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Activation key dota 1.5 patch update

Dota 6.83d AI beta 1.5 english changelog map download

Download (15.16Mb) Latest version of the map, that have all modern perks, mana bar, you can see allies cooldowns of skills and items, more than 1000 major bug fixes and much more. Reduced base armor from 0 to -1 (total armor is now 1.1). Now, players play here. Currently up to date mod aka transformation pack is DOTA HQ Mod, with DotA 6.78b support. Note: This update has been re-released on July 15th to fix an issue causing web views to crash and reload in certain conditions on 32-bit versions of Windows and new installs of Steam. No link spamming or signature advertisements for content not specific to Dota 2. No Dota 2 key requests, sell, trade etc. WarDota 2 - Malaysia Page.

Hacked how to update dota 2 manually?: : Dota 2 General Discussions

There won't be an update today as we're still gearing back up after the holidays. Boulder Smash changed from a stun for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds to an 80% slow for 1.25/2.5/3.25/4 seconds Boulder Smash damage increased from 50/100/150/200 to 105/170/235/300 Stone Remnant max charges increased from 6 to 7. Here are the patch 7.23a changes: General. Dota 1.5 patch update. This applies to player perspective as well; Improved server stability under UDP packet flood attack by moving packet processing off of the game thread and onto worker threads. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne - game update v.1.30.2. Abaddon's illusions can now benefit.

Cracked ultimate Dota 2 Role Guide (Position 1-5 Explanation)

DOTA 1.5 Mod Transformation Pack. DotA 6.88 Ai - Download latest DotA Ai map and play. Dota 2 7.11 * This version is focused on changing how the gold and buyback formulas work * Buyback cost changed from 100 + ( Level * Level * 1.5) + (Time * 0.25) to 100 + Networth / 13 * Buyback no longer reduces gold earned after respawning * AoE gold for the losing. Subject: Re: DOTA 1.5 Update v1.1 Sat Dec 08, 2020 11: 28 am: Great update good quality of mod has been added to my DOTA nice! Free garena maphack undetected is ready to be downloaded. My fps decreased for 20-30 while some particles displayed in the game (Acid Spray-Alchemist, Rot-Pudge, Doppelganger-PL). Update Notes - Dota Underlords.

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To read more about the predefined position update and the new matchmaking system checkout this guide. Chanti Movie Audio Songs Downloadinstmank. Reduced projectile speed from 900 to 700. Every role in Dota 2 is important to win, the position 1-5 system. Devour HP regen reduced from 2/6/10/14 to 1/5/9/13; Level 10 Talent reduced from +13% Scorched Earth Movement Speed to +10%; Dragon Knight. Update date 15 October, 2020. Copy the files inside the Local Files Folder Then Paste To Your Wc3 Directory.

WarCraft 3 1.30.2 PTR - Download (last version WarCraft

May include buildings w/out glow effect (reducing lag for other users of DotA 1.5) Enjoy. Adding new UI worked by merthy (Team Symbianize). Efek Skill Hero Dan Spell! Bristleback gets stuck in a loop: underlords https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=724. Create room without a VIP. Latest Changes: Fixed a crash at the MP lobby login. More updates for hero models and buildings.

Dota 6.83d AI beta 1.5 changelog english translation

I downloaded both the megalock dll and the ieatacid patched file I uninstalled my previous version of LG Flash Tool I disconnected from the internet I ran the ieatacid setup and it installed. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Among Us Games, Software, etc. Also within the update is the Ricochet Mod for Half-Life that changes the standard first-person style to a third-person game with TRON deadly disc-like game play. They fix known bugs and exploits, and add features and elements to the game, including new Versions that bring changes to heroes, items, and mechanics. The game came with many new and advanced features that made the game great fun. A Oct 28 – Nov 08; ESL One Germany 2020 Oct 05 – Nov 01; CDA-FDC Pro Championship Oct 22 – Nov 01; Moon Studio Mid-Autumn Oct 01 – 28; OGA Dota PIT S3: CN Sep 29 – Oct 12; China Pro Cup S1 Sep. Warcraft 3 Patch 1.28.5 address.

Transform your Warcraft 3 to dotA 2 a.k.a dotA 1.5

Download LG Flash Tool 2020 (All Versions) and LGUP Tool

Gameplay Update 7.27d - Dota 2. Reduced base health regeneration from 1.5 to 0. Reduced base mana regeneration from 0.9 to 0. March of the Machines no longer collide with spell immune units. The 1.5 version of Dota 2 is provided as a free download on our website. The Y5S3.1 update contains primarily a backlog of bug fixes from the TS that did not make it in time for the season update.

Can't update dota: : Dota 2 General Discussions
1 Download Dota 2 for Windows 10 & Best Alternative (2020) 49%
2 ComRazors: Download GTA V Full Compressed 1 MB 6%
3 Update - 132.6 MB - June 9, 2020: DotA2 92%
4 How to Fix Dota 2 Crashes - A List of All Solutions 27%
5 GTA 5 Patch 1.0.350.1 and 1.0.350.2 download available on 52%

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Versions that bring changes to heroes, items, and mechanics. Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Update. SimCity 2020 DRMLESS CRACKED-VULPESZEDRA+UPDATE 1.5. Taill Best pada hari Senin, 03 September Semoga artikel ini dapat [HOST]kasih atas kunjungan Anda silahkan tinggalkan [HOST] ada 0 komentar: di postingan DotA Updates Always check for new. New version featuring Morgul Khan, the Axe joining the arena. Ranked Gaming Client (RGC) has returned to version 6.85k because 6.88t map has lots of bugs. Dota 1.5 Transformation Pack https://education-mgu.ru/download/?file=723.

Dota IMBA 7.19f

Message from Cookies/Earthsalamander: After this patch, the next patch will not contain any gameplay or balance updates. Instead, there will be focus on "Spring Cleaning", which involves tidying up the code base behind the scenes in attempts to improve the player experience. Following that patch will be Dota IMBA 7.20.
Message from me: As you probably know, things are subject to change, and final scheduling is up to Cookies and whether or not any unforeseen circumstances are encountered.


Cloak Aura
  • Added IMBAfication: Remnants of Cloak Aura
    • Multiple instances of Cloak Aura fully stack with each other.
Cursed Fountain
  • Now spreads to any units owned by someone affected by the Cursed Fountain debuff upon summon
  • Now only targets player-controlled creeps and ward-type units with attack capability
    • This means it will no longer multishot units like Juggernaut's Healing Ward or Tusk's Frozen Sigil



  • Rescaled mana cost from 50/75/100/125 to 75
  • Increased Growing Discomfort status resistance reduction per stack from 5/6/7/8% to 7/8/9/10%
  • Increased Growing Discomfort magic resistance reduction per stack from 4/5/6/7% to 5/6/7/8%
Fiend's Grip
  • Increased damage per second from 100/200/300 to 140/230/320
  • Increased mana drain per second from 5/6/7% to 7%

Dark Seer

Ion Shell
  • Increased damage per second from 30/60/90/120 to 30/65/100/135
  • Reduced Level 25 Talent "+150 Ion Shell Damage" to +135


  • Increased creep level from 4/5/6/6 to 6

Dragon Knight

  • Replaced Level 10 Talent "x2 range for Elder Dragon Charge" with "Breath Fire reduces Strength by 15%"
  • Replaced Level 15 Talent "Breath Fire reduces Strength by 20%" with "+400 Health"
  • Replaced Level 15 Talent "Breath Fire deals pure damage" with "+30 Damage"
  • Replaced Level 20 Talent "EDF reduces enemies' damage by 20% in 600 radius" with "+25 Strength"
  • Replaced Level 25 Talent "+3% of current health as movespeed" with "Breath Fire deals pure damage"


  • Increased mana cost from 40/45/50/55 to 65


  • Rescaled cooldown from 18 to 22/20/18/16 seconds
  • Updated to current version
    • Now provides 0.5%/0.6%/0.7%/0.8% max health as health regen instead of 5/10/15/20% damage reduction
  • Replaced Level 10 Talent "Remnants of Overcharge" with "+6 Health Regen"
  • Replaced Level 15 Talent "+10 Health Regen" with "13% Spell Lifesteal"
  • Replaced Level 20 Talent "+10% Overcharge Damage Reduction" with "+15 Armor"


Healing Ward
  • Increased experience bounty from 0 to 75
  • Increased gold bounty from 0 to 75


Infest (both versions)
  • Added an addendum to "If it Fits...":
    • If cast on an enemy building, allies of that building can attack it to immediately eject Lifestealer.


Dragon Slave
  • Increased cast range from 800 to 1075 (no changes to actual range)
Fiery Soul
  • Increased attack speed per stack from 45/60/75/90 to 50/65/80/95
  • Increased Level 20 Talent "+30/2% Fiery Soul Per Stack" to +35/3%

Lone Druid

Summon Spirit Bear
  • Reduced cooldown from 120 to 100 seconds
  • Increased Aghanim's Scepter cooldown from 60 to 100 seconds
Savage Roar
  • Reduced duration from 1.4/2.0/2.6/3.2 to 1.3/1.8/2.3/2.8 seconds
True Form
  • Increased bonus armor from 10/15/20 to 12/18/24
  • Increased bonus health from 500/1000/1500 to 1000/1500/2000
  • Reduced building attack damage bonus from 50% to 10/20/30/40%
  • Increased Level 25 Talent "+1000 True Form Health" to +1500


  • Increased armor reduction from 5/6/7/8 to 6/7/8/9
Feral Impulse
  • Increased health regeneration bonus from 1/4/7/10 to 2.5/5/7.5/10


  • Changed ability behavior from no-target to 600 cast range point-target


God's Rebuke
  • Increased movement speed slow from 40% to 50%
  • Reduced Aghanim's Scepter cooldown from 1.4 to 1 second
Arena of Blood
  • Increased duration from 6/7/8 to 6.5/7.5/8.5 seconds
  • Increased spear damage from 150/210/270 to 150/225/300


  • Replaced Level 10 Talent "Leaping launches a free Sacred Arrow forward" with "+15 Damage"


Ghost Shroud
  • Now also provides 75/80/85/90% mana regeneration/restoration amplification
  • Reduced Level 25 Talent "+1% Heartstopper Aura damage per second" to +0.6%

Night Stalker

  • Increased damage from 90/160/255/335 to 100/200/300/400
  • Increased Aghanim's Scepter mini-stun duration from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds
Hunter in the Night
  • Increased bonus movement speed at night from 22/28/34/40% to 24/30/36/42%
  • Darksight now ignores status resistance


False Promise
  • Reduced duration from 8/10/12 to 8/9/10 seconds
  • False Promise Alter is now a separate ability
    • False Promise Alter goes on cooldown for a minimum of 10 seconds (affected by cooldown reductions) if False Promise is cast, and vice versa

Ogre Magi

  • Reduced duration from 5/7/9/11 to 5/6/7/8 seconds
  • Increased damage from 30/40/50/60 to 32/44/56/68
  • Increased Level 20 Talent "+45 Bloodlust AS" to +60

Outworld Devourer

Astral Imprisonment

  • Fixed Aghanim's Scepter not granting 300 bonus cast range
Sanity's Eclipse
  • Reduced cooldown from 140 to 130 seconds


  • Reduced Level 15 Talent "Shield Crash Protection" duration from infinite to 5 seconds
  • Level 15 Talent "Shield Crash Protection" buff is now purgable and removed on death
  • Reduced Level 15 Talent "Rolling Thunder Linger" spell immunity duration from 4 to 3 seconds


Waning Rift
  • Reduced cast range from 350 to 275

Shadow Fiend

Shadowraze (Far)
  • Now forms a perpendicular line with consistent radius, instead of a parallel line with varying radiuses
  • Removed Soul Harvester IMBAfication (gain souls on attacking or landing Shadowrazes)
Presence of the Dark Lord
  • Increased radius from 900 to 1200
  • Reduced Creeping Presence armor reduction from 1/2/3/4 to 0/1/2/3
  • Reduced Creeping Presence duration from 7 to 5 seconds
Requiem of Souls
  • Reduced Soul Frenzy base duration from 2 to 1.5 seconds
  • Replaced Level 10 Talent "Necromastery Siphon" with "+20 Attack Speed"
  • Replaced Level 15 Talent "+0.5% lifesteal per Necromastery soul" with "+30 Movement Speed"


Guardian Sprint
  • Increased mana cost from 0 to 25
Corrosive Haze
  • Reduced armor reduction from 10/18/26 to 10/16/22
  • Replaced Level 20 Talent "Depression" with "30% Lifesteal"

Sly King

  • Increased damage from 140/200/260/320 to 140/210/280/350
Hypothermic Wisdom
  • Increased intellect per health % loss from 0.35/0.55/0.75/0.95% to 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0%
  • Increased bonus spell amplification per intellect from 0.1% to 0.15%
  • Increased Level 15 Talent "+0.4 Hypothermic Wisdom INT per health loss %" to +0.5


  • Reduced Level 25 Talent "Warcry grants spell immunity for 4 seconds" to 3 seconds


Proximity Mines
  • Increased triggedamage radius from 300 to 400
Stasis Trap
  • Reduced trigger radius from 500 to 400
  • Reduced root radius from 1000 to 800
Remote Mines
  • Increased damage from 300/500/700 to 350/525/700
  • Increased Aghanim's Scepter damage from 450/650/850 to 500/700/900

Templar Assassin

  • Increased Disperse Influence duration from 0.2 to 0.3 seconds
  • Reduced Inner Eye time to flying vision from 5 to 4 seconds
  • Reduced Inner Eye time to increased vision from 10 to 8 seconds
Psionic Trap (Self)
  • Increased Springboard vector amplification from 2x to 2.25x
  • Reduced Springboard movement speed reduction from 25% to 20%
Psionic Trap
  • Increased max movement speed slow from 70% to 80%


  • Reduced cast range from 1200/1300/1400/1500 to 1000/1100/1200/1300
  • Reduced armor from 10/18/26 to 10/16/22

Vengeful Spirit

Wave of Terror
  • Increased cast range from 1400 to 2000
  • Increased Terrorize base attack damage reduction from 10/20/30/40% to 25/30/35/40%
  • Increased Level 20 Talent "+8 Vengeance Aura Attributes" to +10


Geminate Attack
  • Reduced cooldown from 7.5/6.0/4.5/3.0 to 7.25/5.75/4.25/2.75 seconds

Winter Wyvern

Winter's Curse
  • Reduced radius from 500/600/700 to 500


  • Reduced Level 25 Talent "Gains Reincarnation 250 CD" to 200

Witch Doctor

  • Replaced Level 15 Talent "+1 Maledict Ticks" with "+100 Maledict AoE"
  • Replaced Level 20 Talent "Voodoo Restoration dispel is a hard dispel" with "+1 Maledict Ticks"


Lightning Bolt
  • Reduced Static Charge stacks from 2 to 1
Static Field
  • Increased stacks required to reveal from 5 to 6
  • Increased stacks required to mute from 9 to 10



  • Reduced critical damage from 200% to 180%


  • Reduced critical damage from 255% to 245%


  • Increased damage from 50 to 60
  • Reduced armor reduction from 7 to 6

Diffusal Blade

  • Reduced mana burn from 50 to 40

Initiate's Robe

  • Reduced mana conversion rate from 100% to 70%


  • Increased damage from 90 to 94
  • Increased attack speed from 60 to 75
  • Reduced mana cost from 125 to 50
  • Increased Chain Lightning chain delay from 0 to 0.06 seconds
  • Increased Chain Lightning chain cooldown from 0 to 0.1 seconds
  • Increased Static Charge damage from 200 to 230
  • Increased Static Charge proc cooldown from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds
  • Reduced Static Charge slow duration from 1.25 to 0.5 seconds
  • Added Quell effect (bonus damage to creeps)


  • Increased Chain Lightning chain delay from 0 to 0.06 seconds
  • Increased Chain Lightning chain cooldown from 0 to 0.1 seconds


  • Increased attack speed from 60 to 75
  • Increased Chain Lightning chain delay from 0 to 0.06 seconds
  • Increased Chain Lightning chain cooldown from 0 to 0.1 seconds
  • Increased Static Charge proc cooldown from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds
  • Reduced Static Charge slow duration from 1.25 to 0.5 seconds

Octarine Core

  • Reduced creep lifesteal from 30% to 10%


  • Reduced mana burn from 75 to 60

Soul of Truth

  • Can now be disassembled

Rod of Atos

  • Reduced Ankle Breaker movement speed as damage from 100% to 75%

Rod of Atos EX

  • Reduced Curtain Fire Shooting projectile speed from 800 to 700

Spirit Vessel

  • Reduced soul damage amount from 40 to 30
  • Reduced health regen reduction from 70% to 65%

Stygian Desolator

  • Increased damage from 100 to 102

Tome of Knowledge

  • Reduced cost from 100 to 30
  • Increased initial stock time from 3.5 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Increased stock time from 40 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Increased max stock from 3 to 5
  • Increased experience bonus from 100 to 140
  • Reduced experience boost per use from 60 to 27


  • Reduced mana burn from 100 to 80

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Aeon Disk: Minor modifications to code (supposed source of crashes so this may alleviate that)
  • Gem of True Sight: Fixed not being deliverable by courier
  • Jarnbjorn: Fixed not being able to cut down Furion's Sprout trees
  • Io: Attempted fix for permanently lingering sounds from Tether
  • Io: Fixed Missing sound for Overcharge
  • Maelstrom/MjollniJarnbjorn: Heavily modified code
  • Magnus: Empower no longer triggers on attacking allied units
  • MjollniJarnbjorn: Fixed Static Charge not proccing on non-self allied damage
  • Outworld Devourer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment modifier missing tooltip
  • Outworld Devourer: Fixed Sanity's Eclipse (pre 7.23 version) instantly killing strong illusions
  • Slardar: Fixed Level 25 Talent "Dual Crusher" increasing cooldown by 25% instead of 50%
  • Sly King: Fixed Burrowblast having inconsistent cast range with its actual travel range
  • Storm Spirit: Attempted fix for permanently lingering sounds from Ball Lightning
  • Valiance: Fixed Damage Block passive not working
  • Windranger: Fixed Focus Fire missing its IMBAfication tooltip
  • Witch Doctor: Rough fix for Paralyzing Cask unocassionally bypassing status resistance
Minor Patch for Wednesday, March 4th, 2020


Experience Multiplier
  • Increased from 300% to 325%

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Lifestealer: Fixed Infest wasting cooldown and mana cost if the target dies, goes invulnerable, or becomes hidden during the ability cast phase
  • Phantom Assassin: Fixed Blur active being dispelled by illusions
  • Phantom Assassin: Fixed Blur active not being dispelled by magic immune, invulnerable, or hidden enemies
  • Phantom Assassin: Disabled IMBApass arcana gravestones for now (they block camps)
Minor Patch for Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Bane: Rough fix for Fiend's Grip bypassing Lotus Orb
  • Bane: Fixed Level 25 Talent "+7s Fiend's Grip Duration" not working with Level 20 Talent "Fiend's Grip is no longer channeled"
  • General: Fixed missing tooltip portions for Spectre's Aghanim's Scepter Haunt and Spirit Vessel's damage modifier
  • Rod of Atos EX: Fixed Ankle Breaker not doing damage
  • Pugna: Nether Ward no longer copies the following abilities (potential sources of crashes):
    • Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Form
    • Elder Titan's Astral Spirit
    • Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    • Lone Druid's True Form
    • Rubick's Spell Steal
    • Terrorblade's Metamorphosis
    • Undying's Flesh Golem
  • Pugna: Fixed some minor script issues for Nether Ward
  • Tinker: Rearm now works on Rod of Atos EX, but doing so will decrement its number of charges by 1
submitted by Altivu to dotaimba

I finally am going to pull the trigger in buying components and build a PC for the first time. Experienced builders, please share your thought on the list I put down! Thank you in advance!

Hi, buildapc! I have been a long time lurker of this sub ever since the first time I finally planned to build a PC, which was like almost 1.5 years ago. I finally have the money saved up (yay!) and managed to put together a list of components. Now, I would like some second opinion on the combination below.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $189.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 ATX AM4 Motherboard $139.99 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $68.99 @ Newegg
Storage Intel 660p 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $130.36 @ Amazon
Video Card Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB GAMING OC 3X Video Card $499.99 @ Newegg
Case NZXT H510 ATX Mid Tower Case $69.98 @ Amazon
Power Supply Corsair CXM 750 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply $99.98 @ Amazon
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home Full - USB 32/64-bit $139.99 @ Amazon
Case Fan Corsair Air Series SP120 Quiet Edition (2-Pack) 37.85 CFM 120 mm Fans $43.85 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total (before mail-in rebates) $1403.12
Mail-in rebates -$20.00
Total $1383.12
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-01-19 13:29 EST-0500
Some things about me: 1. I play games like Dota and PathOfExile mainly for now. Want to try other games like Witcher and Assassin Creed with this PC as my current laptop is just okay running Dota at low setting for 60fps. 2. I live near a MicroCenter 3. Budget is around $1,500-$2,000, although around $1,500 is much preferred. 4. I already have a keyboard, mouse and speaker. I'll need a monitor. Planning to get a cheap one now and add a second monitor once I stumble upon a good deal.
Question: 1. I notice that people are pairing AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with B450 motherboard instead of X570. Is there a reason to why? Also, would B450 require BIOS update? If yes, how do I do that? 2. Please recommend an affordable monitor that'd support 144hz and G-SYNC (is this important?) 3. Will I need additional CPU fan?
Lastly, thank you very much for all the help in advance. This sub have made realize that building my own PC is much less intimidating as I previously thought.
submitted by sweatybody to buildapc

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