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R/WoW Blizzcon Interview

Preface: Our primary voice recorder didn’t function properly, so this was transcribed from our backup audio which wasn’t as high quality. As such, there were inaudible moments that we weren’t able to 100% recreate in our transcript. Because of this (and because of the less-focused nature of group interviews), some answers are paraphrased or edited for clarity. We are already actively planning additional methods to mitigate this in the future and improve our coverage for next year.
This was a group interview with Ion Hazzikostas, immediately following the Blizzcon opening ceremonies and prior to the World of Warcraft: What’s Next panel.
[Question partially inaudible - re: story planning, player reactions and choice]
  • The big picture arc is definitely laid out well in advance (months/years)
  • [Re: Tides of Vengeance cinematic] “…Horde players will have a questline where they are tracking down what became of Saurfang, and Alliance players will learn his mysterious escape from -- one of the Horde heroes right in their midst. And try to understand how that happened, how does...the Horde escape from under the nose of the Alliance…”
  • “As creators of the story, there's more than paying attention to what the community thinks of the story you're telling and what is effective and what isn't, what resonates emotionally. I think - Alex Afrasiabi, our creative director, has spoken on this a number of times in the last couple months and a part of telling a story involves invoking emotional highs and lows and there are some things that are deliberately meant to be a little bit frustrating - a little bit upsetting to some.”
  • Goes on to reference Game of Thrones, regarding emotional response and people saying “I’m never watching this again” after certain episodes - that emotional response is something they look for, but they have to balance highs and lows.
  • When they release content on the PTR and players are confused about storylines, that’s when they’re more likely to take feedback in real time and change things. Ultimately they feel that they need to trust creative impulses within the team and be story-focused, but they do listen to feedback.
Question: What're you guys learning from the Warfronts experience this first time around? I definitely feel that the community perceived that it wasn't communicated very well about what the cycle was like, and I think the community is used to weekly cycles instead of something a little different for them to get used to...how are you moving forward with Warfronts as a feature and adapting to the feedback?
  • They definitely feel like they need to improve communication, particularly with regard to the way Warfronts were revealed and explained. Players assumed one thing that wasn’t correct, and Blizzard didn’t clarify. They agree that expectations were not accurate and that was largely due to their (lack of) communication on the subject.
  • “Several have asked as to why we're doing this - it's to some extent an outgrowth, some of which we explored in Legion, the Broken Shore and elsewhere. Where behaviours can be more organic and driven by player activity and player contribution...This week Alliance is attacking and next week horde is attacking and that's just how it's going to go, there's ebb and flow [and it is] driven by player actions.”
  • “Something that we learned is that when that window is longer than it was in the case of, let’s say the mage tower and other buildings back in the Broken Shore, it can often feel like there's a lot of content [at once] and then not a lot to do for a long period of time. So we're redesigning the way that a lot of both contributions work...how the new Warfront works [is that] while the contribution window is open it'll be a rotating set of actual daily turn in quests. So different materials needed everyday rather than 13 things for you to do on day 1 and then zero for the rest of it.”
  • They want to focus on smaller chunks of world content that are available more often so it feels like there’s more to do on a regular basis, rather than one big chunk and then nothing for a week and a half.
Question: What's been one of the largest bits of feedback that has surprised you and your team and can you talk a little bit about how you plan to address that as far as 8.1 and 8.2?
  • Some of the systems and rewards that originated in Legion (Artifact Weapons/Power) haven’t translated as well as they’d hoped in the Battle for Azeroth iterations. It felt really amazing to wield Ashbringer or the Doomhammer but the rewards for that system petered off after gold traits were unlocked and a few months had gone by. Progression after that was mostly small increments. With Azerite Armour, they hoped to have a system where players are always building toward a more interesting upgrade - making new decisions on a regular basis.
  • “I think a couple places where this fell short was [that] you weren't getting enough meaningful choice up front...if you got your first piece of gear and it had just one trait that was custom tailored for your spec or a generic trait and so [it] felt like, “okay, this is what the game handed me” rather than “this is a choice that I made.” And that's something that - in Tides of Vengeance - by adding an outer ring to the new pieces of gear that drop in Season 2 and onwards, the first [thing] you're going to do is choose between two traits that are for your spec alone, and then you have the existing choice as the step on that item. And so for many people who actually have both of those things unlocked right away, rather than picking or taking the one trait that you were handed by the game, you're going to pick 2 out of 3 within this constellation of other possibilities.”
  • The hope is that adding an additional ring of traits will lessen the sense that there’s only one Azerite piece that you have to have for a given situation. The new currency system for targeting specific high-iLevel Azerite pieces should also help with that. They are still listening, still open to making changes as needed and hope that players trust that they care deeply about the matter and aren’t ignoring feedback because they think everything is fine.
Question: How successful do you think world quests over the last few expansions have been forcing players to engage with the entire expansion past leveling and are there any plans to address the tedium or repetition many players feel world quests have on the game?
  • “So I think overall world quests are the best expression of outdoor endgame daily content that we've had in the past expansions, and I think compared to how it used to be in say Mists of Pandaria or prior expansions - you'd level up and pretty much never re-visit 90% of the world again after that, unless you were collecting herbs or mining nodes or pets or something along those lines. And so you'd do the same focused daily quests day after day after day whether you were doing the Hozen Village in Valley of the Four Winds or [inaudible]. World quests and scaled world open up the entire world as a gameplay space, [so] in that way they're a step forward. I do think that there's a bit too much repetitiousness in the type of world quests that are available in Battle for Azeroth [and] that's something that we're looking at.”
  • They’d like to make world quests more varied and engaging than just “find the closest rare elites and kill them” to complete an emissary. They consider past features that were “greatest hits” from places like Timeless Isle, Isle of Thunder etc when looking for new ways to do open world content.
  • [Re: new open world content] “Assaults that we have in Tides of Vengeance are a bit of that - they're effectively world quests, but they have a much more cohesive story wrapper around them. When an Assault is active and Horde forces are besieging Boralus, whether you're a Horde player or an Alliance player you'll have a set of new thematic world quests tied to the theme, and once you've completed enough to weaken the enemy defenses or weaken the enemy offenses that will lead to a capper finale event where you can migrate into your faction. That has more of a story point element to it, there's more variety to that then just "I'm going to go kill this silver elite and get 200 artifact power" and so that's a piece of what we can do moving forward.”
[Question mostly inaudible - re: profession quests from Legion not being present in BfA, and the lack of profession world quests]
  • “Each expansion allows us to take a different approach to professions, I think Legion’s approach was very quest heavy - too quest heavy for some. Which was some of the feedback that we got.”
  • “[In] later patches [of BfA], there are some actual profession questlines that will be coming, and that's something we're going to be talking about at the What's Next panel later today. That will add new functionality and there will be profession-specific arcs that give some meaningful rewards. We want to make people feel more rewarded, more distinct from one another based on the profession choices that they've made. It should mean something when you say "I'm a blacksmith” or “I'm a leatherworker” or...“I'm an herbalist." I think that's always something that we need to do and I think each expansion will bring a fresh face to our professions.”
Question: I wanted to know your outlook on Legendary items or Legendary Weapons - can you a picture a weapon such as Shadowmourne or Val'anyr coming back in the future?
  • “Potentially, where it makes sense yeah. [For instance] A lot of players were raiding Icecrown Citadel and the question on everybody's minds was "Well can you get Frostmourne?" Well no, you can't get Frostmourne, but we understood that this - it made sense to find a way to channel that desire into another Legendary weapon.”
  • It’s more challenging today because you can’t have things like the Warglaives that make one player 20% better than everyone else - or have guilds that just never see a legendary because of RNG, or have guilds stacking players just because they have legendaries.
  • “[There needs to be] a delivery method that actually makes sense and pays off because the expectation is if you get the legendary weapon, then there should be comparable advantages that elevate you above others. And that can be messy. It's something that I'm always for revisiting, but probably not anytime in the very near future.”
Question: With communities coming out, the benefits of being in a guild have sort of felt a little bit lessened. I'm curious if there were any plans to improve any types of achievements or benefits that happen to come in a guild.
  • “Guilds still offer unique perks such as a shared bank, repairs and all that. Communities are a lighter social structure that you can be in multiple of and they better reflect the fact that you can do a lot of content that crosses over. Server-based activities like Mythic Raiding...guilds remain a core social unit. That said, it's something we are looking to shore up in the future - in particular, I think guild finding can do with a lot of improvement both on the recruitment side and from a player looking to find [a guild]. That is something we're working on and will have some improvements to roll out later on in Battle for Azeroth. What would you would like to see [from] that system?”
(Conversation between Ion and questioner)
Follow-Up Question: An example would be to tie into professions as well as the state of the economy right now, would there be something where we could have an achievement that actually gave you a fourth or fifth star on particular crafting professions to reduce costs even further which would help balance out the cost of a mythic raiding team, as well as a benefit to being inside a guild.
  • “That's interesting, I think that's something we could consider. I think part of the lessons that we've learned [from] the guild system of the past and why we pulled away from a lot of guild leveling and permanent guild perks was the problem in the short term there were really set progression goals to work towards, and in the long term they end up calcifying the guild scene. Where new guilds really - they don't have a fair opportunity to start because there are other guilds where you can withdraw or make craftable items more cheaply and have these advantages. So why would you ever join any other guild besides them? So while in the short term it's a great goal to work towards, in the long term it ends up limiting the diversity of options. That said, guild identity is a huge deal which is why at BlizzCon very commonly when someone is asking a question the first thing they'll do is announce "Hey I'm from this realm and this guild" and we want to make sure that guild identity does matter.”
Question: Alliance went into Uldir without really knowing what's going on there and it was announced for the Crucible of Storms raid in 8.1.5 there will be more background story about it. Is there any more details you can share about these upcoming?
  • “Yes, so when Crucible of Storms is near, it's not going to be released right at the start with Tides of Vengeance because I think ... the community doesn't need multiple raids right away. [But when the story moves along] there will be an in-game questline [for] players of both factions - and it's a somewhat different story depending on which faction you are - to investigate and discover the mysteries and the threats that lurk beneath the Shrine of the Storms that will put the raid in full context for both sides.”
Question: Alright Ion, at the launch of Battle for Azeroth there were a couple of professions that were unable to make use of the raid drop Sanguicell like Inscription I know from personal experience. Are you taking that and pressing that issue with future raid drop crafting materials in 8.1 and beyond?
  • “So there are a couple of changes coming to the professions in Battle for Azeroth. The enchanters will have new recipes that will actually convert Sanguicell into Expulsom for personal use. Separately there's a universal recipe that actually makes the good raid feasts - like the best type. It's a little bit morbid but you can use Sanguicell in place of the rare fish, to make the best feast and that I think will make providing good feasts to raids much much more straightforward. I think that is something that everyone has asked us to do. I think if we could go back in time, we would have been better off having Sanguicell not drop for people who had no use for it like pure gatherers for example. But going forward it's best to make it useful for them somehow.”
Question: So we've seen a bunch of improvements to emissary rewards, how's the team feel about the state of the static kind of rewards that we're getting from emissaries compared to the random box from Legion? And what are the goals of the Paragon system that's coming in in Tides?
  • “So two pieces. I think it's interesting - there's very interesting questions about psychology there - randomness versus no rewards. Obviously, in Legion opening an emissary box, every one could have been a Legendary. A lot of people did their emissaries every single day hoping for a Legendary, just to be disappointed most of the time. You drift into a threshold where you don't need war resources and your emissary gives war resources so it's actually okay to decide "You know, I'm not going to do that emissary today it's not worth it." That said...we recently bumped amount up to a point where really unless you're a very very wealthy WoW player, 2000 gold is probably worth your while to do more world quests. Same with your artifact power.”
  • “As far as Paragon, that's something that I think in retrospect also should have been introduced right with Battle for Azeroth [at launch]. It's just an outlet to keep reputation relevant once you hit exalted. It's not necessarily something that we expect most players to go out and actively grind for to fill in the bars over and over again. But we've seen missions pop up that will give you some reputation or you're going and doing your emissary naturally for other reasons, reputations should still be relevant as a reward and the paragon system is a way to keep that feeling meaningful.”
Question: The Mythic Uldir race really has massive attention and support behind it…[Are] there any plans for Blizzard to throw more support behind it and become involved in the race or are you going to leave that to a community effort?
  • “I think historically, I think it's thrived as a community effort... and the tension that has had this year was just awesome to watch and is a testament to the fact that it's working just fine as it is. We are of course supporting the Hall of Fame on our website officially, to enshrine the winners and to add some structure and recognition to them but it's not... there are a lot of reasons why... once we formalize everything the risk is - that's also why it's not really an esport per se, right. America, North America region gets the raid earlier than the European region. There are hotfixes and hotfixes, things go live in real time. There are a lot of factors that aren't necessarily things that we would set in a formal esports environment. But they are natural parts of a live game and I think that it's a testament, too - seeing it thrive for as long as it has, and that excitement continues to grow. I mean look at the way it's unfolded - back when it was Paragon and Method racing a decade ago to what we saw this year and it's exciting to see it thrive and we look forward to seeing what will happen in Battle for Dazar'alor and beyond.”
[Question almost completely inaudible - about RPG elements?]
  • “It's something that... part of the challenge there is different target levels that identify a common value and so it's hard to predict what that value is going to be showing you as the player in the tooltip. [...] It's intentional you know when you're hitting a cloth wearer you're hitting harder with a mortal strike than when you're hitting a plate wearer and that's part of why armor type does matter. It's part of why putting a shield on is actually an important part in trying to survive as opposed to a rogue. In dungeon and raid encounters, that's much more normalized. There are occasional enemies that have lower armor and higher armor but that's something we do really rarely than it was back in the day. Shade of A'ran had very little. Ultimately, the key is that players can compare numbers to each other and have that make sense and I think that's something we feel is possible and it's very rare for the case to arise where an arms warrior is looking for mortal strike trying to evaluate that in comparison to a frost mages Frostbolt. I think the theorycrafting and analytics of World of Warcraft have never been more sophisticated...the answers are out there and so rather than trying to add up to X amount or X amount base armor and showing that in the tooltip in a way that will just muddy the waters of what it means to play a game it could be [inaudible].”
The mod team would like to thank u/flapsnapple for doing the legwork and being our Blizzcon representative, and u/Ex_iledd and u/vusys for taking time out of their weekends to work on the transcription.
submitted by LadyMirax to wow

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Technical engineer will first understand your requirement and then, guide you with easy resolution which can solve the problem completely.if you contacted live experts for help,they will charge you with certain amount of fee.beside taking assistance from live experts,you can use some other options like live chat and Printer service.resolve multiple NORTON PLUS related issues instantly with an effective NORTON PLUS customer support NORTON PLUS is one of the supreme Printer service providers which is highly known for its error-free mailing features. users can very easily access NORTON PLUS account on multiple devices and other Printer services as well to send and receive Printers. But sometimes many situations come when users confront technical issues when using the NORTON PLUS account and then they look for effective customer support to resolve those technical issues. Some most common NORTON PLUS issues: password recovery issues. unable to send and receive Printers. configuration errors. spam and junk Printer unable to sign in. imap/pop related issues. account hacking problems. How to contact NORTON PLUS customer support? If you are looking for a perfect and reliable source to resolve your NORTON PLUS related queries from the above-described list or any other, then you can directly get in touch with the NORTON PLUS customer service team where all your NORTON PLUS related problems will fix by the highly skilled customer service team in a very easy and simple manner. They will give the best in class solutions to fix each problem that you confront during or after using your NORTON PLUS account. you can avail this support from any place of the world which is available 24/7 for the users. Why is it important to reach customer service team of it is mandatory for everybody to connect with technical team because they are skilled and know the method to solve technical issues.it will take very short duration to resolve each specific problem if you connect with group of engineers. You need to describe your issue to the tech engineer; they will analyses the whole thing and suggest you with better resolution. If the issue would be complex, technical engineers will take the remote access of the computer system. Reasons to connect with experts:- toll free number can be used at any time for getting assistance remote desktop assistance will be applied for resolving the complex issue. user can adopt online and offline chat option to find help certified group of engineers to suggest with best solutions password errors and username related bugs can be solved quickly account management issue will be resolved without finding threats
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