coefficients mostly increased, max aoa halved
    • New sensor package defined in sensors.lua, for “Winglong-1” optical and FLIR sensors, additionally a Winglong-1 SAR sensor added
    • J-11A, JF-17, and Type 200 bomb 3d models adjusted
    • JF-17 gear and interior textures and roughmets adjusted, new normal map for gear
    • Some optimization to JF-17 payload definition lua, loadout preset “PL-5Ex2, 2*GBU-12x2, BRM1x2, WMD7” replaced dual twin GBU-12 racks with dual single GBU-16s
  • F-16
    • 3d model updated
    • Engine texture, normal map, and roughmet updated
    • Yellow glass texture updated
    • Significant adjustments and additions/removals in lights section of F-16C.lua (no idea how that stuff works)
  • F-5E: significant adjustments to external lights section here too
  • F-86: new animations for “headlights”, extend, retract, taxi, high… also more messing with external lights section
  • F-14
    • Removed F-14A.lua definition file, probably wasn’t meant to be in there in the first place yet (of note, there are still a couple CV-59 Forrestal luas in there)
    • Significant adjustments to f-14b.edm.json, mostly reflectivity, spec, and albedo levels for tons of parts including gear, gear doors, canopy stuff, etc
    • 3d model and lods updated
    • 3 new textured, GreenGlow, ORB_RED, and RedGlow, plus changes to external lights texture file
  • F-18
    • Spanish hornet liveries all received custom patch textures and roughmets and were updated to include them
    • 3d model and first 3 LODs updated
    • Pilot and related belts, visors, and helmet textures updated
    • Not a change, but there is a line in the lua for AGM-84H SLAM-ER to add it to loadout options, but it is commented out
    • Removed some animations from launch bar section, added animations for GestureSaluteLeft and GestureSaluteRight
    • More messing with external lights
  • L-39C: External lights updated
  • M2000C: Engine “smokiness_level” reduced from 0.2 to 0.02
  • MQ-9 Reaper: removed landing and taxi light definitions
  • Su-34: external lights updated
  • Yak-52:
    • Attributes changed (I assume they are categories you can sort/search for things by): wsType_Fighter>wsType_Cruiser, Battleplanes>UAVs (lol), all categories removed (used to be categorized as an interceptor for some reason)
    • Entire lights definitions section removed
  • 2 new folders in tech section, Kuznecow (Kuznetsov) and USS_Nimitz
  • Stennis: new section added defining carrier illumination states, one for Nav Lights, one for AC launch state, and one for AC recovery state
  • WWII aircraft: X-ray models updated and hundreds of lua changes, mostly for lights and DM stuff
  • WWII: Several new bullet types defined, such as MG15, GM-81, and many different Mauser 7.92x57 shells for different tracer colors, many other small adjustments to bombs and guns as well
DCS EN and RU user manuals updated
Mission editor options: VR now disabled by default?, new VR bloom and MSAA Mask Size options
  • Added new options to VR options panel
  • Mission editor static panel - removed “Link Offset” checkbox
  • Some adjustments to mission editor route panel
  • New orange text settings for multiplayer chat (For server messages)
Game options: option Play Audio While Minimized renamed to Play Audio While in Background
Some minor changes to mission editor me_aircraft.lua, not sure what any do
Changes to mission editor copy-paste function to add compatibility with ships?
Mission editor map window: significant additions to function “findValidStrikePoint” to take in new surface type variable, also new part of function to do with mouse click and when it’s near a takeoff runway? No idea. Some other tiny changes
Several other minor changes and tweaks in various editor scripts, several to do with some apparent changes to how ships are handled, some probably just fixes
Additional changes to only allow voice chat to connect if the mission isn’t a track replay and it actually is multiplayer
  • A-10C
    • Position lights flash pattern timing commented out
    • 3d model and textures updated
  • AJS-37
    • Significant adjustments to RWR initialization lua, removed commented out failure definitions
    • New macro sequences (probably autostart/stop?)
    • Added new auto start and auto stop keybinds
  • F-16C
    • External lights simple and complex pattern definitions removed (for collision light?)
    • New gauge part on Standby Attitude Indicator, Bank_Arrow
    • 3d model updated
    • Caucasus Coiled Viper and PG Island Style single missions updated
    • Training lesson 19 CCRP cluster bombs updated
    • New default value of Canopy tint option is 0 (which I believe means clear, not yellow)
  • F-5E Cockpit 3d model and textures updated
  • F-14B
    • TID2.dds updated (second texture sheet for TID screens)
    • Minor position/size adjustments for script that creates targets and datalink targets on the TID
    • New Carrier_ballcall command plus keybind
    • New external_args, ED_Flaps = 9 (Not really sure on this, possibly something for supercarrier?)
    • Added SC Request Launch and Salute commands to ground radio menu
    • Caucasus CTB campaign entirely updated plus 2 new missions, 2B - CARGO, and 2C - QRF, also CTB Cold Start version missions 1 and 3 updated, also got mission 2B and 2C
    • 3 new supercarrier quickstart missions
    • Version increased from 63 to 75
  • F-18C
    • Multiple display group got new TGP_texture.tga resource
    • SMS script got new SLAM_interface.lua (for AGM-84E/H/K?)
    • HMD indication for tgp laser changed from LDT to LST (was typo I bet), and RADAR changed to RDR (for sensor track status/designation cue in AG and NAV modes according to the comment)
    • Cockpit_illumination_external argument removed (Maybe the cue to tell the cockpit lights to illuminate on the external model?)
    • Significant additions to Datalink page including SLAM embedded indication and FOV indication, plus changes to Walleye datalink display
    • Original FLIR.lua removed, replaced with FLIR_AA, FLIR_AG, FLIR_CMN, and FLIR_LSS luas, also new FLIR greyscale tool
    • New HSI_Definitions.lua, plus a couple small changes to HSI page
    • Some small tweaks to JDAM/JSOW page
    • Maverick page: Changes to crosshair rendering, new grid pos, and lots of clipping masks or something
    • Several small changes to AA radar mode, whole new definitions inside of RDR_AG page lua which says at the top is for GM mode, this stuff looks like it’s basically the whole AG radar page… (elevation caret, radar mode placeholder, arcs, course designations, designation cursor, designated target symbol…)
    • New AG radar pushbutton definitions including EXP modes, Reset, azimuth scan angles, radar gain option
    • Small adjustments to SA page display, the way EW is displayed on SA page, the FLIR point, etc (I think this is just changing how things overlap, not sure)
    • More pushbuttons, in range indications, and other tweaks to SLAM page, also new SLAM_tools.lua
    • SA page air defense symbol radii changed?
    • Lots of new definitions for SLAM embedded indication with crosshair, gimbal cross, FOV brackets, and other stuff
    • JDAM flight time flight line, and TOT PP mode display all enabled for stores page
    • Stores page also got tons of SLAM related pushbutton labels
    • HUD AG mode also got the JDAM in range and TOT indications, also new SLAMInRng indication definition
    • New AG radar parameters, blur in X and Y, contrast, gain, tactical area width, height, and Y offset
    • LTD/R switch is now ARM/SAFE instead of ARM/SAFE/AFT
    • New SLAM interface device is initialized in device_init.lua
    • Cockpit 3d model and textures updated
    • EN manual updated
    • SoH Conventional Bombing, Free Flight, and Ready on the Ramp quickstarts updated
    • New Supercarrier single missions, plus several single missions updated
    • Fixed typo in radio menu- before SC came out, SC menu options were already there, except Salute! actually read Salut!, thanks Russia
It’s over, I promise, no more hornet stuff :D
  • Ka-50
    • Stick visibility clickspot added, plus options to support hiding stick
    • Cockpit 3d model and textures updated
    • Manual updated
    • Some cockpit livery roughmets and textures adjusted, some new additive effect added to Shkval
    • Huge amount of campaign missions changed
    • Single missions Altitude, Clear Tkvarcheli, Gauntlet, and South Ossetia Pirates updated
  • M2000C
    • VTB indicator texture updated
    • More initialization info added to GUNS_init.lua, including info about CCRP accuracy and declination
    • New RADAR.lua
    • RDI.lua got new line, agr_elevation = 10 (Air to ground radar??)
    • New VTB page, VTB_MDO_Menu
    • Some minor tweaks to some HUD pages
    • Tons of changes to joystick and keyboard.lua input definitions
    • New special option, “TDC moves in polar coordinates”
    • Cockpit 3d model updated
  • Mi-8
    • Cockpit 3d model and textures updated
    • Campaign mission 11 updated
  • MiG-21bis: Every single mission, campaign, and quickstart mission has been updated, plus new images for the campaign
  • TF-51D got nav light failures added to light system alongside the tons of external lights tweaking and a new FM parameter, probDisbalanceShakeLim = 70000
  • UH-1H: Tiny nav light tweaks, Campaign missions 11-13 updated
  • Obviously the Supercarrier was added
  • Several small changes to Damage.lua, most notably moved or removed entire section on Mi-8MT
  • Basically the entire Lights.lua has been rewritten
  • Database
    • F-15C got new animations for ServiceHatches open to close and close to open
    • MiG-29A, G, K, and S got new definitions for HeadLights transitions (from off to taxi to takeoff presumably)
    • Phalanx weapon system got new reflection_limit=0.05
    • Tomahawk min and max distance definitions removed from main definition
    • M163 Vulcan changed from generic tracked vehicle to generic tracked IFV
    • Changes to Paveway II AFM weapon scheme
    • Several changes and tons more data added for LUU-2B, S-8OM, and SAB-100, all illumination weapons afaik
    • Some GBU-10/12/16 and BDU-50LGB, also KAB-1500 and KAB-500 FM changes, the variable names are sometimes literally 1 letter so I don’t know what they mean
    • BGM-109 Tomahawk mass increased from 1225 to 1440, max range increased from 460000 to 1700000
      • Additional impulse increase from 500 to 5080, fuel mass decrease from 260 to 100, and max thrust decreased from 3800 to 1900, plus several autopilot adjustments
    • S-8OM min distance from 600 to 4000 and max distance from 10000 to 4500, control delay from 17 to 7.7
    • Switched warhead from LTF_5B from simple warhead to fully defined advanced warhead
    • Localized almost every function in db_mods.lua, guess they all used to be global…
    • “Generic SAM LL search visir” sensor definition elevation increased from 70 to 90 degrees, adjusted magnification, resolution, and added new lightness_limit
    • Slightly adjusted GALLON_TO_KG constant and clarified the constant is for JP-5 fuel, then adjusted the masses of the 370 gallon, 300 gallon and F-15 external tanks
    • Added new definitions to Mi-8 pilot and copilot, commented out “can_be_playable = true”, plus role and role_display_name (Mi-8 multicrew also coming?)
    • Mi-8, Mi-24V, Ka-27, Ka-50, CH-47D, UH-60A, UH-1, Mi-28N, and OH-58D all got new headlights transition definitions as well
    • For planes, Su-27, Su-33, Su-24, Su-25, Tu-22M3 (maybe this means M4, I don’t think we have an M3 in game?), Su-39/Su-25TM, Su-24MR, Su-25T, and Yak-40 all got Headlight transitions too.
  • Some small adjustments to positions and step values of Axis tune dialog
  • Large list of aircraft nickname indexes for Supercarrier Ball Calls added including:
    • ‘FA-18C_hornet’ ‘F/A-18C’ ‘F-14A’ ‘F-14B’ ‘E-2C’ ‘E-2D’ ‘S-3B Tanker’ ‘S-3B’ ‘F-4E’ ‘F-4E_new’ ‘C-2’ ‘A-6’ ‘F-35’ ‘EA-6B’ and ‘A-4’ plus the associated phrases
    • Hornet ball, tomcat ball, hawkeye ball, viking ball, phantom ball, greyhound ball, lightning ball, intruder ball, prowler ball, skyhawk ball
  • ED are well on their way to both the AG radar and SLAM for the hornet, in fact for the SLAM there seems to be everything there except the missile itself, there are even devices that are initialized as SLAM interface devices, there’s just no way to load the missile
  • Several additional names were added for the supercarrier radio, including ball calls for F-14A, F-4E, A-6, EA-6B, A-4, and most surprisingly, the F-35
  • There’s some kind of new “Headlights” definition that a lot of russian aircraft got that seem to be some kind of landing/taxi light animations
  • ED’s also messing with the external light system on all aircraft in general
  • The two interesting things that I found in the game that didn’t change but aren’t currently implemented are basically most of the files needed for Heatblur’s Forrestal, and a napalm explosion effect.
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FFXV Patch 1.05, World of Versus & Beyond Part 1 (RUMOR)

Malboro_smokes_Camel Had enough of the fake shit. Back for the last time. Take it and choak on it. All fakes can dissect it with a microscope, you'll still lose. No faults to be found, cause I was testing the shit. Here, asshats. Breaking into two posts, cause my penis is too long.
1.06 Atral Hexatheon (24 total), revealing themselves in between 1.05 and 1.08 (Ignus) during a "timed world event". Directly in correlation to timed hunts. Poster said in response a major, killable "world boss" known as Atomos is added as the bridge between the last update and paid expansion. Many events adding up to a second Great Astral War are alluded to via new NPC's ,quests, and loads screens, all culminating in the "Coming Omen", which opens yet unseen areas that players are now are exploring using exploits to visit (Much to the dismay of Square, who is very embarrassed at this, as these areas have been accessed in such completely finished development forms that they have no believable explanation, and are flat out going to use the excuse "planned future content"). A timed quest called "The World Eater" is introduced with the target enemy appearing as a HUGE floating maw-like creature with a storm circling it, and its mouth being a type of blackhole in very center of The Vesperpool. Chocobo and the Regalia cannot fly to it, as players must approach on foot to activate the cutscene. The Blood Moon appears once again finally over the creature head as the environment transitions as players approach. It is not a killable or even fightable enemy, but the 'trap' or event that transport players to the expansion through its Chaos Maw (the only action it uses). Actors have already recorded new lines, regardless of what is said.
Introducing: The World o Versus Expansion, with the world being 'engulfed" using the Astral Atomos as a gateway eating the past, present, and future into the desolate, Versus Alternate Reality. Kingsgllaive, player creation is in full effect, characters and everyone else's starting base will be set as Lestallum, with the light of the Astral Shard being one of the only safe zone keeping high level mobs at bay. Time phasing is apparently being used to jump through major events of the 10 year sequence using Umbra as a guide, with Noctis arriving not at the beginning, but near the end, before the game switches back to the end-game events of the original, non-expansion, game.
New dungeons, playable characters, new Astrals, tons of new weapons, story elements that make the original story cohesive, items and even a few new "mountable animals" and vehicles. Flying vehicles are not allowed, as they are completely controlled by the Empire. Ring of Lucii is not usable until Noctis is playable within the last hours. All of this is straight out of the latest build. You also learn what the black goo is that is literally the force that impurified Ardyn, which is Chaos itself, duh. There will be a final battle with an unrevealed character before returning to base reality. Level cap is undecided, and some items picked up in the expansion will not work in the base reality, for plot breaking reasons. And new music, thank you god.
And lastly, and excuse me for spoiling he major surprise, but at this point I don't give a fuck thanks to Square's handling of this "release a half assed game, patch it later". The dead aren't exactly 'dead' in this "Gulf between the Seen and Unseen", so yes, she is playable.
Believe, don't, or don't care. It's the way it is. -Malboro_smokes_Camel
I didn't type this
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