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URP-1003, Part 1: Expedition

Hello everybody, This is the 1st part of my final draft of my story. As I've said before, this is part of a project I am doing at school, so any and all feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated. Thank You for Reading!
Unit Conversion Index
1 Galactic Cycle (GC) = 1.12 Earth years
1 Cycle (C) = 0.81 Earth Days
1 Decicycle (DC) = 1.96 Earth Hours
1 Microcycle (MC) = 1.17 Earth Minutes
1 Millicycle (MiC) = 0.7 seconds
1 GC = 500 C1 C = 10 DC1DC = 100 MC1MC = 100MiC
1 Millilength (ML) = 5.3 millimeters/~0.5 centimeters
1 Standard Length (SL) = 53 centimeters/~0.5 meters
1 Kilolength (KL) = 530 meters/~0.5 kilometers
1 IHU = 1.5 Celsius


Part 1: Expedition
The Jegathen race was a relatively new player on the galactic fields, having achieved Faster-than-Light travel a mere 582 Galactic Cycles ago. In that short period of time, the Jegathens had expanded well beyond their home system, having created a galactic empire spanning 43 planets, over 200 smaller colonies and thousands of light-cycles.
Despite all its powerful presence, the Jegathen Empire was not without its troubles. As resources had become rarer and collection slowed, most (if not all) of its worlds slipped into massive economic depressions. Hoping to find new worlds with more exploitable resources (and maybe, just maybe, another primitive race to man their fields and factories and conscript as infantry into their armies), the Empire sought to begin a colonization program. There was only one problem: finding suitable planets for colonization.
There were few planets in the galaxy that were habitable by the Jegathen that had not already been claimed by other, vaster empires. Others still were as of yet unoccupied, but severely contested, and the Empire did not wish to get involved in yet another interstellar conflict. While it still maintained a (relatively) heavily armed and armored military, a recent war with the Great Collective had cost them over half their military in surprise Chlorile Gas (scientifically known as 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) attacks. In addition, multiple settlements and colonies had to be repaired, siphoning trillions of credits and exasperating the existing economic problems.
In light of all these issues, Project 3rd Shift had been reactivated. 3rd Shift was a colonization effort that the Empire had started 220 Galactic Cycles ago. During the project, the Empire had launched tens of scouting ships to star systems in the Unknown Regions, a region of the Galaxy that had been as of yet unexplored by any known civilization. The probes had scanned planets from 23 different systems in the Unknown Regions and returned with the data. That was as far as the project had gone, as it had been canceled before the start of the colonization phase due to a wave of rebellions that had swept the less privileged outer planets of the Empire. The rebellions had been crushed, but the damage had been done. Many towns and cities had been damaged or outright burned down, and the industrial capabilities of the Empire had taken a sizable hit. Funds that would have been used in the colonization efforts were diverted to fix the damages. However, with the new upcoming crisis, the project was revived, and the 1st Expeditionary Fleet was headed to the Unknown Regions. Their target was a large terrestrial planet orbiting a main-sequence G2V yellow star roughly 420 light cycles into the Unknown Regions. The planet was the closest habitable planet in the Unknown Regions and the system it belonged to had shown great quantities of materials that the Empire desperately needed. There was also the fact that the planet was inhabited by a possibly sapient species. All these factors had ensured that the aforementioned planet, URP-1003, was the 1st target of the Empire’s 1st Expeditionary Fleet.
-Excerpt from "The Complete History of the Jegathen Empire, Volume 3", Scir'eest Anartis, 7084 GSD
Admiral G'aveg Credasi of the Jegathen Empire strode down the corridors of the flagship of the Jegathen Empire's 1st Expeditionary Fleet, the JIS Makr'ant, making his way to the bridge of the ship. The doors slid open upon his arrival, and the soldier guarding the door announced his presence, "Admiral on the bridge!".
The men on the bridge whirled around, standing up from their seats and saluting him. The Admiral regarded them coolly. "At ease, men," he watched them turn back to their displays, continuing their work as if they hadn't even been disturbed in the first place. He walked up to the podium in the center of the bridge, where the captain of the ship, Gen'ua Unum, stood gazing at the screen in the front of the bridge, displaying the stars outside.
"Captain. How are things going? How is the ship?" Asked the Admiral.
Captain Unum saluted the Admiral briefly, "As good as things can get, Admiral. All systems are working at peak efficiency, and the scout drones you ordered to be sent are on their way to the target. They will be in position and start returning data in roughly 15 microcycles,".
"Very well. Get the data uploaded into the Science team’s database and get them to organize a report. I will be calling for a conference between the Captains in a decicycle,”.
“Very well, Admiral. I'll alert you when the data's been received," Captain Unum responded.
"Hmmm . . . Alright then. I'll see you in a decicycle then, Captain," said the Admiral as he walked away.
Captain Unum entered the Conference station aboard the Makr’ant. He noticed Doctor Quin’ovit Omnia, the head of the fleet’s Science Division, bent over a data-pad and some input-monitors next to a holo-presenter. “And a good day to you, Doctor Omnia,” he called, saluting him.
Doctor Omnia turned and saw the captain, hastily returning the salute. “Captain! Apologies, I didn’t see you there,”.
Captain Unum hummed. “No problem, doctor. Have to make sure the presentation is ready, eh? Don’t want our men walking into something unexpected and getting caught flat-footed, now do we?” The doctor nodded. He and the Captain Unum continued walking. Finally entering the Conference room, he saluted the Admiral, who was sitting in a chair at the head of the Conference Table.
Around the room, holo-comms had been hooked up, all of them active and displaying a 3D image of the captains of the other ships.“Doctor Omnia, Captain Unum!” said the Admiral, saluting back, “Nice of you to join us,”.
“Admiral. I apologize for being late, our electromagnetic sensors detected a strange pattern of radio waves originating from above and around the target planet’s atmosphere. It was probably just some disturbance in the atmosphere caused by solar particles, or something of the like, but one of the junior lieutenants spotted some objects in orbit around the planet and theorized that they were artificial satellites and that the patterns were radio communications. I had to explain to him the possibilities of that happening were minimal and that if he had read the pre-departure report on the matter, he would have known that the natives wouldn't have such technology at this point,” explained Captain Unum exasperatedly, sitting down and massaging his frontal cranium. Some of the other captains expressed confusion or chuckled under their breath.
The Admiral raised his brow, before turning to address everybody. “Moving on. I assume you all know why you all are here: To go through the reports sent back by our drones and come up with a strategy to claim this planet in the name of our mighty Empire and Empress. Shall we begin?” The gathered captains assented.
“Very well,” He gestured at the Doctor, “Tell us, Doctor. What have you managed to glean from the data that we have obtained from our drone?”.
Doctor Omnia set the holo-presenter on the table and switched it on, displaying an image labeled as the target planet, URP-1003. It was a beautiful green-and-blue orb, with spots of brown and swirls of white. The captains looked at it in awe. Habitable words were rare enough by themselves, but this jewel - finding it, and so close to the edge of the Unknown Regions was probably a one-in-a-hundred-billion chance.
The Doctor cleared his throat, preparing for the report.“UPR-1003 is a class 13 habitable world, with an atmosphere made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 0.04% Carbon Dioxide, with trace amounts of other substances, quite close to most of our own worlds but with lower oxygen levels. It has roughly 1.6 times the mass and 1.1 times the diameter of a class 5 standard habitable world. This means that its gravity is roughly 50% higher than the average gravity of a habitable planet. While this isn’t too great a difference, the added pressure builds up over time and can greatly affect the performance of our troops. Besides this, the world is covered in multiple different species of pathogenic microorganisms, some of which have only been added to the Galactic Pathological Watch Database roughly . . . half a decicycle ago. This is not to mention the vast variety of potentially deadly flora and fauna, as well as the constantly fluctuating weather and massive temperature variations - we have recorded temperatures ranging from -134 IHU up to 86 IHU.” said the Doctor, cycling through various graphs and images that had been pieced together by photoelectric surveillance.
The captains grumbled with concern under their breath, glancing at each other with wary eyes. All thoughts about the beauty of the world had been forgotten. Now, they were all thinking about the same thing: What kind of an Empress-damned deathworld had they managed to stumble upon?.
Doctor Omnia continued, "Of course, that's not much of a problem. most of those things can be countered. We can equip our soldiers with Grade 5 Environmental Protection Equipment, which should be enough to protect them from the microorganisms and lessen the effects of the higher gravity. With such a wide variety of species among our conscripts, surely some of them will be able to handle the different temperature ranges. " The Admiral and the captains, while still shocked with the data given about the target planet, nodded, knowing that as terrible those conditions were, it wasn't something that would pose too great a threat to the troops.
"That said, if we can manage to bring this world under our control, it could prove to be a great boon for the Jegathen Empire. We already plan to use it as a Forward Operation Base for further expansion into the Unknown Regions. This planet is also incredibly rich in resources, with great amounts of silicates, iron, aluminium, potassium, and alkaline metals. It’s also extremely fertile. This planet alone might be able to sustain upwards of 20 billion people.” said the Doctor.
The Admiral looked at the image of the planet appraisingly, “Really? If so, this could prove to be a real jewel in the Empire’s collection of worlds and colonies,”. The Captains nodded in assent.
“Yes, it could sir. Now, about the sapients that inhabit this planet. We have designated them as ‘Unknown Region Sapients 1003’, URS-1003,” the Doctor swiped again, showing an image of a strange, bipedal being. There was something disturbing about the creatures' countenance; about the creature as a whole, actually. That is, except for a small patch on the top of its head and 2 strips above its eyes, the creature appeared to lack hair or any other form of protective covering. Instead, a layer of exposed skin stretched across its bones and muscles, giving it a desiccated appearance.
“The average member of URS-1003 is roughly three-and-a-half standard lengths in height, which means that they are half a standard length taller than the average Jegathen, and only slightly shorter than our tallest sub-ordinate races. They are bipedal and lack a tail, so we do not yet know how they manage to balance themselves, and they appear to be sexually dimorphic. We also estimate that members of URS-1003 are much stronger than the average Jegathen, so close-quarters combat against a member of this species is definitely discouraged,”. The captains nodded. Given what the doctor had just told them, this new species could prove to be very dangerous. On the other side of the spectrum, though, such strength could be put to great use in the Jegathen military’s infantry.
“Well, Doctor, given the data you have shown us, I must agree with your statement. Any other information you have regarding this species, doctor?” Asked the Admiral.“Ah, well,” the Doctor coughed nervously, “I do sir. And you’re not going to like it, sir. Now, as you all know, planet URP-1003 and its civilization was first documented 220 Galactic Cycles ago. According to our best estimates, URS-1003’s civilization should be at the technological level of an early nuclear or computer age. But, the data received by our satellites shows that this is not the case. The planet is orbited by just under 2,500 artificial satellites. The oldest appears to be around 54 Galactic Standard Cycles old. Most of these are constantly transmitting data, which we have picked up and translated. From these, we have managed to ascertain that URS-1003, or ‘Humans’, as they call themselves, have advanced well into their early space age,". That was a shocking development. Captain Unum could have sworn that some of the other captains glanced at him mockingly.
The Doctor continued, "On their planet, we have found evidence of Nuclear Fission and Fusion power plants, Quantum Communications equipment, and more. URS-1003 appear to possess technology far ahead that which was projected,”.
The Admiral and the captains considered that data. “And what about their military capacity, doctor? What weapons do they have available to fight back against us?”.
The Doctor responded, “So far, data has been mostly inconclusive, but we believe that there military should be par for the course of a civilization at their stage of evolution. Their military does seem to be quite relatively vast, though. We have made a map of all structures that could be a possible military installation of URS-1003, and overlaid it with a demographic map for your reference,” the Doctor swiped the holo-presenter again, displaying the map.
“Well, at least there is some good news,” said the Admiral, standing from his seat, “Thank you for this information, Doctor. If you find anything else, send a report immediately. You are dismissed”. The Doctor nodded and saluted the Admiral, and left the room. The Admiral then turned to address his captains, “Well captains, we must make a plan to deal with the inhabitants of this world, in the event they decide to resist their integration into the Jegathen Empire,”. The Admiral pointed at the map. “The first and most important thing is to get our troops to the ground. Captain Stilla, what do we have?”.
Captain Alt’a Stilla, captain of the Troop Carrier JIS Aer’uinam and commander of the Troop Fleet section of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet, consulted his data-pad. “Admiral, we have 1.92 million troops deployed on 160 Dropships, with 11 more Dropships for Endo-Atmospheric Bombardment and 5 for Air Support, each with 100 aircraft, for the invasion force. We also have 8.35 million Support and Logistics personnel in 200 Personnel carriers. Besides that, we have over 20 Cruisers and Frigates,”.
The Admiral considered this information. "Any plans?".
“Admiral,” called Captain Unum “During our initial invasion, we must establish strongholds in the North and South hemispheres of this planet. Of highest priority will be the establishment of Army Command Centers. It is of utmost importance that these Command Centers be constructed as quickly as possible, to facilitate coordination of our ground forces. So, I propose that we simultaneously launch our troops on key tactical targets across the planet and to establish our 2 Command Centers. This way, we can heavily damage their military right at the start, and pave the way for an easier conquest and colonization of this world by our support troops,".
The Admiral nodded pensively. The only issue would be where to land them. "It's a good idea, Captain. I think all the captains agree as well,” nods of assent, “But where should the Command Centers be situated?”.
“I believe I have a possible set of targets, commander,” answered Captain Stilla, leaning forward to point at the map, “Here, this small island at the north of this Ocean, is a prime candidate for setting up a command center. There is only one possible military installation on the island, and the population is incredibly sparse. From there, we could coordinate our forces without having to worry about the URS-1003, due to its isolation from any other military base. Another command center could be set up here, on this island in the south. There is a cluster of military bases in the north end of the island. From there, we could launch an offensive into the south of this island and work our way upwards into the eastern megacontinent,”.
The Admiral considered the idea for a while. “I agree with your assessment, Captain Stilla. Any concerns regarding this plan, captains?”. The captains glanced at each other. “No, Admiral. We agree with the plan,” claimed Captain Unum when it became apparent that there were no such reservations.
“Very well. Now, let’s deliver a message to this species. Hopefully, they will join willingly and all our planning will be for naught,” said his Admiral, shaking his head slightly. He got up from his chair. “Prepare your troops, just in case. Be ready for the invasion, my captains.”. With that, the Admiral saluted his captains, who stood up and saluted back. “Dismissed,” he said, as the other captains disconnected their holo-comms. The Admiral walked out of the conference room, followed by Captain Unum.
The Admiral sat in the commander’s chair on the podium in the center of the bridge. Captain Unum stood beside him. He looked at the communications officer. “Officer, what’s the status on our probes?”.
The officer looked up “The probes have moved into position and all systems are working at optimal efficiency. The probe network has come online. We are ready to broadcast, sir,”.
“Good. What’s the estimated time to target?” The Admiral directed the question to the navigation officer.
“We are currently 163 million kilolengths from the target world, sir. At our current speed, we will approach the target world in 5 cycles. That would be . . . 4 of this world’s planetary rotations,”.
“Alright. Prepare to broadcast as soon as possible,”.
“Yes, sir,” the communications officer tapped his input-monitor, and a red display came up on the main screen. “We’re up sir. Translator is working, Broadcast starting in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Now.,” The display turned green.
The Admiral took a deep breath. He spoke, slow and clear to allow the translator to catch his words perfectly and translate them. “Sapients of planet URP-1003, this is Admiral G’aveg Credasi of the Jegathen Empire. I am here as the official voice of our Empire. The Jegathen Empire has laid claim over this world. You shall be allowed to join our empire as a subservient race, and if you prove your value you may even rise and join the ranks of the more privileged of species that make up our Empire. Resistance shall be countered with the use of lethal force. Expect our troops to land on your world in 5 cycles, or 4 of your planetary rotations. We shall await your reply,”. The Admiral gestured sharply at the communication officer, who deactivated the broadcast.
“The message has been sent, sir,” said the officer.
“Good. Maintain course for URP-1003. Let’s hope they know what’s good for them. I don’t want to fight another battle, even if it’s against a pre-FTL species,”. The Admiral got up from the chair, turning to Captain Unum, “You have the bridge, Captain. Keep me informed,”. With that, he strode out of the bridge, the automatic sliding shut with a hiss behind him.
What do you think? Good? Bad? Somewhere in between? In any case, Thank You for reading and hope you enjoyed part 1 of my story. Once again, feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated!
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