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Gaming depictions in Cdrama

Hello! I just finished Gank Your Heart and wanted to share some random thoughts/observations on how the gaming depictions in Cdrama increased my enjoyment of the show :)
I’m comparing GYH with King’s Avatar and Love O2O both drama and movie. A close ranking:
#1: Gank Your Heart
Game type: Real time strategy (DOTA inspired)
Gaming format: e-sports
Minimal use of in-game animations
As a former DOTA player, I really loved this show. I would imagine it’s tough for non DOTA or non LoL players to appreciate the nuances - they don’t even explain the game tactics!
But for DOTA fans, this show pays homage to DOTA in such an amazingly faithful way. Even the competitive scene is modeled on The International, real life DOTA tournament. I think it’s not a coincidence that two China teams (Newbee and Wings) have won TI, similar to GYH’s Pioneers and Phoenix. Phoenix in particular looks modeled on Wings with a similar logo and Cinderella dark horse story. The competition arena looks exactly like TI arena with the transparent cage setup.
Game mechanics and structure are just like DOTA - 3 lanes, mid solo, jungling and support roles, importance of reaching level 6 and farming stats, the fictional heroes remind me of actual DOTA characters...
And these details helped me appreciate certain characters developing skills too, like I can see Qiu Ying’s deepening understanding of the game meta in her commentary.
What also helps is that the show focuses less on the game world and more on real-world reactions and interactions. The limited game animations shown were so fleeting with such small details that I couldn’t see what was happening, but that was fine because I don’t think anyone has found an effective way to dramatize animated in-game interactions. Thankfully GYH skipped the cringe altogether.
#2: Love O2O (drama, movie close behind)
Game type: MMORPG
Gaming format: casual online gaming
Mix use of in-game animations with character cosplay
I want to preface my gaming comments with some context: I really loved Love O2O and it’s what got me into C-drama in the first place. Watched it 3 times, mainly for the romance.
Having characters in costume was really effective at conveying the emotion of experiencing a human connection online, like making friends and falling in love. Floating dialog boxes, chat screens, and even character menus were used very well to create the feeling of players interacting with a game UI without losing the drama. The movie didn’t change this successful formula and simply improved on the graphics.
The cosplay element also allowed the characters to do stunts for their character moves (yasss dancer YY looked so good doing martial arts!!) and I really liked the team fight dungeon scenes.
Here’s what stuck out like a sore thumb: I really can’t stand Yang Yang’s cosplay wig (LOLLL not the only bad wig), the costumes tended to look cheap, and some of the virtual game environments looked awkward. It didn’t look great in the drama and they fixed it in the movie by having more real-life sets. And finally I didn’t get much of a sense of the actual game mechanics and why someone won or lost a fight. The game world just felt like everyone jumped to an alternate Xianxia universe where anything could happen.
#3: King’s Avatar
Game type: MMORPG
Gaming format: e-sports
Heavy use of in-game animations with character motion capture
This show does well in fleshing out a fictitious game, and I can’t think of any real-world parallels quite like Glory. The scriptwriters invented distinct, recognizable maps for which there was specific kinds of gameplay, which was a really fun and rich detail. The various character roles were also interesting, it made me think of Left 4 Dead or Evolve where you have a medic, a tank, a gunner etc. After awhile I got absorbed into this alternate game world.
What really detracted from the experience was using motion capture for the MMORPG characters. I became used to it after awhile, but in pivotal moments that should have been high emotion, I felt blank because the character faces felt blank.
Also the character design could have used more colour to distinguish one player from another. Maybe the designers wanted a serious tone, but there was just too many shades of metal. It was hard to see in team fights and took me longer to familiarise myself with the classes.
Finally: why the heck is Yang Yang’s character able to find a weapon that his deceased friend hid in a map when he’s not even on the original game server as said friend???? That logic lapse really bothered me.
Tl;dr please no more facial motion capture, please.
submitted by aikawanoonase to CDrama

Pro Dota 2 player tries dancing TT

Pro Dota 2 player tries dancing TT submitted by Maxxhat to twice

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