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Collection of Memu (and Nox) Macros 1280x720 and 720x1280 #3

Need specific help that goes beyond a simple request or question?

Contact me on discord. I set up a little server here: https://discord.gg/qd3W5aP

Look at GitHub for updated verions


NEWS (2019-09-05 GMT+1) Killed links

  • All links to macros within this post have been removed. Working and updated macros (by me) can only be found at GitHub from now on.
  • Raid Macros and Slower TMR Macros for Memu V6+ are also updated. Only Memu, only 720x1280.
  • Long time no update by me, but Gumi found a way to break most macros today. Yay for that! They changed the position of the next button of the screen right before the friend selection (I call that missions). Is there an easy fix? Yes. Replacing the Y coordinate 1102 with 1110 fixes this, BUT this can be a problem when using the Amazon version of FFBE, because that particular click can now hit the "Amazon Gaming Circle" banner that pops up on game start. It may or may not for you. There are 2 different positions where it pops up and I can't recall by what it was determined -only that it's consistent. So if it works fine, it won't change over night. The TMR Macros V6+ have been updated by me already. If there are others you want updated badly, sent me a pm and I'll see what I can do about it.
  • So we got this big update with all kinds of good stuff. Well, it most likely broke a few macros in the process, but that's how things are. The JP Cactuar fusion macro works for us now, though it is not yet tested for our specific version. Let me know if anything else is broken, but of the top of my head, it shouldn't be too bad.
  • First conversion of MEmu macros for version 6+ for Resolution 720x1280. Link to Github I need feedback on this
  • Ok, so I'm pretty damn drunk right now (Xmas work party) but people keep botherin me about this: Memu 6.x is NOT supported. They changed the macro syntax and as this is new there is no easy way to convert to it, apart by redoing all macros by hand. As you can imagine, this is quite the task for the number of macros and versions I offer. For now, stick to any 5.x or below.
  • I've added 4 new macros, TMR_2+3 and CG_Repeat in a differently timed and slightly slowed down version, which hopefully will work better for more people (some might still encounter problems) with the current input lag issues.
  • For problems with macros after the 3.3 update, please refer to this post: https://redd.it/9pd0xy
  • So I thought it was clever to remove the restart feature from the CacSnap until Item World was sorted out. Good idea. Too bad I forgot to edit: put it back in again though. Fixed now.
  • Updated both CacSnap versions and the Cactuar Fusion macro to be safe for Item World, so please update your macros.
  • Small stuff first: Raid Refill updated to v1.1, there was a useless click. More interesting though: Raid NoRefill macro added!
  • Probably the most requested macro for a while: Raid Refill macro added.
  • Redid the CacSnap macro and also added a refill version. Read up on them.
  • A new macro made to farm both Gil Snapper's Cave - Golden Cavern and Cactuar Dunes - Paradise using repeat, while unit 3 auto attacks. Please read the limitations.
  • If you click one of the links that take you to Github and not Pastebin, you might notice the folder(s) named "SCP". These have the same macro in them, but it's a file that you can import right within MEmu 5.5.8 and up without needing to edit any files or finding your scripts folder. Just download the .scp file of the macro you want and import it from within memu. It also comes with my recommended settings. Example: TMR macros should loop until stopped at 1x speed.
  • I have been and still am busy with several projects currently running. The first that I can partly present now is the transition from pastebin to github WIP (take a look around, I tried to organize it a bit, open for suggestions here). I haven't quite figured out yet how far I will take the whole thing, but the top goal would be to have every resource that I created available there as well. This would include pixel exact images of which macro clicks where, excel sheets I made the macros with, including formulas and comments etc. etc. The problem with this is: it's really boring and tedious work. That stuff is good enough for me too use and look at, because I know what is where and why it's there, the goal here is though, that someone with almost no knowledge could potentially take over if I ever quit. I don't want to bloat this post too much so I'll cut myself of here. Just don't be surprised if you get redirected to GitHub when clicking on a macro and not to the pastebin.
  • So I caved in a bit and edited the TMR farming macros: Refill 2+3, NoRefill 2+3, EVENT Refill 1-5 and EVENT NoRefill 1-5 so that they will work better on Nox (like they were intended to) if you have the pixel offset some Nox versions have (which is related to dpi and windows size from my research). u/xTyko was nice enough to find a spot that seems to fit better if you are affected.
  • Thx to u/TomAto314 for providing the base macro, which I optimized some and made crash safe, I can now offer you a macro to Raid Summon. This thing is crash safe and can be left to run unattended unless we have Item World active and we get "Please Login Again" notices. This still needs to be confirmed and since there is no IW atm, I can't try and get around this (which should be possible), so watch for the V1.1 when the next IW comes out.
  • A version to fuse cactuars that works for JP (they have tabs and what not). Please be aware that I do not check for UI changes in the JP version, since I don't play this myself, so I will rely on users to let me know of changes. This includes the home screen, mailbox and fusing process in general.
  • Moved a click to a slightly different location. Also: Working on a JP version to fuse cactuars.
  • Cactuar 2.1 released. There was the possibility that a locked, non max, but high level cactuar (like 55 or whatever the cut off is today), would be selected as fuse base and that a lvl 1 cactuar would be fused into it. This was only possible when you just finished to max a cactuar and had a lot of high lvl locked cactuars. After that everything would return to normal again, but it was ugly and avoidable. I also found a small flaw, that made the macro unnecessarily strict with how specific I could make the timings. I reworked quite a few clicks and removed that (those) flaw(s). It is now 22 instead of 15 seconds runtime, but has a lot more slack for slower connections or lag.
  • The second post is close to being archived. To keep commenting and editing possible I reposted and cleaned up a bit. Wow, I've been doing this for over a year now (counting the first single posts). There will be one big change this time though: Nox versions are only offered as a courtesy and when they are possible (Memu has better timing options). They are offered "as is". Why you ask? Because Nox is making up 90% of the problems that show up and they aren't even consistent, so I can't replicate the error on my machine. Added to that: Reporting "it doesn't work" and not even answering my simple question of "which version are you using?" annoys the hell out of me. If you encounter the bug that a click just misses the intended target, please take a look at this comment for a fix. This, let's call it bug, needs to be fixed on your specific setup, I can't help with it.
  • Added by request: Macro that farms the top most mission for a world dungeon. It's not 100%, but close to that. Mainly made for the JP 1 NRG World Dungeon event, to farm Rank at The Abyss - Chaotic Darkness.


By now, most people know why they come here. Macros. Lot's of them. Niche and daily work stuff.
  • 1280x720 Memu in forced portrait mode
  • 720x1280 Memu
  • 720x1280 Nox -as is
The specified resolution needs to be set in your emulator for the macros to work!

General Warnings & Infos

  • Read the notes attached to the macros before using them.
  • Use at your own Risk, here is a response by Gumi to u/jblazer21883 about macroing: https://imgur.com/gallery/eXqyT and here about general use of emulators: https://brave-exvius.com/threads/psa-macro-usage-has-been-banned.38128/page-5#post-879619
  • If you let Explorations run overnight, make sure to have sufficient material spots (TMR will just get stuck)
  • Ensure that any purchase requires a password (Amazon/Google)!
  • Explorations will not refill. They get stuck.
  • No reviving after death.
  • Start the macros at the mission select screen.
  • All achievements have to be cleared for the corresponding mission Explorations won't work without this!
  • Use unequipped and weak units for TMR farming spots (50-150 atk should be fine) if you are using an older version than the 2.0, so that if they ever enter a stage after a crash, they get stuck.
  • I try my very best to make every macro as good as I can and as safe as I can, but please remind yourself, I do this in my spare time, for free, often late at night/early in the morning. I make errors like everybody else. I have never had any bad problems as of yet, but it could happen. The obvious upside of these macros is the large user base that has probably spent millions of energy by now, reducing the risk of a so far unnoticed flaw with every run and that I am fairly experienced at what not to ever do.
  • You are free to link here or edit these macros for yourself. Editing is dangerous though. There is no other way to say this. Moving a click by 1 pixel, can, when the worst case happens (waves at Murphy) have extreme consequences. So please do not post edited versions in the comments. If you see a reason to change something, I am always open for suggestions, so just send me a PM and I can run it through my verification process. If it checks out, I'll gladly update and credit you.

FFBE Settings that work best/are required

  • Language: English (different sized buttons/invisible hit boxes due to language could be a problem!)
  • Tap to Move: On (required for explorations)
  • Navigation Method: Flick (required for explorations)
  • Dialogue Auto: Off (advised)
  • Dialogue Skip: On (advised)
  • Auto LB: On (Especially when farming Explorations or just straight up LB)
  • Arrange your home screen like this
  • Link to Facebook, or it might hit the login button when restarting
  • How to change the Launcher in Nox.
  • How to change the Launcher in Memu. (starts at step 9)
  • How to remove the Launcher in Memu completely after changing it.
  • Use this spreadsheet (make a copy) to see which unit attacks the fastest for your TMR Unit positioning. You can either select the units currently in your team and see who attacks the fastest or use the unit list and turn of sorting by name to see who attacks the fastest in general. Credit for this: u/magojo
  • This post by u/HoLeeFoook goes into great detail about the whole attack speed thing. Really worth a read. Remember that even 1 second in difference means hours saved.
  • u/AABBWW suggested that Notifications can cause crashes and as we don't need them, I would suggest to turn them off, to be on the safe side.
  • Friends. If you run out of friends, you will often get stuck (only a few versions can deal with this, this can't be changed!). Doesn't matter why, it's not possible to click depart without companion (e.g. the top most friend spot).


  • recover from crash while in combat for most macros. If you crash out of combat, the macro will get stuck
  • get stuck on emulator home screen after crash for Explorations (if you followed my Home Screen Template)
  • click away connection loss
  • decline friend requests
  • clear daily quests
  • tested for FFBE GL 3.0.2 (watch for UI-Changes, these can create issues)

How to install a macro (Memu)

Open the one you want to use from down below and open your Memu folder. If you used the standard installation path this should be "C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu". Open the folder "Scripts". Open Memu. (Make the "Operation Record" button visible.) Record a small macro by pressing the record button, clicking anywhere within Memu and click stop. Rename the Macro to whatever you like. Go back to the Scripts folder we have opened, a new file should be there (show creation date can help identify macros if you have many of them). Open the Macro with an editor (I guess Notepad is fine, I would advise Notepad++ though). Copy and paste everything from the bottom of the pastebin labelled "RAW Paste Data" into the file and save it. There is no need for a blank line in my macros.

Macro settings for Memu

To have the macro repeat until manually stopped, set Times to 0. "Unlimited Playback" just doesn't seem to work. As an alternative you can change this to a set amount of time to repeat, for example, just enough so you don't lose any energy over night and start with an almost full bar in the morning.

How to install a macro (Nox)

Open the one you want to use from down below. Press Win+R and enter %appdata%, go up one to AppData, open Local, open Nox, open record. Open Nox and click the Macro button. Record a small macro by pressing the play button, clicking anywhere within Nox and click stop. Rename the Macro to whatever you like. Go back to the record folder we have opened, a new file should be there (show creation date can help identify macros if you have many of them). Open the Macro with an editor (I guess Notepad is fine, I would advise Notepad++ though). Copy and paste everything from the bottom of the pastebin labelled "RAW Paste Data" into the file and save it. There is no need for a blank line in my macros.

TMR Macros

These were planned to be used for Earth Shrine, unless otherwise noted (like Event oder CG Quest). Mostly enters Entrance, but can sometimes also enter Exit
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
Refill 2+31 V2.1 V2.1 V2.1
NoRefill 2+31 V2.1 V2.1 V2.1
EVENT Refill 1-52 V2.2 V2.2 V2.2
EVENT NoRefill 1-52 V2.2 V2.2 V2.2
Refill - NO RESTART 1+33 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NoRefill - NO RESTART 1+33 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Refill - CG Quest Auto4 V2.4 V2.4 V2.4
NoRefill - CG Quest Auto4 V2.3 V2.3 V2.3
Refill - CG Quest Repeat5 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NoRefill - CG Quest Repeat5 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NRefill_2+3_Slow1+6 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Refill_2+3_Slow1+6 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NRefill_CG_Repeat_Slow5+6 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Refill_CG_Repeat_Slow5+6 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
1 There is one click in the macro for unit spot 5 as a safety measure if the attacking units 2+3 both attack the same target.
2 For 1/2 Energy event and Dalnakya Cavern mostly, can be used for other missions though. Yields between 40 and 48 Rank XP each run (depends on which stage is entered, mostly the easiest though). Test your team on Dalnakya Cavern - Demon's Lair first. Unit's 1-5 need to be able to clear in 1 turn. Friend unit is used ~once every 2 minutes to stop it from getting stuck with some unit combinations. You should still aim for around 200-300 ATK for each unit.
3 There is one click in the macro for unit spot 2 as a safety measure if the attacking units 1+3 both attack the same target. Test this yourself, let it run at least one full run (best at 8x speed) on your home screen to make sure it doesn't restart FFBE (I would advise this at least every update of Nox/Memu and/or the FFBE Icon).
4 This one is meant to be used for the CG Quests in the vortex, for maximum speed and LB farming on the side. Make sure your team can beat this without a friend. Unit 2 and 3 attack regularly so put your weakest/support units there. This version uses Auto and is intended to be used with Auto LB.
5 This will not use the friend unit but unit 2+3 for regular attack, so prepare units 1, 4 and 5 however you want it (meaning do their action once as it uses repeat). If it crashes outside of combat, it will reset your 10 items usage inventory, so keep an eye on that.
6 Timed differently and slowed down slightly to work better with FFBE 3.3.0.

Universal Macros

Can be used for pretty much any world dungeon, be it TMR, be it Dalnakya Cavern or be it any stage to farm Rank. Will almost always enter the 2nd last stage there is, but can rarely enter a weaker one. Will not enter the last one/exploration (unless you use the Top Mission version).
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
Refill Auto1 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NoRefill Auto1 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Refill Repeat2 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NoRefill Repeat2 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Refill Repeat NoFriend3 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NoRefill Repeat NoFriend3 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Potion Refill Repeat NoFriend3+4 Nope5 V1.01 V1.01
Top Mission Refill Repeat NoFriend3+6 Nope5 V1.0 V1.0
Top Mission NoRefill Repeat NoFriend3+6 Nope5 V1.0 V1.0
1 This version uses Auto and is intended to be used with Auto LB.
2 This will use the friend unit and unit 2 for regular attack, so prepare units 1, 3, 4 and 5 however you want it (meaning do their action). If it crashes outside of combat, it will reset your 10 items usage inventory, so keep an eye on that.
3 This will not use the friend unit but unit 2+3 for regular attack, so prepare units 1, 4 and 5 however you want it (meaning do their action). If it crashes outside of combat, it will reset your 10 items usage inventory, so keep an eye on that.
4 This version refills using NRG Potions. It will NOT restart after a crash but get stuck on your home screen. It will use more than one potion when refilling, how many kind of depends on your energy max. A little over half your energy bar. There are a few drawbacks with using NRG potions that remain. Almost always will enter the 2nd to last stage of a mission. Very rarely enters a weaker one. There is a tiny chance that it will enter the LAST stage of a mission, which could potentially be an Exploration. So it will get stuck in there. Also, as it uses the Back button to get out of the Item screen, there is a small chance that it will drop you back to the World screen. If possible arrange your world screen accordingly, so it won't enter anything unintended.
5 Nox won't follow orders on this one, it just ignores pauses etc. making it impossible to use here.
6 Made to enter the top most mission as often as possible. Don't use this on dungeons with explorations! Testers have reported around 1 in 100 runs enters a lower mission, I can't get it closer than that, the loss is minimal when farming rank XP though.


Warning: Gear for according to the difficulty of the exploration, a weak team will lead to problems.

Resolution: 720x1280 -Memu

Exploration Memu Nodes Megacryst Types XP/NRG Runtime
Timber Tracks V1.2 3 Earth, Dark & Lightning 8,362.50 30.51 min
Abandoned Orphanage V1.2 5 Light, Water & Ice 6,972 33.54 min
Magic Library V1.2 4 Light, Fire & Wind 5,166.25 33.86 min
Gronoa Shrine Entrance V1.2 3 Fire, Ice & Dark 6,504.73 30.31 min
Gronoa Shrine Depths V1.2 6 Any 5,166.25 29.39 min
Phantom Forest V1.1 3 Lightning & Dark 1,865.63 21.7 min
Fire Shrine V1.2 4 Any 5,853.36 29.02 min
Ruggles Underground Pass V1.0 4 Water, Light & Dark 5,111 27.13 min
Electric Tower - Pursuit V1.0 None Drops Holy & Sacred Crystals 1,228.57 4.37 min

Resolution: 720x1280 -Nox

Exploration Nox Nodes Megacryst Types XP/NRG Runtime
Timber Tracks V1.1 3 Earth, Dark & Lightning 8,362.50 30.51 min
Abandoned Orphanage V1.1 5 Light, Water & Ice 6,972 33.54 min
Magic Library V1.1 4 Light, Fire & Wind 5,166.25 33.86 min
Gronoa Shrine Entrance V1.1 3 Fire, Ice & Dark 6,504.73 30.31 min
Gronoa Shrine Depths V1.2 6 Any 5,166.25 29.39 min
Phantom Forest V1.1 3 Lightning & Dark 1,865.63 21.7 min
Fire Shrine V1.2 4 Any 5,853.36 29.02 min
Ruggles Underground Pass V1.0 4 Water, Light & Dark 5,111 27.13 min
Electric Tower - Pursuit V1.0 None Drops Holy & Sacred Crystals 1,228.57 4.37 min
Alternate Nox Timber Tracks 1.1: In case you get stuck after the 2nd node, try this one.

Resolution: 1280x720 -Memu

Exploration Memu Nodes Megacryst Types XP/NRG Runtime
Timber Tracks V1.1 3 Earth, Dark & Lightning 8,362.50 30.51 min
Abandoned Orphanage V1.1 5 Light, Water & Ice 6,972 33.54 min
Magic Library V1.1 4 Light, Fire & Wind 5,166.25 33.86 min
Gronoa Shrine Entrance V1.1 3 Fire, Ice & Dark 6,504.73 30.31 min
Gronoa Shrine Depths V1.2 6 Any 5,166.25 29.39 min
Phantom Forest V1.1 3 Lightning & Dark 1,865.63 21.7 min
Fire Shrine V1.2 4 Any 5,853.36 29.02 min
Ruggles Underground Pass V1.0 4 Water, Light & Dark 5,111 27.13 min
Electric Tower - Pursuit V1.0 None Drops Holy & Sacred Crystals 1,228.57 4.37 min

Explorations - NO COMBAT

Warning: These Explorations assume that you have no encounter other than the BOSS of the exploration. It will get stuck if you even encounter a single enemy other than the boss. 'Reduce encounter rate' stacks multiplicatively, thanks tretlon for pointing that out. So 5x Hayate(5x 50%) + 10x Charm Bangles (10x 25%) + Diabolos (1x 25%) add up to a rate of 0.001319848 ( 0,55 * 0,7511 ). That is low, but not impossible, so use with care or keep an eye on it. It can still save you lots of time though. Getting a few Fohlen (25%) / Yun (25%) / Hayate (50%) friends and sorting for them can reduce the rate even further to 0,000989886 / 0,000989886 / 0,000659924 if those friends also have Charm Bangles and/or Diabolos, all the better. Best case (6x Hayate, 12x Charm Bangles and 2x Diabolos) would be 0,000278405. That's a lot (4,74x as good).
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
NoCombat Fire Shrine V1.2 V1.0 V1.2

LB farming Auto press + crash recovery

Start the macro after you entered Inferno Hollow - Fire Beast's Lair with your prepared unit(s), look at available guides for what that means and take NO companion.
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
LB Farm1 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
1 All this macro does is click Auto and the buttons to restart the game in case of a crash. It will not start the mission nor finish it. Do not use this anywhere else.

Chamber of Gems

These macros were made to farm Chamber of Gems, but have a few drawbacks. To only enter the corresponding stage, there are several limitations, different for each chamber, read the notes before using them. No restart after a FFBE crash!
These need to be setup! Enter a stage beforehand and use the strongest/fastest AoE attack on units 1, 4 and 5. After this, you can activate the macro and it will farm crysts for you. These 3 units need to be strong enough to clear, Units 2 and 3 will only do a regular attack (which doesn't help that much). Friend unit is not used at all.
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
NoRefill Faeries1 V1.01 V1.01 V1.01
NoRefill Masters2 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
NoRefill Wise3 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
Refill Masters4 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
  • 1 No reconnect on connection errors! Simply gets stuck when you run out of energy. Declines friend request. No daily mission clear.
  • 2 Reconnects on connection errors. Simply gets stuck when you run out of energy. Declines friend request. No daily mission clear.
  • 3 Reconnects on connection errors. Will retry to enter until you have enough energy again. Declines friend request. Clears daily mission.
  • 4 You really hate having Lapis that much? This one REFILLS! Reconnects on connection errors. Declines friend request. No daily mission clear.

Gil Snapper's Cave - Golden Cavern or Cactuar Dunes - Paradise

Farms Gil Snapper's Cave - Golden Cavern or Cactuar Dunes - Paradise using repeat with full crash recovery etc.
  • In theory, it could enter a lower stage than intended If it can actually happen, it's very rare, but you were warned.
  • Unit 2+3 auto attack, rest uses repeat action
Make sure to have plenty of unit space and that buying Lapis needs a password (refill burns a lot of Lapis)
This needs to be setup! Enter a stage beforehand and use the strongest/fastest AoE attack on units 1, 2, 4 or 5. After this, you can activate the macro and it will farm for you. Unit 3 will just use regular attack.
Type Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
CacSnap Refill V1.2 V1.2
CacSnap NoRefill V2.2 V2.2


It will spend Lapis FAST! Make 100% sure that buying Lapis prompts a password request, so it won't go through!
This macro does the raid on ELT for you using repeat, but there are some things to note:
  • There is a very small chance that it will enter the wrong stage, meaning PRO or ADV. This means effectively wasting 20 Lapis! While the chance is small, make sure you're ok with that.
  • Friend unit is not activated at all. So if you don't OTK, you get stuck. Account for variance in attacks.
  • Unit 2+3 auto attacks, rest will repeat the last action you setup (Waylay and such).
  • The artificial pauses are for safety reasons.
  • Always bring a friend with you for the NoRefill version! So no filters!
Type Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
Raid Refill V1.1 V1.1
Raid NoRefill V1.0 V1.0

Receive friend gifts

So this little macro does one thing: receive your friend gifts until you reach the max. It reconnects on connection loss and does nothing when crashing (if you follow my template).
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
Receive Gifts V1.0 V1.0 V1.0

Reroll tutorial spam

Ok, this was made just for me to save me some time. This only really makes sense to use if you do a lot of instances at the same time -I think. Some details:
  • It's a spam type, so it doesn't matter if your instance isn't running smooth/lags like shit.
  • You can start it right after the name selection
  • It gets stuck on the "use magic" tutorial part, leave it running, and swipe by hand
  • It should be stopped when the tutorial is finished and you are downloading the last parts of the game
It's for Memu only. It's also hardly tested for crashes and the likes. It's for rerolling, if something goes wrong, who cares? It's a throwaway. So consider yourself warned.

Raid Summon

So this little macro does one thing: summon away your raid coins as fast as possible. It's crash safe and will even reconnect on connection error. It will get stuck once you run out of coins. There is a very small chance of the macro getting stuck if you get fewer than 11 units from a summon. But this is so unlikely, it's hardly worth mentioning, as long as we multi summon for 100 pulls (which is the norm now).
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
Raid Summon V1.1 V1.1 V1.1

Cactuar Fusing

Now crash safe with 2.0 and up
It's NOT a spam type, so it can get stuck/fuse incorrectly if you have long load/transition times or your emulator doesn't run smoothly or you get a connection loss. For the former, you can slow it down by editing the timings. If you are unsure your configuration is up to it, do NOT leave it unattended! I made it fairly slow though, 22 seconds per fuse to be exact, so just test it a few times.
You start it at the "select unit to enhance screen" with the following filters:
Filter for enhancement selection:
  • Sort by level, ascending
  • 2, 3 or 4 Star (depending on which you want to fuse)
  • Unit Lvl: Non-Max
  • Enhance
Filter for unit to fuse selection:
  • Sort by level, descending
  • 2, 3 or 4 Star (depending on which you want to fuse)
  • Unit Lvl: Non-Max
  • Enhance
  • Craftable
It will always try to max the currently highest cactuar and start with the next after max lvl is reached. This is not the best efficiency* so if this bothers you act accordingly. Just in case: lock everything important to you.
If you run out of material to fuse (so 1 cactuar left) it will get stuck telling you, that you have selected no fuse material. If you run out of cactuar bases to fuse stuff into (so your last possible fuse brought the cactuar to max level) it will just get stuck on the selection screen.
Type Nox 720x1280 Memu 1280x720 Memu 720x1280
Cactuar Fusing [V2.1.1]() [V2.1.1]() [V2.1.1]()
Cactuar Fusing JP Version1 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0
You can run this on 2x speed if your emulator and connection are very stable. Watch it with one eye if you do.
1 The JP version will enter the mailbox if it ever crashes to the FFBE home screen. It will then try and collect mail. It may or may not actually collect mail, if there is a mail item large enough to push the button down far enough (so a bundle or something with many different items). I was unable to find someone to test this. In all other cases it will just get stuck there and maybe refresh your mail once.
* u/Obikin89 in his "A Guide for Fusing Metal Cactuars And Real Amount of XP per Cactuar" post estimates the XP loss at 2.3% when no rate ups are present.

Final stuff

Need help setting up? Take a look here for a Memu guide.
If you need a specific exploration macro or a certain version, send me a PM and we can talk about it!

Problems with Nox

NOX USERS: I no longer give support for Nox. All versions are offered "as is". If you have problems with clicks just missing by a hair:
  • Take a look at this comment.
  • Or the probably faster way to try and fix this: Change the resolution to something different, doesn't matter what, just different. Let Nox reboot. Change the resolution back to what it should be again, let Nox reboot again. You should now have vanilla size and position. Don't touch it, just test if the macro suddenly works. I have had success with this solution. Once you resize (or maximize) Nox again, it will most likely break macros again.

ErroProblem report template:

Read the news first!
Please use this, it helps me find problems much faster and avoid the guessing/asking game. Provide as much information as you can!
  • Resolution: 1280x720 / 720x1280
  • Android version: 4, 5 or 7?
  • Specific Macro: The exact name I list in my post!
  • Problem: too fast / missing a click / whatever
  • When does it occur: screen / part of the exploration / whatever
submitted by -Sio- to FFBraveExvius

What we learned in the Russia probe: Week of July 8 - 14

Greetings from Bulgaria! I did my best to keep up with news in the US, but I apologize if I missed anything. I know it’s probably likely that I did miss something - if you’d like, please add articles to the comments that you think should be included in my list. It would help me and others. Thanks for reading!
  • Shameless plug: My spreadsheet of all departures from the Trump administration is now a website!! It is www.45chaos.com and was created with the assistance of f00d4tehg0dz - many thanks! The failed nominations section is mostly complete; I started on the empty positions list this week.
  • There’s a mailing list for notifications when this review is posted plus a link. To be added, send me PM with your email address. If you signed up already, check the spam folder just in case
  • If you’d like to donate a dollar a month, I’d appreciate it: patreon. Reviews will continue regardless.
On to the review...

Week of July 8 - 14: What We Learned in the Russia Probe


Mueller investigation

On Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein announced that Mueller has filed indictments against 12 Russian intelligence officers involved in hacking the DNC. The indictments include two counts of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, eight counts of aggravated identity theft, and one count of conspiracy to launder money using cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.
  • The indictments note that Russian intelligence created and controlled DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, later blaming American hackers and a Romanian hacker respectively.
  • Additionally, the indictment states the Guccifer 2.0 persona communicated with Americans about releasing the stolen DNC documents, including a person who was "in regular contact with senior members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump." It is quite possible this American is Roger Stone, who was in contact with Guccifer 2.0 prior to the election.
  • The indictment alleges that Russian intelligence officers transferred the stolen documents to a third-party organization, coordinating the timing of releasing them so “they would have maximum impact during the campaign” (Business Insider’s words). It is possible this third-party organization is Wikileaks.
  • The charging documents allege that a congressional candidate requested stolen documents from the Guccifer 2.0 account on August 15, 2016. The Russians complied and sent the candidate documents related to his/her opponent.
  • The Russian officers used two techniques: spearphishing (emails that trick users into disclosing passwords/sensitive info) and hacking into networks to install malicious spying software. The indictment indicates that the Russian officers had access to the Clinton campaign’s analytics, meaning they could use the information to better target voters to hurt her campaign.
  • To cover their tracks, the Russian officers “used a network of computers around the world that were paid for by cryptocurrency.”
Perhaps one of the most important details contained in the indictments is: On the same day that Trump called on Russia to find 30,000 missing Clinton emails, July 27, 2016, Russian officers worked "after hours" to follow Trump's directive. They attempted to hack into a third-party provider Clinton's personal office used to host email addresses. “The indictment says July 27 was the first time they went after email accounts and domains belonging to Clinton's office.”
  • Trump’s exact quote: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing...I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press." Trump later said he was not serious.
Mueller’s team has contacted at least seven people associated with Roger Stone, suggesting they are focusing on “whether any associates of Trump knew that the Russian government had hacked emails from the DNC...and provided them to Wikileaks” during 2016.
When Trump Jr. testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last September, he stated that he could not remember calling Russian musician Emin Agalarov, who set up the Trump Tower meeting. In a new interview, Agalarov says he does remember talking to Trump Jr.
  • Agalarov’s statement: “I said, ‘Listen there’s some people that want to meet you,’ ” Agalarov told Vice. “They obviously want something that could potentially help them resolve things that you could be interested in or maybe not. If you can spare a few minutes of your time, I’d be grateful. If not, no problem. Obviously Don Jr. obviously being Don Jr. said, ‘Of course. I’ll do it if you’re asking.’”
We already knew Mueller is investigating whether officials from the United Arab Emirates set up contacts between Trump's team and Russian officials. Last week we learned the Crown Prince of the U.A.E., Mohammed bin Zayed, told an unnamed American that Putin would be interested in striking a deal with Trump, wherein Putin would "resolve" the Syria conflict in return for Trump lifting the sanctions against Russia for their actions in Ukraine.
  • In addition to the U.A.E., Israel and Saudi Arabia have also pressured the Trump administration to make the deal with Putin. It serves their interests because they want Putin's help in kicking Iranian forces out of Syria.
  • The New Yorker states, "a former U.S. official recalled having a conversation after Trump’s Inauguration with an Israeli Cabinet minister with close ties to Netanyahu in which the minister pitched the American on the idea of 'trading Ukraine for Syria.'”
  • This is important because Trump has made comments ahead of his meeting with Putin that he is open to making a deal with the Russian leader.
Michael Fynn appeared in court, where Mueller’s team indicated Flynn was still cooperating on not-yet-public cases. The judge put no pressure on Mueller to wrap up the investigation, but stated that once Flynn’s cooperation is complete, sentencing can proceed more quickly than normal.
Manafort argued he should be moved to a jail that is closer to the Alexandria court. After the judge granted his request, Manafort changed his mind and asked to stay at the nice VIP jail he was being held. The judge denied his request to reverse the decision.
  • Manafort’s previous jail allowed him to use a laptop and a phone, unheard of in most US jails. Manafort also admitted to lying in court over the phone, apparently either forgetting or not knowing that all communication on jail phones are monitored. For example, despite arguing in court that he needs more time to prepare for trial, on the phone Manafort said he has access to all his files and has “gone through all the discovery now.”

More Russian Connections

The people who benefit the most from a trade agreement Trump oversaw and applauded for generating “thousands of American jobs” actually live and work in Moscow. The $26 billion deal between American Ethane and a large Chinese conglomerate, made in November 2017, was celebrated with a ceremony attended by Wilbur Ross and Rex Tillerson.
  • Putin’s former chief of staff, Alexander Voloshin, has an undisclosed stake in American Ethane and is one of the prime beneficiaries of the deal. At one point, oligarch Roman Abramovich was also an investor.
  • The Russians are going through China to protect themselves from “current and potential sanctions [against Russia],” according to a Russian-Israeli businessman.
Money donated by supporters to Jill Stein to fund a recount is actually being used by her campaign to pay her legal bills stemming from the Russia interference investigation.
  • There was almost $1 million leftover after Stein terminated her recount efforts, which contributors were promised a say in how it was spent. Since then, the money has been disappearing with no accounting to donors. While some has gone to lawyers for the Russia investigation, a large amount is going to campaign staff - who aren’t campaigning. Stein’s campaign manager is now making 3x as much as he was making during the 2016 campaign.
Trump's face is being used by Uralasbest, a Russian asbestos company, to market its products. The seal reportedly reads, “approved by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States." Trump has expressed skepticism that asbestos is dangerous, even tweeting that the World Trade Center would not have burned down if asbestos has not been cleaned from the towers. Uralasbest posted an image of their product on Facebook stating "Donald is on our side!” It is unclear if Trump personally gave approval for his image to be used.
Facebook allowed a Russian internet company access to collect data on unknowing users, even after changing policy which should have stopped the collection.


FBI Agent Peter Strzok testified in a public hearing before the House. Honestly, too much happened to accurately sum up here. Suffice it to say, it was a shit show. The GOP used the hearing to push a narrative more than ask for Strzok's story. For a review of the top 7 moments, the WashPo has a great write up here.
The Republican congressmen who went to Moscow for the Fourth of July have returned to the states, but with differing stories. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) “shocked his colleagues” by saying that U.S. sanctions against Russia were not working. Johnson also downplayed Russia’s attacks on our elections.
  • Kremlin media ran with Johnson’s statements, seemingly thrilled that Johnson did their work for them.


Rudy Giuliani is still representing foreign clients, both personally and through his consulting firm, while serving as Trump’s attorney. He has never registered as a foreign lobbyist, a situation experts say could be illegal. Of particular interest, Giuliani’s firm represented a Ukrainian mayor whose party is “at the center” of the prosecution against Manafort.
On Tuesday, a global consulting firm announced that Mike Flynn was joining their company, Stonington Global LLC. Only hours later, Flynn’s attorneys reversed course, announcing Flynn was not in fact joining the firm.
To note…
Deputy AG Rosenstein has asked all 93 U.S. attorney’s offices to each provide up to three federal prosecutors to assist in reviewing documents of SCOTUS pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh. While it is unusual for department attorneys to help in such a task, Kavanaugh has left a voluminous paper trail in his years of public service. To properly review that many documents, Rosenstein needs more attorneys than normal.
We found out more last week about why Kennedy retired and why Kavanaugh was chosen to fill his seat. Last year, Kennedy met with Trump in a private meeting to give him a list of candidates that would be acceptable to replace him should he decide to retire, with Kavanaugh at the top of the list. The White House ‘signaled’ back to Kennedy by adding Kavanaugh to their list; see this article from November 2017 about the addition to the list, which USA Today notes “appeared to come out of the blue; no Supreme Court vacancies are known to be imminent.” Neera Tanden, president of the Centre for American Progress, argues further that “Justice Kennedy has been ruling in favour of the Trump Administration position,” which raises the question of ulterior motivations.
My twitter. Thanks for reading!
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