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SaaS Thread

So this is a document still under the work. Personally seeing $VEEV and $CRM failing to hold gains this week, gives me the idea that there is going to be industrial weakness in SaaS that will come to light soon. I use Macrotrends.net when comparing similar companies.
As quite a few of SaaS companies are unprofitable- it is important to look at sales, moat, recurring revenue or purchases/income/ marketing expenses and their history of it. All this should be compared to net income.
Other ways to look into this are the metrics such as how many new customers, how many repeated customers are coming back, and how "sticky" their product is (either by being 100% integral to the industry as a Vertical SaaS)

Cloud Communication Software
$TEAM- Atlassian: Centers around Project Planning competes with Asana a project based communications app. Product/model/culture- customer acquisition, low prices for volume of customers, selling online and removing friction with free to try add-ons, which then locks in the customer. 3rd party add ons (ecosystem marketplace) to boost up the software.Expansion of paths: Additional users/products/more instances of existing products, add-ons to allow for stickiness of their own product. Horizontal SaaS
Through 2013/2014/2015 doubled revenue each year
TLDR- Project based communication, extremely sticky products. Prior to IPO showed massive profitability before allowing public funding in december 2015. Well run company with C suite that understands how to make their product stick.
$TEAM, Atlassian is more of a blue chip/ b2b product vs $work and $twlo- (which I believe are more B2C or in this case more B2B but small businesses).

Cybersecurity: extremely sticky products and with more WFH, more cyber attacks will be likely to occur. cybersecurity is a MUST in ANY industry. I tried to understand their product in laymen's.
$NET- Cloudflare- American web-infrastructure and website-security company, providing content-delivery-network services, DDoS mitigation.
-one side of the chain attacked, the other portion learns via machine learning. Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. Humans access information online through domain names (https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/dns/what-is-dns/)
Prior to March Covid-19, on earnings called mentioned concern over oil war going on- and how those industries (including the banks that lent money), would be a little more hard strapped for cash- possibly causing a decrease in guidance for 2Q2019 (headwinds)
Product costs approx 63k and generates 224k. Product gross Margin of 77.90% (from finviz.com). The RnD seems to be growing at a rate that complements their sales per year.
Interesting note: Made it on the list, early January with some aggressive OTM Sweeps. Mid March huge insider buy. Personally I will be purchasing more shares if it can break below $20.

$CRWD - Crowdstrike - Data security with endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services. Revenue growth 89%, growth in APR 92% YOY. Dollar based retention “net retention” of 124%. Cash balance of $910 million, no debt. Competes against Symantac/McAffee. non-GAAP operating expense ratio fell to 78% compared to 103% in the year earlier period
Continues to invest in sales and marketing and research and development. Those expenses rose by 62% year on year and rose by 10% sequentially. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4333642-crowdstrike-blowout-for-ages
TLDR- One of the few companies with a huge cash moat, EXPANDING even during this uncertain time.

Sales and Marketing
$RAMP- LiveRamp- help B2C companies to uncover the anonymous leads and profile. Can create a ghost profile from web behavior and mobile behavior. Infrastructure is already able to do remote work
-It added 50 new direct subscription customers to bring its count to 770 (up 20%). It now has 50 clients whose contracts exceed $1M in annualized revenue (up from 42 a year ago). https://seekingalpha.com/news/3538969-liverampplus-10-losses-narrow
-Subscription net retention was about 112% while platform net retention was 119%. Assets>Liabilities in both short term and long term. Has no more debt (when it first IPO’ed it had quite a numerous debt balance) - so they are paying it off.
CEO is buying shares, as of march 2020 has increased. President and CCO liquidated 14k shares in Dec 2019 Gross margins improved to 69%. And operating loss as a percentage of revenue improved to negative 5.5%, demonstrating significant leverage.
TLDR- Tail winds- more efficient ads and profile creation. Sticky product with companies increasing their use of the product/adding on more. Has enough cash for a year. Already ahead of the change from CCPA and Chrome Cookies since early 2019 - with a core identity creation offline rather than its entirety based on google chrome. “Chrome cookies are not utilized and read that paragraph” https://finance.yahoo.com/news/edited-transcript-ramp-n-earnings-061653137.html
Headwind: google cookies (they are moving away from) and privacy issues (generalized by the marketing sector). new regulations such as CCPA and the more recent announcement that Google intends to phase out their support for third-party cookies in Chrome over the next 2 years.
The sector may change drastically, and the cash flow may decrease significantly (the year buffer may no longer exist)
TLDR- Datadriven marketing with ID creation. Has shown major growth in the past few years; however, privacy changes may create a small dent but not a fatal blow as they have been structuring themselves for this change for the past 1.5 year and expect another 1 year buffer. Their product does NOT entirely rely on cookies.

$DDOG- Datadog- long term- plays a part in enterprise companies for the marketing division. BI and business analytics. Every sales team is data driven.
“Revenue was $114 million, close to 85% increase year-over-year and above the high-end of our guidance. We ended the year with 858 customers with annual run rate or ARR of $100,000 or more, which is an increase of 89% year-over-year. The majority or about 60% of our customers are now using two or more of our products as of the end of the year.” https://seekingalpha.com/article/4324183-datadog-inc-ddog-ceo-olivier-pomel-on-q4-2019-results-earnings-call-transcript
Net retention rate = 130%. As of the end of the fourth quarter, approx 10,500 customers, up from 7,700 in 2018. This shows a HUGE growth development from 1,000 customers in Q4, gross profit margin 78%.

File Hosting Services: (https://www.cloudwards.net/dropbox-vs-box/ )
$BOX- Cloud content management and file hosting service, competitor to DBX. BOX created first, but marketing/product development strategy, it copied DBX. Inability to restrict access- a huge con for big businesses in negotiation with others
Box has better note taking and 3rd party integration than DBX (slight beat) with full integration of microsoft office, and google. Box also uses TLS protocol, AES-256, and key wrapping
TLDR Box has wider grab of the fortune 500

$DBX - Dropbox- google drive, builds enterprise version to be shared by organization- good for database of videos, marketing collateral. Can temporarily allow access to others (like the google shareable link “can view/can edit”). Integrated with Microsoft Office but not google. Also has dropboxpaper- allows for 3rd party integration - can use Ansana
DBX has better security with TLS protocol and AES-256, multiple data parts are stored in fragments to multiple servers, as well as “versioning” to prevent ransomware. Dropbox can wipe data once severed connection (more overall protection) Giant user base- super high projected value, biggest problem is the need to convert 3 users to 1 paid user to compete with Google Drive. They are geared towards really massive files for enterprise.
2 arms of their product: B2C and B2B. B2C was what they started to gain traction and prove concept. Created the smart sync files. B2B expansion- to compete with google drive - can be shared temporarily, and pride themselves on higher security than google.
Expected to grow 5% YOY. 2 weekly increase in volume
TLDR- DBX looking to break into profitability by the end of 2020 after a huge RnD bump in the two year. Beats BOX in overall product, I have been acquiring some shares anytime it drops below $18.

Notable mentions I haven't been able to vet the finances for their cash moat and growth.
Infrastructure Cloud Service Provider
$PSTG- Purestorages- struggling atm, but developing. Cloud service provider
Strong sales/marketing forward thinking. Tech investment developed the software fostorage controllers and used generic flash storage hardware. Pure Storage finished developing its own proprietary flash storage hardware in 2015. It also developed products specifically for use with AI software.
flash-based storage for data centers using consumer-grade solid state drives. Flash storage is faster than traditional disk storage, but more expensive. Pure Storage develops proprietary de-duplication and compression software to improve the amount of data that can be stored on each drive. It also develops its own flash storage hardware. Pure Storage has three primary product lines: the FlashBlade for unstructured data, the FlashArray//M that uses Pure Storage's proprietary flash hardware, and the higher-end NVMe FlashArray//X. Its products use an operating system called Purity. Most of Pure's revenues come from IT resellers that market its products to data center operators.
TLDR- Trying to get away from Server farms and may be a competitor to AWS.

$EGHT- Eight by eight- marketing -heavy competitor to Zoom ($ZM)
provider of Voice over IP products. 8x8 products include cloud-based voice, contact center, video, mobile and unified communications for businesses. Has been around for decades. Currently seeing recentliquidation of shares, from C-Suite. I am not sure as to how to feel about that currently.
I haven't fully vetted $EGHT but, I believe it is worth bringing up to the table.

$TWOU - 2U- educational technology company that contracts with non-profit colleges and universities to offer online degree programs. The company supplies its client institutions with a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform, coursework design, infrastructure support, and capital.
-interesting tech advancement, has quite a few colleges and universities involved. As everyone is on Zoom atm, this would be the educational aspect vs the webcam hosting on Zoom.

The Blue-Chips of the SaaS world: $ADBE, $ADSK, $ANSS, $VEEV (these are the vertical SaaS and industry specific) $CRM, and $TEAM.
Interesting trend noticed: Companies that have to deal with web-based Human Resource departments exploded in share prices over the years. There is a financial incentive for companies to outsource HR offsite- preserving space for RnD. (If anyone can come up with other reasons, I would like to hear them)
HR Companies: $PCTY, $WDAY, $PAYC.

If you have any information that could show major tailwinds or headwinds to the sector or to the individual company, or know of a better competitor please comment below!
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