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One two three four five six seven eight nine It's the ten crack commandments what Nigga can't tell. Warning Biggie Original Version From Soundcloud. User Account - Internet Archive.

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Raise Em Up Part 12 From Soundcloud. Crack Commandments Biggie Smalls Acapella, hwang jini tagalog version full movie 5593a673d3 [Notorious Big Ten Crack Commandments. Bass-D - Mindcontroller 25-02-12 Podcast #2. Published: 2020-01-19T10: 50: 13Z.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize Lyrics

Employee Toher Speech. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on [HOST]. Biggie Smalls - Gimme the Loot [acapella] Cypress Hill - Ghost Rider (Crossfire) Peter Pan - "this ain't no place for a respectable pirate".

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Educating younger generations of what true hip hop is. There are kids out there who never heard Biggie Smalls speak. If you enjoy our content please support us by disabling your ad blocker. Smif-N-Wessun 04. Get Shot 05. Still Love Her feat.

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He doesn't need loops. Don't trust anyone. Word up, look out for the cops though / Wu-Tang five finger shit / Cash rules- / Word up, two for fives over here, baby / Word up, two for fives.

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Bilal - Fast Lane (4: 34) 431. Pearl Gates 06. Man Law feat. 10 crack commandments biggie smalls acapella s.

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Styles P 07. You & I 08. Gotta Go (Skit) 09. Sunken Place feat. Free previews and sample songs available. Nelly & Jagged Edge - Nasty Girl 2701.

2Pac / Biggie Smalls - The Acapellas You Never Got! Volume

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Would You Die For Me. Come On. Rap Phenomenon. Uhh, it's the ten crack commandments What, uhh, uhh Nigga can't tell me nothin bout this coke, uh-huh Can't tell me nothin bout this crack, this weed To my hustlin niggaz Niggaz on the corner I ain't forget you niggaz My triple beam niggaz, word up (Chuck D) "One two three four five six seven eight nine" "TEN"j.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Notorious Thugs Lyrics

Followers, 282 Following, 12 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from abdou now online (@abdoualittlebit). A few others are remix albums that feature some original production. Im Fucking You Tonight 00: 21: 13.

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Every Entrepreneur Needs Biggies 10 Crack Commandments. Bill Costa & Fabulous Rockets. Browser, Computer & Network: care, restore & repair.

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Acapella Pack [16-November-2019]

AD – Ungrateful [Acapella Clean] 3A 105 AD – Ungrateful [Acapella Dirty] 3A 104 DJ Surda x Skye – VOICES [Acapella DIY] [Clean] 9A 137 DJ Surda x Skye – VOICES [Acapella DIY] [Dirty] 9A 136 Frankie Steel x Tones & I – Dance Monkey [DIY Acapella] [Clean] 11A 110 Herve Pagez, Diplo, & Charli XCX – Spicy [DIY Acapella] 1B 111 Izzy Ice – Cake Up [Acapella] 10A 126 Lil Kee, Strizzo, Javon Black – She Go Live [Acapella] [Club] 8A 109 Lil Keke, DJ Chose – My Duffle [Acapella] [Club] 5A 75 Lil Kim – No Matter What They Say [Acapella] [Club] 4A 106 Lil Kim, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G – Queen Bitch [Remix] [Acapella] [Club] 4A 125 Lil Kim, Sisqo – How Many Licks [Acapella] [Club] 3A 121 Lil Lyn – Been Around [Acapella] [Club] 12A 134 Lil Lyn – Faded [Acapella] [Club] 7A 132 Lil Mama – G-Slide [Acapella] [Club] 4A 80 Lil Mama – L.I.F.E. [Acapella] [Club] 4A 129 Lil Mama, Chris Brown, T-Pain – Shawty Get Loose [Acapella] [Club] 4A 115 Lil Man, Shana Munson – Show You All [Acapella] [Club] 9A 85 Lil MO, Fabolous – 4 Ever [Acapella] [Club] 2A 99 Lil MO, Fabolous – Superwoman [Remix] [Acapella] [Club] 11A 96 Lil MO, Lil Kim – Ten Commandments [Acapella] [Club] 7B 118 Lil MO, Miri Ben Ari – Yeah Yeah Yeah [Acapella] [Club] 5A 123 Lil Neil – Mad Or Nah [Acapella] [Radio] All 71 Lil O – Bossed Up [Acapella] [Radio] 5A 100 Lil O – Hi Sidin [Acapella] [Radio] 2A 124 Lil O – Teelee [Acapella] [Radio] 5A 134 Lil O, Lil Flip, Z-Ro – Betcha Can’t Do It [Remix] [Acapella] [Club] 7A 80 Lil O, Slim Thug – None Of Ya Bizzness [Acapella] [Club] 9A 77 Lil O, Slim Thug – None Of Ya Bizzness [Acapella] [Radio] 9A 77 Lil Papi Jay, Peewee Longway – Holy Water [Acapella] [Club] 4B 68 Lil Papi Jay, Peewee Longway – Holy Water [Acapella] [Radio] 4B 68 Lil Playy – The Weekend [Acapella] [Club] 8A 128 Lil Prada – Put The Guns Down [Acapella] [Club] All 73 Lil Scrappy – Livin In The Projects [Acapella] [Club] 4A 80 Lil Scrappy, Lil Jon – Gangsta Gangsta [Acapella] [Club] 9A 86 Lil Scrappy, Tocarra – No Love [Acapella] [Club] 5A 71 Lil Scrappy, Twista, 2 Chainz – Helicopter [Acapella] [Club] 12A 134 Lil Scrappy, Young Buck – Money In The Bank [Acapella] [Club] 4A 76 Lil Tony – Shout Out [Acapella] [Club] 9A 123 Lil Tony – Shout Out [Acapella] [Radio] 9A 92 Lil Troy, Big T., Yungstar, Fat Pat, H.A.W.K., Lil Will – Wanna Be A Baller [Acapella] [Club] 4A 92 Stockz – The Drill [Acapella – Dirty] 9A 99 Stockz – The Drill [Acapella Dirty] 9A 99 Vena.E – Follow Me [Acapella] [Clean] 10A 109 Vena.E – Follow Me [Acapella] [Dirty] 10A 108

DOWNLOAD: remixdj1.blogspot.com
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How my grandma caused me to create a masturbation schedule so I could play piano (TL;DR at the bottom)

Throwaway account for the sole reason that this story is awkward and embarrassing as hell. TL;DR at the bottom.
To start from the beginning, I had been taking piano lessons since I turned 12. To be blunt, I played really well. By the end of my second year of lessons, I competed in a regional competition and won. It simply came easy to me.
Being a boy, my YM leaders were extremely excited that they had someone to play at the beginning of meetings instead of everyone singing terrible acapella. Similarly, I was the only one in my seminary class that could play, so I got stuck doing the opening hymn every weekday as well.
Around this time, I discovered masturbation. On accident. It wasn't until a year later that we discussed the sinful nature of rubbing your iron rod when I realized that what I had been doing was sinful. The guilt from this lesson was paired with my Über-conservative grandma's lesson to me. She said that my ability to play piano was a gift from God and all my practice could be taken away in a single moment should I fail to obey all his commandments.
I decided to ignore my grandma's words and so I masturbated the day before seminary. When I got to class and started to play... I fucked up. Bad. I didn't even make it through the song. And being really self-conscious and lonely at the time, I slunk back to my seat and as soon as no one was looking, I sneaked out the back and cried for nearly the rest of the hour.
I made a pledge of abstinence. From then on I wouldn't ever touch myself like that again. I realized how right my grandma was. Masturbation made God take all my hard work and throw it away. An hour or more of practice a day could be lost by a single action. I would never masturbate again....
I lasted a week. The same thing happened the next time I got to class. I fucked up while playing and suffered the humiliation once more. The day after that, my seminary teacher decided to let me "take a week off". He would play tapes of hymns instead of letting me try again at the piano. This continued on for nearly a month.
I decided to get my act together. Obviously, I told myself, I needed to create a schedule so I didn't mess up playing piano. The days I new I wasn't playing, I'd masturbate the night before. Afterwards, I'd repent and I'd be ready to play again. Somehow, this plan worked. I was able to let loose my hormonal desires every few days and play the hymns nearly perfectly when I needed to. I would even use my school planner to schedule the days by highlighting the masturbation days in yellow and the piano days in blue. It was one of my proudest #notacult moments.
The guilt caught up to me after a while. Another lesson in YM sent me over the edge when I was told repentance means nothing if you commit the act again. In fact, God would rather that you never repent at all than if you repent several times without meaning it. After that lesson, I told my seminary teacher that I wouldn't be playing piano anymore. For the rest of the year he played the tapes and I would sit in the back ready to cry because I knew I had lost the ability to play piano.
I stopped practicing. I stopped telling people that I could even play. I wouldn't participate in competitions anymore. I knew that since I couldn't stop masturbating, then my god-given talent for piano was useless.
It took the destruction of my testimony before I felt comfortable playing again. When I turned 16, my shelf started to break. Since then, I've participated in several competitions, winning one regional award each year. Even though I stopped taking lessons, I still play for leisure and will occasionally play for groups without suffering the crippling anxiety the church and my grandma caused me.
I learned true humility from this experience. My gifts weren't god-given for my "righteous" living. My talents were earned after hard work and dedication.
My grandma and church leaders convinced me that if I masturbated I'd fuck up playing piano. This caused me anxiety so I would mess up. The embarrassment caused me to give up playing for several years. After losing my testimony, I regained my confidence and was able to learn true humility.
submitted by MusicalMasturbator to exmormon

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