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Christine Gunz (M), 50 - Cleveland, TX Has Court or Arrest

Hack 4 - Gunz The Duel. Roots Presents: A Sonic Event [Clean] by The Roots Song Title Artist Time 1. Break You Off The Roots 4: 22 2. Friday Night Young Gunz 4: 02 3. Nod Factor Skillz 3: 02 4. The Next Movement The Roots 2: 34 5. Can't Stop, Won't Stop Young Gunz 4: 01 6. What Would I Do Jean Grae 4: 05 7. Daily Bread Martin Luther 6: 54 8. Proceed The Roots 3: 51 9. The Highest Option Spec TA-07 Chassis Yet! Battlefield 3 - Buy Origin PC Game Key. A 1 kilojoule unicell will provide enough power for around 50 stuns. JOCURI CU SONIC Online - Joaca Jocuri cu Sonic Gratis pe Poki.

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Cam'ron & Vado - Gunz N' Butta

VDW Eddy Starter Kit – Sirona Coupling – Gunz eStore

Free MMO and MMORPG Game News, Reviews, & More. This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=1/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=1/3. Also, it is a great plus that the running shoe can become your new personal trainer. Gunz by The Mutilations, released 03 August 2020. Wizard101 Kicks Off New Story Arc WIth A New Candy-Themed Zone. Sonic (Bangladesh) Limited webpage.

Soniclean – Page 2 – Gunz eStore

On jigsaw mode you should drag the pieces into right position. Baby Elephant Fitness Mask Auto Violin Tools Burger Bridge Moose Sakura Ribbon Muscle Heart Letter Trash Can Tea Aesthetic Musical. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This powerful simplified code engine supports both 2D and 3D, but is more often used for 2D projects. Mobile PvP Shooter As It Is Meant To Be. GunZ: The Duel hack download free download GunZ: The Duel hack GunZ: The Duel hack download.

Serial code sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Play Sonic the ... - Crazy Games

With Masked Forces you get to test your shooting mechanics and enjoy a unique, fun experience.

TRG-42, XM2010, M95 (AWP Skin) [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Skin
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5 Mad GunZ - Steamthrower [Review] - .io Games - Best io 15%
6 How do i level up faster in gunz the duel? 3%
7 Play free Sonic Online Games 40%
8 Minecraft Server Download 62%
9 Jeux en ligne sur JeuxJeuxJeux / Poki 69%
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Sonic Powered Endo Irrigation

This model includes a floating. Moto X3M 4 Winter Html5. All our hacked games are guaranteed working and virus free unlike some of our competitors. On his way to Station Square he Ran into new reporters admiring the work of Sonic But down the block from there was a building which was on fire where many employees there cried for help But Sonic didn't realize it so Toxic raced to the building with his speed he ran to the building basement and over did the building security to unlock the doors in the. Sonic RPG 1 part 1 Game - Sonic Games. Until recently, the only orky artillery that existed were Big Gunz.

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Sonic 1 hacks for gunz. We add new games every day. Stickman Hook Stickman Hook Sushi Party Sushi Party Raft Wars Multiplayer Raft Wars Multiplayer Tunnel Rush Tunnel Rush Bouncy Basketball Bouncy Basketball Rocket Soccer Derby Rocket Soccer Derby Bad Ice-Cream Bad Ice-Cream Duck Life Duck Life Bossy Toss Bossy Toss Gladihoppers Gladihoppers Bricks 'N Balls Bricks 'N Balls Getaway Shootout. Re: My Guide To Gunz: The Duel - Page 2 - Gunz: The Duel go here. The levels are bloody and deadly. The Angry Birds have been kidnapped and held in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

robot girl 2: upgradeify

Serena Boyd - Pyxis

Age: 28
Physical appearance: Serena is a tall woman, 5'10". She has rather distinctive hair. On the field, she varies between her two suits - Utility Apparatus and Battle Regalia. Her armour is designed to use a movable visor that hides her face but not her hair, although her hair changes often, her face less so. The points where her suits interface with her body have changed, no longer plugs but small rings under her skin, using electromagnets and wireless connection technology to interface. They still glow as little blue rings, similar to her last ones.
Mentality: Under it all, Serena is very simple. She would like a world in which the powered and unpowered can coexist, and those on one side of the divide can become like those on the other. She is also driven by the very existence of knowledge itself, getting lost in her work for days on end, researching some arbitrary and unrelated subject so that she may know more about it. When she is working she does so with a determination almost unparalleled, and to stop her before she is ready to be done, something better be going very wrong.
In the rare moments when she is not working, Serena is actually fairly chill as a person, and she enjoys reading and people watching. As someone who for a long time only had the regular contact of her sister and a strange star-man, she is surprisingly personable, and an expert in getting people to see and believe what she wants them to see and believe. She uses body language, subtle cues both physical and digital so that her target, barring impressive intelligence, is led to know exactly what she wants them to - no more, no less. She likes to talk to people, to pick apart their brains for the obscure pieces of knowledge they may have, or an unusual habit. Far less open about her true feelings, when she is not in the context of searching information or basic conversation, she occasionally flounders. Because of this, she has few friends.
Backstory: Part of the brains behind the operation, Serena's existence had been kept mostly a secret, and according to the records, she still doesn't exist. Serena and her sister Helena were born to an average family, though they lost their parents at a young age. Fortunate, they were adopted by a family with a sickly daughter already. From childhood, Serena could already tell that her and Helena... That they were different to the rest of her family. In actuality, they had both manifested their powers extremely young, Serena as an Alpha human, and Helena with her telekinetic abilities. Together the two were faster, stronger, and generally better than the other kids their age, most notable their adopted sister Charlotte. Serena was close with Charlotte, and could never figure out why she and her sister were blessed with superhuman abilities, while people like Charlotte were not.
In her late teens, Serena had the epiphany that there was only so far her body was going to take her, and that in order to keep improving, she had to turn to technology. She decided against further education, teaching herself all the material that she gained from various university sites. She began to make her way into various systems for fun, siphoning money here and there without a trace. Her prototypes only got better and better, however she was hesitant to begin any internal work.
Serena eventually unearthed old records of someone going by Cepheus, and took it upon herself to track him down, her sister in agreement. The two reached out to Alexander Grant, and since then the three have always been working together in one shape or form. Helena learned to fight, having a knack for it that made the whole process a lot easier. Alexander began to fund and help Serena with her work, and for a long time Serena was operating out of a state of the are lab, on still unspecified research.
Now that they are operating Nova, Alexander and Helena sit on the council, while Serena still continues with her research, working with Archer and occasionally making forays into the world to use up some of her 'free time'. Her specialty at the moment is nano machines, but she is more skilled than the given expert in most field, though she is about to try and take the tech world by storm.
Now, she is looking to improve upon the outdated implants she gained years ago, she underwent an extensive process in order to extract them and replace them with the improved models. Along with these new inputs, a new set of armour was required, so she made two. She now has her everyday self, a Utility Apparatus, and her Battle Regalia.
Resources: So much money. All the tech she has either created or collected. She has her main workshop in the tallest spire in Nova, four floors of the building carved into one open space for her. In a different spire lies her small apartment, with an unrivalled view.
Equipment/Weaponry: Utility Apparatus has mostly non-lethal weaponry, sonics, strobes, and a small electricity gun akin to a taser effect. Battle Regalia brings out the big guns, with concussion beams, rifles, and mini rockets.
Specializations: She's pretty much just great in everything. She picks up new things fast.
  • Hybrid: Bionic/Alpha. None of the banned stuff, of course. Divisions are as follows.
Application Suit Explanation
A.I Physiology Base Serena has a partly digitised mind, acting as a digital soul/form and an artificial intelligence. Combined with Technology Manipulation, she can manipulate data.
Mechanical limb generation Utility Serena can produce multiple mechanical appendages, with or without opposable digits.
Concussion beams Battle Serena can release powerful (Danger 8) Concussion beams from her head/visor and also when using both hands (at once).
Customization All Including base Serena, this is just of her suit and her own tech.
Flight All Pretty self explanatory. She can use both jets, and a type of magnetic levitation and propulsion developed by Aria.
Gadget Usage All Mostly used by Utility and Base Serena, all forms have access to her tech.
High Tech Exoskeleton Battle/Utility The two suits themselves.
Self Sustenance Base This is technically temporary, but she less pain, requires less food, sleep, oxygen than a normal person by a factor of ten.
Technology Manipulation. All She only has complete control over her own tech. She has basic control over simple machines like cameras, shutting them off or gaining the data from them. She is very good at figuring out how machines work with just a glance or a touch.
Utility This suit can make hard hologram/light constructs, similar to a mass effect omni-tool in looks, but in blue. These can be used as blades and shields in a pinch, or as extra appendages.
Weapon Manipulation Battle This accounts for the vast amount of weapons on her person, and the ability to create the small missiles fired.
Enhanced Beauty Base She's like... a 9/10.
"Intuitive Aptitude" All While it is not the power as listed, she simply has an extraordinarily wide variety of skills and will pick up new ones easy.
Hypercompetence All She is hypercompetent, and hypercognitive.
Supernatural Condition All Most prominently a supernatural intelligence, but all of her other aspects are enhanced as well.
  • Advanced Technology
    • She possesses and has the ability to create technology so advanced it appears like magic, provided she has the resources.
  • Silicon Manipulaion
    • Serena now has the ability to manipulate Silicon, silica, and silicates. (e.g. quartz, sand, raw and refined silicon).
  • Weakness: Her tech is weak to temperature extremes. For example, a lot of flame, ice, or surprise trips to the arctic cause her tech to malfunction. Very strong EMP.
  • Resistances: She has experimental shielding made for reducing damage from magic and energy attacks.
  • Reserves: Battle Regalia can go for days, as it is made with combat in mind, and has extra charge for her more powerful abilities. Base Serena and Utility, if goaded into combat, has a few hours before she needs to recharge and presumably repair, but otherwise go for days as well.
Attribute Serena Utility Apparatus Battle Regalia Reasoning, references, and details.
Strength 6 6 7 Base/Utility: 150 Ton. Battle: 1000ton
Auxiliary Strength 0 6 0 Utility: Extra appendages: 100 Ton.
Movement Speed 6 8 5 Even without tech, she is extraordinarily fast. Utility one is primed for speed - Mach 4. Battle is a lot slower in comparison - 200km/hr.
Combat Speed 8 8 8 Improved reflexes, computer brain and robot eyes.
Intelligence 9 9 9 Supernatural intelligence, and the internet. Even across the board.
Wisdom 7 7 7 See above.
Durability 5 5 7 Shield tanks a temporary 8, but only energy based attacks.
Recovery 5 5 5 Cannot heal much in combat, but back at base the nanobots are good with repairs. Her healing factor kicks in as she rests.
Endurance 4 5 6
Melee Training 6 6 6 Several martial arts. Doesn't spend much time training.
Melee Reach - - - She fights hand to hand, though she has a long construct blade she can use if she needs to.
Ranged Training 6 6 6 She's really good with her guns.
Accuracy/Range - - - Electronic eyes allow for extreme accuracy.
Power - Might 5 4 7 Utility sacrifices the firepower for speed and versatility. For the Battle Regalia, it's vice versa.
Power - Area 7 7 7 She has this range with her technology manipulation, watching through the cameras etc.
Danger 7 5 8 Gunz and beamz
Total 81 87 88
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testing stuff


God of healing

Role:Mage Pantheon: Roman Appearance: a young adult with short brown hair wearing a laurel wreath, he is accompanied by a pet goat Difficulty: 2/5 (easy)
weapon: a staff with a snake coiled around it Attack progression: none
Vejovis ’s lore:Vejovis is the god of healing and medicine and the roman counterpart of Asclepius, in many versions Vejovis is the first of the roman gods, and his weapon of choice was the pilum (thunderbolts) however in later versions of his lore Jupiter (zeus) uses the pilum and Vejovis uses a staff with a snake wrapped around it, he was mostly worshipped in Rome and Bovillae in Latium. On the Capitoline Hill and on the Tiber Island, temples were erected in his honour.

(Passive) Medic on the way

Vejovis gains a 40% movement speed buff while having vision on an ally god, this only applies if Vejovis has direct vision on them

(1) Healing aura

Vejovis radiates an aura in an aoe around him that heals him and all allies standing in range for 10/15/20/25/30 (+10% of your magical power) for every 1 second, this ability can be toggled on and off
Mana cost: 10/25/40/55/70 every second range: slightly bigger than cabra passive cooldown: none

(2) Emergency healing

Vejovis unleashes a shockwave pushing back all enemy gods and dealing 70/120/170/230/280 (+40% of your magical power) damage to them, after that the scaling on healing aura increases from 10% to 20% for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds
Mana cost: 60/75/90/105/120 range: pushback range is the same distance as hercules’s push cooldown: 18 seconds

(3) Bad medicine

Vejovis hurls a ball of viruses in a straight line dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+80% of your magical power) as damage, this ability passes through minions and stops against the first enemy god hit, any enemy (gods and minions) hit by this ability receive a random debuff for 0.5/0.5/1/1/1.5 seconds
random cc list: 30% slow, mesmerize, stun, intoxication, fear, madness, cripple range: roughly as far and fast as kukulkan’s Zephyr mana cost: 70 cooldown: 14

(ult) Taste of own medicine

Vejovis cleanses the cc of himself and all ally gods around him and gives them 10/20/30/40/50 protections and a shield of 12/14/16/18/20% of their max health for 2 seconds after which Vejovis can press the skill again to unleash a second wave that mesmerizes all enemy gods hit for 2 seconds, if Vejovis had cleansed 3 or more gods with the first wave then the second wave stuns instead
Mana cost: 140 range: hel’s disperse Cooldown: 120/115/110/105/100 seconds
playstyle: Vejovis shines in the mid-late game where he can quickly get to his team and hang around with his team and heals them with his aura, coordination with you and your team is needed, your team will be greatly rewarded by having you hang around aslong as they can protect you.
Why not Asclepius? because the greeks have 15 gods and roman 9
please tell me what you think, any feedback is welcome :)
here is the list
  • Agni: Metallica – Fighting fire with fire
  • Ah-Puch: Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl
  • Amaterasu: Namco Sound Team - The Edge Of Soul
  • Ares: Disturbed - Warrior
  • Bachus: Ed Sheeran - Drunk
  • Bellona: 30 seconds to mars – This is war
  • Chang’e: Creedence Clearwater Revival – bad moon rising
  • Chronos: Jim croce - time in a bottle
  • Fenrir: In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf
  • Geb: Limp Bizkit - Rollin
  • Guan yu: Weebl – Amazing horse song
  • Hercules: Disney’s Hercules – zero to hero
  • Hou Yi: Jennifer Saunders - I need a hero
  • Jing Wei: Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
  • Mercury: Sonic X theme song
  • Neith: Cyndi Lauper – girls just wanna have fun
  • Ne Zha: DragonForce - Where Dragons Rule
  • Ravana: Drowning Pool - One Finger and a Fist
  • Serqet: Alice cooper - Poison
  • Thor: Manowar – Sons of Odin
  • Tyr: Sonata Arctica – Peacemaker
  • Xbalanque: Gunz n Roses – welcome to the jungle
  • Vulcan: Daft punk - harder better faster stronger
  • Xing Tian: Skillet – Not gonna die
  • Zeus: AC/DC – Thunderstruck
  • Zhong Kui: Ghost buster’s theme song
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