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PlanetSide 2 - News - PC Server Maintenance for Game Update

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Patch no Longer Available on Steam?: : Battlefield 2 General

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Mahabharat (TV Series 1988–1990)

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A dynastic struggle occurs for the throne of Hastinapur, the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan, between the Kauravas and Pandavas, collateral branches of the clan, which causes the Kurukshetra War. Der Patch aktualisiert die Verkaufsversion von Battlefield 2 auf vHinweis: Das Update von auf findet ihr [HOST] Drive SpaceWindows will require additional free hard drive space for. Battlefield 1942 patches - Battlefield Wiki. So you should be able to play Battlefield 2 online straightaway! Here's a look at some early roles of the GoT cast members. It's essential for nearly all modifications and servers, and it gives you its booster packs "Euro Force" and "Armored Fury" if you don't already have them.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings the spectacular Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of next-gen consoles. It is not the only good gaming laptop I have tested, but it certainly is the best. After spending a lot of time testing different laptops, I can now say that the Asus ROG Strix G is the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh on the market today. Driven by a combination of technologies, including high-speed Internet access, billions in mobile devices and falling prices for high-resolution displays, television, as we have known it for decades, is undergoing a radical rethink that will change the media ecosystem. Battlefield 3 is the somewhat-direct sequel to Battlefield 2, featuring stunning graphics, an optimized game engine, 32-player multiplayer, and a poorly-written campaign. The OFFICIAL Battlefield 2 Patch 1.5 Discussion Thread.

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Twenty years earlier, the Kopcinski family dealt with a horrific situation involving the woods surrounding a summer camp. Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 earlier. Battlefield terrain varies depending on where the mission takes place. Battlefield 1 - Award Winning FPS by EA and DICE https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=545. IoBit Smart Defrag 5.7 Key Crack Full Latest 2020 Version Is Here; IoBit Smart Defrag 5.7 Key Plus Crack. Necromancer is using raw material like blood and bone.

Battlefield 2 - version 1.2 - unlock weapons - Free Download

Joined: Nov 27, 2020 Messages: 60 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 16. I dunno if my video card is compatible, its only 128MB. How Ginger Grammar Checker Helps in Spell Check & Proofreading; 10 Ways to Keep Your Car Secure. Battlefield 1 brings you into the dawn of all-out warfare, where no battle is ever the same. It'll get a bit better in the real game, where. Summary 1.1 Teaser 1.2 Act One 1.3 Act Two 1.4 Act Three 1.5 Act Four 1.6 Act Five 2 Log entries 3 Memorable quotes 4 Background information 4.1 Production 4.2 Continuity & trivia 4.3 Awards 4.4 Video. I use MS-Word to produce Audyssey, and can therefore accept submissions in pretty much any format.

AI rules for interacting with a regular 40k game

Hi all, just picking up AI, but I wanted to come up with some homebrew rules that interact with regular 40k games, I feel like that would really be a better fit for fliers in 40k than the current mess that they currently are. Wanted to pick some brains and see how people felt the following rules ideas would line up. I know the new expansion is planned to get more rules about how to handle flying at low altitude, but I'm sure we can incorporate those once Nurgle is defeated and the kit can be released.

  • How many tiles should a 6'x4' 40k board take up? A Marauder and Thunderbolt both have min speed 20' in 40k, and a min speed 2 in AI, and a max speed of 65 in with advancing in 40k, but a max speed of 5 and 6 respectively in AI. Assuming a thunderbolt is more likely to need to limit its speed when operating in a specific small battlefield area, each hex being 12x12in seems like a reasonable approximation, as well as very straightforward, meaning a 40k battlefield takes up 24 tiles.
  • To keep things simple, I figured keep AI turns 1:1 with 40k battlerounds. How many turns does the average AI game actually take for people who are reasonably good at it? If it's between 4 and 10, then 1:1 seems best, but AI rules say it technically maxes out at 12 turns compared to 40k 6, so would 2 AI turns per 40k battleround be better? Since that functionally doubles the move of AI models, the size of the 40k board would have to double as well
    • If 1:1 with 40k battlerounds, split the AI turn into maneuveinitiative/tailing/movement into before a battleround, and AI firing after a battleround, for reasons that will be made clear later.
    • Going an AI turn per 40k player turn is messier, and could result in things like "If it's your 40k turn, you can move fliers on and attack without fear of reprisal" meaning you'd need to have a "Flak phase", and that just gets messy.
  • In the 40k movement, any AI model in a hex designated as the 40k battlefield and at altitude 1 is placed within the 12x12 section that corresponds to its current hex, in keeping with its current facing in AI.
  • Ground to air targetting seems reasonably straightforward. My plan was anything that has anti-air rules (like a Hydra flak tank) is basically the equivalent rules of its AI equivalent, and when shooting in the 40k turn, may shoot at ground targets using its normal 40k rules, or at AI models using its AI rules, player's preference, in their 40k shooting phase.
    • units without such rules can only target fliers at altitude 1, must add 12in to the range when attacking, and can only attack fliers that are currently on the 40k board.
    • This includes friendly aura and psychic effects as well, so a flier is spectacularly unlikely to be in range of say, a Captain's reroll aura.
    • To determine the structure/wounds equivalent, just divide the wounds counter by structure points (so a marauder loses a structure point for every 4 wounds it loses in 40k, a Thunderbolt every 5 wounds, and a dakkajet every 6 wounds, which seems unfair but a Dakkajet is also T6/4+, so that probably equals out in the end). If a model loses a structure point in AI, it loses that many wounds.
  • Air to ground is a little more complicated, and where I would need more help designing the rules. The problem is that things seem to die much more quickly in AI than 40k. Even at short range, a marauder destroyer's autocannons are far deadlier in AI. With 6 shots, two hits, 1 damage, is 5 or so wounds, while the equivalent in 40k would be 12 shots, 6 hits, 3 wounds on T7, 1.5 go through the average 3+ save, for 3 wounds. My sense is to use the AI ground attack rules, since those seem to do more damage; this would balance the importance of the AI game, by making it overall more destructive, vs the 40k one, where all the objective holding (and thus point scoring) is taking place. As such, here is how I'm currently thinking the rules should go.
    • Units with all models at least 50% in terrain would have to be targeted with regular 40k rules, to represent ground units actually taking cover from air attack, and can only be targeted by fliers currently on a hex corresponding the 40k battlefield. Infantry is also only targettable with regular 40k rules and by fliers on a 40k board hex, to represent their ability to hit the dirt anywhere.
    • Fliers not currently on a hex corresponding to the 40k board, or at altitude higher than 1, will shoot in the AI shooting phase (at the end of the battleround) using the normal ground attack rules, but only if such targets would be visible from a point on the closest corresponding board edge as selected by the opponent (ie take the closest board edge of the 12x12 section which corresponds to the hex your AI plane is closest to, and then put the corresponding 40k plane on a spot chosen by your opponent, and then whatever you can draw LoS to, you may shoot in the AI shooting phase). This is to put these planes at a targeting disadvantage to planes which have chosen to go onto the actual 40k board.
    • fliers on the 40k battlefield and at altitude 1 may, instead of shooting in the AI shooting phase at the end of the battleround, shoot in the controlling player's 40k shooting phase, using the AI rules or 40k rules depending on the target.
      • This means planes on the 40k field will have both superior LoS, being placed by the controlling player, as well as shooting earlier (ie could be used to clear screens for a charge). This benefit counters the vulnerability to 40k units shooting back, or charging.
    • No flier may ever target sub10 wound characters for any reason, because that would be gross.
  • Melee/other interactions
    • AI fliers on the 40k board are charged as per normal 40k rules (ie only by units with FLY), but only if at altitude 1. Jump packs are good, but not THAT good.
    • AI flier bases do not take up space, unless they are hovering. I know why it's the way it is in 40k, but for this homebrew, if a unit wants to move into the space, you mark where the flier would be placed and let the ground units do their thing. If they're hovering then their bases DO take up space, which is fair because they're obviously close enough the ground to be punched
    • AI fliers do not take up space when it comes to deepstriking.
  • Profiles for models with 40k equivalents should be straightforward as borrowing from their closest equivalents and modifying appropriately (ie a Fighta-bommer would look mostly like a dakka-jet statwise, except it would steal the T, W, and save characteristics from the Thunderbolt. Eavy-bommer would be like a marauder, except with another 4 wounds).

So that's my first pass of combined AI-40k rules. Things I still need help with:
  • Bombing runs: kind of a weird system. Like, marauder bomb bays kind of make sense having an area of effect, but a pair of wing bombs really shouldn't be able to hit more than one target.
  • Transports: the game isn't really set up for big bombers to actually LAND and drop off troops. For one, it wouldn't make sense; a marauder probably doesn't need as much runway as modern bombers, but it probably can't land in the space between two ruins while under fire. The best compromise I could come up with is planes can land on a hex OUTSIDE the 40k area, and next turn that unit can come out of outflank per outflank rules. Those transports with jump troopers can deepstrike. This is kind of messy with the marauder destroyer since it doesn't actually have a transport capacity, and the ork ones with transport capacity don't exist, so we don't have a good measure of how many troops 1 transport capacity is. Once the valkyrie comes out though, that should give us a good measure.
submitted by Ravenwing14 to AeronauticaImperialis

New support/ assassin hero concept

Lore: All people fighting on the battlefield stopped and stared to look at the blonde hair young woman who had just descended from the sky. Cloaked in light, the figure seemed angelic with her fairy wings and orb that she held as her weapon, her hair adorned by a gold wreath. However her eyes were full of nothingness and looking at them was like looking into a black hole, devoid of life. Without a word she hurtles her magic orb at nearby enemies, subdueing them in a flash, when enemies attacked back they would only live long enough to gape at the young woman who dodged their attacks so fast that it seemed to be a blur before seeing a flash of magic power at their chest and dropping down lifeless on the cold dry mud beside them, just like many of their comrades. That day, all moniyan and dark empire forces were wiped out by just an army of over 10 people who called themselves the protector of time. Their leader, a silent woman named Celestia was rumoured to possess the power of the gods that could change and warp time in and out of itself, many who saw her reported her as being the most divine being in the realm of humanity , or rather by the name angel of despair. Her whereabouts were mysterious and shrouded in mystery but some say that she was abandoned by her parents at a young age. Furious and left broken, the young girl went and open forbidden doors to master time magic in hopes of returning to the time where she was loved by her parents. Unfortunately, due to a single mistake, she froze time for herself and she was hence an immortal figure that lost all characteristics of a human, she came onto the conclusion that time was not meant to be messed with and some things were better left as they were. She and a loyal band of followers guarded an ancient time relic who was said to posess such power that it was able to decimate enemies within seconds. She despised all humans whether light or dark and vowed to wipe out every single one of them that dared to set foot in her territory.
Passive(The time orb): Celestia is able to speed up or slow down time with her orb. Enemy projectiles coming at her and allies will be slightly slowed while allied projectile speed increases. Charlotte also takes 40 percent less damage when one skill or basic attack coming at her after every 20 seconds that she isn't attacked.
1ST SKILL( luminous minutes) : Celestia aims and hurtles her orb and hits enemies three times in the stomach, pushing them back slightly the first time and dealing 200 (+75% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. The second phase of this skill will allow the orb to multiply into many ones around the enemy, signifying the possible futures the ball will take and then firing lasers of lights on the enemy and crashing down dealing 350( +120% total magic power) points of magic damage and stunning the enemy for one second. After ultimate state, the stun will change to suppression of 0.8 seconds(for one time only). CD:13/11/10/9/8/7
2nd skill(Divine power). A gigantic archer forms in the sky and after charging briefly fires a collective shot of 7 arrows dealing 200(+120 percent magic power) at a spot. If the shot hits an enemy, a dark and white ball of energy surrounds the enemy, slashing repeatedly dealing 100(+50 percent magic power) and boosting regen effects for herself and nearby allies by 10 percent for 5 seconds.
CD: 10/9/8/7/6/5
3rd skill(Luminous Eternity): Creates an area surrounded by 10 magic staffs. After a 1 second delay delay, the staffs will each blast power towards the center of the area, each blast dealing 40(+60 percent magic power), where at the center 10 blasts will converge and consequently create a large area of blinding light. Celestia instantly freezes time inside the area and the area will be inaccessible and cannot be entered to both allies and enemies for 1.5 seconds. If an enemy is inside, they will be trapped inside for that duration.
Ultimate(Age Seal): After charging up for a very short time, Celestia unleashes a blinding blast of light. Then time will be frozen for all the things on map whether its ally or enemy heroes and minions on both sides etc. Celestia will be the only hero that can move for 3 seconds which is the length of the time stop. Her first skill CD would be refreshed and her second skill CD would be reduced by 4 seconds. Note that all skills being cast at the time will be stopped for a moment then continue after the time stop. This skill only benefits from max of 10 percent CD reduction. Allies will recover 0.3 seconds earlier from the time stop than enemies
submitted by kaguragamer to MobileLegendsGame

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