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Easy Video Maker optimizes the invention of video for the structure of your selection also using this app for capture or screen recording. More, this program based on all types of useable windows for the operating system. In order to take control traditionally, you can click on traditional ration and threshold parameters.

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Our intentions are not to harm serial software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. Cool Edit Pro2 not Playing [Fixed]. Wk Theme Project Live Session 1 Live Session 2 #1 Introducing Software Engineering N/A Course Introduction Activity: Combining Scrum & Kanban #2 Managing Your Software Project Iteration 0 - Teamwork & Technology Project Planning, Estimation, Measurement, and Tracking Intro to Project and Iteration 0; Activity: Planning Poker #3 Working with Objects and Models Activity: Using UML to Model Scrum.

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Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Crack + Serial Key & Patch Download, Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Licnese Key is so simple to use that you could remove any background noise with. Expert Pdf 9 Professional Serial Key visit this site. A publicly accessible websitescollectively.

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Cracked free Cool Edit Pro 2.1 - Free downloads and reviews

F(x)tec Pro1 gets unofficial LineageOS 18.0 based on. That is: Start Cool Edit. It also gives you a variety of features including mix audio files and cutting.

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Cool Edit Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download Cool Edit Pro Crack Overview! Cool Edit Pro Crack gives unique, alluring module and substantially more. Easy Video Maker Crack + Serial Key 100% Working Free Download https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=597.

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Easy Video Maker Crack is an Application for easy to create a high-quality video. Serial key for Cool Edit Pro v2.1 can be found and viewed here. Download Cool Record Edit Pro latest.

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Save when done, and it should sync. You will get the activation details to your PayPal / eBay email address and through ebay message (Please check your Junk/Spam folder also). Cool edit pro 2.1 registration free download - Cool Edit Pro, IconCool Studio Pro, and many more programs.

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Get the latest version now. Cool Edit Pro 2 1 Software - Free Download Cool Edit Pro 2 1. The Cool Edit used to CD ripening.

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Cool Edit Pro Crack Zip comes with attractive modules. Final Cut Pro X Serial Key Serial Key Ufc Undisputed 3 Serial Key For Inpaint 5.6 Express Vpn Serial Key Generator Cowtown Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Serial Key Free Serial Key Clean Master Office 365 Serial Key 2020. If you're running OS X, mount the disk image by double-clicking it and drag Android Studio to your Applications folder.

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Cool Edit pro Crack. Serial number serial number or unlock key is available to the public, you can freely download the serial key. Omnisphere 2 Serial Key Generator.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Serial Key

Pick Your Superpower and Win a Huawei Mate 30 Pro! The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro: Learn advanced editing techniques to dramatically speed up your. In other words, the function of this software is to edit audio files in a very easy and efficient.

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COOL EDIT PRO COMPLETO + CRACK PT/EN - Apple jam pack 4 symphony. Cool Edit Pro 3.1 Crack + Serial Key [100% Working. Get code examples like.

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Download Cool Edit Pro v2.0 name: Peter Quistgard serial

I forgot to change it back and now my phone just stays on the boot animation. It provides a state-of-the-art audio processing environment that includes all the facilities required in music composition. Crack Portable Activation Code Key Logic Pro 10.

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Valuation: $0 Permit #: PDS2004-1003-20040396 Status: Completed Fee: N/A Permit Type: N/A Building Type: N/A New primary residential. The latest version of the. Cool edit pro lets users can create multiple sounds by removing silence mode.

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Marco Cool Edit Pro Serial Key. Revo Uninstaller Crack. How to cool edit pro 2.1 cracker.

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Cool Edit Pro v2.0 name: Peter Quistgard serial numbers, cracks and keygens are presented here. Cool Edit Pro is a product developed by Syntrillium. Size: 15.82 MB Uploaded: 12-11-2020 08: 29 Last download: 16-11-2020 18: 05.

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This software allows you to definitely the cut, copy, paste and adds a product of other effects inside. Cool Edit Pro Crack + Keygen With License Key.

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Cool Edit Pro Serial Keygen is a well-designed software which is based on all types of windows. Adobe purchased the latest, non-shareware version (Cool Edit Pro 2.0) from Syntrillium Software in May 2020 including the ability to record and mix unlimited tracks (up to the capabilities of your PC) and a large loop library called "Loopology". Cool Edit Pro Crack has the ability to alter the numerous tracks.

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The program offers several smart features where you can create a music of your choice with ease and the quality is pretty good. The program is designed by experts and leads to a clean and easy-to-use interface. Lsi Cachecade Keygen Generator.

Cool Edit Pro - Free download and software reviews

Previous Next G. Guest Guest. Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Crack, Serial Key. Table 195 ACDC 0005 11/23/2020 Addition of Army Materiel Category Codes U7, U8, C1, and J6 to Volume 10, Table 65 4 ACDC 0007.

Long term Galaxy Tab S6 review: The best Android tablet that is awfully underrated

Last year, I was in the market for a new tablet. Since I was already in the Android/Samsung ecosystem, and my girlfriend already has the iPad Pro, I took the bullet and bought the Galaxy Tab S6. Here is my in-depth review after using it for about 8 months:


This is the highlight of this device. I will say it: The Galaxy Tab S6 has the best looking ~10" display you can get on any device today. It's vivid, contrasty, bright, and has excellent viewing angles. The main advantage is the fact that it's a large version of the AMOLED panel used on Samsung's flagship phones. I have the new MacBook Pro 13", iPad Pro and a Galaxy S10 to compare, and I can't think of a better device to watch movies or play games than the Tab S6. It doesn't have the 120hz refresh rate of the iPad Pro, but for my use case of watching Netflix, reading eBooks, and playing some popular games (CoD Mobile, PUBG, Asphalt), all of which fall under 60fps, this 60hz AMOLED display wins over a 120hz LCD display. For more latency-sensitive use like drawing, and playing certain games, then the iPad Pro has an advantage. Worth mentioning that the Tab S7 that's right around the corner, will likely have 120hz support as well.


The Tab S6 comes with a quad-speaker set up. It's loud, clear, and balanced. It's better than my (gf's) iPad Pro (2019) and almost as good as my MacBook Pro 13 speaker (which is regarded as having one of the best speakers for a laptop). Listening to music, watching movies or gaming is quite enjoyable on these. The speaker also seems to change its audio profile/direction depending on your screen rotation dynamically.


The design is premium and sturdy. The design on the Tab S6 is as good as it can get for a modern tablet. I do wish they had an IP rating, but that's something the iPad Pro also lacks. The S-Pen sticks to the back of the tablet. At first, I thought this was weird, especially if you are going to lay down your tablet flat. However, pretty much any case which would flatten the bump and makes it look like the S-Pen is in a tiny hidden pocket. I think some even might prefer this over the iPad Pro approach (which adds extra width).


The battery lasts all day of continuous usage. Standby time has been pretty good for me as well, even after leaving it on standby for some days. Overall, I have no complaints in this department.


This is one of the smoothest/fastest devices I've used, even after 8 months. The old days of Samsung's laggy software are long gone. The Tab S6 handles everything you throw at it with a breeze. Games, multi-tasking, and just general usage are lag-free and fast. It comes with the latest UFS 3.0 storage which is an upgrade over the UFS 2.1 on the S10. One UI 2 update even brought some nice animations changes.


You would think Samsung would slap on their One UI that's on their phones and be done with it, but Samsung did add small but noticeable tablet-specific optimizations and features here and there. The S-Pen and Samsung Dex integration are well done. You can use Samsung Dex straight from your tablet without having to use a second monitor, which is pretty cool. I also really like the new gesture system on One UI 2.1. I no longer have to reach all the way to the bottom just to go back. Overall, I like the software. The system layouts are pretty intuitive and optimized for a tablet. Speaking of layouts...

App scaling

I've been pretty surprised by how well Android apps work on devices with varying screen sizes. I can't think of any app where I thought the layout was bothering me. I guess if Android apps work well on ChromeOS, foldables, and Samsung Dex, they should work fine on a tablet.
Some Google apps like YouTube, many Samsung apps like Samsung Internet and My Files have some tablet optimizations. By tablet optimizations, I mean letting you see a bit more content at once. I think they are a nice touch, but I don't think they are an absolute necessity on Android since Android already handles app scaling pretty well.
Apps without tablet optimizations work way better than they do on an iPad. Instagram, for example, has massive letterboxing on an iPad. Whereas on an Android, it's full screen. Some might argue Android is just "enlarging" the app, but I would say most people would prefer that over a miniature version of the app. Plus, most Android apps make use of the larger screen real estate by displaying more content (for example, more songs on Spotify and more emails at once on Tab S6 vs. S20).


These are just bigger versions of the S-Pen on the Note series, which are pretty good. Compared to the iPad Pro, the latency could be better, but that's more of a display refresh rate issue.
The biggest problem is the lack of apps that make use of the pen. Some apps like Dropbox Paper have excellent iPad pencil support but no Android pen support. I've found Samsung Notes to be the best at note-taking when it comes to the S-Pen support. Hopefully, more widespread adoption of the Galaxy Note/Fold 2 series will help drive more S-Pen support in apps.

Main gripes

  • Slow updates. I got the Android 10 One UI 2 update a month ago, May 2020. That's pretty late to the party. Some parts of the world got it months earlier but the US got it last. The One UI 2 on S10 was released late Nov 2019, which makes you wonder why it took so long. Security updates are also slow. I get security updates every three months, but my S10 gets them monthly? I am not sure why there's a vast discrepancy in update speed between Samsung's devices. Likely the issue is a mix of long QA testing, limited resources, and carriers taking their time.
  • Fingerprint scanner. In the past, the FP scanner had 60% success rate. Nowadays, on the newer version of the software, I think it's pretty good at a ~85% success rate. Still could be better, but these optical fp scanners are surprisingly more accurate to wet, sweaty fingers than the old capacitive fp scanners.
  • Camera. It's acceptable. It's a single 12MP camera that is not as good as the S10's camera. I've tried GCAM ports on it, and they do seem to improve picture quality. Tablets have always had weaker cameras than phones, and this is not an exception.
  • Poor thermal management when charging. If I'm playing a graphically intensive game while charging, the frame-rate drops 10 minutes in. My S10 does not do this, even though they have the same SoC, and the tablet has a larger surface area for heat dissipation. I guess that the Tab S6 lacks the liquid cooling of the S10 and/or the system doesn't correctly slow its charging speed under load.

Final thoughts

The Tab S6 is a surprisingly good premium android tablet that does many things right. Every time I use this device, I can't help but think it deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. A lot of popular tech reviewers seem to overlook this tablet entirely. The Tab S6 is without a doubt an expensive tablet, but if you are someone who is strictly looking for the best Android tablet, or the best 10" entertainment device, I think this tablet should be #1 on your list.
Edit: Added a performance section
submitted by neuprotron to Android

January Gaming, student and general use laptop recommendations

Β· If you are interested in a student laptop - Battery life, build quality, weight and 2 in 1 capability are some of the
general requirements.
Β· Productivity laptops need the best processors and a decent GPU (depending on the use).
If you want a gaming laptop there are a few things to keep in mind; GPU, CPU & RAM.
GPU - Without a good graphics card newer and more graphic intensive games such will not run smoothly or will now run
at all. However, non-intense titles such as LoL, CS:GO & Sims 4 will run decently on integrated graphics (see this list for more titles that will run well on integrated graphics). This is where you should focus if gaming is your priority.
Here is how the most popular GPUs stack up to each other
πŸ˜” Intel UHD Graphics 620 πŸ‘‰ Vega 8 πŸ‘‰ Vega 10 πŸ‘‰ MX150 πŸ‘‰ RX 540 πŸ‘‰ GTX 1050 πŸ‘‰ RX 560X πŸ‘‰ GTX 1050 Ti πŸ‘‰ GTX 1650
πŸ‘‰ GTX 1060 πŸ‘‰ GTX 1660 Ti πŸ‘‰ GTX 1070 πŸ‘‰ RTX 2060 πŸ‘‰ GTX 1080 πŸ‘‰ RTX 2070 πŸ‘‰ RTX 2080 πŸ˜€
CPU - The second most important thing for your gaming laptop is your processor. While most games tend to be more GPU intensive the processor affects the overall system performance and can bottleneck the GPU. Laptops with more powerful GPU generally have an 8 core processor while mid-range systems 400-800 usually have a quad-core CPU. Dual-core CPUs have the capacity to game but they are not ideal as they are not always able to maintain their boosted clock
Here is how the most popular CPUs stack up to each other
πŸ˜” i3-8130U πŸ‘‰ Ryzen 5 2500U πŸ‘‰ Ryzen 7 2700U πŸ‘‰ i5-8250U πŸ‘‰ i7-8550U πŸ‘‰ i5-7300HQ πŸ‘‰ Ryzen 5 3550H πŸ‘‰ i5-8300H πŸ‘‰ i5-9300H / Ryzen 7 3750H πŸ‘‰ i7-8750H πŸ‘‰ i7-9750H πŸ‘‰ i7-9700K πŸ˜€
RAM – This is generally the easiest part of the laptop to upgrade, so you can usually buy a laptop with low RAM and
upgrade it yourself later if your budget is tight. No need to go overboard on RAM as 8 GB is enough for gaming but you can get 16 GB for future-proofing.
Bonus: If your budget allows it get a laptop with an SSD. AN SSD significantly speeds up any laptop with a HDD. The boot time and load times will be much much faster.

Acer Aspire 5 student & general use
Screen Size: 15.6" Full HD IPS Display,
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U,
Graphics: Vega 3 Graphics,
Storage Type: 128GB SSD
Comments: A best selling laptop because of its low price and decent specs for light use. This laptop is for people on a budget or those who want a basic laptop for browsing, streaming and working on a few documents.

Asus Vivobook 15 student & general use
Screen Size: 15.6” FHD,
Processor: Intel Core i3-8145U (Up to 3.9GHz),
Storage Type: 128GB M.2 SSD,
Comments: This laptop has a fast SSD for booting which is great value at this price point, FHD screen and an 8th gen processor is also great value as well. 8 GB of RAM will allow for decent multitasking (with its processor being the only thing that will cause a bottleneck). Its low weight at 3.75 lbs makes it ideal for students as well
Comments: This laptop has a fair amount of RAM for its price and you can add more in the future as well easily. The same can be said about storage as you can easily add a SSD for the laptop to boot faster and load programs. It has a clean 1080p display which is also good for the price. Build wise it has a plastic chassis which is pretty much what you would expect for those price range

Lenovo ideapad S340 student & general use
Screen Size15.6" Laptop,
Processor Intel Core i5-8265U Quad-Core Processor,
RAM 8GB Memory,
Storage: 128GB SSD
Comments: A fairly well-built budget laptop that comes with a physical webcam shutter. It is lightweight and has a battery life of 7-9 hrs depending on the workload. The screen is not ideal for use in direct sunlight as it is not the brightest but it is still useable

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S student & general use
Processor : Ryzen 5 2500U 4-core processor
Graphics : Vega 8 integrated graphics
RAM : 8 GB
Screen Type : 1080p 15.6" display
Comments: This laptop comes with an SSD which really makes budget laptops feel less like a burden when you are using it. Having lots of RAM comes in handy as well when multitasking and its Vega 8 integrated graphics will manage older titles fairly well

Acer A515-54-51DJ student & general use
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : 3.9 GHz Intel Core i5
Graphics : Intel HD Graphics
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 3.97 lbs
Storage Type : 256 GB SSD
Comments: It is well built and has a great balance of specs which can manage a little bit of everything. Its quad-core CPU and 8 GB of RAM will keep it running smoothly even when you have lots of programs or tabs open. Its SSD will allow it to boot in seconds as well. If you want to upgrade the storage or RAM in the future it is very easy to do as well.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming (mid level)/cad/ editing
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
Graphics : AMD Radeon RX 560X
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 5.95 lbs
Storage Type : 1 TB HDD
Comments: A great value for money gaming laptop with a good heat management system. While it is not able to run AAA titles on high settings it is fully able to run most games and get decent FPS. The main downfall of this laptop is a lack of an SSD but that can easily be added.
Detailed review
Lenovo Flex 14 81SS0005US student & general use
Screen Size : 14 inches
Processor : 2.1 GHz AMD R Series
Graphics : AMD Radeon Vega 8
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 3.52 lbs
Storage Type : 256 GB SSD
Comments: A basic 2 in 1 laptop ideal for students to take from class to class to take notes and perform light productivity tasks. It has a decent build quality for its price and its specs are good enough for multitasking and having lots of tabs open

Acer A515-54G-5928 student, general use, gaming (low level)
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : 3.9 GHz Core i5 Family
Graphics : MX250
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 5.85 lbs
Storage Type : 512 GB SSD
Comments: An upgrade to the E15 as it has a larger SSD and a more powerful graphics card. It is easy to upgrade, fast and fairly well built. Ideal for students or professionals who want to do a little gaming discreetly. Additionally, it has a 9 hr battery life

Acer SF315-52-81HD
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : Core i7-8550U
Graphics : Intel HD Graphics
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 3.75 lbs
Storage Type : 256 GB SSD
Comments: A reliable laptop such as the Swift 3 should be able to last you years without any need for upgrading. It has a power-efficient quad-core CPU, a fair amount of RAM and a fast SSD. It has an aluminum chassis that is able to take a few bumps while you travel (always a bonus for students. It has a battery life of over 8 hours and is very lightweight so you can take it anywhere without it being a bother

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 gaming
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : Core i5-8300H
Graphics : Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 5.95 lbs
Storage Type : 256 GB SSD
Comments: The nitro 5 is easy to upgrade and maintain which means you can easily clean the laptop or add a HDD or more RAM if you like. The GTX1050 Ti is a powerful graphics card that is able to game very well. Additional you shouldn't have any throttling issues. It can last 2-3 years, can manage sims 4 and 5 due to it's powerful processor.

MSI GL63 9SDK-623 gaming
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : i5-9300H
Graphics : GTX 1660 Ti
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 8.55 lbs
Storage Type : 512 GB SSD
Comments: A great bang for buck gaming laptop with incredible specs at a low price. With the GTX 1660Ti you will be able to game smoothly without needing to upgrade for a while.

Screen Size: 15.6"Full HD Gaming Laptop,
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 R7-3750H,
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti,
Storage 256GB PCIe SSD
EVOO Gaming Laptop
Screen Size: 15" FHD 144Hz,
Processor: 9th Gen Intel i7-9750H,
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1650,
Storage: 256GB SSD,
Lenovo Yoga 730 2-in-1 student, light editing
Β· 15.6" FHD IPS Touch-Screen 90% sRGB
Β· Intel Quad Core i5-8250U
Β· 512GB SSD
Β· Thunderbolt, Backlit Keyboard
Comments: This version of the Yoga 730 is ideal for students or low budget editors as it light weight and well built. It has an aluminum chassis which allows it to stand up to the stress and strain of moving from class to class without breaking easily. It has a very color accurate screen so uyou won’t have to connect to an external monitor to check your work after you are done editing. Its quad-core CPU and 16 GB of RAM will allow for seamless multitasking as you will be able to have 20+ tabs open without lag.

ThinkPad T480 student & general use
Screen Size : 14 inches
Processor : Core i5-8250U
Graphics : Intel HD Graphics
RAM : 16 GB
Weight : 3.5 lbs
Storage Type : 512 GB SSD
Thinkpads are known for their reliable build quality and longevity. It has a professional look which is ideal for an office setting and with 16 GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU it will be able to multitask well, having lots of tabs open, while streaming and working on documents without lagging.

ASUS TUF Gaming TUF505 TUF505DU-KB71 gaming
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 3750H
Graphics : GTX 1660Ti
RAM : 8 GB
Weight : 4.9 lbs
Storage Type : 256 GB SSD
Comments: A fairly lightweight gaming laptop that has a semi-professional look. It has average surface temperatures and while it gets warm when gaming it does not get too hot that it will throttle. Its fans are quiet when running regular tasks but are audible when gaming.

Lenovo Yoga 730 81CU000CUS. student, editing, gaming
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : Core i7-8550U
Graphics : Nvidia GTX 1050
RAM : 16 GB
Weight : 4.17 lbs
Storage Type : 512 GB SSD
This laptop is great for editing as it has a quad-core CPU, a fairly powerful GPU and most importantly a very color accurate screen. It is well built and has an aluminum chassis which is ideal for traveling. It can take a few bumps without breaking as well. Its SSD is both fast and reliable. Additionally, it has lots of RAM so you won't have any lag when you have 20+ tabs open while streaming and working on a few documents

Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming
Screen Type: 15.6" Full HD 144Hz 3ms IPS Display,
Processor: Intel i7-9750H,
Graphics: GTX 1660 Ti 6GB,
Storage Type: 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD
Comments: An improvement on the 2018 version as it has a much better cooling system. This laptop provides great specs for the price and is ideal for gamers who do not want to overspend. Its battery life is not that long so you will have to walk with your charger. The GPU in this laptop won’t go stale for a while as it is fully able to run new titles on max settings and get great FPS.

Eluktronics Mech-15 G2 Pro gaming, professional look
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
Graphics : NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti
RAM : 16 GB
Weight : 4.5 lbs
Storage Type : 512 GB SSD
Comments: This a good gaming laptop that has a clean and professional look. It has a fast SSD, full size keyboard andthe keys have a nice feel to them. This laptop is a cut above other gaming laptops at this price range because of its cooling system. If you are a student this may not be the ideal laptop for you as its battery life is around 4 hrs so you might have to find an outlet a few times a day.

MSI Prestige P65 Creator 8RD editing, gaming
Β· Screen: 100% sRGB Full HD LED IPS display
Β· Processor: i7-8750H
Β· Graphics: GTX 1050TI 4G
Β· RAM: 16GB
Β· Storage Type: 256GB NVMe SSD
This MSI has a premium look and feel to and is ideal for editors, CAD users and above-average gamers. It is fast, quiet
and lightweight which makes a decent pick for students as well. Usually, a laptop with this much power only has 4-5 hrs
of battery life but this laptop has around 7 hrs which is great. This laptop is not the easiest to upgrade as it has a reverse
motherboard which is a turn off for some people.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX531GS-AH76 light-weight, gaming
Screen Size : 15 inches over 90% sRGB rating
Processor : Core i7-8750H
Graphics : Nvidia GTX 1070
RAM : 16 GB
Weight : 4.63 lbs
Storage Type: 512 GB SSD
Comments: A lightweight gaming laptop that would be ideal from students as it won't be taxing to carry from class to
class. Its battery life is not great which might be a turn-off

ROG Zephyrus S GX701 gaming, light-weight
Screen Size : 17.3” HDR 144Hz FHD IPS,
Graphics : GeForce RTX 2080,
Processor : Intel Core i7-9750H Processor,
RAM : 32GB DDR4,
Storage Type: 1TB PCIe Nvme SSD Hyper Drive
Comments: A gaming laptop that can rival most gaming desktops. It is able to run any game you can throw at it and hit high fps, however, you have to pay a hefty price to get this power in a laptop.
Lenovo ThinkPad P52s strong build quality, student, light gaming
Screen Size : 15 inches
Processor : Core i7-8550U
Graphics : NVIDIA Quadro P500
RAM : 32 GB
Weight : 4.3 lbs
Storage Type : 512 GB SSD
This laptop will be able to handle Engineering software, VMs, and modeling, etc. It comes with a quad-core CPU and lots of RAM which will be able to multitask well and handle intense programs without issue. While it is not a gaming laptop it will be able to manage modern titles at decent fps at low settings including overwatch). The battery life for this laptop is great as its CPU is low power which means you won't have to travel with your charger on a day to day basis. It has an internal battery as well as a removable battery which can extend the battery life up to 25+ hrs. Its port selection is good as well as it comes with a thunderbolt port so you can use an external GPU if you plan to run AAA titles in the future

Razer Blade 15: lightweight, student, gaming
Screen Type: 15.6" 60Hz Full HD Thin Bezel
Processor:8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H 6 Core
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q
Storage Type:128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
Comments: This laptop is perfect for those who want to game discretely on the go. It has a clean and professional look while being thin and lightweight which is ideal for travel. It has a solid build that should not break easily if it takes a hit or two. Gaming wise it will manage AAA titles well but keep in mind it does not have the full strength of a GTX 1060 graphics card as it comes with the MAX-q version.
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