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Your one stop shop into the world of Blizzard. War3 patch 1 24 ea manager. Version: 15-02-2020 Ran by Ruser (administrator) on LINNART on 18-02-2020 18: 35: 55 Running from C: \Users\Ruser\Desktop Loaded Profiles: Ruser (Available profiles: Ruser) Platform: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: Deutsch (Deutschland) Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: FF) Boot Mode: Normal Tutorial. FIFA 21 (PS4/XO/NS) 2 (2) Animal Crossing: New Horizons (NS) 3 (4) Minecraft (NS) 4 (3) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS) 5 (6) Super Mario 3D All-Star. Free pc games war3 Download - pc games war3 for Windows read this post here. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours.

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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne - v - patch - 1, 8 MB. Whether you're looking for the biggest collection of PC gaming files on the planet, tools, tips or advice, GameFront has you covered. Hijackthis Log file help, URGENT - Think I have a. Race Human StartLoc 3. Character Builder Lite is designed with a minimalist philosophy - thus the "Lite" - and is intended to be useful for any DDO player, from new players to seasoned vets. October 22, 1922, Page 4, Image 52, brought to you by Library of Congress, Washington, DC, and the National Digital Newspaper Program.

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Contribute to francliu/Sogou development by creating an account on GitHub. I am unable to run any Antivirus as the services have all been stopped and will not restart in order to run them. Status update from Discord: WorldWar3Community. SDK created by Mod DB which makes it easy to kickstart your modding community. ES File Explorer to easily manage, share all your local Android and Cloud files. For #1, I don't know and it was only recently added in a recent patch (like days ago), it seems to be for tracking Chinese nationals, not really sure what's happening with it but it isn't stopping me watch replays yet.

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3 reasons why Adam is the best survivor in DBD

#1: His perks.
Adam has given us 3 lovely gifts, here they are:
Diversion: When standing within the killer's terror radius for 45 seconds, press the active ability button while crouching to throw a pebble and make a loud noise and scratch marks if it's within 20 meters of the killer.
This is a pretty decent perk to change the pace of the game by distracting the killer and help buy your team some time on those generators or other things like healing and totems.
Deliverance: After performing a safe unhook rescue on a hooked survivor, you now have a 100% chance to unhook yourself when you are hooked for the first time. Causes the Broken status effect for 60 seconds upon triggering it.
Tbh, I can't live without this. It's so boring to just be sitting on a hook waiting for your teammates to come get you, and sometimes they just don't. This perk is great for solo queue and really fun and strong combined with Decisive Strike as you can just unhook yourself, get downed, succeed a skillcheck and waste more of the killer's time while avoiding getting tunneled. Very amazing perk and definitely deserves more attention imo.
Autoadidact: You start the trial with a -25% progression penalty for healing skillchecks. Every time you succeed a healing skillcheck, gain a token up to a maximum of 5 tokens. Each token grants a +15% bonus progression for healing skillchecks up to a maximum of 50%.
This to me is a criminally underrated game changing perk, I'd go as far as saying this is top tier tbh. If you manage to get all 5 stacks of Autoadidact, you'll be able to fill the bar up halfway from where it was which will instantly heal the survivor 50%, 75%, or 100%, which makes this perk with all 5 stacks a borderline insta-heal. You can fully heal your teammates in no time at all with just a simple skillcheck. To me it's Autoadidact > literally anything else healing related (except maybe We'll Make It).

#2: His cosmetics.
Have you ever seen any survivor dressed up more fresh af than Adam? Every single trench coat he owns makes him the most fresh schoolteacher on the planet. But to find the style that suits you, here's all the current outfits available for him:
Default Adam head + Tsuyu Ready Trench Coat + Muddy Suit Pants: His default kit, which protects him from rain and keeps him looking sharp in the class. He can't help looking fresh when it's all that's in his dressing closet.
Bloody Adam head + Bloody Trench Coat + Bloody Suit Pants: Default too boring for you but you're poor af and can't afford cosmetics? Simple solution, just get Adam to P3 and decorate your clothing a little bit (not to mention...*shudders*...you can blendette a little bit).
5 Casual Authority suits: The Tsuyu coat is fun and all, but perhaps throwing in a bit of varity with your suit colors could be MUCH more fun (especially when using the brown one which I'll explain later on).
Teacher Colloquium + Back To School + Autumn Seminar: Man...you might as well just call yourself the principal now...wait I can think better...you might as well call yourself the principal's BOSS now with one of these on.
Canadian Tuxedo: Need a break from the classroom but don't want to look like a nerd in public? Not saying Adam is one (because he's far from it), but perhaps joining your local street gang, cutting your hair into dreads, and putting on a jean jacket and ripped jeans can keep all those killers away from you when you go out and go generator shopping.
Teacher's Pet: When the Winter event comes around, you might want something to keep warm and also keep your fresh attitude.
Freshman: Dude...when you put this outfit on, it's infinity% game over for the killer. The REAL Fresh Prince ain't nuthin to fuck with so prepare to do that fresh dance all over Michael's grave. TELL HIM WHO DADDY REALLY IS!
Inspirational Teacher: You ever just show up to your high school class and teach your students history while looking like a bald Donald GloveChildish Gambino? You ever wish you could teach class using nothing but hot and crispy lyrics? Well...the lyrics all depend how lyrical you are but now you can attend your class and show your worthless students and the ungrateful killer that your entity education is nothing to be avoiding to look at your phone all class.
Sightseer: All you need is the Afro and the shades and you're set. You don't even have to worry about not having the varsity jacket and camera or the slim jeans and sneakers. No other cosmetic and nothing else in the entire damb game in general matters more than the Afro and shades...

#3: He can blendette...
Once you've got the brown trench coat and the Afro and shades, you will be more broken and OP than Claudette...

So, I think it's clear to me who the most worthy survivor is. Do you agree? Will you join the movement?
#MakeAdamGreatAgain #AdamLivesMatterMoreThanAnyLife #AdamWillEndWorldWar3
submitted by ThyHolyHugLord to deadbydaylight

A Guide to 4v4 Random Team

A Guide to 4v4 Random Team

\"This battle is over!\"

EDIT: We have created a new discord group dedicated primarily to 4v4 gaming!
Come join @ https://discord.gg/3v3cWjs

Love it or hate it, 4v4 Random Team is the most popular game type outside of 1v1. The games are chaotic. You will join forces with three random teammates in a match to overcome the other team of randomly-selected opponents. As a FFA player, I enjoy playing 4v4 because it has similarities to FFA in its mechanics of macro and unit compositions. With the right skill set, one can dominate and carry their team to victory despite bad teammates or from a disadvantageous position. In this mini-guide, I will detail my preferred strategies to deploy in 4v4 RT for each race. For reference, I play Random at a high level on USEast and Europe:

#1 TIP: Be nice to your teammates. 4v4 RT can be toxic and filled with noobs. You might have a teammate that is brand new to the game. The best way to help them be productive and efficient is positive reinforcement. If I have a noob on my team, I will politely offer tips as when to tech or what units to go for. I will also ask for gold or lumber from teammates that have too much in a polite manner. On the contrary, if you spam pings on their base or call them a noob, they are unlikely to respond well.
#2 TIP: Start the game by saying hello to your team and announcing your intentions and units. I will say something like this at the start of the match “Hi, I will go Fiends/Dest/Wyrm. I will take this expansion.” (and ping the map of the location). If I am close to a Human teammate, I will ask them if they are taking the nearby expansion. Starting the game like this will introduce communication, and usually get your teammates to also tell you what units they are going and you can base your strategy around that.
#3 TIP: Always get an early expansion. The only maps where you cannot get an early expansion in the current rotation are Mur’gul Oasis and Friends. Your early game should almost always be securing your expansion, teching, and creeping to level 3. Get a Goblin Shredder when first available and tech towards a Tier 3 army. You’ll want to have units to defend an early rush, but you’ll almost always want to tech for a Tier 3 army in the majority of situations.


Paladin/Bloodmage - Rifleman : This simple yet powerful strategy is effective in solo and team games. Paladin has always been a great hero, but especially in 4v4 where he has multiple heroes to heal and teammates to bolster with Devotion Aura. The build order is 3 Peasants to gold, 2 to lumber. Train 2 Peasants to complete your gold line. At 210 lumber, build a Blacksmith -> Barracks -> Farm -> Altar -> Farm. You should have at least 4 or 5 Rifleman and 10+ Peasants on lumber before teching (so that you can expand simultaneously). I like to add a 2nd Barracks after expanding and teching. The Tier 2 range upgrade is key, as is getting 2/2 upgrades asap. Bloodmage added 2nd is great because of Mana Siphon. You can choose to play Banish to combo with Holy Light for 1.5x effectiveness, or you can play Flamestrike. I'll usually skill Siphon/Flame/Flame/Siphon/Flame with Bloodmage second. This strategy is especially effective on small maps or a map like Marketsquare. You can add Knights, Mortar Teams, Gryphons, or Flying Machines based on the situation; or simply mass 70-80 food Rifleman with 3/3 upgrades. Paladin should skill Holy Light/Devotion aura.

AM/MK/Paladin - Gryphon/Hawk/Priest : This is my go-to strategy on maps like Northshire or Gold Rush. This is a fast expo friendly strategy that is great on larger maps with easy expansions. The best way to fast expand as Human with optimal macro is to creep a green camp first before calling militia to expand, reason being it gives your peasants more time to gather lumber and allows you to tech and expand simultaneously. Once my Archmage is level 3 (and I have purchased a Goblin Shredder on maps that it is available) I will run to my opponent's expansion areas to cancel or harass their expos. At Tier 2, add 3x Gryphon Aviary and 1x Arcane Sanctuary while teching to Tier 3. You can make some Breakers or Hawks in the mean time if you need units or simply more Footmen. Footmen are good in 4s with Defend. Research Adept and Master Priests. At Tier 3 you should have AM/MK/Paladin, pick up a staff and research Master Priest, Animal War Training, and Storm Hammers. You can break upkeep into a strong 80 food army of Gryphon/Hawk/Priest.

AM/Bloodmage/Paladin - Mortars/Flying Machines/Siege Engines : I don't often play this style but it is effective in 4v4 as long as you have decent teammates with significant armies. Blizzard and Flamestrike can be absurdly strong in some cases, as can upgraded Mortar Teams in the back lines as long as they are protected. It's never a bad idea to have anti air, and Flying Machines are great at it as long as you have 12-18+. Siege Engines are effective against light air units and of course against buildings. As the player who typically is the "carry" on my team, having someone play this strategy in a support role is very good. While playing a support role can be the most important part of a team, it is also vulnerable in the fact that rarely will you be able to defend in a 1v1 situation late game. Keep this in mind if playing a support role and adapt accordingly.


TC - Headhunters : This is the Orc version of Paladin/Rifle. TC/HH is an awesome strategy that is very good if you can use your TC well. Sometimes I'll add a SH as my second hero, but other times I will stay solo TC for a quick level 5 and above. Level 3 Stomp is absolutely ridiculous. The build order is 5 Peons to gold, first Peon builds a Burrow. 2nd Peon makes War Mill, 3rd Peon out makes Barracks. When the Burrow is complete, make a Altar. At 40 wood, make your 2nd Burrow. This will give a similar timing to a late Fiend UD build. You can then add a Shop and 2nd Barracks. Your TC should come out at the same time as your 3rd Headhunter to creep. You should still expand in most cases, and since you have a War Mill already you can bring 2 Peons to the expo, one to expand and one to build and queue towers. At Tier 2, you can fortify your towers and tech for Tier 3/Berserkers. Items like Mana Potions, Speed Scrolls, and a Boots of Speed are great on the Tauren Chieftain. As you tech to Tier 3 with 2x Barracks, you can eventually add Shaman, Witch Doctors, and/or Spirit Walkers (get Shaman if there isn't another Orc on your team) -- but you should have 40-50 food of Headhunters before adding casters.

DR or Alchemist /TC/SH - Headhunters/Tauren/Caster : This is a FFA-inspired strategy that can straight up dominate in 4v4. DR and Headhunters creep your early expansion very quick and you can add Spirit Lodges and Tauren Totems at Tier 2. You'll want to have enough Headhunters to fight anti-air unless your teammates are heavy on AA. Tauren are good in 4v4 but I rarely will make more than 2 or 3 due to the amount of opposing air units that are likely to be seen. With that being said, some times it is very strong to go for Grunts -> Tauren/Caster, as long as your teammates have significant AA. Orc's greatest strength in 4v4 is the Shaman. Bloodlust is incredibly strong on heavy units and requires almost zero micro to use. A Bloodlusted army in 4v4 that "attack-moves" will typically crush an opposing force even if they have superior micro. For these reasons, be sure to make 4-5+ Master Shaman if you don't have another Orc teammate who will. When I get Orc, the first thing I do is check my teammates to see if there is another Orc and ask if he plans to get Shaman. As the game progresses, your army should have a Kodo Beast, 4+ Shaman, 3+ Witch Doctor and 2+ Walkers.

BM/TC/SH - Wind RideBats : This is my go-to strategy whenever I get Orc and spawn in the middle of my team (meaning in between two of my teammates). In this case, you can safely fast tech without a Barracks. If you are on the outside, however; teching without a Barracks can be fatal if you face early pressure in your main. The build order is simply Altar + Burrow and a Voodoo Lounge, while making 8-9 Peons on lumber before teching. The strength in this combination is in scouting, map control, and hero killing. "Hexastomp" is the rotation of Stomp and Hex that can take down any hero if executed well. As the game progresses and your heroes level to 5/5/5+, you'll become a significant threat. Bat Riders are great in 4v4 both as anti-air units and to destroy bases/expansions. I like to stay 50 food with a few Wind Riders and 3 heroes for awhile and eventually break upkeep into Bats. This is one strategy where you won't want to fast expand, but rather tech to Tier 3 quickly and grab a Fast Expo item from the shop.


Kotg/Potm - Hippogryph Riders : It comes at no surprise that the Keeper of the Grove is also a great hero in 4s. I like to AoW creep out my early expansion with Kotg and Archers. Be careful to build your AoW far enough away from creeps as to not aggro them (the creep camps on 4s maps are generally more aggressive). You should build Moon Wells and a 2nd AoW once you are at 20/20 food and your first AoW is creeping. After you are finished AoW creeping, move it to the next spot while producing archers from your 2nd AoW. This strategy allows for a quick expansion and tech while having a strong early army in Kotg and Archers. Often times I will root my 2nd AoW eventually and produce many Archers, while adding 2x Ancient of Winds and producing Hippogryphs. Hippogryph Riders are very good in 4v4 as they are fast and versatile flying units. Depending on the amount of opposing air units, my army will often look like 2 Heroes, 10 Hippo Riders, and 6-8 Hippogryphs. Keep your heroes alive and try not to accidentally run into an opposing group of Fiends.

DH, DR, or Alchemist/Panda/Kotg or Potm - "Chippo" (Chimeras/Hippogryphs) : I prefer this strategy on maps like Sanctuary or Twilight Ruins. This is the "carry" strategy to dominate and get high level heroes. The choice between starting heroes is based on your preference. I prefer Dark Ranger on maps like Sanctuary or Gold Rush (easy expansions, many low HP creeps). Level 3 Silence is also ridiculous. DH and Alchemist are interchangeable; both scale very well as the game progresses and are excellent primary heroes. Panda is terrific here, and you can choose between Kotg or Potm third as your utility hero. The build order is the same (AoW creeping and expanding), but you'll build less Archers during your tech. At Tier 2, I add 2x Ancient of Winds and start producing and researching Druid of the Talons. At Tier 3, add 3x Chim Roosts and consider adding a 3rd or even 4th Ancient of Wind if you have multiple expos. You should try to get a second expansion on maps that have them available (ex: Sanctuary, Gold Rush). While Chimeras are absolutely dominant, be sure to have enough Hippogryphs to counter opposing air forces and to protect your Chims. I like to have 2-4 Druid of the Talon as well (ground form) to Cyclone heroes but it isn't necessary. One Bear for Roar is also a great addition.

DH/Kotg/Potm - Mountain Giants/Dryads/Hippogryphs: This is a strategy that I will deploy on small maps, or those without easy expansions. Mountain Giants are effective in 4s but only to a certain extent. I believe the best way to utilize MGs in 4v4 is to combine them with a group of Hippogryphs for anti-air plus a few Dryads and a Bear for Roar. You'll still want to AoW creep and expand, but you can also train less archers here (around 4). At Tier 2, add 2x Ancient of Lores and 1x Ancient of Wind. You can start making some Dryads early on to compliment your Archers while teching to Tier 3. The Hippogryphs are an important piece to this strategy because without them you lack much DPS. Don't mass Dryads. The ideal army here is something like 2-4 MGs, 6-12 Hippogryphs, 2-4 Dryads, and 1 Bear. Equip an Orb of Poison on your DH and complete the researches for Mountain Giants. I choose to play the classic hero combo of DH/Kotg/Potm here because of its synergy with Lore units, where as Tavern heroes like DR, Panda, or Alchemist play best with Chippo.

Note: What about Huntresses? Hunts are weak units whose effectiveness plummets as the game goes on. While Hunts can be strong very early, nearly every game will progress to Tier 3 units at which time they lose their power almost completely. The only time I will produce Hunts is on a map like Mur'gul Oasis where there isn't a natural expansion available. Even then, I will transition into Dotts at Tier 2. Hunts are tomes of XP after the beginning stages of the game.


DK/Lich/DL - Fiend/DestroyeWyrms : This is the most common strategy you'll see with Undead in 4s (maybe not Destroyers as much) -- it is strong at all stages of the game. As the game progresses and your heroes level up, you'll become a killing machine with high level nukes. Dreadlord should skill Sleep/Swarm/Swarm/Sleep/Swarm. Coil/Nova/Swarm on heroes and armies is devastating once they are leveled and backed by Mana Potions and Statues. Less commonly seen is the fact that Undead fast expansion is extremely efficient and protected. The Fiend build order is different here to optimize macro; that is Ziggurat first before Altar (Crypt -> Graveyard -> Ziggurat -> Altar). This allows you to make 3 early Ghouls for lumber instead of 2 as well as 1 Acolyte to scout/expand with. Get a Rod and Sacrificial Skull and make your way to the expansion with 1 Fiend + DK while your 2nd Fiend comes out. Draw the creep out with a Fiend and you can creep any early expansion. You can choose to make 5 consecutive Acolytes before teching to your expansion, or you can tech after 1 Acolyte and have him also make a Necropolis at your expo. I prefer the 5 Aco Fast Tech on almost every map. Grab a Shredder when available, Tech to Tier 3 and make a Slaughterhouse and Sacrificial Pit. Make 3x Boneyards at Tier 3 and be sure to equip your heroes with items and potions. I like to buy multiple TPs with every race, but especially UD as you can TP to your teammates bases for favorable engagements. Be careful not to blindly fight into mass Hippogryphs, Tanks, or Flying Machines. Use your Frost Nova and Carrion Swarm to soften these type of forces before engaging.

DL/DK - Gargoyles : While you can't go wrong with playing Fiend/Dest/Wyrm on any map, Dreadlord and Gargoyles can be effective too in the right situation. I like to play DL/Gargs on Northshire, specifically, and Gold Rush too (large maps with multiple expansions). If playing Dreadlord first, the skill order should be Sleep/Vamp/Sleep/Vamp/Sleep. Sleep is extremely strong when DL is your primary hero. You can use it to disable an opposing hero that is holding a Town Portal while destroying the rest of their force. Sleep can turn around a game at times if you can catch another player 2v1 or 3v1 and continuously sleep his hero that is trying to TP away. It goes without saying that an early Infernal can be game-changing. I usually won't get a 3rd hero for this reason, plus you want to have a level 5 DK as soon as you can too. Frost Wyrms are usually the best compliment to Gargoyles and you can decide the mix between the two units based on your opponents. Typically I will play 12-18 Gargoyles with 2-6 Frost Wyrms. Scrolls of Healing are your friend here. Keep in mind that this strategy is weak early game so I don't advise to play it on maps where you will have to support your teammates at the beginning of the game. When playing Gargs, I make sure to patrol a Shade around opposing armies to try to "catch" a force with air units. A group of Gryphons, Chims or Wyverns (or even Flying Machines or Dragon Hawks in small numbers) will get obliterated by mass Gargs, and a lot of players won't be heady enough to TP away in time. This is a trickier strategy to play in comparison to Fiend/Dest/Wyrm but it is fun and can be effective.

DK/Pitlord/DL or DR - Necrowagon : The hero combination you choose to play with Necromancers and Meat Wagons is up to you. I like to play Pitlord 2nd as both Howl of Terror and Rain of Fire have synergy with this type of composition. Dreadlord or Dark Ranger is added third for utility with Sleep or Silence. You can start with Ghouls or Fiends, but typically I will play Fiends to be stronger in the early-mid game. This strategy requires a lot of set up, but if you are prepared it can be one of the most powerful armies in the game. There will never be enough opposing dispel to effectively stop your summons, but there will be opportunities for your opponents to strike when you are unprepared (or murder your units with mass air before they are summoning). Scouting is important with this build order as is proper macro. After your expansion and tech, add 2x Temples and 2x Slaughterhouses. Consider keeping a few Fiends in your army for Web. You don't need Frost Wyrms with this composition. Be sure to research all Necromancer training and upgrade melee at your Graveyard. This can be played on any map, but it is best on wide open maps where your units won't move slowly through choke points or become disorganized. Later in the game, Cripple is a great spell to use if you have an excessive amount of Necromancers/Mana on opposing heavy air units and heroes; as is Unholy Frenzy on friendly heavy units. Similar to other race's supporting strategies, Necrowagon plays best when you have competent teammates that don't force you to save and carry as hard.


  • 4v4 RT is full of noobs! How can you win consistently when your team is full of noobs, leavers, and team-killers? 4v4 RT players come from all varieties. Keep in mind that the other team has similar players. The best way to win games is to focus on your game and help out your teammates by communicating and being patient. Many games end up being close where skill is definitely the factor, and they often end up in an epic fashion. Some of the wins I’ve been able to pull off have been nothing short of remarkable.

  • Okay, what about leavers? When a player leaves in 4v4, your team gains shared control of the leaver. While this function is not perfect (you cannot retrieve resources from a left player, only give them, nor can you rally a left player’s production buildings to your own hero) it does give you the limited ability to control that player. It’s all about macro. If someone leaves at the start of the game, I will call out to my team that I will control him. I will typically decide on a “mass-friendly” strategy so I can macro both bases efficiently. 2 barracks Rifles and 2 barracks Grunts with solo Paladin and TC to start, for example. Then I will tech up to Tier 3 and eventually add Casters and Mortar Teams or Gryphons. Alternatively, you can “feed” your resources into the left player and quickly tech up to Tier 3 for Frost Wyrms or Chimeras, etc. When controlling two players, creating and handling proper control groups is key. I will usually have all heroes in my first group and make groups from there. If someone leaves mid-game, it’s a little bit easier to take over, but be sure to rally their production buildings to their own heroes. Macro is paramount when controlling two bases. You won’t need to micro much if you can efficiently produce two armies.

  • And team-killers? Team Killers are no fun but truthfully you won’t run into many of them. I think less than 1 in 20 games has one for me, if that. I’ve still managed to win games with Team Killers that aren’t very efficient in their mission… but usually it’s a loss. Best thing to do is try to kill their main hall and workers and expand in their area. Again though, you won’t have to deal with this often and Blizzard will likely implement some sort of system to report/get rid of these type of players.

  • Isn’t 4v4 all about massing air? While armies consisting of air units are usually the best compositions, it’s not that simple. Like any other game type, there are multiple phases in any given game. In order to end up with 80 or 100 food armies, you’ll have to expand and play the beginning phases well. There are also hard counters to air. Tanks aren’t as popular anymore since the food nerf, but can definitely counter light air effectively. Flying Machines are better now at serve this purpose well. As Elf, you can mass Hippogryphs that will prove to be useful in almost every game. If you like Bats, Orc with Bat Riders and a harassing strategy is effective. Remember though, no strategy is foolproof. There will be times when air units are not as effective and you’d be better to prioritize a more streamlined army starting with earlier ground units. It’s best to work towards an army composition that compliments your team and counters the opposition.

  • Should I harass or creep? Rush or “CC”? There isn’t a sure answer for these, but in general you should creep and expand. Try to expand quickly and get level 3 before harassing or attacking your opponents. A common term you see in 4v4 is “Rush” or “CC” (CC meaning Creep/Counter). I generally favor the idea of creeping and countering with the ability to set up an expansion. However, rushing can be effective as well and more specifically so on certain maps. Either way, be sure to have an army to contribute at all times of the game and focus on teching towards Tier 3 units.

  • My teammate is asking to feed him. Should I? I generally advise against feeding a player if you are decent enough to play your own game effectively. However, if someone asks for 100 gold early I will often give it to him. It’s important to appease your teammates and if I can help someone play better by sending 100g, I will do so.

  • What are some other effective strategies that you didn't list? Human can play Spell Breakers with Sorceress/Priests and Dragon Hawks, or they can play Knights also with Inner Fire Priests. You could play mass Siege Engines out of 5x Workshops after a fast expansion and relentlessly send them at opposing bases. Orc can lame with Raiders and Bats too, though this type of strategy may not work out well if your teammates cannot hold their own. Playing mass Tauren with Spirit Walkers to revive is cool and can be effective. Elf and Undead don’t have as many options, but you could play some sort of mass Archerange composition with solo Potm for an early Starfall; or with UD, mass Fiend with NecromanceBanshee/Statue.

  • What is the best race in 4v4? What is your favorite race in 4v4? All races are effective in 4v4 and about equal in strength. Of the four, I would say Elf is the weakest by a slight margin because their 3 hero combos are not as strong as the other races. My favorite race to play is probably Orc but always Random.

  • What is the best unit in 4v4? Shaman. Bloodlust has the most significant impact in a 4v4 RT game; it is easy to micro and has a huge impact in large scale battles. For this reason, if you are the Orc player and there isn’t another Orc on your team, you should always go for Bloodlust at some point. If there are multiple Orcs on your team, ask what units they will go and make sure someone covers Shaman. The other casters are important too but none as much as Shaman. Other than that, Tanks, Chims, Gryphons, Dragon Hawks, Frost Wyrms, Hippogryphs, Mortar Teams are all great units in 4s. Tauren and MGs are good too, but not always as effective based on opposing unit compositions. Lastly, individual units are not what is most effective, but the overall unit composition is what matters. Focus on creating an 80 food army that is balanced and effective.

  • What maps do you thumbs down? I don’t have any maps thumbs down, but I prefer to play ones that have natural expansions. The most significant advantage is in the macro of fast expanding and creating a Tier 3 army of 80+ food. Maps like Mur’gul Oasis are fun, but if you have a poor team and the other team is skilled it can be difficult to carry your teammates without an expansion.

  • What is your favorite map? My favorite map in this rotation is probably Sanctuary. You have access to easy expansions and can even take more than one. The bases are set up in corners of 2, and the map is large enough to rebuild and come back from disadvantages. I also really like Gold Rush, Marketsquare, and Twilight Ruins.

  • Will 4v4 AT ever come back? One can only hope so. High level 4v4 matches are amazing. As with other game types, I believe that WC3: Reforged will revive 4v4 AT as the player base should increase substantially.

  • What are the best times to play 4v4 RT? Europe is the best server to play 4v4 RT on, and USEast is second. As an American, I play Europe during the mornings and afternoons and USEast if it's night. I end up playing more 4s on East because Europe primetime is also primetime for FFA.

  • Do you still play FFA? Yes, of course. FFA will always be my first game type, but 4v4 is a lot of fun. The skill level varies and there is some toxicity (more so on USEast), but the games are always fun and often epic. If you haven't played much 4v4, I encourage you to give it a shot. You can also watch me stream at www.twitch.tv/fml_seksi

I also wrote a (much) more comprehensive guide to FFA. You can view it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ByDroXDig8MaST6ahTs8W0lawZGlSo3L/view

Thanks for reading; see you on the ladder!

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