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Top Sunday Cable Originals (& Network Update): ". Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed. DOTA 2 (6, 728) Dwarf fortress (219) Esports (88) Europa Universalis 4 (2, 972) EVE Online (767) Fallout (1) Fallout 4 (3, 439) FIFA (2, 275) Final Fantasy (943) Grand Theft Auto V (1, 777) Half Life (820) Halo (3, 018) Hearthstone (4, 276) Hearts of Iron 4 (1, 932) Heroes of the Storm (1, 724) Kerbal Space Program (2, 565) League of Legends (3, 451. Jinx uses Zapper, her shock pistol, to fire a blast that deals damage to the first enemy hit, slowing and revealing it. E Flame. Version Switcher) - Use Warcraft Patch offline upgrade file from Blizzard (not available). So, I have Ubuntu One working on another Arch install, but I just put it on my new laptop today, and it's not working. Program pairs emerging artists with the famous.

Free [Top 10] Dota 2 Best Beginner Heroes (2020 Edition

Linux on Laptops: ASUS Zephyrus G14 with Ryzen 9 4900HS. Win 3 Shabbat Search Engine JewJewJew.com click here. PUBG, Vs. Super Mario Bros, Gorogoa, RE7: Not a Hero, Tales from America, NJPW, a bonus Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoiler chat, and more! How to get out of Bronze Tier (Full guide) [S5 updated]. Best binds for CS: GO to optimize gameplay. However, when I try to run $ ubuntuone-control-panel-qt I get these messages (the last line i. TFT Version zip if you already have other patch files and version switcher program).

What is a good support/partner for Sven in DOTA 2?

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It brings some tweaks to Hex mechanics and fixes a major disconnection issue with Mac while playing on [HOST] realms. Shadow of the Tomb Raider coming to Linux on Nov 5. Hardening Cockpit with systemd (socket activation) 6 Ways to find your internal IP Address on Debian; Games. Linux on Laptops: ASUS Zephyrus G14 with Ryzen 9 4900HS. Dotabuff est le premier site communautaire et de statistiques pour Dota 2. The idea here is that because vengeful spirit's ult is the ol' switcheroo (she literally switches places with an enemy hero. Kill Ping is an online gaming application which reduces high ping and packet loss eliminating lag.

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Throughout the sensitive, 128-minute probe. Monitor websites/domains for web threats online. Some of the speedy Choice item users can also learn Trick or Switcheroo to trade their items with their opponent, if it's possible (and even the users with not that perfect speed can rely on Choice Scarf). Top 10 Best Dota 2 Teams 2020 (Best Dota 2 Teams In The World) New Season New Teams The Dota 2 Pro scene is forever a changing landscape and now that the post-TI lineup changes have concluded, and the teams have had their chance to play in a full Major and the Qualifier for another, it is time to speculate on which teams could be the top of the. Just enter your email and we'll take care of the rest. GNOME 3.36 "Gresik" released with a 'Do Not Disturb' mode recommended reading. A newsletter a day keeps the FOMO at bay.

Champion Abilities for League of Legends (LoL): MOBAFire

Dota patch 1.26 switcheroo. Change directory using pipeline script and execute Windows. I think a key point to remember is that you don't gain many spell slots - so the high level spells are quite good, but you can't cast that many of them. From what I see, in my country, YuGiOh is a dying brand. You would think that I would pull a Hero Instinct Free Download switcheroo and exclusively talk about the 1 last update 2020/11/14 importance of feeling your feelings, self-love, character development, and being in His Secret Obsession Free Download integrity and generally feeling alive in His Secret Obsession Free Download your. League of Legends / What Could Have Been - TV Tropes. Gamdias Hermes gaming keyboard review.

Activity code download Free Software for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS

AwesomeArab I was inspired by the Magic Roundabout so here have some Blueprints. NadeKing felt that there is no great weapon skin to rush B with, so here is the new P90: Rush BeebeeskinweaponSource. Riki Build Guide DOTA 2: Now you see me....Now you dont! A. Killstealing is his raison d'etre (I bet his friends refuse to play Dota with him). This is the official standalone and upgrade version file for Warcraft Patch. The court held that such a use was fair use: "We conclude that where disassembly is the only way to gain access to the ideas and functional elements embodied in a copyrighted computer program and where there is a legitimate reason for. Broxah on Twitter - I will take responsibility for this game.

Power Nullifier - TV Tropes

Warcraft Version Switcher - WVS for Warcraft - This is a tool that allows you to switch between different versions of Warcraft 3. Just select the version, and it'll take care of the rest. Unique Mario Heart Stickers designed and sold by artists. Matty's Betting Predictions - Dota 2 and CSGO - Matty's Bike Trips; Matty's Bistro - Matty's Bless Hands Creation; Matty's Bliss Cakery - Matty's Blog; Matty's Boba Tea - Matty's Boutique; Matty's Box - Matty's Burger; Matty's Burgers - Matty's Burguer; Matty's Bus Spotting - Matty's Cafe; Matty's Cake's - Matty. Dota Pro Circuit; Teams; Players; Forums. Play 1/12/2020: FUNKY CO-OPERATION. It can also do a few other things but those are out of context. I expect a performance degredation, but this is unusually slow.

BlizzCon 2020 predictions: A somewhat educated guess

Best LCD Customer Pole Display Serial Port, Compatible w. POSIFLEX, Hp, IBM: Best Video Baby Monitor -7" screen across and total unit is 10.5" - Wireless: raybaby Best Baby Monitor Tracks Sleep and Breathing (RRB16071) The Best Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor systolic and diastolic measurements: Summer Infant Best View 28030 baby monitor with camera: Summer Best View digital color video monitor. Accolade downloaded the computer code only to ascertain how the lock worked, so that it could make a key that would permit its games to work in Sega consoles. Twitter Join Bach Bracket, Bachelor Nation's favorite fantasy league website. Launch is planned for late 2020, a. That ole character switcheroo story has been done in endless plots. BUT everytime after i restart the laptop, the option. So as we all know, Kancolle is about to abandon Flash in favor of HTML5, and I have seen this cause some panic within the community; in particular, there has been some recent fears that the upcoming migration to HTML5 would force players to play without their viewers as these would break when the migration is completed.

What to Watch from December 12th to 18th: Who are you?

Welcome back, dear readers! It's been a long time since we had more than one event in the same week, so I took advantage of it and with a little time off I managed to graduate myself! Now with a degree in Physics, you have one reason more to trust my advice on the coming matches!
We've all been witnessing the switcheroo frenzy among korean teams, but even with all this mediatic pressure, Korea is not where I will look in this What to Watch. While known faces and iconic players sure bring with themselves a huge amount of followers, the focus of this week will be the new faces, the young talents striving to compete at the best levels: the Challenger Series Open Qualifiers. I'll explain the format below for the non-experts.
Also, for the fans of non-hardcore clownfiesta, IEM Gyeonggi is the last event of the year, and many unexpected teams and players have shown up to compete: this will probably be a curious but nonetheless intriguing event to look closely at!
Here it begins!

Challenger Series Open Qualifiers

As the name says, Open Qualifier means that everyone is given a chance to enter the tournament. The format is slightly different for the two regions of NA and EU, but basically the winners of this (online!) event are awarded the possibility of entering the Challenger Series:
For NA, the top 3 teams (two finalists plus the winner of the 3/4h decider) advance to the NACS Spring Qualifiers, where they will play against the lowest placed teams from 2016 NACS Summer.
For EU, there are two brackets: one for EUW and one for EUNE. The concept is basically the same: 4 teams (three from EUW and one from EUNE) qualify to the EUCS Spring Qualifiers, where they will face the lowest placed teams from 2016 EUCS Summer AND the winners of the national leagues. Before looking at the teams that will take part in the tournaments, here is a timetable of the event for this week:
Round 1 Completed Mon 12th: 19 CET/10 PST Wed 14th: 19 CET/10 PST
Round 2 Completed Tue 13th: 19 CET/10 PST Thu 15th: 19 CET/10 PST
Round 3 Completed Wed 14th: 19 CET/10 PST -
Round 4 - Thu 15th: 19 CET/10 PST -
Semifinals Completed Mon 19th: 19 CET/10 PST Mon 19th: 19 CET/10 PST
Finals Wed 14th: 16 PST/1 CET Tue 20th: 19 CET/10 PST Tue 20th: 19 CET/10 PST
3rd Place Mon 12th: 16 PST/1 CET [TBA] -
Unfortunately, there won't be a Riot official stream for these matches. This won't stop hardcore fans, so here are a few streamers that might broadcast the games on their own channels: RAPiDCasting, Trick2g, BrokenShard, CaptainFlowers22.
Now let's take a look to the teams aspiring to glory:
  • NA: the only team worthy of attention was CLG Black, composed with members who proved their worth during the Scouting Grounds. This didn't stop Toronto eSports, a totally no-name team from the University of Toronto, from eliminating them in the first round, so the canadians are now the team to watch! They play in the final against Delta Fox, probably the sister team of Echo Fox, which fields the upcoming talents of Damonte and Grigne. In the 3rd place decider, I have high hopes for Team Secret, but that could be just my Dota spirit!
  • EUW: here it gets a little rough, since there are many teams and most of them are unheard of. I'll link a recent post from CaptainScoregasm which explained pretty well all the teams worthy of notice: EU CS Notable teams.
Note #1: For those interested, Fnatic Academy is the team called Late Game Kings! Just so you know! Also, as an Italian, I'd like to add there are two Italian teams competing: ASUS NextGaming and Forge Academy. Give it your best, boys!
Note #2: For anyone wondering, Millenium and PSG are already qualified for EUCS, so they don't have to go through the Open Qualifier!

IEM Gyeonggi

For everyone that isn't interested in young people playing low-quality games to enter a semi-professional circuit, I've got you covered. The second IEM is going to be played in Korea, and even if many of the original teams turned down, we still have a quite interesting pool of unexpected participants.
The format is different from IEM Oakland: eight teams are divided in two groups played in a double elimination bracket, and two teams from each group qualify for the second phase of the event.
Super important: the tournament will be played on the newest patch, 6.24!

Wednesday 14th: Group A

Samsung Galaxy, J Team, Vega Squadron and Immortals are seeded in Group A, which at first look seems to be the easiest to call: assuming Samsung didn't relax too much during November, they should easily move on to Playoffs. But since we need two teams, it basically comes down to who will stand up among J Team, Vega and Immortals. All the matches for Group A will be played on Wednesday, from 17 PST/2 CET to 4 PST/13 CET.
Important: the first two matches are Bo1, while all the others will be Bo3!
  • Vega Squadron are undoubtedly the underdogs: wildcard teams will always be the most underrated, but I have a strong feeling about their play. Hardcore rivals of the more famous Albus Nox Luna, this team is almost on par with the russian champions, and their skirmish-heavy, surprising playstyle can catch many of these newly formed teams off-guard. They are not afraid to try out new things: Ivern has been picked competitively for the first time by this team in LCL Open Cup!
  • J Team are the most unknown quantity of this group. Following an unexpected collapse after the reintroduction of the standard lanes meta, the team has not played for three months. The sole roster change is in the jungle: Achie, former TPA veteran, will step in for REFRA1N, who is now a sub. BeBe and FoFo are the main carries and players not to be overlooked, and I think they will surprise us during the event.
  • Nothing certain can be said about Immortals: their roster is almost entirely new, and still not complete. On paper, the roster looks brilliant: veteran Pobelter is the center of the team, and around him Noah wisely put Dardoch, the star jungler from Liquid, and Flame, the legendary toplaner who has seen little play with Longzhu last season, but can still impress. The botlane is still up in the air: while the support hasn't been announced yet, it will probably be a korean import (Chei? Key? MadLife? Piccaboo? SnowFlower?), and its carry partner comes from the Challenger Series Dream Team, namely Cody Sun (formerly Massacre). While the team is theoretically new, it's undeniable they have a huge pool of talent; the real question will be if they will understand how to put this into work during the tournament or if they will use this event only as a learning experience before Spring starts. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see the new Immortals!

Thursday 15th: Group B

The second group is way more complicated to predict: there is no clear favourite, and every team has a shot to playoffs if they show up. In my opinion, this is the day where we will se the most exciting matches, since all the teams are more or less on the same level. Here are the official rosters for Group B. The format and timetable are the same of Group A.
  • Kongdoo Monster are probably the most unexpected team in this event. Their qualification route is the weirdest: second in Kespa Cup, they should have left their spot for the winners, the ROX Tigers, who already had a seed (before resigning). In the end, they got the spot and the Tigers were replaced by Samsung. Their level of play isn't complete yet: more chaotic than standard Korean teams, they showed up well during the offseason, when pretty much every other team was having vacations. Now it's their time to prove their worth and show us if they really deserve to be in LCK Spring or if everything has been a huge fluke. Keep an eye on the highly hyped Roach/Punch duo: their synergy is way more than their names could suggest!
  • Dark Passage have the potential to be a good team: they have always been, at least in their region, and they consistently dominated Wildcard events, even if in recent times they have been struggling due to their jungler and mid Xerxe and Caps being underage to compete internationally. Their definitive roster has just been announced, and the foundations seem good: HolyPhoenix and Immortoru are indeed among the best turkish players in their roles, while k0u has LCS experience. Nothing known about Bwipo in the toplane, but I would have liked to see Elwind in his place. If Dark Passage chose him over the turkish veteran, they might have a strong reason to do so!
  • Let's be honest: no one ever thought to live long enough to see Team Liquid taking part in an international event. The offseason hit them harder than expected, since Dardoch looked for greener pastures, but this could turn out to be the best scenario for the horses: with the jungler gone in favor of ReignOver, Piglet can be back again without unseen drama, and he's hands down the best ADC in the tournament. What worries me, and I think every Liquid fan, is Goldenglue in the midlane: new to international experience, it's hard to imagine a scenario where he dominates his counterparts after being in the Challenger circuit for more than six months. Nevertheless, this iteration of the Liquid roster has a lot of expectations.
  • The last of our participants are Giants. After a strong showing in Summer on the back of midlaner NighT, Giants fell off during playoffs and the Gauntlet, first victims of the Unicorns' stampede. Their decision to rebuild the roster around NighT is indeed questionable, especially because losing Maxlore for MightyBear hurts, but can be effective: a solid mix among proven players (NighT) and fresh blood (Flaxxish, their new toplaner and Upset as ADC) could very well be the niche they were looking for. Even if the expectations for the team to enter playoffs are low, never look down on NighT, as he can be the secret card for the team to win it all.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Semifinals and Finals

The best two teams for each group qualify for the second part of the event, a classic 4-team bracket. While the semifinals are Bo3, they will be played on different days, respectively on Friday and Saturday, at the same time (18:30 PST/3:30 CET, unlucky EU ).
Finals will be played on Sunday, and this one will be a Bo5 starting at 23:30 PST/8:30 CET unlucky NA.
Keep in mind that while Samsung are indeed the favourite, this event will be more of a learning experience both for the teams trying out their new rosters AND the new season meta: there is no way it can be boring!
And that's it for this week! This will probably be my last article for this year, unless some unexpected tournament suddenly comes up. I hereby remind to everyone reading that the new competitive season (and therefore my series) will resume on January 16th for every region, so mark the date and follow me on Twitter if you don't want to miss anything! Good luck on the Rift!
(I will edit this post as soon as rosters for IEM Group A are announced)
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Twilight's Ultimate Guide to the MLP Fandom (version 2.0)

Hello everypony, Twilight here. The My Little Pony fandom has created a lot of amazing things over the years. I've noticed though that sometimes, especially for new bronies, they can be pretty hard to find. What we need is organization! That's why some time ago I compiled a list of all the best, most popular fan works this community has created. It's been almost a year and a half now though since I created that list, and I think it's due for an update. That's why Spike and I have been working nonstop for the last 48 hours to update the list to cover a whole bunch of new fanworks that I discovered over the last year and a half! Can I please go to bed now? Anyway, just between you and me, it's possible I might have missed a few things while making this list. Obviously I can't include everything, but if you see something super-popular that I might have forgotten to include, please let me know. Now, without further ado, I give you...

Twilight's Ultimate Guide to the MLP Fandom (version 2.0)

Hello there! For whatever reason, it seems you've stumbled upon this humble guide to the My Little Pony fandom. Perhaps you're a new brony looking to see what the fandom has to offer, or maybe you're an outsider coming to see what all the fuss is about. Or perhaps you're already an experienced member of the fandom, just looking to see if there's anything important you might have missed. Whatever your reason for reading this might be, I hope you'll find this guide enlightening.
A good chunk of this guide is basically just a list of what I consider to be the best original animations, songs, comics, artwork, and stories created by the fandom. It will almost certainly be missing some things, as I definitely can't claim to have seen everything the fandom has to offer, but I'm confident I've covered a good chunk of the more popular works.
Keep in mind that unless otherwise stated, the links posted here make no attempt to avoid spoilers for new members of the fandom. The list itself should be reasonably spoiler-free, but click on one of these links without having seen every season of MLP and all the movies and all bets are off (again, unless otherwise stated). That means if you're viewing this list on Reddit using RES and you're concerned about spoilers, make sure none of the below links are expanded before proceeding. Feel free to check with another member of the brony community if you want to be sure that a particular fan work is spoiler-free before you view it. Anyway, read on for a massive list of some of the greatest works in the MLP fandom!


The MLP fandom has a number of very high quality (sometimes even as good or better than that of the original show) animations depicting all sorts of things, including original stories, crossovers with video games, interpretations of events from the show, and more.


Often animators will set their animations to music. Sometimes music from outside the fandom, and sometimes original music from brony musicians inside the fandom. These animated music videos are referred to by those within the fandom as PMVs, Pony Music Videos.

Fully-Animated PMVs

These PMVs are composed primarily of original animation from the MLP fandom. There is some overlap here with the "animated" category above, but I tried to put all the videos where the music is a large part of the focus of the animation in this category.

Mashups & Typography

These are PMVs composed using simple motion graphics and/or carefully selected clips and screenshots from the show or other fan-works. These PMVs are much more common, as they're easier to produce than fully-animated PMVs. Here are a few select stand-outs.


As I mentioned in the previous section, there are a number of artists in the MLP fandom who create original songs inspired by the show. Some of these are remixes of songs from the show, while others are entirely original.
There's lots of pretty amazing stuff here; definitely more than I can cover in this post, so here's a sample of some of my favorites. (I tried my best to cram these into just a few major categories, so sorry if the genres don't fit perfectly in all cases here. I'm open to suggestions if you've got any ideas on how to categorize these better.)

Pop (sort of)


Mashups & Remixes



Musical artists

Here are a few of my favorite musical artists in the fandom, some of whom are responsible for the songs mentioned in the section above.

Analysts & Theorycrafters

Some members of the fandom find it fun to critique episodes of the show, or to spend time coming up with theories and headcanons explaining details about the world of Equestria which are not fully explored in the show itself. Here are a few of the more popular ones (including a small sample of some of their best works).

Blind Commentators

Want to relive the joy of seeing the show for the first time? Want to hear what others thought of an episode? A number of people have recorded themselves watching MLP (and related fan works) for the first time (i.e. "blind"), and sharing their thoughts with you as they watch.


There's really so much great content in this category that I can't even begin to compile a comprehensive list of "the best". Below is a small sample of artwork the fandom has created. Beyond that, I suggest you check out what's on DeviantArt and branch out from there. I also have my own collections of my favorite artwork of canon and non-canon characters on DeviantArt which you're free to check out.


Some of the artists in the community have used their skills to create comics about the show. Some of these are random silliness and gags, while others feature original stories.

Character Blogs

These are basically blogs where the featured characters respond to questions from the readers. Try a few, you'll get the idea.

Longform Story Comics



And of course, like just about every other fandom in existence, MLP has a number of fanfictions written about it. I personally haven't explored this area of the fandom too much, but here are a few works others have frequently recommended to me. For discovering more stories, FIMFiction.net is a good resource, along with some of the reviewer sites and groups out there like Seattle's Angels and the Royal Canterlot Library.


A number of creators have teamed up to create full fledged video games based on the show. For discovering more games and mods, right now Equestria Daily is probably your best bet.



Trying to find more awesome pony content? Looking to talk with other bronies? There are all sorts of places on the web for that!


Some animators have created parodies of the original show. Lots of random humor and crazy shenanigans here. If you've ever seen any fan-created "abridged series" of other shows, you should a pretty good idea of what these are.


There are a are number of popular memes in the fandom. I don't necessarily consider these to be "top quality" animations or photos (though some of them are pretty funny), but nonetheless they're important to understand in that they give you context for understanding cultural references and inside jokes in the fandom.

Background Ponies

Throughout many episodes in the show you'll often see random ponies placed in the background for the purposes of filling out a crowd or livening up the town. They're basically nameless "extras". Except, thanks to the fandom, they're actually not nameless. In fact, most of these random ponies have names and backstories given to them by the MLP fandom. Here are a few of the more well-known background Ponies:

Official content you might not have seen

Aside from the show itself, Hasbro has released a few original comics, animated shorts, and songs which tie in to the actual show. While these aren't technically fan-created, I figured I'd mention them here anyway just to make sure you didn't miss them.

Equestria Girls Animated Shorts

Rainbow Rocks Prequel Shorts

Rainbow Rocks Encore Shorts

Friendship Games Prequel Shorts

Frindship Games Deleted Scenes & Bloopers

Legend of Everfree Bloopers

No shorts this time, just bloopers.



International Opening/Closing Themes

Several versions of the MLP theme song from other countries feature lyrics and tunes completely different from their English counterparts.

The Hub Promos

These are a series of commercials The Hub did to advertise the show.
The above is a small selection of some of the best commercials. See here for a full list.


There are also a number of storybooks licensed or published by Hasbro. Some contain fully original stories, while others are adaptations of existing MLP movies.
The list below only includes books authored by writers for the actual show. If you include other officially licensed books there's actually a lot more, but most of those are targeted towards younger children and aren't particularly interesting...


There's actually an official free-to-play (with microtransactions) MLP mobile game created by Gameloft.
Downloads: Android | iOS
Oops, looks like I ran out of space on Reddit for this post. You can view the rest in the comments below, or view the entire post at once here. (Yes, seriously; there's more.)
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